Women’s Viennaaa Dress Sandal


Key features

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel measures approximately 5″
  • Platform measures approximately 1.25 “
  • Made in USA or Imported

Honest reviews



I must be defective because I put 3 layers if this on my arms and felt a slight tingle/itching sensation. Granted they say contact them for instructions regarding body application but I figured it couldn’t be THAT difficult or that much different from the facial instructions. I applied the tca Monday … It’s only Wednesday but my arms are just dry. I don’t really think anything is going to happen and I’m kind of annoyed -_-.

Angelica Crewe, VA


I have not used this peel before although I have used a 70% Glycolic peel. Thought I would try this one. From the reviews I read this peel seems to be much stronger that the Glycolic so I went with the 15% to start with, to see how my skin reacted to it. I have used it once. I left the peel on for about a two minutes. It did not ‘frost’ but I did not add more, I just neutralized it at that point and washed it off. It felt as if I had a very slight sunburn. Now, the third day, there are areas , especially around the mouth area, are turning leathery, and just barely beginning to peel. This is nothing that would keep me indoors away from others as it is not very noticeable. I am 61, but many think I am in my 40″s and I am still amazed at that as I was a sun worshipper and thought I had to have a tan to look good from my teens to 40’s! I have never had a face lift but have had face fillers in the past. I have never had botox. When I am not smiling there are no wrinkles around my eyes at all. It must be genetic. I had not used a peel for awhile and I noticed my jowl area was beginning to sag some. I can already feel a tightening of the area and am hoping it lasts after I peel. I believe with any new product it is important not to overdo and to go slowly at first. As I see the outcome of this peel, I will know how far I can go next time. I will probably graduate to the stronger solutions in time. I am also using a Derm Roller with it at the same time so don’t now how that affects the outcome but I hope it improves it. This company seems to have a fine product. They were also kind enough to send a sample of their glycolic acid which I used to exfoliate my lips! Thanks! It works so great for that . I just leave it on for about 30 seconds and it takes off all the dry skin but does not irritate my lips afterward. Anyway, I am happy at this point as it appears my reaction is a subtle one and that is what I wanted. I will add updates later on.A NOTE: Most all my friends have had complete face lifts, having all of it done at once beginning at the age of 40 . Some looked better on than others. All were done by different Dr’s so that could have something to do with it. The thing I noticed, except for one person, was that they did not look the same afterwards, they did not look like ‘themselves’. I decided after watching all them go through this and the results of it, that I would never have a face lift and, if anything, I might do small procedures targeting one area at a time, as needed. I haven’t done that yet though. Not ruling it out, but right now, I doubt I will even do that. There are so many things a woman can do now to improve the looks of her face. Fillers are wonderful , if not overdone, but must be done by a Dr. in most cases, and are expensive. A friend had laser resurfacing with her face lift and her skin never looked quite right after that. It had an unnatural look to it and had some blotches. The chemical face peels really do improve the skin and wrinkles and cause more collagen production. No topical creams can do what they do and they they improve the looks of the facial skin so much. When used carefully they can be done at home for hundreds to thousand of dollars less than a Dr. will charge. So, why not try it? It isn’t difficult. Just follow directions, go slowly and don’t overdo it. This is something we can do for a fraction of the cost of those expensive creams, etc, that will make a difference.Although there are some exceptions, most of the things we buy in jars do nothing to permanently improve the looks of our skin. OK, off my soap box! Seriously, If you have never tried a peel before and/or are tired of paying a Dr. to do it, try it yourself! Research! Read the Amazon reviews carefully, as they have a wealth of information in them, choose your product, read the instructions and have everything ready before you begin and then go slowly. You don’t have to go the full time, the first time. See how your skin reacts first and get it use to the process. All the best to you!

Kelli Bippus, IN

Awesome peel, really works

I decided to purchase this peel after noticing my skin was turning uneven and dull once I hit 30. I was also starting to notice fine lines creeping up around my eyes. I’ve tried the lower concentration department store peels in the past and I find they don’t do much and are a waste of money.First let me say that this strength of peel is not for the faint of heart. It hurts like heck, so if you’ve never done a chemical peel before you might want to start with a lighter one. I put the first layer on and noticed some frosting on my cheeks, forehead and chin. I was able to leave it on the full five minutes, and then did one more layer on the areas that didn’t frost. The second layer made tears run down my face and I could barely leave it on for a minute before I had to wash it off. The first 2-3 days my skin felt tight and leathery. I used a vitamin E oil to keep it moist and stayed completely out of the sun. Days 4-6 the skin started peeling much like a sunburn would. I had to go back to work, so I made sure to use a good sunscreen and I had to put foundation on my face to make it look somewhat presentable. My makeup looked like a caked on mask, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.Now that pretty much all the skin is peeled off I notice a significant reduction in pores, unevenness, dullness and fine lines. There is a slight reduction in dark spots, but I read it can take three peels to achieve a full effect so I’m not too worried about it.The only con is the downtime. You have to keep in mind your skin is going to look like crap before it looks better, so plan accordingly. I wouldn’t recommend doing this peel right before a major event or anywhere you need to look good.All in all, extremely high quality product for a good price that actually produces results.

Lauren Norridgewock, ME
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