Pamprin Maximum Strength Multi-Symptom Menstrual Relief Caplets, 40 Count Box.

Formulated To Relieve More Menstual Discomforts Than Single Ingredient Products

Key features

  • Maximum strength for effective relief of menstrual discomforts
  • Relieves the pain of cramps, headaches and backaches
  • Diuretic to relieve water weight gain and an ingredient for the irritability many women experience
  • 500 mg of acetaminophen
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Nothing Works Better Than Pamprin Multi-Symptom

I have tried other pain relievers for my PMS, with minimal to no results. Pamprin Multi-Symptom is the ONLY drug that works to completely relieve all of my intense cramps during my period. The pain level of my cramps at times can be so intense that it’s hard to focus on anything, but Pamprin makes it so I can get through my day without pain. The only downside is that it can make me very sleepy, so I try to only take it when I’m at home. This Pamprin also helps to alleviate bloating and irritability. I don’t recommend the other Pamprin brands that have caffeine in them as any caffeine seems to exacerbate my cramps for some reason (always has).

Edythe Livingston, TN

I Couldn’t Live Without It!

I must say that I could not live without Pamprin, and this one is great for when you are getting early cramps. It gets rid of ending and begining bloating the first and last day. It cuts the pan of softer cramps toward the start (for hard ones go for the extra strength-pink bottle/box)

Sarah Tuba City, AZ

Give me sanity!

I won’t run out anytime soon. My family and co-workers are grateful for that. It seems I was going through a bottle of this every month and for whatever reason I’d forget to get it and have to scramble in morning to buy some when "Aunt Flo" came for a visit.

Daisy Axtell, UT
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