Simple Eye Roll-On, Revitalizing 0.5 oz

Our revitalizing eye roll-on, formulated with cucumber extract and vitamin goodness, helps reduce puffiness and wake up and revitalize tired eyes by instantly cooling and gently massaging the delicate eye area. Perfect especially for sensitive skin. Our philosophy is: simple says-never use perfumes, dyes or harsh irritants that can upset your skin. Simple says-settle for only ingredients that meet simple’s purity standard. Simple says-trust the natural goodness in all of our products especially for sensitive. Skin simple says-natural beauty comes from goodness.

Key features

  • Made with skin loving ingredients and triple purified water, our purest possible water that provides instant hydration to the skin.
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Simple skincare contains no animal derived ingredients
  • Dermatologist tested; Ophthalmologist Tested; Safe for sensitive eyes and contact leans wearers; Noncomedogenic; Hypoallergenic
  • Cools and refreshes your eyes to help reduce puffiness
  • Does not contain any perfume, dyes or harsh irritants that can upset your skin

Honest reviews


I got awesome results from this!!

Before I get into my thoughts on this product, let me first explain what compelled me to try this product from Simple. I’ve never really had to do anything to my eyelids – haven’t used lotions, creams, serums. They’ve just been fine, and since I tend to want to have a really easy regimen for my skin, I’ve never bothered to add it into my regimen. But, for the past several months, my eyelids have gotten really dry and flaky. It varies, but some days my eyelids would get so dry that they would literally hurt!I’d tried rubbing a little Jojoba oil and while it did help, it never completely fixed the problem and my eyelids would get dry again. So I decided to give Simple’s Revitalizing Eye Roll-On a try. I already use their facial washes and moisturizers and LOVE everything this brand stands for.And I am SO glad I gave this a try! It works amazingly well and exceeded my expectations – especially on how quickly it moisturized my eyelids and took away the flaky feel and texture. I use it in the morning and at night, when I put on my moisturizer, and the next day I could already tell a difference in my eyelids. While they were still a little flaky, they weren’t as bad and they didn’t hurt any more. On the third or fourth day of using it, the flakiness is totally gone and shows no sign of coming back – my eyelids are as smooth as ever! (Which is so nice — it was a nightmare trying to apply eyeshadow on lids that were flaking!)All in all, I give this Revitalizing Eye Roll-On two BIG thumbs up! As I mentioned above, I love what the Simple brand is all about, and so finding something to nurture my eyes that has good vitamins and natural products with no perfumes, dyes, or harsh irritants. The metal roller ball on the tip of it feels amazing and cools my skin instantly. I will admit I was a little hesitant to purchase this product at first because of the price, but I’ve discovered that it is TOTALLY worth every penny you spend on it and I plan on repurchasing this item for years to come!

Valarie Knowles, OK


I do prefer the eye roller by garnier, but this one is almost as good. The major differnce between this one and the one by garnier is that garnier has caffeine. If you are looking for one to soothe your eyes in the morning without caffeine I would try this one OR if you have had issues with other eye products, this one is great for sensitive skin.

Mildred Lancaster, VA

Gives good results

I bought this eye roller to use on my 8 year old son who develops very dark shiners at different times of the year because of allergies. I had been using the Clinique eye roller, but it was very expensive and burned his eyes twice. In the end I felt it was unsafe to use on him. This Simple eye roller has worked just fine and is much more affordable. The formula is slightly thicker than Clinique’s and dries faster. It has not burned or stung at all. He looks great and his eyes look healthy!

Miriam Bloomfield Hills, MI
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Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller, 0.50 Fluid Ounce

Actual size. Caffeine pro-vitamins b5. Gently roll skin renew anti-puff eye roller under the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner, one to two times. Use finger to smooth in any excess until absorbed. This cool, refreshing light serum is immediately absorbed without leaving a greasy or sticky feel. It is oil-free and an excellent base for make-up. Healthy-looking skin starts with proper cleansing. After cleansing with nutri-pure, use your preferred skin renew daily moisture lotion. Apply skin renew anti-puff eye roller as your daily eye care, morning and night.garnier nutritioniste skin renew anti-puff eye roller. Roll away under-eye puffiness and dark circles for renewed, refreshed eyes. Skin renew anti-puff eye roller is right for you if you want to gently stimulate micro-circulation around skin’s delicate eye area to decongest excess fluid for diminished dark circles and puffiness. Garnier nutritionist skin renew is our 1st anti-puff eye roller that uses a unique combination of “skin-nutrients” and a cooling, roll-on applicator to stimulate micro-circulation. It’s ideal for a hygienic application in the sensitive eye area and convenient for use on-the-go. “skin-nutrient” facts skin renew with massaging roller and: caffeine decongests puffiness and diminishes dark circles. Pro-vitamin b5 refreshes and hydrates the delicate eye area.clinically tested and reviewed by dermatologist and nutritionist. Results instantly: eyes look renewed and refreshed. In 1 week: with continued use: the severity of puffiness is further reduced and dark circles stay minimized. Nutritional- dermatology. Garnier has developed an advanced skin care line with a unique combination of natural and essential “skin-nutrients,” surface-cell-recharging ingredients targeted to help your skin stay healthy- looking and beautiful, day after day. Dermatologist tested for safety. 100% oil-free. Ophthalmologist tested. Gentle to skin. Allergy tested. Non-greasy.

