Sparkling Glacier Therapy Complexion Mist Aubrey Organics 3.4 oz

Sparkling Glacier Therapy Complexion Mist by Aubrey Organics 3.4 oz (100ml) Liquid Sparkling Glacier Therapy Complexion Mist 3.4 oz (100ml) Liquid Product Refreshing complexion mist softens and soothes skin while providing hydration for up to 8 hours. FragoniaTM offers an element of aromatherapy which calms and balances as it hydrates. FEATURES Sparkling Mineral Water Glacier Water Liposome BENEFITS Mineral-rich hydration Clinically proven 8-hour hydration Other Ingredients Aqua aloe barbadensis leaf juice leuconostoc radish root ferment filtrate glycerin agonis fragrans branch leaf oil alcohol lecithin aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) extract calendula officinalis extract chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract melissa officinalis flower leaf stem extract humulus lupulus (hops) flower extract foeniculum vulgare (fennel) seed extract Organic Warnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See produ

Key features

  • Aubrey Organics

Honest reviews


Freshness in a bottle

This product is amzing.Apply my daily make up routine, nI lightly mist my face and the end result is amazing.It gives your skin a natural, dewey and youthful look.Almost flawless. I definitely recommend this for anyone who needs a spritz of freshness.As well as make up geeks. And you can’t beat the price.

Bianca Keauhou, HI

Nice and clean, cheap, moist

I got this to replace expensive dermalogica toners and expected it to work just as well. It kinda doesn’t. Its fresh feeling and smells light and clean. But it doesn’t keep my skin soft enough to clean blackheads away. I’ve noticed dermalogica toner after useage, keeps the skin soft enough to keep it clean while exfoliating and daily cleansing. Its good enough for after the shower or cleaning to keep you moist, but thats about it.

Rosanne Danville, IL

Nice alternative!

I bought this when Makeup Geek recommended it. I like that it is more natural and does refresh your face. Just make sure you spray at a good distance or you will get splotches. This is the only spray I have tried. So I really can’t compare it with another product but it’s a good price for what it does.

Tamra Mc Knightstown, PA
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Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner, 8.5 Fluid Ounce

Gentle nonstinging formula won’t strip skin of its natural moisturizers. Neutrogena alcoholfree toner is specially formulated to provide cean, refreshing toning without the harsh effects of alcohol. Special mild purifiers gently remove impurities and recondition your kisn. And because it is alcoholfree, this formula will not strip delicate facial skini of its own natural moisturizers. Your skin will feel fresh and clean without tightness, dryness or stinging.

Key features

  • Won’t strip skin’s natural moisturizers
  • Noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Won’t strip skin’s natural moisturizers

Honest reviews



I gave Neutrogena Alcohol-free toner a two STAR because it is JUST an ordinary toner and nothing to write home about. And, according to some reviewer – IT DOES HAVE ALCOHOL in the ingredience.

Jane Elkin, NC


This stuff is definitely meant for people with dry skin; it’s very moisturizing. I have oily skin and when I used it, my skin felt greasy and I broke out. Even if a product is meant for dry skin, it should not cause anyone, no matter what their skin type, to break out. If you look at the list of ingredients for this product, you’ll notice that you might as well be rubbing parabens on your face. I do not recommend this product.

Mavis Farwell, TX

Very natural

Using it for quite a while now… No problems at all… Does not break out my skin like other toners do

Antionette Powhatan, WV
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PCA Skin Nutrient Toner

pHaze 5 Nutrient Toner is a special combination of enzymes, vitamins and AHA that help refine pores for an even complexion with regular use.

Key features

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Nourishes and revitalizes skin
  • Helps protect free radical damage

Honest reviews


The Scent

The scent for this product was overwhelming. I gave it away. It smells like really strong pumpkin spice. Putting it on my face made me nauseous.

Ma Tennyson, IN

Awesome Toner

This toner is great! My skin feels absolutely amazing when I use it! I don’t think I will be able to use another product after this one!

Francis Mikana, WI

Will buy again.

This seems to be the best toner for my combo skin. It does not dry it out but still helps with breakouts.

