OPI Gel Nail Color, Expert Touch Removal Wraps, 250 Count

Expert Touch Removal Wraps was launched by the design house of OPI.

Key features

  • Expert Touch Removal wraps by OPI for Women 250 Count Removal Wraps
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • 250 Count Removal Wraps

Honest reviews


Where have you been all my life?

The only bad thing I have to say about this product is that someone at O.P.I is being extremely rude for not showing me this product earlier.I just love glitter nail polish, and I just hate taking it off. The whole process of using aluminum foil and cotton isn’t new to me, but it’s not a fun process. It’s annoying, it’s just annoying. This is perfect. It’s perfectly sized, and it takes nothing to apply.I must tell you this, though: I thought this was going to already have the polish remover on the wraps, and I was wrong. It’s nothing, you should just probably know this.

Bonita Emmons, MN

Didn’t Work for me & WAY Too Expensive!

I paid $27 for these wraps and used them the day I got them. I only used 5, I did as instructed and used OPI Expert Touch and it did NOTHING!!! It didn’t even look as if I had a polish remover anywhere near my nails. HUGE disappointment!! I went back to look at the product on Amazon to see if I did something worng, and saw that the price now is $8 – what a complete RIP OFF! I could see if this worked – but for $25 it’s a total waste of my hard earned money. The ends of the product fell of immediately upon taking the plastic wrapper off of it. I can’t even return for a refund – I have nothing good to say about this product.

Denise Crumpton, MD

Too Easy

I got these with the OPI Gelcolor and they are great. Much easier than taking cotton and aluminum foil. It’s to easy and not that expensive. Just wet these with the OPI 99 or acetone, “OPI 99 is better”, put your nails in a plastic baggy, cover with a towel and leave on for 15 min. and the get pushes right off with orange stick.

Yesenia Mooresboro, NC
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Super Nail Acetone Polish Remover, 16 Ounce

Removes polish gently from natural and artificial nails. Especially recommended for sculptured nails. Keep away from heat. Flammable.

Key features

  • Especially recommended for sculptured nails
  • Keep away from heat; Flammable
  • For natural or artificial nails

Honest reviews


Supernail non acetone polish remover 16oz

Ok, the bottle DOES say non acetone however it does say in the ingredients on the bottle the very first ingredient IS acetone. That doesn’t matter to me. I like this nail polish remover. It works better than others I have had. It’s quick to remove even the toughest polishes. it smells like polish remover. The bottle is kinda chubby and cute. I have not had problems with my nails chipping or anything with ANY acetone polish and it helps to take off fake nails and nail glue. Glitter polishes have come off fast with this. I recommend it to anyone who likes acetone polish removers.

Tracey Maceo, KY

Super Nail Acetone Polish Remover

I had to buy this on Amazon since my local beauty store that sold it stop selling this brand. This is the best brand for me since there are no stripping agents in this solution. With other nail polish removers my nails would look awful and dry after removing the nail polish. But with this one, my nails were smooth and did not have that dry look to them. This is the best one by far, and I would recommend it for women who have real or artificial nails.

Marcella Lees Creek, OH

love it

Works great and It does not have the harsh smell of the other nail polish removers that i have used previously. I will buy this again!!!

Carey Plainview, NY
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CND: Shellac Nourishing Remover, 32 oz

Shellac Nourishing Remover removes Shellac, removable gels, nail polish, liquid & powder, wraps, adhesives, and tips from natural nails. Reduces dehydration of nails and surrounding skin and eliminates the appearance of whiteness. Removes Shellac 20% faster than pure acetone.

Key features

  • CND Shellac Power Polish – Nourishing Remover – 32oz / 946ml

Honest reviews


Not much for the money.

I’d hoped this would be so good I wouldn’t have to use a lot. WRONG! I might as well soak a cotton ball with ordinary nail polish remover & wrap my fingers with foil & let my nails soak for awhile. So save your money – just go to the beauty supply store or even the Dollar Store & get nail polish remover, cotton balls & a roll of foil.

Rosalyn Rocky Ford, CO

CND Remover

This products works well and is suppose to better for your nails than acetone. Does a good job and I would purchase again.

