Jessica Simpson Fancy Set, 3-Count

This oriental fragrance was created in 2008. The notes are pear, apricot, red berries, gardenia, jasmine, almond , caramel, sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Key features

  • Fancy by Jessica Simpson for Women – 3 Pc Gift Set 3.4oz EDP Spray, 3oz Body Lotion, 3oz Bath & Shower Gel
  • 3 Pc Gift Set 3.4oz EDP Spray, 3oz Body Lotion, 3oz Bath & Shower Gel
  • It is recommeneded for anytime wear

Honest reviews


Quality of Jessica Simpson Fancy Set

This will be the perfect gift for my granddaughter for Christmas. The bottle is much larger than expected.The tubes are good quality.They come in a very nice gift set.The price could not have been better. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Jessica Simpson gift set.Like i said you can’t beat the price for this set

Kari Enka, NC

I am in love!!!!!!!!!!

The first time I sprayed this I didn’t like it. After I wearing this perfume several time I fell in love with it. I love love this perfume, in fact this is my everyday perfume. I use this everyday when I go out. This is actually perfect for fall/winter scent. I tried wearing this around the summer, the smell didn’t go well with my body chemistry. Overall I love this perfume, I will purchase again once I run out it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monique Newalla, OK

Great set, Great price!

If you love fancy this is a great set. The body gel lathers well with a sponge or poof but not with a regular wash cloth. The scent is a perfect match to the perfume so it works well to layer. The lotion is slightly less impressive having a bit of a plastic smell to it that turns me off. Otherwise its a great set & the price CANNOT be beat. It retails for fifty nine at department stores so twenty five is a steal! Stinky lotion & all.

Arlene Kanosh, UT
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WOW Effect Anti-wrinkle

WOW EFFECT POCKET KIT The WOW Effect Kit in pocket size: the best choice to try it or to have it always with you. Instrumental tests scientifically prove that WOW Effect Anti-Wrinkle Mask has a positive effect after 20 minutes; WOW Effect Anti-Aging Serum visibly reduces the signs of aging and revitalises your skin. WOW Effect is safe for your skin Fragrance Free; Paraben free; Mineral oils free; Petrolatum free; Paraffinum free; Lanolin free; Gluten free; Nickel tested safe < 0,00001%; Dermatologically tested; Microbiologically tested; Hypoallergenic. How many treatments may I do with the WOW Effect Pocket Kit? The WOW Effect Pocket Kit lasts for 1-2 treatments. WOW Effect is 100% Made in Italy WOW EFFECT - WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO FOR YOURSELF? WoW Effect is an anti-aging innovative product: your skin will be visibly softer and smoother, your face younger and more radiant. Discover WOW Effect Antiaging Serum and WOW Effect Antiaging Mask, too!

Key features

  • SPECIAL PROMOTION: Buy now and Save 12$
  • WITH THE WOW EFFECT TREATMENT Your skin will be visibly softer and smoother, your face younger and more radiant.
  • CLEANSING MAKE UP REMOVER TONING UP: an “active” cleanser. Works deep eliminating impurities and cleansing in a balanced way.
  • ANTI-WRINKLE MASK: the latest cosmetic discovery acts within 20 minutes of its application with visible anti-wrinkle results.
  • ANTIAGING SERUM: a genuine compound of vitality and youth. Helps to reduce the signs of aging skin.

Honest reviews


WoW Effect — Italian for universally gorgeous skin!