Cynthia Semora, NC
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Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water Toner – USDA Organic, Award-Winning, Organic Toner Mist, 8.5 oz/250ml

For many years in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, Alteya has been growing and cherishing the beautiful Rosa damascena flower. By using a unique distillation technique embodying century-old traditions and modern technology, we have distilled a special grade rose water that preserves the biodynamic energy of the rose plant and increases its beautifying and rejuvenating powers. Imported from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria in Europe. Daily Care: – After cleansing – After shower – When sunburned – To set makeup – After shaving / waxing – During travel Suitable for all skin types. Benefits: -Restoring, toning and moisturizing -Anti-aging and rejuvenating -Uplifts emotional levels -Balances skin Ph level -Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing -Protects and purifies skin Suggested Use: Skincare: Apply gently with a cotton ball onto face and neck morning and evening after cleansing to tone, balance and refresh skin. Body care/Personal fragrance: Mist it over your entire body after shower or to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle rose aroma. Haircare: Massage the roots of washed hair once or twice a week to improve manageability, softness and shine.

Key features

  • USDA Organic Bulgarian Rose Water Face and Hair Mist Toner. AWARD-WINNING.
  • Steam-distilled from fresh organic rose petals (Rosa Damascena). Distilled by Alteya Organics.
  • Therapeutic- and food-grade rose floral water suitable for skin care, cosmetics, and aromatherapy
  • Real Rose Flower Water. NOT a fragrance or artificially perfumed rose water. It does NOT have any added alcohol or other essences like the ones offered by other brands such as Elma & Sana, Teddie Organics, and Heritage.
  • Suitable for sensitive or irritated skin. Contains just one ingredient – 100% pure USDA Certified Organic Bulgarian Rose Water.

Honest reviews


not worth it

Its ok but I didn’t get what I wanted. its really just expensive rose smelling water..i really wanted a toner and found another olay product so much cheaper that I like so much better.

Beverly Obion, TN

Strangely Enough, This Works

When I was in middle school I had terrible Pizza-Face Acne. A friend sprayed some rose water on my face and it pretty much decimated my acne within a day or so. I tried to find out from her where she got it, but it was given to her. For years I tried to find rose water, but never could. I had actually forgotten about it until I stumbled across this. While I don’t have pizza face anymore, I do get some amount of adult acne. This really helps and smells great.

Jayne Empire, MI

Great Toner, Light Perfume, & Linen Refresher

I love this stuff. I hate to be without it. Rose has strong aromatherapy benefits at uplifting ones moods. Plus conventional toners always dried my skin and have tons of chemicals. Also the smell of Febreeze makes me ill, so I use this stuff to refresh the sofa and bed linens. I wish I could buy it buy the liter or gallon!

Eileen Fredonia, AZ
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Thayers Alcohol-Free Toner, Lavender, Witch Hazel, 12-Ounces

Our new Lavender Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner revitalizes the skin with a gentle, soothing formula. Go ahead: treat yourself. Made of extract from the Witch Hazel shrub (Hamamelis Virginiana) and a blend of other time-tested ingredients – THAYERS® Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Astringents and Alcohol-Free Toners are soothing, natural treatments that cleanse, tone and soothe your skin. THAYERS® are the only Witch Hazel products made of non-distilled extract from the Witch Hazel shrub maintaining the highest levels of therapeutic tannins.

Key features

  • Alcohol free, paraben-free, naturally preserved, hypoallergenic.
  • Made with organic witch hazel and aloe vera.
  • Natural lavender fragrance.
  • Cleanses, soothes and tones skin.
  • Pack of 3, 12-oz. Bottles.

Honest reviews


One of the BEST toner I’ve ever used!

It is definitely one of my best loved toners. I have tried a lot of those highly priced cosmetic Big Names…and found this one to be comparable with those I spend $60+/bottle on. Skin feels really smooth and relaxed. It is free of parabens and toxic chemicals. And the size is good enough for generous uses every day. I highly recommend it to those with combination skins. A plus: the scent is very nice as I am a lavender fan. It is not so overwhelming as well.

Silvia Mc Kinney, KY


Love Thayer’s witch hazel. But ordered the Lavender by mistake, not my favorite scent in the world. It works fine, just wish I had the scent free, alocohol free version.

Lynne Estero, FL

Probably the best toner I’ve ever used

Although it didn’t work miracles for my skin, it is probably the best toner I’ve ever tried. I have sensitive skin and this toner is gentle enough not to dry it. The skin feels soft and refreshed, and the smell is very pleasant. I will certainly buy it again.

