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Moroccan Magic Argan Oil Serum – MASSIVE SALE TODAY – #1 Salon Quality Formula Hair Treatment Product That Will Condition, Moisturize and Enhance Your Hair, Skin & Scalp. It Will Promote Shine and Calm Frizzy Hair Leaving Your Hair Healthy, Silky and Smooth – GUARANTEED – FREE BONUS ‘BEAUTY’ eBOOK INCLUDED

Be Ready to get noticed with your great looking and improved healthy shining hair. Does your hair make you feel or look older with dull, lifeless hair? Do you suffer with untamed frizzy or fly-away hair? What if you could do away with these depressing signs, improve manageability and repair damage to your hair with just one simple to use product? That’s Why Women Everywhere Are Raving About Our #1 Salon Quality Argan Oil Hair Formula. Our Oil Is Enriched With Pure Argan Oil, Special Silicones For Calming And Smoothing Hair And Is Lightly Fragranced. With just a few drops of our Moroccan Magic Formula Here’s What It Can Do For You. • Feed & Condition Your Hair Leaving It Smelling Great. • Promote Great Shine & Silkiness. • Greatly Improve Manageability. • Restore Life and Shine to Hair, Calm Frizzy Hair Damaged by Chemicals and Heat. How can it do all this? Our special formula is a luxurious blend of real Argan Oil, Linseed Oil along with special silicons that are needed to add manageability, shine & silkiness to hair, we also add a fragrance so that it smells great. Argan Oil is rich in vitamins (particularly vitamin E) which will help restore, condition and feed your hair. Try Risk Free as we guarantee if you don’t like our Argan Oil Formula or notice improvements to your hair we will refund your money. To start benefiting from this amazing all-in-one hair product click the Add To Cart button at the top of the page now, there are limited stocks at this Special Discounted Sale Price.

Key features

  • CALM AND SHINE YOUR MAD, OUT OF CONTROL HAIR – Our Salon Quality Argan Oil Formula Will Save Your Day By Getting Your Right Quickly ******************** FREE BONUS ‘BEAUTY’ eBOOK INCLUDED BY EMAIL WITH EACH ORDER
  • TRANSFORMS AND REPAIRS YOUR DAMAGED HAIR – All You Need To Feed Your Heat Damaged And Overworked Hair
  • CONDITIONS & MOISTURIZES BOTH YOUR HAIR & YOUR SKIN – You Can Use This Great Product On Your Dry Hair For A Quick Fix Or Leave It In For a While Before You Shampoo Out
  • GREAT SMELLING ALL-IN-ONE ARGAN OIL FORMULA – That Will Benefit All Hair Types Leaving It Smoother Silkier & Shinier

Honest reviews



This stuff is AMAZING!! I am using it for my dry skin and it is awesome. The smell is heavenly , my skin looks beautiful and I am completely satisfied with this product. The very first time I put it on my legs , my husband took notice. So happy with this purchase. I need more more more!!!

Rosa Honeyville, UT

~Saved My Hair!~

Love love love love love love love love Argan Oil!!This truly makes a difference in my hair. You only need to use a drop or two for your whole hair. I have longer hair so I usually use 3 drops after I shower. I unfortunately have to dye my hair at least once a month due to grey hair. So, needless to say my hair has taken a beating and definitely needs TLC. Very dried out and damaged hair as you can probably imagine. But using this even one time I noticed the difference.My hair is silky smooth and has never been softer! I find myself twirling my hair constantly.It also makes your hair look great. Other people compliment how healthy my hair looks very frequently.My hair dresser even asked what I was using!I love this specific brand the most out of all the Argan Oils for these reasons:**The results are incomparable!**The packaging this comes in is a great design. The bottle is capped and comes with a pump to install when you are ready to use it.-(Most other products use droppers and are not nearly as precise, while with the pump you know each pump is the same amount)**Silky smooth hair that is healthy looking!**Fast delivery!! Received it within 2 days!**Great customer service! I had a few questions on the product before I purchased this and the seller was very informative and helpful!**You get tips on how to use this product other ways for you hair, nails and skin!!I gave my mom one of these to try as well and she loves it! Recommend to everyone!

