Gelish: Mini UV Light 1

This listing is for the Gelish Mini UV Portable Curing Light. Save time and money with this inexpensive light made by Gelish. The MINI UV Light is a small hand-held, battery-operated portable light, designed for curing Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish. The MINI Light will efficiently cure Gelish Colors and products from Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish system for a long lasting manicure. This lamp will cure nails a bit slower than the LED lights, but for the price you really cannot beat the value. This will easily fit in a small bag for trips and can be stored away much more easily than other larger lights and lamps. The UV lamps in this light are not harmful to your skin even after continued use. Requires 4 AA Batteries (Not Included) We are an authorized Gelish Dealer!

Key features

  • New Gelish Mini UV Curing light
  • Cures Foundation Gel in 1 Minute
  • Cures Gelish Gel POlish in 2-3 Minutes (varies by color)
  • Takes 4 AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Cures 4 fingers then thumbs separately

Honest reviews




Gena Bingham Canyon, UT


i was a little skeptic about getting this mini uv light because it does not come with an ac adapter nor batteries. (you have to buy and put the batteries yourself) i got it anyway because it was the cheapest i could find. Well lt me tell you as soon as i got it in the mail i went right away and tested it out using batteries. Im not sure what happened but even with the batteries charged the uv light did not want to turn on. i think it was just my batteries. my husband found my old iHome charger and connected and it works perfectly.What i love most about this product is that it is travel size, so i can easily fit it anywhere. When i have to store somewhere it does not take up much space. Despite its size it works just as well as those big ones they have at the nail salon & you save tons of money on it too.if you decide to buy this mini uv light and you want the charger for it you can always find it right here on amazon. I looked for it when i bought it just in case and it’s only about 12 or $13 about the same price that you would pay for the uv light itself.its worth the price its worth everything. i love it. i do my nails with it, i do my friends nails as well. you should definitely go ahead and buy it or at least consider it. =]

Ophelia Carrollton, GA

Just Okay

I bought this light because we travel alot. Even though it doesn’t state, it’s ONLY about 5W. The lowest wattage that I have found available. This light ONLY cures Gelish, but does it very well. It will also cure IBD super shine sealer (3 Min cure time). I really like using IBD, however as I said I use this light for travel due to it’s compact size. It fits well in a suit case and is light weight. You will need to do your nails a bit more often with the gelish as it does not hold up as well as the IBD.

Jill Middletown, DE
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Demert Nail Enamel Dryer-7.5 oz

Nail Enamel Dryer is the professional manicurist’s finishing spray for natural and artificial nail applications. It contains di-panthenol, organic protein, and mink oil to create fast-drying, non-smearing manicures while conditioning both cuticles and nails.

Key features

  • Nail Enamel Dryer is the professional manicurist’s finishing spray for natural and artificial nail applications.

Honest reviews


Great product with superior results

I had been debating on buying a nail dryer as opposed to the spray. Based on the reviews I went with the spray. I paint my nails once a week and I’ve used the spray the last three polishes. Let me say I was skeptical but the spray works, it’s not immediate but it does cut down the drying time dramatically. I typically do two passes on each nail after a minute or two and my nails are completely dry. The scent it light and not overbearing. I’m glad I chose the spray over the dryer.

Doreen Savage, MT

Awesome! <3

I came across this while shopping at Walgreens last week and decided ‘hey I’ll give it a try’. So today I painted my nails and sprayed this on top and WOW! My nails dried instantly! Usually, whenever I paint my nails, I always end up waiting 30 minutes just for them to dry, and they still somehow ended up ruined, smudged, and even peeled. I’m going to admit, before I used it, I was skeptical on whether this would work or not, and I thought that maybe it’s just another product that ‘claims’ it’s benefits and I thought that too much spray would come out of the can, leaving my fingers drippy wet. But this spray is nothing like what I thought it would be, it’s amazing and sprays to perfection. I noticed that someone mentioned the scent of this smell bad, but I don’t have a problem with the scent. The scent isn’t foul or anything like that, it’s just subtle and goes away immediately. But what I love most about this spray is that it makes my finger nails and toe nails look like I’ve just stepped out of the salon. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants quick drying nails and a salon quality look 🙂

