L’Oreal Paris Dual Eye/Lipliner Sharpener with Cover

L’Oreal’s Dual Sharpener is perfect for keeping all your pencils in shape for flawless application. Sharpens both traditional liners and jumbo pencils.

Key features

  • Eyeliner and lipliner sharpener
  • Sharpens both traditional liners and jumbo pencils
  • Includes clear cover

Honest reviews


Doesnt fit Sephora eyeliner pencils

This sharpener fits my MAC pencils but not my Sephora pencils, so this hasn’t been of much use to me.

Greta Starr, SC

Maybe it’s just me…

I don’t know what it is but it seems almost impossible to clean this. I have tried everything. I have a tiny little wand that came with another sharpener I had to clean that one out and that doesn’t even work at all. I have tried everything but it just seems to hold onto the little bit of the actual pencil that gets sharpened and jams it into the sharpener. It sharpens the smaller pencils kind of jagged and uneven but it fits most of my larger pencils, which is definetly a plus. Right now it is sitting in my dressing table with a gold eyeliner and pink lip liner smeared together on the inside creating a huge mess. Now my black liner I just sharpened has pink and gold on it. Kind of disappointing.

Maryann Roseboro, NC

Now I have two sharpeners!

Nice product; hold the shavings well – but does not fit my jumbo eye pencil! I bought this for that reason only.My jumbo pencil is…well, jumbo! Paid just $2.50 for this sharpener so I will keep it, or give away. I was excited that I would be able to sharpen my pencils, but my thrill is waned.However, they shipped this product SUPER fast. I mean fast. Got it in two days. Whoa!!! Thanks. 🙂

Annie Fallon, NV
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Tweezerman Deluxe Cosmetic Sharpener

Tweezerman Deluxe Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener sharpen pencils perfectly, both thick and thin – even jumbo pencils and cosmetic crayons. The patented double-blade system creates slightly rounded tips that resist breakage and are especially gentle on delicate skin. “No-mess” clear cover catches shavings and houses a convenient cleaning stick

Key features

  • Features a patented double-blade system
  • Sharpens pencils and crayons perfectly, both thick and thin
  • Recommended by beauty experts
  • “No-mess” clear cover catches shavings and houses a convenient cleaning stick.

Honest reviews


No more broken pencils!

I’m so glad I decided to spend the extra dollar or two and get this sharpener.I had to replace my old trusty sharpener that I had for years when it finally gave up on me and started crushing the tips of my regular-sized eyeliner pencils off and making uneven cuts. How annoying.Since I wear eyeliner every day, I quickly ran out and got a Wet n Wild sharpener from my local Walgreens (it was the only stand-alone sharpener I could find there). It had the same problems as my 5+ year old sharpener!! What a waste!This one makes smooth cuts and perfectly sharpens my regular-sized, wooden pencils. I love how easy it will be to empty and clean since you can see when it fills up with shavings.

Natalia Hamilton City, CA

darn good sharpener

I really like this. Makes nice sharp points for my pencils. I have just one fat pencil that doesnt fit though. The cover stays closed and doesnt spill the shavings out.

Jerri Clay, WV


I LOVE this sharpener, it is so smooth and quick to sharpen. I don’t have to worry about this destroying my eyeliners or creating potentially hazardous wood chips/flecks from some eyeliners. All of the debris collects in the cover – which was slightly difficult to open the first time around, but once I figured it out, everything was wonderful!!

Avis Rinard, IL
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NYX Sharpener

Looking sharp was rarely this breezy: our 2-in-1 makeup pencil sharpener fine-tunes both jumbo and regular size eye and lip pencils. Made of high-quality steel, it provides a smooth, effortless motion, while the inner casing collects shavings for a no-mess effort.

Key features

  • Two-in-one pencil sharpener
  • Perfectly sharpens both jumbo and regular pencils
  • Designed for durability

Honest reviews


does the job

its a sharpener. i dont know how it could be good or bad, it sharpens. does the trick so buy it and stop reading reviews already. the end

Jerry Gardendale, TX

It fits

I previously purchased about 4 sharpeners before I found one that fits both my nyx jumbo pencils and my Victorias secret chubby eye sticks. Finally I can sharpen all my dull liners and use them again!

Kate Williamston, SC

Don’t Bother!!!

IT DOESNT WORK!! This is a rip off. Cheaply made as well, had bought the NYX eyeshadow pencils and nothing was big enough to sharpen them, I waited because I didn’t want to spend so much on this thing!!!! I bought one at Sallys Beauty Supply for $1.99 that has 3 possible widths for your pencils…..worked like a charm…DON’T BUY THIS ONE!!

Bernadine North Hudson, NY
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