Ivy Westlake, LA

Great for hair!!!

I bought this argan oil serum for my wife and she just loves how it works on her hair. She has long curly and frizzy hair and ever since she started using this formula, she is so much happier about her hair.It makes her hair look more healthy and shiny and above all, it helps control the frizz. Her hair feels softer too. I am sure she is going to stick with this one. She was also very pleased with the bottle design which includes a pump /dispenser.

Lina Fenton, IA
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Softsheen Carson Optimum Amla Legend Relaxer Kit

An easy no-mix, no-lye cream relaxer kit that ensures an easier relaxing process for unified results and superior respect for hair fiber integrity.

Key features

  • Our oil infusion technology is fast acting and long lasting
  • The amla fruit or the indian gooseberry fruit, has for thousands of years been renowned for it’s numerous health benefits
  • Lemon-scented, this super-fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and anti-oxidants, which nourish and revitalize the scalp and hair fibers

Honest reviews


Carson Optimum Relaxer Kit

My friend swears by this and since she lives in NY and never has time to shop because of work I have gifted her this product for xmas. she is not a minority but has extremely wavy hair and was spending $100 every month to keep her hair straight. This works. Stated it is not harsh but very gentle and effects lasts for 3 months.

Earnestine Melrose, NY

Soft and Shiny Hair…happy with the results

I bought this product before read these reviews but I am very happy with the outcome.I have a very sensitive scalp and my hair is medium length, coarse and brittle after relaxing.I’ve been relaxing my hair for several years now and I normally use Dark and Lovely with Shea butter – regular.I purchased Amla Legend relaxer at Wal-Mart for about $9.00 because they were out of Dark and Lovely and the box stated it’s a no mix formula.Although I’ve a lot of experience with home relaxers, I read and followed the instructions very closely. I used the pre-treatment which I love and I parted my hair in four sections. I started at the nape of my neck as instructed and worked my way through all sections covering the new growth.It began to tingle almost immediately and I started to get nervous. The tingling continued as I quickly smoothed all sections. I did not leave it on for the full recommended time because I was concerned that my scalp would burn and I’ve have scabs to deal with in the morning.I washed my hair using the entire bottle of neutralizer, applied the conditioner with a conditioning cap for about 15 minutes(10 minutes longer than recommended), applied the moisturizer and then dried my hair.I was pleasantly surprised. My hair is extremely soft, full of body and bouncy.I’m satisfied and will use Amla Legend again.

Evangelina Rowena, TX

There really needs to be a class action lawsuit!

I take good care of my hair. I now have damaged hair that varies from bra strap length to two inches clumps in some areas to bald patches in others. My hairline looks like Naomi Campbell’s. I didn’t think the damage would be this great because I have used optimum no lye relexers for years but my hair fell out in clumps beginning about 1 week after retouching with this relaxer and it continued to fall out until it is now ready for a new retouch (9 weeks later). I literally had visual black burns and scabs around my hairline immediately after. I’m afraid to wash my hair because of how much hair I will see going into the trash and drain.Rio hair didn’t even cause as much damage as this relaxer did to my hair. I don’t understand how it is still on the shelves!

Helena Somerdale, OH
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Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer Mild, Minimal-Moderate Curl Reduction 30 oz

Mizani Butter Blend HG Relaxer Mild with an ultra-moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter & honey, the Butter Blend Relaxer System has always delivered unsurpassed protection and intense conditioning. NEW patent-pending HG Technology enhances the Butter Blend Relaxer performance while preserving hair’s fiber integrity. Mizani has simplified the relaxer strength selection process with two new result-specific formulas. Choose from MILD & NORMAL strengths depending on the desired degree of straightening. Improved Butter Blend with HG Technology delivers any result you desire, from subtly texturized to sleek and straight. Mizani has simplified the relaxer strength selection process by creating two new result-specific formulas suitable for all hair types and textures. And, both formulas are safe for use on color-treated hair. Choose from MILD and NORMAL strengths depending on the desired degree of straightening.

