Travel Packing Cubes, Set of 4 Pieces with Shoe Bag


Key features

  • Diamond Nylon
  • AFFORDABLE WITH 5-STAR QUALITY RATING: Use These Packing Cubes As Luggage Packing Cubes| Travel Suitcase Organizer| Packing Cubes Set| Travel Organizer Bag| Suitcase Organizer Set|Makeup Bags | Cosmetics Bags | School Bags | Travel Bags | Sports & Outdoor Bag | Clothing and Accessories | Diaper Bags | Storage Packing Cubes | Gift Bags | Luggage and Shoe Bags. Great Deal! With Free Bonus Shoe bags For All Types Of Shoes.
  • FAMILY-ORIENTED: SPECIAL SUMMER SALE IS ON-Best Packing Cubes for the Entire Family. Comes in Different Sizes for Different Packing Needs. Use These Cubes When You Travel With The Family and Even When You Travel Alone. Pack All Your Belongings In Separate Packing Cubes For Ease Of Identification And Access.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOU: Quality Travel Packing Cubes Designed To Meet All Your Packing Cubes Needs. Quality Nylon Material | Strong Zipper | Nylon Mesh | Diagonal Mesh Cover Design To Help You See Through Quickly Without Revealing All Your Belongings. Tough Stitching To Withstand Stress Of Packing. You Will Love These Packing Cubes!
  • BUILT TO LAST: Guaranteed To Serve You For Many Years To Come. Use These Cubes For All Your Travels. Pack Anything You Can Fit Into It. Load Your Suitcases and Luggage With Ease! Go Through Airport Security With Ease Without Exposing All Your Intimates. Pack and Unpack With Ease. Save Time And Money With Evatex Packing Cubes! Diamond Fabric + Diamond Mesh + 5# Nylon Zipper + 7/8″ Webbing Piping + Woven Label
  • EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – WE OFFER 100% REFUND: You Have Our No-Question-Asked 100% Refund and/Or Replacement Promise! Order As Many Sets As You Want To Use, Try Them, If You Don’t Like Any of Them, Return It For Full Refund. Evatex Travel Packing Cubes Is Designed For You and Built To Last!

Honest reviews


Excellent Quality

The quality on these is well above what I would have expected for the price. The material is very nice and all the bags seem very sturdy. The four separate bags makes organizing very easy for travel, but I’ll also use them at home to organize my closet. I love that the bags have mesh on the front so I can easily see what’s inside without having to open it. The bonus shoe bag is great… no more plastic grocery bags (usually with holes) in my suitcase!

Marlene San Ramon, CA

Great way to stay organized when travelling!

Sizes:X-LARGE: 17.5" X 12.75" X 3.75"LARGE: 13.75" X 9.75" X 3.75"MEDIUM: 11.0" X 6.75" X 3.75"SMALL: 10.0" X 4.75" X 3.75"I was sent a set for review to check out and I think they’re a rather nifty idea to be quite honest! You can use these packing cubes for the whole family. They work to pack things like clothing, makeup, shoes, necessities, etc. I found that for these the zips are very robust and the material’s stitching is good. It’s definitely well made with quality in mind. Packing with these are very easy as was the unpacking on the other side. The cubes keep things organized – which is perfect for those who travel often or are simply the unorganized type. I found you could pack say your under garments in one bag, tops in another, and bottoms in another. Rather digging and raveling through everything in your suitcase, all was easily found and without the mess.The handy mesh windows make it very easy to pop out the bits security need to check if you plan to use these on airline flights. Security check is a (much needed) hassle, so why not make it as easy and convenient as possible? It’s that reason I choose to wear flip flops on my flights and switch into regular socks and shoes when I’m done with the flight and security check process! Needless to say I love the cubes idea and would have never thought of this idea if not given the opportunity to review them. Honestly, it never crossed my mind and I’m the type who TRIES to be as organized as possible! These are definitely the new must haves for our travels, especially with 2 young children in the household we need as much organization as possible!

Randi Hardaway, AL

Lightweight material

Lightweight, durable, and breathable. Love these bags and I’m excited to use them on vacation! I ordered the orange ones so they would be easy to spot in a full suitcase and it was a great choice!

Penelope Baraboo, WI
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