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Trind Natural Nail Repair

Healthy, strong nails in just two weeks. Trind Nail Repair is a unique nail strengthener. Compared to most nail hardeners that are available, Trind Nail Repair creates a perfect balance between the percentages of keratin and moisture in the nail, making the nail both strong and flexible.

Key features

  • Leaves nails strong, yet flexible.

Honest reviews



great seller, and LOVE my trind products! This is my third bottle of trind nail repair and ill be a customer for life my nails have never looked better. I’m a hairstylist which means my nails go through A LOT of abuse and trind has been the only thing to repair and strengthen my nails. Even before doing hair, they have never been this strong this polish is truly amazing like i said im a lifer.

Tania Pulaski, TN

Miracle Cure!!!

I told my co-worker how lucky she was to be able to grow such beautiful natural nails. I wore acrylics for years but had to stop when our hospital prohibited nurses from wearing artificial nails. I had tried every product but my nails were always thin, soft and peeling. She told me it wasn’t luck, it was a product called Trind. She gave me a bottle as a gift for Christmas. I started using it January 1 and this product has been amazing. This is the first time since trying to grow my own nails that I have had to file them because they were TOO LONG! I put a fresh coat on every Sunday night and then re-apply another coat every day or so. I use a nail whitening pencil under the tips and people think I get French manicures. Now I am the one getting compliments! Another 5 gals ordered this product so I will be curious to see how it works for them. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and this product did not bother me at all, in fact my cuticles never looked better. I had previously tried the Quimica Alemana which had great reviews but caused a serious skin and cuticle reaction for me. Everyone has different results to different products but I would definitely give this a try.

Marissa Jonesboro, GA

Nail repair that works

I have terrible peeling nails, this product actually seals the nail surface, preventing my nails from peeling. You do have to repeat process often if your hands are washed or in water a lot.

Mable Carlisle, IN
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Gelish Artificial Nail Remover

Gelish Artificial Nail Remover is designed to remove Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish and acrylic products from the natural nail without drying the skin or the nail plate.

Key features

  • Removes Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish and acrylic nails
  • Helps prevent drying of skin surrounding the nail
  • Contains conditioning agents and solvents

Honest reviews


Five Stars

Loved it!

Debra Havre, MT

Works perfectly with other Gelish products

I’ve been using Gelish gel nails for a while now, and this is what I use to get it off when it needs to be re-done. It works very well, but I would recommend people check their fingers for cuts before using it to avoid an awful stinging.

Jerri Walling, TN

Great product that does what is says

Yes I know that simple acetone can also be used but the acetone dried my nails and surrounding areas out a lot. This is much easier on my skin and also does the job faster which makes it well worth the extra money.

Angelique East Boston, MA
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Dragonpad 6 file pedicure machine electric nail art drill

100% Brand New¡£Electric Nail Art Pen Shape File Drilling Handpiece Machine.Variable speed control: 3,000 RPM up to 20,000 RPM.Handpiece can directly connected to electricity, easy to carry around!!

Key features

  • Travel size for the salon professional on the go!
  • Light weight drill makes working all day easy to do
  • Modern design looks great in any home or salon
  • Great for any professional manicurist or beginner
  • eatures an excellent selection of sanding bits

Honest reviews


Handy drill, works well!

Thanks for creating such a product. This machine is strong enough to do the job and small and light enough to take anywhere. I love it. I took it out of the envelope and dropped it but nothing was broken and the bits work just fine.

Eddie Breese, IL

Works Well

This works well. The included attachments cover all nail needs. I find it easy to use. Amazon Prime snipping and packaging was great. I would order again.

Alejandra Albany, OK

Not a good product

At first I thought the attachments couldn’t fit in but there is a way of adjusting it even though it did not come with any directions. I wrote the seller who then explained how to do it, which still was not very clear, but I managed. I thought, ok, I’m good to go now. Nope, it kept turning off while I was using it…it would be going strong and then just stop for no apparent reason. It is sold cheaply so I suppose you get what you pay for :/**UPDATE**My drill completely stopped working about a month ago (March or April 2014). I would recommend that you do not buy this product, even though it is cheap it is still a waste of your money.

Claudine Crosby, MS
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5 Second Nail Repair Kit

Repairs broken nails instantly. Strengthens natural nails and nail tips. Contains 5 second nail glue, 5 second filler powder and disc file.

Key features

  • 5 Second nail glue
  • 5 Second filler powder
  • Nail filer

Honest reviews


Everything you need is here: very “handy”

I have silk wraps on my nails and use everything here to re-glue the silk once a week. What’s really good about this kit is the nail file, which is perfect for a glue manicure. It’s like no other I’ve ever found. Another reviewer referred to it as “sandpaper,” and maybe that’s the secret. The rough side smooths the glue/powder down and the buffing side buffs to a shine.Here’s the sequence: Using a regular nail file, file the nail to the length desired. If you have silk tips on already, file the nail smooth towards the base, where the silk has started to come off. Once the nail is as smooth as you can get it, apply glue over the base only, then shake a little powder on the nail. Let dry and shake off any excess powder. Apply a 2nd layer of glue. Let dry and use the kit’s square sander/filer to file the surface of the nail smooth, so the layers of glue and powder are undetectable. Buff and add polish.

Lorena Anton, CO

Messy but somewhat effective.

There’s really no way to seal the glue container after using it, and the repair powder tend to fly a bit (so don’t use while in a room with a fan) but it did keep my nail together for about a day. However,it’s about as effective as nail glue and less effective than a silk wrap if you’ve got a really long broken nail, so I wouldn’t repurchase.

Socorro Gilbert, WV

Heals severly cracked nails

The past couple of winters my thumb nail has cracked vertically from tip toward the bottom of the nail. Last year, it took several months to regrow. This year, I got this nail repair kit and managed to stop the crack before it became too long. It took a couple of months for my nail to grow out past the initial crack, but this kit helped keep the nail intact while doing so.The kit contains a tube of superglue with an additional extra long tip. The extra tip just got in the way because there’s no way to close the lid of the glue with the tip on. I ended up tossing it because the tip that comes on the bottle of glue is small enough; a bottle of extra fine, powder-like sand; and a file.On clean nails, you add a drop of glue and spread it over the cracked area. Next, sprinkle the sand on the glue while it’s still wet. Then follow-up with another drop of glue. Lastly, sand it down. I found that a glass nail file works better at sanding it down to a nice smooth level with the nail.This saved two nails for me this year. Now, I won’t be without it.

Earnestine Jordanville, NY
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