H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray, 1.5 Fluid Ounce

Containing only USP grade all natural ingredients including unrefined sea salt and enzymes, H2Ocean piercing spray will provide proper care and maintenance to all body modifications from a simple ear piercing to the most extreme body piercing. The combination of sea salt and lysozyme creates the optimal solution to reduce the healing time and help eliminate adverse issues that commonly arise when dealing with a new piercing.

Key features

  • Contains sea salt and includes 82 elements and minerals
  • Remains sterile
  • Natural to your body

Honest reviews


Best Aftercare Product

H2Ocean is the absolute best piercing aftercare product. I used it to clean each of my piercings and I still use it to clean my jewelry, I won’t use anything else.

Mari Hodges, AL

Best After Care Product

This worked really great on my nose piercing, I used a ear gun to pierce my nose and have been getting the little bump next to the piercing all the time, once I started using this product I never got it again, I use it twice or three times a day, morning, midday and just before i SLEEP, it’s really great and I will buy again

Kathleen West Somerset, KY

Amazing product

I regularly use this for everything in the house from cuts and scrapes, sore throats, canker sores, piercing care, and for healing stretches.Its great!Some people say that you can use “wound wash” (which is a saline spray that costs less then a dollar usually) and its the same but that is not true. This is made with sea salt, which has dozens of micro-nutrients that your body needs but often does not get, that allow wounds to heal faster. Also H2Ocean has Lysozomes inside, which eat the bad bacteria and clean the wound. The sea water draws out lymph and wound secretions. This stuff is great, I really love it.A similar product, Simple Care Spray, (which you cannot buy here) is also great, I use that one more now, because it has neem oil in it (which is a anti fungal, anti microbial, anti everything bad pretty much oil) but it doesn’t have the “Stay sterile” design that the H2Ocean does, so I’m still a huge fan of H2Ocean.Its a great product! you can get it for cheaper on […] though, and those people are awesome.

Leta Mount Erie, IL
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Ardell 75019 Brow Perfection Stencils

Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils quickly help you shape the perfect brow.

Key features

  • Four different stencils to match any face shape
  • Helps shape the perfect brow
  • Easy-to-use and quick

Honest reviews


good but block your eyesight

I have no eyebrows of my own and I get good, quick results using these stencils. While holding the stencil firmly on each end, I use a lighter base color (with an eyeshadow brush) tapping off any excess. Brush powder toward the center. This way, I don’t push any of the powder under the stencil. Start in the center brushing ever outward (but each stroke toward the center). Then, without moving the stencil, I change to a thin eyeliner brush, and a darker shade of color to “mottle” in for a more realistic and 3-dimensional illusion. I start in the middle, where a natural eyebrow is darkest and thickest and I paint a line (horizontally) across the middle of the inner part of the brow and then mottle over the line working outward but don’t go all the way to any of the edges (except to make a nice thin outer edge, I use that eyeliner brush, with the darker color still on it, along the upper edge only of the outer corner). Then, before removing the stencil, I lift it only off the outer edge, holding in place on the inner edge and I check the brow. If it needs more mottling, it’s easier to lay in place and continue. If I lift it all the way off, it’s harder to get back into place. Then, if all is well, I wipe the stencil on my robe and turn it over to the other eyebrow. Before coloring, I relax my forehead and compare sides, making any adjustments in placement. All of this saves me time in the long run and after years of doing this every morning, it only takes me a minute or so to complete the routine. Then after both eyebrows are done, if there are any weird spots I just touch them up a little with my fingers and don’t worry too much about them looking absolutely perfect. Noone else is looking at your eyebrows. They’re looking at your eyes. But they do look great and save me a LOT of time!A note to the manufacturer: These stencils are so large, they block your eyesight. Maybe you could make them smaller in the future.

Janie Reeseville, WI

A good help

It can be useful to have a guide when applying eyebrow pencil. This dose have some nice stencil shapes as well as instructions to help you find your brow bone so you can have nice proper eyebrows.

Petra Dugger, IN

Helped with waxing

I have thick black eyebrows that I wax myself at home and when these stencils arrived they really didn’t do much for me. First of all, I had to cut some of the meaningless plastic off of the bottom of the stencil so I could see my eye. After that they were easier to use, but I can see how it could be challenging for someone to use who’s never used eyebrow stencils before. After that I stenciled my eyebrows with white eyeshadow instead of an eyebrow powder so I could waxed them. It kind of helped, but I could have done the same job without them. When I filled my eyebrows they looked okay but I mainly got these for waxing because I don’t need to really fill my eyebrows as they are thick. Shipping was really fast though.

Lillie Lochmere, NH
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