Ana Wadsworth, NV
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Murad Clarifying Toner, Step 1 Cleanse/Tone, 6 fl oz

Clears and prevents blemishes and skin breakouts. Eliminates Oil and Impurities for Hours By: Controlling surface shine. Keeping pores clean and clear. Oil fighting formula balances and tones. Witch Hazel controls oil and tightens pores. Algae Extract regulates excess sebum production. Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E protect from free radical damage. Dermatologist developed and tested. Murad does not test on animals. Made in the USA.

Key features

  • Oil fighting formula balances and tones
  • Witch Hazel controls oil and tightens pores
  • Algae Extract regulates excess sebum productions
  • Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E protects from free radical damage
  • Controls surface shine

Honest reviews


Great Toner

So for anyone who hasn’t already discovered this….EVERY skincare product will react differently for each person. So really you won’t know if the product will truly work for you until you use it. Knowing this…I can say that I LOVE murad products. I have very oily skin in my T-zone as well as a blackhead problem. I have slight red blemishes on my chin but mostly my issue has been clogged pores. I’ve been using the Murad acne products for three months now and I’ve had good results with them. I still have blemishes but they are slowly going away. The products make my skin feel so good and they smell great too! I would recommend trying the 30 day kit to see if it is right for you. I would also say that these products work best for oily/combination skin since they have a slight drying effect. (I’ve also used Proactiv but it made my face crack and flake. Murad does not have the same effect.)

Nelda Star, NC

Picks up everything!

I’m starting to love Murad products, the price is reasonable and the results are great. It really helps control the oil and face demons. I would recommend this product to my friends or peers who stress a lot over their pimples.

Ilene Brick, NJ

love it

Great for acne prone skin. My Aesthetician recommended it and it is helping me with my face acne/scar issues. Less expensive on Amazon than at the store.

Katina Pacolet, SC
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Facial Toner & Freshener-Aloe Vera Earth Science 8 oz Liquid

Aloe vera complexion toner freshener by earth science 9 oz liquid facial toner freshener-aloe vera 9 oz liquid product aloe vera complexion toner freshener for normal to dry skin natural alcohol-free cooling toner completes the cleansing process for normal to dry or sensitive skin types. Herbal extracts aloe panthenol and hyaluronic acid nourish and protect the skin while normalizing the skin’s ph to 4.0-6.0. Removes any last traces of cleansers or make-up. Refines purifies and prepares skin to accept moisturizers. We recommend almond-aloe facial moisturizer. Hypo-allergenic. Ph 5.5 ingredients aloe juice sea kelp extract chamomile extract calendula extract panthenol licorice root extract glycerine zinc sulfate lactic acid grapefruit seed extract allantoin lavender oil hyaluronic acid ascorbic acid retinyl palmitate cellulose gum potassium sorbate annatto extract fragrance directions after cleansing or to remove excess oil saturate cotton and gently wipe the face and neck area.

Key features

  • Earth science
  • Herbal extracts aloe panthenol and hyaluronic acid nourish and protect the skin while normalizing the skin’s ph to 4.0-6
  • Aloe vera complexion toner freshener by earth science 9 oz liquid facial toner freshener

Honest reviews


Gentle and effective.

I have oily/acne prone skin and this toner is just wonderful.Its gentle and very refreshing. It will not leave your skin oily, or with a residue.Its alcohol free, and doesnt contain any harmful chemicals, etc.Feels great on your skin and helps prepare skin for your moisturizer.Rids skin of dirt, makeup, and impurities.Sometimes even after I wash my face I will have traces of my makeup lingering on my skin, but with swiping this toner with a cotton pad across my face and neck, it removes any leftover makeup.I am very pleased with this toner and will buy again and again!

Young Chandler, OK

Will never go back to witch hazel!

I have used witch hazel for years as a toner and to make sure all the makeup was removed. This toner/ refresher has it beat! Cooling and refreshing and removes ant left over makeup after cleansing! I am hooked!

Lenora Florahome, FL

Soothing/No alcohol/Combo skin

My skin: dry in the cheeks and oily in the t-zone. Prone to irritation.For me this has been a great toner (2nd bottle). The fact that there is no alcohol keeps it from drying my cheeks and it hasn’t promoted oiliness. ( the aloe helps with that). There is also no burn or sting when using.It has more ingredients than I would typically want but surprisingly it hasn’t caused any irritations. I use this morning and night. I also use Earth science cleansers.

