Williams Lectric Shave, 3 Ounce

Electric Razor Pre-Shave for an ultra smooth shave.

Key features

  • Stands up whiskers for a closer shave
  • Lets your razor glide for less friction and skin irritation
  • Gives you a closer, more comfortable shave and smoother skin
  • With soothing Green Tea Complex
  • Blade Close, Electric Smooth

Honest reviews



Williams Lectirc Shave is a great product that has served men’s electric shaving needs for several decades! BUT DON’T buy it here! WHY? I didn’t pay close enough attention to the prices vs weight and when it arrived I was really angry! This is the 3 ounce travel bottle that you can sometimes find in you local drug store for about $2.50, NOT $5.62!!! For $5.48 – $5.85 you can buy the 7 ounce bottle at every drugstore in your town or on line at or or any other online national drug store chain. DON’T GET RIPPED OFF BY THIS SELLER!! YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU GET! THE PRICE SHOULD BE FOR THE 7 OUNCE BOTTLE AND NOT THE 3 OUNCE BOTTLE. RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

Lourdes Barnsdall, OK

makes shaving with electric better

Lectric shave makes it easier to shave with an electric. It seems to prepare your skin by sanitizing it (i.e. with alcohol), and making it easier for the blades/foil to glide over your skin. Good stuff and it lasts quite a while.

Alyson Hatch, UT

A Great Item To Use With Electric Shavers

I had never used this item before. My father used to use it all the time. Now I see why. It really does give you a closer shave and reduces skin irritation. You only need to use a small amount. And make sure to wait about 15 seconds for it to dry before shaving.

Madeleine Utica, MN
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