Key features

  • Respect for hair fiber integrity
  • Improved straightening results
  • Result-specific formula options
  • shaft faster and with greater efficiency
  • No harsh odor

Honest reviews


i can’t really hate what i’ve never used

I bought it then gave it away. never tried it cuz their other products made my hair hard so I never used the relaxer. nope….I don’t think I will.

Laverne Clayton, WA

good perm

At the moment this is my perm of choice. When used with the Butter Blend Honey Shield and the Hair Bath Neutralizer my hair is left feeling very soft. (That’s before I apply conditioner)Plus, buying a 30oz is cheaper then buying a box perm every 6 weeks

Lacy Valley Ford, CA

Excellent Results

My hair is 3b(C). This formula works very well for me. It left my hair silky, soft, fine textured, healthy looking and strong. My hair did not become bone straight. I always retain my natural curl pattern. This product left it straight at the roots, and then falling into silky relaxed curls. I wear my hair short and don’t use any heat for drying or styling, but if you do, you can achieve that bone straight look with this relaxer.In addition, I used the Mizani Honey Shield pre treatment. It prevents previously relaxed hair from over processing and it guards against moisture loss. It’s about 20 bucks, but the bottle is huge….33 1/2 oz. As far as the relaxer goes, it has a very mild, non chemical smell. It looks and feels very rich and buttery, too. Mizani products are more expensive, but they’re worth it. Over the years, I’ve tried many different brands of relaxers. No lyes always damage my hair.Most recently, I used Vitale Ideal. It good, but this is better…best I’ve used.Also, my hair is color treated. With the Mizani, I experience no roughness or hair breakage.UPDATE: I’ve let my hair grow out a couple of inches. I’ve started wrapping it, so I have a very straight look now. After washing/conditioning, I apply wrapping foam, wrap it, and use a bonnet hair dryer. I can really appreciate how good this relaxer is. My hair looks very silky and straight, without using a hot iron. With this Mizani relaxer you can achieve silky relaxed curls/waves or very straight silky hair. I’m pleased with the Mizani.

Lina New Boston, MI
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EO Style Hair Cream, Lavender and Coconut, 6 Ounce

EO Style Nourishing Hair Cream is a thick rich styling aid that provides hold and control while eliminating flyaways. Ideal to hydrate and restore order to all hair types. This lavender and coconut style cream is formulated to condition hair during styling, while imparting smoothness and shine with light hold. Hair is left fresh, sleek and manageable without being weighed down.

Key features

  • Nourishing complex of papaya, evening primrose, alfalfa, and pomegranate nourish and revitalize hair
  • Hibiscus, rich in alpha hydroxy and amino acids, rehydrates keratin fibers adding luster and smoothness
  • Naturally nourishing organic jojoba, organic coconut and olive oils deeply hydrate hair while adding shine and softness
  • Panthenol aids in moisture retention, increasing elasticity and thickening hair
  • Quinoa protein, high in amino acids, fortifies, conditions and repairs hair

Honest reviews


Smells good, not too crunchy

This has a fairly subtle smell- pleasant, but not too perfumey. It works well as a de-frizzer that doesn’t make hair stiff, and a little goes a long way because it’s very slippery and easy to distribute. Minus one star just because I always prefer not to have to use my hands to apply hair product.

Randi Montgomery, IL

Smells great, not too sticky, controls flyaway hair, love this stuff

I’ve long been on the quest for something to put in my hair to keep it from getting too frizzy and keep it under control. When I saw this product, I liked the ingredients (olive oil, lavender, etc) and the reviews seemed good so I gave it a try. (As a point of reference, I find that gels don’t really last and tend to flake, and then at the other end of the spectrum, molding paste is just like glue…I wanted something in between). This stuff goes on really light and makes your hair feel smooth. A great scent – very natural- I smell more lavender than coconut. Lasts all day. Highly recommended.Hope this helps.