Robin Mottville, NY
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About Vitamin Serum: This serum will help stimulate cell regeneration and build collagen to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots from both environmental and intrinsic aging. Additionally, it helps minimize the appearance of pore size, while correcting blemishes and blotchiness often associated with problematic skin. Often causes slight shedding of the skin which is rejuvination and renewal of the skin cells. This has Retinol which is the active ingredient in Retin-A and along with vitamin C, E and DMAE you will get great rejuvination and pore refinement. If rejuvination is what your looking for this would be the product for you. Our Vitamin serum will also assist greatly in reducing wrinkles. This serum will make your skin tighter, smoother, and much more radiant in a very short time. You will not find a higher percentage of ingredients in other products. Most only carry small trace amounts of active ingredients, but TRUE RADIANCE offers higher percentage amounts for tremendous results!!

Key features

  • PARABEN FREE!! energizes skin; skin rejuvenation; delivers moisture on a sustained release basis; decreases puffiness; moisturizing properties; skin tightening; prevents facial sagging
  • skin-firming effect; antiaging; wrinkle reduction; collagen & elastin stimulation; smoother skin; prevents formation of new lines; new skin cells; and provides glowing skin
  • H20, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, witch hazel, retinol 1%, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, Green tea, DMAE, Lactic Acid, trivalen
  • Acne Reduction and Pore Reduction. VITAMIN C IS 10% in this product.

Honest reviews



This is a very strange type of lotion. It applies to the face in a slippery almost slimy type feel something like a beaten egg. On the face, it felt tight like I had a mask on or something but the idea was to use it under my makeup. Basically, I felt like I had smeared a beaten egg on my face. I felt like I needed to wash my face. I did not notice any difference in my skin on my face but then again, I was only able to use it for about 12 days because the stuff turned a yukky orange/brown in the bottle before I had it even two weeks. The instructions in the package said to discontinue use if it changed colors.So the answer is NO. I would not buy this product again. It was not for me.

Jesse Newmanstown, PA



Kari Catonsville, MD

Good Stuff

I like this product <3 it doesn’t work over night but it definitely does what it’s suppose to do. Give it a try.

Charity Dauphin, PA
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Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera Formula, Unscented, 12 Fluid Ounce

Recommend: Apply with a cotton ball after cleansing or anytime throughout the day as a softening refresher. Does Not Contain: Alcohol.

Key features

  • Recommend: Apply with a cotton ball after cleansing or anytime throughout the day as a softening refresher
  • Does Not Contain: Alcohol
  • 12 fl oz
  • Thayers’ proprietary, non-distilled Witch Hazel extract maintains the highest level of therapeutic tannins
  • Fragrance-free; Paraben-free; hypoallergenic; made with certified organic aloe vera and witch hazel extract

Honest reviews


Love it

This product is amazing. I has cleared my skin, helped tattoos heal faster, helped dry skin. I am buying this for the rest of my life.

Rhonda Salisbury Center, NY

Great Natural Toner

I use this product as a natural face toner. It’s unscented and alcohol-free, so it doesn’t burn. It does remove excess dirt and oil, which I can visibly see on the cotton pad. It’s not drying and makes my skin soft. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants an inexpensive, effective skin toner.

Abigail Montrose, IL

Very nice product

I have never used witch hazel before. I find this has great feel when applied and leaves my skin feeling very clean. It’s great at reducing irritation as well. It has no fragrance and feels just like clean water. A really good find!

Young West Kennebunk, ME
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T.N. Dickinson’s Astringent, 100% Natural, Witch Hazel 16 fl oz

Our unique 100 percent natural formula combines extracts of the witch hazel plant to thoroughly cleanse and condition your skin without disturbing its natural moisture balance.