Kelsey Northfield, VT

Makes a Difference

If you are using CND Shellac nails, it does make a difference to use this to take off the polish. I’ve used "professional" acetone polish remover and have had to soak nails for over 30 minutes and still struggle to get it off. But with this, after about 10 minutes, it comes off much easier and I seem to do less damage to my nails trying to remove it.

Jana Baker City, OR
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Shellac Remover Wraps 100 Count

What is this product? Equally revolutionary is how gently and easily Shellac comes off. Shellac Remover Wraps feature an integrated cotton pad that limits fingers and skin exposure to acetone by keeping it pinpointed on just the nail. More info: Built-in adhesive tabs secure them perfectly in place every time. Don?t soak, file or drill. Just WRAP!

Key features

  • Custom-designed nail wraps promote fast, gentle removal of the Shellac UV Color Coat System
  • No more SOAK, just WRAP!

Honest reviews


Don’t waste your money.

While it is a neat concept, they don’t really work. Even after soaking the pad in pure acetone and wrapping them on my fingers (which is almost impossible to do yourself) the polish is still pretty much intact after 10 minutes. You would be better off just soaking your fingernails in a manicure bowl with acetone which works every time. Don’t waste your money on these wraps, as even the salon that I go to won’t use them.

Serena Wurtsboro, NY

Prefer these wraps over soaking

I tested these wraps by using them on one hand and soaking my other hand in a small bowl of acetone. After applying the 100% acetone to the pads on the wraps (no need to soak the entire wrap), I wrapped them on each finger and after ten minutes applied some pressure as I pulled them off and there was NOTHING left on my nails. I didn’t need to use the orange wood stick at all and ALL the polish was left in the wrap. My fingers weren’t pruny from the acetone and I had nothing to clean up but to toss the wraps in the trash. On my other hand I soaked for 10 minutes and still needed to push off some persistent pieces of polish with the orange wood stick, even needed to stick my finger back in the acetone. My finger tips were pruny at the end and I had a little mess of flaked polish to clean up. While both method’s work, I will continue to use the wraps since I find them to be more convienent, cleaner, better for my fingertips and it doesn’t waste as much acetone. Perhaps you can get the same result from foil and cotton but I just like the no muss, no fuss of these wraps.

Kate Penryn, PA

Less Mess

I read most of the reviews before deciding to purchase. However, it was taking way too long to remove my gel nails with the foil and cotton method. I have since found that I was applying my foundation layer too thick and that I did not need the ph layer. That being corrected, it takes less time to remove my polish.I have compared both methods and found the wraps to be worth the price. The wraps take less prep time. You just apply the remover and wrap the finger, no more aluminum foil and cotton cutting.A word to the wise, the longer your nails are, the harder the wraps are to apply. You will need to wrap the cotton part over the end of the nail as to ensure a proper seal. The tape should be over the cotton area as close to the end as possible. You ultimately want to make a cup at the end of your fingers. If you can see in the holes on the side of the nails your removal will take a lot longer.And do not forget to buff all the shine off of you gelish top coat!

Anna Grampian, PA
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Brand New Perfect choice for professional or personal use. Help to create your own designs on finger or toe nails. YOU CAN REFULL WITH NAIL POLISH REMOVER Very Easy to use and remove nail polish.

Key features

  • YOU CAN REFULL WITH NAIL POLISH REMOVER Very Easy to use and remove nail polish
  • liquid
  • correct
  • nail pen
  • corrector pen

Honest reviews


Too Soon To Tell

The varnish arrived quicker then expected and I was pleased with the packaging it was in. However I have not been able to try it out and see if it was a five star rating or not. Quality speaks for it’s self and you usually get what you pay for.

Charmaine Gervais, OR

Love and Easy to Clean up your Nails

I like using these pens because clean up of your nail polish is so much easier and exact that your nails look very professional. You get a lot of pens and extra tips to change out but one tip will last a long time even though color is on it it wont bleed into the next polih change. I love these.

Dana Chester, GA

Works great when dealing with regular polish. Not so well with Acrylic Paint.