Key features

  • Nutrition and dermatology
  • Decongests puffiness
  • Diminishes dark circles

Honest reviews


Gives good short-term results & helps afternoon tiredness but beware the odd side-effect

I’m not sure that this product lives up to all it’s promises but it certainly does give you an instant perk-up effect and that’s worth the cost. My husband has seriously dark reddish under-eye circles and puffiness, the kind you might even cough up serious cash for that Hylexin stuff but this product lessened those problems considerably within 5 minutes of applying. I gave him 3 good swipes instead of the recommended two though. He may even take the tube away from me and bring it to work to use in the afternoons! The effect didn’t last but he didn’t mind. He likes having this option for temporary relief.As for me, again, there was a good instant effect but my problems aren’t as noticeable. I did like the instant alert feel I got from the product and the cooling effect of the metal roller which was like the old trick of putting a chilled spoon on your under eye circles. That was nice. What wasn’t nice was the seriously jumpy feel I got a few minutes afterward and the chest tightness that felt similar to having taken an imitrex injection. However, the effect was only fleeting and it passed in seconds. it’s not enough to turn me off to the product. I decided to post a review explaining this side-effect in case anybody else was wondering why they felt weird after using the eye-roller! it’s not so bad, really – just surprising. It makes perfect sense given that the active ingredient is CAFFEINE and you are applying it in a circulation rich area. No wonder I felt a little jolt!I wouldn’t expect this product or any other topical product to reduce very dark under eye circles. Only a dermatologist can really do that and he/she needs to use laser treatments. redness under the eyes comes from seepage of blood from tiny capillaries. No cosmetic product can make that go away completely or dramatically. As for serious puffiness, again, you likely won’t get long term results from any cosmetic. The Eye-Roller can help you look a little better and feel refreshed but it isn’t going to magically make your bags go away no matter what their ads say.If you have realistic expectations, the Eye-Roller will please you. It does temporarily reduce puffiness and minimize dark circles. it won’t eliminate them or make them permanently lessen. I can learn to live with the minor bad side-effect of temporary jumpiness to get the immediate relief and good effects this offers.

Sybil Ozone Park, NY

Disappointed- No Dissatisfied is More Like It

I tried this product for under-eye puffiness and I was not happy at all. First of all it specifically advertises instant results. Now I’m realistic and I’m willing to give products a chance, but I also expect products to live up to their own standards. This product says “Instantly: eyes look renewed and refreshed”. Not so. “In 1 week: under-eye puffiness is reduced …” Not so. I got no such results and was very disappointed, not just because of my lack of results but also because of the price I paid to be so dissatisfied. Although it was a bit cheaper in the store, it was still over $10.00 (on sale) for a half ounce (0.5 oz). I wouldn’t recommend this product because of the little to no results (none for me) verses the price. Ironically enough, I used a cold eye pack/mask because of a headache one day and realized that treatment worked for my under-eye puffiness. I had gotten better, faster temporary results for free.

Gracie Pine, CO

Reduced my dark circles

I have been using this product for over six weeks and it brightened my dark cirlces considerably. The difference in the bags however are not that noticable. I like the coolness of the metal roller and the fact that I don’t have to use my fingers to apply the product. I paid about 12 dollars in a store for it and it is worth the investment.

Jill Batavia, OH
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LeParfait Anti Aging face Cream & Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

Le Parfait’s Advanced Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Cream. – A Revolutionary Technology to Protect Skin – Helps to Reverse Aging and Dramatically Reduces Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles – Lifts, Tightens and Protects Skin – Healthier, Youthful, More Radiant Appearance – The Only Award Winning Creame with Actual Clinical Studies This luxurious lightweight creame, developed with cutting-edge technology, helps to fight the signs of chronological aging. Made from Swiss apple stem cells, studies suggest this may be the best anti-aging creame in the world – now available without a prescription. Scientifically formulated with PhotoCellTec, a patent-pending powerful ingredient that remarkably helps to boost the skin’s own capacity to produce skin stem cells. A Rare Apple with Incredible Properties: Uttwiler Splauber is a variety of a Swiss apple that derives from a seedling planted in the middle of the 18th century. It was very famous for its excellent storability without shriveling. LeParfait Apple Stem-Cell Creame restores firmness and elasticity, leaving skin’s texture feeling smooth and soft. The only anti-aging creame with a clinical study to show its effectiveness! – The 1 Anti-Aging Creame to Help Activate Skin Stem Cells and Reduce Wrinkles – Le Parfait’s Apple Stem Cell Skin Creame is a revolutionary, luxurious cream with a patented, scientifically researched ingredients list that is clearly the most advanced anti-aging skin care product that you’ll ever use hands down.

Key features

  • Leparfait’s anti-aging face cream is the absolute highest quality face cream or moisturizer for healthier, brighter skin
  • Tightens and improves appearance of skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restores firmness and elasticity, leaving skin feeling smooth and soft
  • Paraben free, hypoallergenic, and perfect for both men and women
  • For maximum results, combine with leparfait’s anti-aging under eye cream

Honest reviews


not worth the costs.

while I liked the idea of this it worked no better than some other ones out there that last much longer and costs less. usually I only but eye cream every few months. this bottle lasts a month at the most.

Shanna Mcgregor, ND


I love this and especially the under eye cream that goes with it. I am 44, live in dry Colorado, and have sun damage from my teenage years and this item has really changed the look and texture of my skin. It is much more soft & supple. The eye cream is completely amazing – got rid of the fine lines and crepe-like dry skin that used to be there.

Sophia Mc Henry, MS


The LeParfait is a nice enough cream, however when I put a little bit on my fingers and applied it to my face, it did nothing. So I helped myself to a good heap of this cream one evening and my skin looked marvelous the next morning. This cream actually works, but you will only get about 5-6 uses out of this jar. It’s simply too little and way overpriced.

Charlotte Jefferson Valley, NY
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