I am hooked on Wow Effect after only one testing. I want more, please! I admit I adore quality beauty products. This gorgeous trio, coming directly to us from Milan (which is one of the most hip cities in the world), sets the bar high for other skin treatments.I would recommend this size if you want to see how WoW Effect works for you, because basically you will be able to tell instantly, after you use it, if it delivers the same results for you that it did for me.The great thing is that although this could be considered a higher end item price-wise, it really is wonderful if you are in the market to change your skin regimen and just want a test trial. The packages are generous, and you could get two treatments out of each tube. I didn’t but that is because I was photographing the product, as well as trying Wow.Another, really fantastic thing is that the whole skin regimen treatment (even if you use the included face mask) (and the photos!) takes under one half an hour from start to finish.You begin by cleansing your face with the cleanser, then applying the facial mask (which is like no mask I have ever used before: it feels very gentle, and appears slightly thick yet crystal clear. BONUS POINTS: You CAN use it near your eye area. I thought I was going to fall over when I read that. That is a real plus for me, as I have incipient glaucoma (which I use eye drops for) and I have a cataract lens in the opposite eye from the glaucoma eye. Therefore, I have to be careful with beauty products.I read the ingredients on the label on the box, and this set of products is made of very safe and natural ingredients. Very non-threatening, and at the same time very, very effective!When I removed the facial mask and applied the serum (which has a slight white tint), I was amazed at the soft texture of my skin. I had used it, as recommended, on my neck as well my face. My entire face and neck area got the royal treatment!It was then that I said to myself, "che bella delizia!" … Which is Italian for "what a fantastic treat!", essentially.Yes, I looked that up! ;)I think this is a great gift idea for someone like your mother or yourself, who is considering a new and different brand of skin product. It isn’t always the best idea to stay with your old favorites for lots of reasons. As the cosmetics and beauty industry moves forward, possibly it is good to take advantage of the newest products and the advances that have been made.Especially if that means that a product or products comes from WoW Effect!Wrinkles begone!These are truly superb products! Definitely worth it!Thanks! and Ciao, bella! See you on the runway!jean

Lenore Westbury, NY

Brighter, firmer skin in 2 days

This is a small box of the 3 WoW EFFECT products- it contains5ml (0.17oz) tube of the Cleansing Makeup Remover/Toner5ml ().17oz) tube of the anti-aging serum3ml (0.1oz) packet of the anti-wrinkle maskA Wow Effect booklet explaining the products in detail and how to use them.Note that these are very small amounts of products, good for, according to the book, ONE WoW Effect Cycle. I felt I used the products rather liberally and had enough for 3 days, with one mask use.The products are designed to be used together.The cleanser is used each time before either serum or mask is used. It preps the skin so that the ingredients work better and the skin has the optimal Ph for the products to work.The first night I used the cleanser and the serum. The second night I used the cleanser, the mask, and then the serum. In just 3 days, (I noticed a big jump in brightnesss and firmness on my 2nd night) my skin was noticeably brighter and firmer, with improvement showing in the finer wrinkles under my eyes and on my forehead. My skin feels extremely smooth and hydrated.The cleanser is clear and non-irritating. The serum is heavy, thick, and a bit sticky. It only halfway absorbs into my skin and to be honest, I wasn’t so sure about it at first. The mask is clear, thick, and goes on like a shiny thick oil. It doesn’t dry like clay, or peel off, it just sits on the skin. The mask is my favorite – I left mine on for the full 20 minutes and when I rinsed it off, I saw amazing improvement in my skin tone and firmness. This is the best facial mask I’ve ever used.Though the sizes of these products are small, this set of products works well to introduce you to the product line, to try it out, or if you just want to primp for a big event coming up. I did not experience any redness or irritation, and with some products my skin can get red. I didn’t have any problems at all with this product.ProsSkin noticeably brighter, causing it to look younger, smootherSkin looks firmer, jaw line looks a bit more sculptedSkin feels very soft day after first use of cleanser and serumProduct is very easy to use, clear, and gentleNo ‘pilling’ of product if you massage skinMask has a slightly warm, relaxing feel to it that I found enjoyableConsProduct sizes are small – just note that before buyingSerum feels thick – but hey – it works!I was given a sample of this product in order to evaluate and give an honest review. I review a lot of skincare products by different companies- this is one of the best yet.

Essie Chamberino, NM

Wow Effect

Wow Effect has some cool products. My favorite product is the cleansing makeup remover. I am horrible at removing makeup when I do randomly wear it. A couple squirts of this product, rub it around my face for a few minutes and rinse and I am all done. My face is not left super dry and itchy afterwards, which drives me batty. It does remove all the makeup except not so much with the mascara, it only takes about 1/2 of that off, but better than none in my opinion. Smells good too.I have been using the anti-aging serum for about two weeks now as my moisturizer to test it out. This product also smells nice and spreads pretty evenly over the face, you really only need about one squirt. I don’t have too many wrinkles on my face except maybe some slight ones around the eyes and mouth and I have noticed a small diminished appearance of these, so that is excellent. When I tried the anti-wrinkle mask my face really felt different afterwards, tight but not in a bad way, and not the itchy way you’d think. I did feel a bit glowy and "clean faced" afterwards. Overall I really liked these products, they are quick and easy to use and they did not irritate my skin either.

Viola Fredericksburg, VA
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