Usually I do lengthy reviews but this will be a simple one. These pens do what they are suppose to. I was tired of using Q-tips to clean up my cuticles and around the edges of my nails when I got polish on them.1. YES there isn’t much nail polish remover in them when you first get them. They feel almost like a oily dry but you can take the tip off and refill it with your nail polish remover of your choice. Also you can DIP the tip in the nail polish remover and use it that way as well.2. If the tip has too much polish on them, you will need to change to a new tip. Trying to continue to use a dirty tip will result in you smearing the polish back on your nails and wherever your using it. Trust me.. I’ve done this.3. Does this clean up acrylic paint? Uhh… maybe for one side of the nail.. on the skin but thats it. It’s true paint so it will cover the tip more and make it harder to use resulting in you having to switch tips more than you like to. I have regular nail polish remover, protein enriched nail polish remover, and I have 100% Acetone Nail polish remover. Since this is a review on the pens, I would suggest filling them with 100% Acetone remover because it works WAY better than the regular removers and quicker. Just remember to use cuticle oil or some type of moisturizer on your hands and nails after you use it because the downside is that it does dry out any area it touches.4. When using Acrylic paint I’ve had to go back to using Q-Tips to clean up most of it first and then use the pen to clean up the area closer to the nail bed because Q-Tips are too big to get that close.These pens are great for clean up of regular nail polish but if your using acrylic, not so much unless your using 100% Acetone in your pen. But then again Acrylic paint is just that, PAINT.

Elaine Gracemont, OK
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SODIAL- 5 X Nail Art Acetone Polish Makeup Corrector Remover Pen + 15 Changeable Tips-Pack of 5

* Contents: 5 x Nail Corrector Pen. 5 x 3 replace brush headers

Key features

  • SODIAL- 5 X Nail Art Acetone Polish Makeup Corrector Remover Pen + 15 Changeable Tips-Pack of 5 Body Care / Beauty…

Honest reviews


Where’s the acetone?

First of all the package came ripped and the top was just taped so the contents won’t fall out. Also, none of the pens have acetone in it. All 5 pens were dried out. Waste of money.

Celia Bunnlevel, NC

Hard to fill these pens

Upon receiving these pens i tried to figure out how to put the nail polish remover in. There is no way possible how to put it in unless its by the tip of the pen. Its horrible because it takes forever to fill..if it even gets filled and the amount of time it takes and wasting the amount of nail polish remover to even put in these pens. Honestly dont even waste your time with these!

Lana Elkins, WV

these were garbage

there is nothing even in these they were all dried out and I can’t figure out how to fill them up without making a mess these were a waste of money

Juanita Polo, MO
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Opi Nail Polish Remover, 4 Fluid Ounce

Opi polish remover is a mild acetone formula with aloe vera that removes all traces of nail lacquer without streaking or staining. Doesn’t dry skin and nail. Quickly removes polish colors. Quickly removes polish colors.

Key features

  • No staining
  • Quickly removes polish colors
  • Doesn’t dry skin and nail

Honest reviews


Works well, but not very moisturizing.

I used this, it’s okay. It’s a lot better than the cheapo polish removers. But it’s not very moisturizing. My nails still had to be lotioned for a few days before I could repaint. I switched to OPI Expert Touch and that’s a MUCH better product.

Georgette Lecoma, MO


OPI is always my first choice when I buy nail products because of the excellent quality oF merchandiSe. It is a brand I trust. Will never disappoint me.

Juliet Ardmore, OK


Wish I had bought this a long time ago!!! Easy on the nails, not as harsh as the kind you get in the drugstore!!

Mallory Merna, NE
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Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil

Karma Organic brings in spa products such as non-toxic polishes, organic nail polish remover, organic scrubs, organic lotions, and essential oils which are free of toluene, formaldehyde, and phthalate (DBP). Our very own brand of Karma Organic nail polishes are 100 percent natural and are comprised of more than 90 colors, including glow-in-the-dark shades for children. Karma Organic is one of the first in the US to have a chemical-free organic soy mixture nail polish remover which comes in lavender, tea tree, or unscented. Our lotions and scrubs are homemade with recipes including mouth-watering ingredients such as ground almonds and brown sugar. We are dedicated to providing the healthiest non-toxic and organic products to our customers.

Key features

  • 100% biodegradable; 100% soy-based
  • Non-toxic; Non-carcinogenic; Packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles
  • Free of any petroleum ingredients
  • Derived from farm crops which in turn supports American farming
  • Comes in lavender, tea tree, or unscented; 4 fluid ounces

Honest reviews


For “Conventional” *and* “Water-Based” Polish!! Love It!!

