AZO Yeast Plus tablets, 60 Tablets

Relieves Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection. Homeopathic medicine in a supportive botanical base that stimulates the body’s own defense systems. Because this is a natural product, the color may vary. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Yeast infection symptom relief
  • Vaginal symptom relief
  • Homeopathic
  • Multi benefit formula

Honest reviews


Didn’t work… 🙁

Unfortunately, after following the instructions and giving it a couple months, this product did absolutely nothing to relieve my symptoms and/or prevent infections.Edit: As it turns out, the reason for my recurring yeast infections was diabetes type 2. This product may work on normal yeast infections, but if it doesn’t, take yourself to the doctor. It could be something else, like it was with me.

Brandi Olyphant, PA

Completely ineffective.

I tried this for a mild yeast infection and it did absolutely nothing after taking three a day for close to a week. I knew it sounded too good to be true and I was right! I should have figured that a homeopathic treatment in a non-specific probiotic base would be useless. I’m just wondering how other people saw any improvement with this sham product. I’ll stick to my refrigerated probiotics and more verifiable herbal treatments for yeast infection relief in the future.

Danielle Sunset Beach, NC


I began with awful symptoms right after Memorial Day. I tried Monistat and it only made the itching worse (which was strange because I’ve tried it before and worked fine). I stopped the Monistat immediately and quickly ran out and bought this after reading all of the good reviews. Took the initial 3 tabs and 1 daily tab since then for prevention. I was back to normal after a couple of days. But 8 days later, my symptoms came back. How frustrating! I stayed away from the Monistat and took 3 AZO pills the first day I felt the itching start, but at this point I’m just done with this infection so I called my OB/Gyn and she gave me Diflucan. On the second day, I feel 70% better. So…I think this product worked ok for my symptoms, but didn’t get rid of the infection altogether. The Diflucan is what’s doing the job for me.

Olga Osage, WY
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Nelsons: Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel, 1 oz

Nelsons pure and clear acne treatment gel is an effective formulation of the four main ingredients with the addition of Sulfur to alleviate red inflammation around the outbreak.

Key features

  • Nelsons pure and clear acne treatment gel is an effective formulation of the four main ingredients with the addition of sulfur to alleviate red inflammation around the outbreak
  • A must buy product
  • Made in united states
  • Keep on hand to target blemishes immediately
  • Homeopathic treatment for existing acne blemishes, pimples and also prevents new blemishes from forming beneath the skin’s surface
  • Prepared from organically grown healing plants and homeopathically prepared sulphur

Honest reviews


doesn’t do anything

I don’t have bad skin but I do get a pimple once in a while. When I put this on the affected area, it doesn’t do anything. I found that my old Clearasil spot treatment works much better.

Aline Sylvania, AL


I like this, but am not sure how well it works. It feels good and fresh but I don’t think it really helps to decrease the size of pimples fast.

Rowena Mart, TX

My young adult kids begged me to order more!

That’s enough for me. I haven’t used this myself but when your kids say it’s the best stuff for acne you order again. 🙂 And my favorite part, I know they’re using a product with no toxic ingredients!

Brooke Westfield, NC
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