Key features

  • 16-ounces bottle
  • 100 percent natural formula combines extracts of the witch hazel plant
  • Thoroughly cleanse and condition your skin without disturbing its natural moisture balance
  • Gentle and non-drying formula

Honest reviews



What’s the second ingredient in Dr. Perricone’s Super Detox Elixir? What’s the second ingredient in Murad Clarifying Toner? What’s the second ingredient in Olek Henriksen Grease Relief Face Tonic? I could go on and on…..but I’ll just let you know. It’s witch hazel, which you can find in your local pharmacy for a few bucks, is a great astringent. And its one in its purest form.What is witch hazel? It is the leaves and bark of the North American shrub known as Hamamelis Virginiana (sometimes you might see this on a label as an ingredient in your favorite toner or astringent instead of the words “witch hazel”). Witch hazel naturally grows in Nova Scotia in Canada, and Florida in the United States.Witch hazel can be used for so many things but using it as your daily astringent can not only give you great skin but also a lot of bang for your buck! In addition, witch hazel is an herbal and natural product and thus it is great for sensitive skin. You can apply it after shaving, waxing and any kind of skin care regimen.There is a reason you can find witch hazel in so many skin care products. It has so many benefits: it reduces excess sweating and oil secretion, helps with large pores, treats acne, and helps with various other skin conditions. The astringent also has anti-inflammatory properties. If you have ever had a facial, you will notice that usually after extractions, your aesthetician will apply with hazel to your skin. Witch hazel can also help prevent the development of acne as well as treat existing acne and pimples. This is the reason why it is frequently used in acne skin care products.Another approach for using witch hazel astringent is treating psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, diaper rash and poison ivy rash in the natural way. Witch hazel is also one of the best herbal remedies for alleviating sunburns and windburns.And the best part is that you can pick it up at your local pharmacy for about five bucks! Hope you enjoyed this skincents tip! For more tips and reviews visit pimples and wrinkles. And look out for the launch of our new site this month which will feature product reviews, treatment reviews and spa reviews. See you at pimples and wrinkles!

Angeline Houston, AR

It can’t be 100% witch hazel so relax!

I just purchased this to try for a more natural alternative for toners. I’ve used Thayers non-alcoholic formula with success. I have oily skin, clogged pores and occasional disturbances when those pores get aggravated. I’m late-20s and I’ve been told every seven years your skin type undergoes changes. I bought this after reading reviews and some people were angry it wasn’t 100% witch hazel. It can’t be 100% witch hazel it would be too strong and cause more skin problems than it’s meant to solve. Their formula uses alcohol because it’s a good carrier fluid to dilute the power of witch hazel extract. Its smell is smokey, with the mild alcohol notes. It reminds me of a barbecue. The smell will go away once it’s dried. The labeling says “100% Natural” which does NOT mean it’s “100% Witch Hazel”. If it were the latter we would have to mix it with something to use it safely on skin and I’ll bet we’d be using alcohol. If you’ve got extremely sensitive skin I’d use caution. The Thayers non-alcoholic toners are great for sensitive skin types it is less drying.

Liza Wellington, OH


Ok- here’s the thing: the image in the pic on the right hand side of the screen is the bottle for the DICKINSON’S ORIGINAL WITCH HAZEL PORE PERFECTING TONER which is a 5 star pore perfecting toner (See my other review). The words describing the product under that image are the descriptive words for the DICKINSON’S WITCH HAZEL- the one in the BLUE BOTTLE. Dickinson’s does make a witch hazel in a yellow bottle. The differences between the blue and yellow bottles of Dickinson’s witch hazels? WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT. The yellow bottle has witch hazel extract. Amazon has to fix the blunder. I made a review for the PORE PERFECTING TONER (The image in the picture on the right hand side of the screen) but now that I think about it, on that page- THE IMAGE FOR THAT PRODUCT IS THE YELLOW WITCH HAZEL BOTTLE WITH THE DESCRIPTIVE WORDS FOR THE PORE PERFECTING TONER. I made this review because of the folks saying that they didn’t receive what’s in the picture. I believe them because I see the error. YOU CAN BUY THE PORE PERFECTING TONER at Walmart or your other preferred drug store for about $3 cheaper than what Amazon is offering. All of T.N. Dickinson’s products that I’ve tried are all 5 star witch hazel products. The only reason that I gave this one 3 stars is because of the ERROR here. The pore perfecting toner that is in the picture IS a 5 star item but I have a strong feeling that if Amazon doesn’t fix the mix up- YOU WILL THINK THAT YOU ARE GETTING THE YELLOW BOTTLED PORE PERFECTING TONER BUT WILL RECEIVE THE BLUE BOTTLED REGULAR WITCH HAZEL. *I am LC from NC*

Carrie Mellott, IN
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