Marian Mohnton, PA

Smells lovely, works great!

I bought this product because of the wonderful scent, but unfortunately you can’t really smell it once it’s in your hair, which is the only reason why I didn’t rate it 5 stars.I have long, thick, curly hair and this worked well to condition my hair, tame the frizzies, and make it easy to style. I use my hands to run it all through my hair and then twist individual strangs around my fingers to create defined curls. This actually works as well as the “curl activating” creams I’ve tried before and makes my hair shiny, soft, and manageable. Again, too bad I can’t smell it unless I actually put my nose up to the jar and inhale.

Patrice Land O Lakes, WI
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Xenna Curlaway Gradual Curl Relaxer Green Apple Fragrance — 6 oz


Key features

  • Xenna

Honest reviews


product delivers

the product is a good one it does not completely break down your hair but your pattern does get looser the smell is quite strong but was easy to get rid of i just put a good smelling conditioner on hair after product. good buy if you can get past the vinegar smell.

Vicky Dukedom, TN

Heavy Vinegar Smell

I tried this with my daughter’s hair (thick, wavy, fly-away) hoping to tame it. I never seemed to get the results I wanted, but I would like to mention the smell is less than pleasant. To me it smells just like vinegar. It does seem to go away after the hair dries, but I did not put it in thickly, so your milage may vary.

Amy Sanders, AZ

It’s ok

This product definitly does soften your hair and relax the curl some what. They say it’s a gradual process. i am not interested in getting totally straight hair I just want perfect curls and waves so i will continue using Curlaway until i get these desired results.

Dayna Shade Gap, PA
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Mizani Butter Blend Medium Normal Rhelaxer 30 oz

Product Description Phase 2: The Butter Blend Relaxer has been developed with an ultra-moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and honey to keep hair healthy during the relaxing process. This easy rinse sodium hydroxide base relaxer contains less chemical actives with cationic conditioners that optimize straightening and conditioning. It provides superior conditioning during relaxing with Polyquaterium-6 that adds lubricity, and a soft silky feel. An easy rinse sodium hydroxide relaxer formulated with an ultra-moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, honey and an advanced conditioning agent -Polyquaterium-6 that provides superior conditioning during relaxing, adds lubricity and a soft silky feel. Available in: Fine/Color Treated, Medium/Normal, Coarse/Resistant

Key features

  • Moisturizing blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and honey.
  • Provides straightening, conditioning and scalp comfort.
  • Texture versatility with trusted, consistent results.

Honest reviews


I love Butter Blends!!

I have been using Mizani relaxers on and off for years and I am definitely staying put with this one. Mizani Butter Blends is definitely the best relaxer I have used!!Here are some hair stats: I have hair that is about below shoulder blade length, low porosity, fine, yet there is a lot of it. I think that my hair prefers this type of relaxer (not needing activator) over the calcium based relaxers.I relax my hair every 3-4 months and it gets my new growth pretty straight!! I am in love with how my hair feels afterwards!! It’s so bouncy, shiny and healthy!!I will say this … For those people who say that this relaxer “doesn’t last long,” I have a message. Relaxers do not wear off … They are permanent, so any curliness or otherwise that you are feeling is new growth (which is great!! Hooray!!) or hair that is underprocessed.Good luck to all!

Lourdes Quinault, WA

Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer

This product is excellent for individuals with sensitive scalp; I highly recommend that the users use the Mizani Butter Blend Balance Hair Bath Neutralizing Shampoo, as it seems to work best when used with Mizani products.I have used this product on my sister’s hair, and she loves it, as do I.

Candice Elk Mound, WI

Best relaxer

this is the best relaxer I have used. Very mild, gets my edges very straight but does not relax all of the texture out of my hair. My hair is much healthier since I have started using this system and I would not use anything else!

Darlene Indianola, IA
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