I am absolutely thrilled to find a non-toxic nail polish remover that works almost as quickly as conventional removers!! I used this on both conventional polish and water-based (5 layers of Acquarella!), and it worked great for both.It might have taken slightly longer, but it was still a breeze (especially compared to non-toxic removers I have used in the past!!). I did find it helps the process go a little faster to quickly wipe each nail right away so that the product has time to break the polish down before working on each individual nail. Once the polish starts breaking down, it comes right off. Fabulous!!Ingredients (for those curious!): Propylene Carbonate, Soybean oil methyl exter, tocopheryl acetate.I checked these out at EWGs website, and none of these ingredients appear to be harmful. Yay!

Lydia Rochester, MI

New favorite

I paint my nails frequently and, in addition to disliking the smell of normal nail polish remover, was nervous about the amount of chemicals I was putting on. I looked into alternative removers and saw this. I’m so glad I did!This remover is gentle, absolutely free of any chemical smell, and leaves your nails moisturized. It’s very comparable to normal remover in terms of effectiveness; it took several swipes for each nail, but it took off all my polish, even the hard to remove glitter. I would highly recommend this.

Sarah Bennington, NH

Karma organic nail polish remover

I generally only wear clear polish so I can’t say how well this would work on say, glitter red, but I think it would. It would just take longer.

Christian Ganado, AZ
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Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish Soak Off Artificial Nail Remover – 4 oz

This bottle of Gelish Gel Polish Remover is designed to remove Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish in 10 minutes or less, with conditioning additives that keep the skin from drying, and maintain a healthy nail. Gelish® Soak-Off Gel Polish applies like polish and cures in a LED lamp in 30 seconds, or 2 minutes in traditional UV lamps. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10 – 15 minutes. This is part of the Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection. 1 Buy = 1 Bottle! We are an authorized Gelish Dealer!

Key features

  • New Gelish Gel Nail Polish Remover
  • Use with Gelish, Red Carpet Manicure, OPI and all other gel polishes
  • Works in 10 minutes or less
  • Skin moisturizing additives
  • Size: 120mL (4 fl oz)

Honest reviews


Not the best on the market

I chose the rating because it got the job done to remove nail polish but did not do well to remove my artificial nails. The bottle was not the best design as the liquid went all over the place when I was trying to put it in a container to soak off my nails.

Imelda Bellevue, ID

Best Nourishing Removal

I love the Gelish removal system because its nourishing and it smells good. Ive tried pure acetone as a removal system because it much cheaper to buy in bulk but the acetone smells really harsh and it turns my cuticles white and chalky. Ick! with the Gelish remover my gels flake off after 15minutes in a wrap and the skin around my fingers is unchanged. Another selling point is that the amazon price is ALWAYS lower than in a professional beauty supply. I do my own Gel Nails at home every 2 weeks and this bottle has lasted around 6 months.

Diana Pineola, NC

Not much bang for your buck

You can get a better deal buying the generic brand from a local beauty supply store. I have found the acetone to remove gel polish is nothing special. The only difference between this small bottle and the gallon jugs is the name harmony and the “for uv gel polish” written on the bottle.

Fran Nelsonia, VA
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Cutex 01326 Acetone Finger Nail Polish Remover Pads

Fast And Effective Formula One Pad Clean All 10 Nails Protein Enriched For Natural Nails

Key features

  • Fast And Effective Formula
  • One Pad Clean All 10 Nails
  • Protein Enriched
  • For Natural Nails

Honest reviews


Great for travel

These are convenient. Easy to use and portable. I had used a stick on nail polish (Sally Hansen salon effects) nd one pad outs not clean all 10 nails. That stuff is a beast to remove, with anything, though, so I don’t consider this much of a shortcoming. Pricey for regular use, but I bought for travel.

Kathrine Scio, NY

Works pretty well!

Works well. One wipe does take off nail polish from 10 fingers, but barely 🙂 I really have to work at it to get the last few fingers. Recommended!

Maude Buzzards Bay, MA

Great for a trip.

These work very well and the cloth doesn’t get clogged up when removing polish. They are great for travel as no spillage is possible.

Bette Bishop, CA
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