Briana Oregon, OH

Really works, and was cheap too

I usually don’t write reviews, but this stuff really works, and for such an amazing price. I was considering getting a UV dryer because I do my nails every week and get really antsy waiting for my OPI polish to dry for 2 hours, and figure it might be worth the investment. I bought this on a whim because it was only $3 and shipping, and I can’t believe how well it works. Now I only wait ~20 minutes before my nails are completely dry. It also helps stop my polish from smudging and from getting those annoying hair-like lines after it’s dry. I can see what people say about the old lady smell, but it’s easy enough to fix by washing your hands with soap after. Definitely recommend this.

Alexandria Rio Linda, CA
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Nicole by OPI Nail Treatment, Drying Drops for Nail Lacquer, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Nicole is the ultimate trendsetter’s nail lacquer. For the girl who wants the hottest colors and style, Nicole’s long-wearing formula makes sure you’re perfectly polished from head to toe! Nicole is all about color and offers unique finishes and textures to nails. An of course, it’s from OPI, the world leader in nail care.

Key features

  • Nails are dry to the touch in 60 seconds
  • Nails are completely dry in 5 minutes
  • With soothing Jojoba and antioxidant Vitamin E to treat cuticles

Honest reviews


leaves nails oily and does not hasten the dry time

I gave this product several attempts before throwing it out. What a waste of multiple time consuming manicures. I expected this to hasten the dry time so I could get the top coat on a bit faster then use my hands soon after. This just ruined my nail polish by making my nails oily then repelled my top coat. Plus my nails did not dry well or quickly. I should have just been patient instead of wasting an hour or more to only have to remove all the damn polish.

Tracie Richland, MT

Decide what you’re Expecting

I bought these drops with the purpose of setting my nails to be hard so that it wouldn’t get lines from sheets or smudges if my nail hit something. This is great for being able to touch the nail after a few minutes but it doesn’t set it fully. First time I used this, it was two hours before bed and I still woke up with sheet marks. I will continue to use the bottle until it’s gone (I’m halfway there since I have been using this for two months) but will try something else.Also, it leaves an oily film which drives me nuts. You can wash your hands to get if off, so long as you don’t dry your hands afterward.

Anita Sardinia, SC

Works Great!

I’m really glad I found this product. I use this after every coat of polish. It’s greasy but so what? After 5 minutes in between each coat I just wash the grease off and continue to put on my next layer of polish. I don’t think it can dry polish 100% in 5 minutes if you layer it on heavy like me, but it will still cut your drying time quite a bit. Highly recommended.

Marjorie Cartersburg, IN
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MelodySusie® Portable White Violeteer 9W UV Lamp Light Acrylic Nail Dryer

MelodySusie – Bring Your Beauty Salon Home! Violeteer UV Nail Dryer – Babysitter for All Brands of UV GEL Nail Polish Product Highlights: 1. Can be used for various kinds of UV nail products, such as UV Top Coat / UV Builder Gel / UV Basic Coat etc 2. Heat-resistant chip for high product safety and reliability, as well as long durability 3. All in one – disinfection & drying Specifications: Voltage: 110-120V-60HZ Power: 9W Size: 26.2*9*11.5cm Material: ABS Lamp: UV Lamp Color: White Please Note Before You Purchase: 1. Please make sure your gel polish works with this product. If not compatible, gel will not get dried and might start peeling and cracking. This product works for the following LED gel polish brands: CND Shellac Color Coat, CND Shellac Top Coat, CND Shellac Base Coat, any UV Gel nail polish 2. It is normal for gel polish to remain slightly sticky after curing. Simply wipe off the residue with cleanser to get a dryer and smoother surface. 3. Press the on/off button until the LED light turns on. Generally it takes around 1 to 3 seconds. Package Includes: 1 * MelodySusieVioleteer 9W UV Lamp Nail Dryer 1 * User Manual 1 * 9W 365mm UV Light Tube 1 * Packaging Box * Only buy it from MelodySusie to get authentic quality product and to qualify for full after-sale service.

