Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap, Lavender, 16 Oz

Here’s something you simply can’t live without. Our Dish Soap is rich, thick and makes grease disappear like nobody’s business. We even added Soap Bark Extract, another ingredient from nature and one of its best degreasers. All you need is a squirt or two and you’re on your way.

Key features

  • Concentrated – just a squirt or two cuts grease
  • All you need is a squirt or two and you’re on your way
  • Our dish soap is rich, thick and makes grease disappear like nobody’s business
  • Concentrated – just a squirt or two cuts grease

Honest reviews


Can’t do without this wonderful product!!!

This is one of those products that I just can’t do without! It smells so heavenly that I don’t mind doing dishes. It smells of roses and geraniums. I am extremely sensitive to scents as I have allergies but although this scent is ‘obvious’ (I dont want to say anything too strong to deter someone from trying it) I have absolutely no problems with it – as does the rest of my family. My 5yr old also has allergies and when I clean the counters with this scent, he’ll ‘sniff’ the table 🙂 and sigh.As an added bonus, it cuts grease wonderfully but the BIGGEST benefit in my opinion is that it MUST have that special vegetable ingredient like in her Counter Top Spray that cuts odors (try cooking something stinky in your microwave or spilling tuna water from the can on your counter…use her Geranium Counter spray, wipe it down and sniff it out…nothing but heavenly geraniums to please your sniffer.) I SWEAR, I have an extremely sensitive sniffer and can’t keep ‘smelly’ items in my garbage can in the kitchen even for a little bit, I have to take them to the outside trash (tuna cans, overly ripe veggies, etc). With one teeny drop in a tuna can, swirled around with some water – no scrubbing on my part, it cuts the odor so well that I can toss it in the trash and not think of it again. I can wash a cookie sheet of fish sticks with no odor and so many others. Did I say that I can’t be without this product?? :-)I just wish that Amazon sold a package of her various products or in single bottles…I can’t very well keep 30 bottles of several of her items in my home…that would be insane.

Isabel Beaver Dam, KY

Scent is overpowering

Very disappointed in this soap. The scent is not “lemony”…it stinks of “old lady powdered perfume”. If you know what I mean by an old powdered scent…you’ll know what I mean. You get this on your hands and you will have to smell it for hours. It’s horrible raising food to your mouth with this “perfume” on your hands. You can’t wash it off either.Besides that, after washing a few cups during the day, I noticed my hands were now chapped and burning. The detergents in this soap opened the cuticle of my skin on my hands so horribly that they felt like someone had taken sandpaper to them.Absolutely horrible stuff. Oh, your dishes will smell of this perfume too. I raised a cup to my mouth to drink coffee and smelled the powdery perfume smell in the cup. Had to rinse and rinse and rinse. Never buy again.

Cornelia Clemons, NY

Leaves a bad perfumey reside…that you can taste!!

I should have known better than to purchase a dish soap that had a high fragrance, I thought this would be a nice change and allow me to actually enjoy washing dishes (no dishwasher) yes it smells great but leaves a bad residue, which you can taste on everything!! It’s especially bad with plastic, it soaks up this soap like no other and even when you rinse it a million times, you can still taste it. Awful!! And yeah they’re not green, this stuff gots chemicals too, just look it up on

Nadia Hoyt, OK
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