Key features

  • 9 Watt Professional UV curing lamp for fast polish drying
  • Work with UV gel nail polish having a wavelength of 365nm
  • Sleek design and Easy to operate also suitable for home use
  • Input Voltage Range: AC110-120V, 50/60HZ. 9w Bulb is included that clicks into place
  • Compact size and High Quality is ideal for both home and salon professional

Honest reviews


Works Great

I bought this lamp to go with my Gelish brand gel nail kit. I am not a manicurist, and I will only need to use this light once every few weeks when redoing my mani/pedi,so I can’t advise on how well it would do with high volume daily uses. I did first mani/pedi using this light three days ago and worked like a charm. I followed the drying time that the polish recommended and that worked without any problems. I have had my gel polish on for 4 days 3 days now, through two nights of bartending at my part time and three days of typing at my full time job, and no chips or peels so far. I conclude that the light must have dried like it should have because when I’ve gotten my nails done at the salon, they never lasted through days of banging them on bottles, digging in the change drawer, spilling alcohol on them, washing them excessively, or typing as much as I do. Perhaps the Gelish brand had something to do with that too.There is no timer on the light so you have to manually time yourself and turn it off after each use. The opening is very wide and accomodated my hands and feet side by side (they are narrow though). The height of the opening is tall enough not to bump your nails while moving around. The lamp also came with a cuticle clipper, which was odd, but oh well, I needed one.

Tamra Concord, VA

I really like it!

The main concern most people post is that it quits working early on. It turned off on me on the 2nd use. But then I pushed the light bulb in more and abra cadabra it turned on. The light comes uninstalled so all you have to do is push it in. It’s great a great product. The light is super strong. My only issue is I feel like it doesn’t cure very quickly. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe too thick coats? I cure for 5 min. Seems like a lot to me and they are still sticky…. I have heard that uv takes longer than led but uv is the cheaper option.

Rosario Strasburg, VA


Received item on time but the uv light was broken so I contacted MelodySusie and they sent a new uv light to me. Looking forward to doing my own polish and designs. Nail salons can get expensive. Will give review on nail dryer once I try it out. Don’t want to rate this just yet. For easy steps on how to use the nail dryer watch on u tube. It looks really easy.

Marilyn Lapaz, IN
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MelodySusie® Violetilac Super Mini Cute Portable 6W LED Gel Polish Nail Dryer For Harmony Gelish Soak Off Series, OPI Gelcolor Nail Polish, Orly Gel FX, Red Carpet Led Gel Polish, Gelicious GEL Nail Polish, Any LED GEL Polish etc

MelodySusie – Bring Your Beauty Salon Home! Violetilac Nail Dryer – Bring a Professional Manicurist Home! Product Highlights: The MelodySusie Violetilac MINI Pro6W LED Lamp Nail Dryer is designed to efficiently cure most kinds of LED gel polishes, especially the Gelish Soak-off Gel and other products from the Gelish MINI System for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to three weeks. The safe and reliable dryer can efficiently cure your gel polish in 45 seconds. Please Note Before You Purchase: 1. Please make sure your gel polish works with this product. If not compatible, gel will not get dried and might start peeling and cracking. This product works for the following LED gel polish brands: Harmony Gelish Soak Off Series, OPI Gelcolor Nail Polish, Orly Gel FX, Red Carpet Led Gel Polish, Gelicious GEL Nail Polish, any other LED GEL Polish etc. 2. It is normal for gel polish to remain slightly sticky after curing. Simply wipe off the residue with cleanser to get a dryer and smoother surface. Opening Width: 9.5cm 3. The opening width is approx. 9.5cm/3.74″.Please checks if the size fits your hand. 4. Press the on/off button until the LED light turns on. Generally it takes around 1 to 3 seconds. Product Details: Input:100-240V AC 50/60HZ Opening size: 9.5cm/3.7″Width * 3.8cm/1.5″Height Color: White Package Includes: 1 * MelodySusie Violetilac MINI 6W LED Lamp Nail Dryer 1 * Power Supply 1 * User Manual * Only buy it from MelodySusie to get authentic quality product and to qualify for full after-sale service.

Key features

  • Cures the Manicure Led Gel Polish that lasts up to 3 weeks
  • 6 watt LED light. Never need to replace LED bulbs
  • Super Mini compact Ergonomic design
  • Preset 45 second timer
  • Efficient to use

Honest reviews


Perfect for Gelish and Perfect size to store

This is the perfect little LED lamp to cure your Gelish polish… I’ve been using it to cure my gelish on my toes but I’ve ordered a 18w LED lamp that will cure my entire hand at once to do my hands… but this one will be perfect to travel and take with me… does a perfect job in 45s ..

Shauna Osceola, IA


Works well! I have no complaints! I’ve been using the Gelish base/top coat and an OPI color polish. I’m still new to doing my own gel nails and need more practice, but this light is great!

Krystal Big Springs, NE

Works very well

This works great! I have had this for several months now and it cures all brands of LED gel polish quickly and effectively. The price is cheaper than what you might find at beauty supply stores.

Adelaide Fisher, MN
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USpicy CRESCENT USND-1802 18W LED Nail Polish Light / Lamp / Dryer

USpicy 18w LED nail lamp provides portable, energy-saving and safe use to dry your beautiful nails quickly and efficiently. Just had a manicure? Use acrylic polish or have a need for gel curing? Do you or a loved one like to frequently change nail polish? Our product features LED with up to 50,000 hours of use, plus a new digital countdown timer to conveniently track the remaining time. No heat is produced for your hands, so you can use it daily with no side effects. The perfect gift to pamper yourself or someone you love.

Key features

  • Brand New LED Nail Gel Cure Lamp Shellac UV Dryer with CE certification.
  • Light use of LED, non-harmful substances to human body and good for our environment.
  • Does not produce heat, no harm to the hands or getting dark, easier to use and dry faster.Never need to replace LED bulb,Normal LED Lamp’s life is 35,000-45,000 hours (that is 5 years+ of none stop working).
  • New digital countdown timer conveniently tracks the remaining time.
  • Package contents: 1 *USpicy 18W LED nail lamp, 1* FREE Nail Sanding file, 1*user manual, 1 year USpicy warranty. 24h customer email support.

Honest reviews



I bought this in May of 2012. This nail dryer is supposed to be an LED nail dryer but took 2-4 minutes per coat of Gelish nail products. I used to have a UV dryer that took that long. I have since returned this one for a refund and bought a Red Carpet LED nail dryer. It was less than half the cost, it’s small and compact and it worked in 30-90 seconds per coat. Cut my gel manicure time in half. It quit working after a few uses, though and I have just contacted the supplier, Beauty in Style. They are going to replace or give me a full refund. In their e-mail, they mentioned having addressed the issue [with the defect I guess] and I believe I’ll try the Red Carpet again.

Tiffany Nevada City, CA

First use – worked very well

I did not purchase mine from Amazon but instead from that other famous online auction site where I found it less expensive. I had also purchased from Amazon the new Magneto Gelish polish and the lamp and the polish arrived on the same day – so I had to try them both out.I got my first gelish kit for Christmas and a UV lamp. It has taken a while to learn the ins and outs. The most important thing I have found is to use VERY thin applications of all coats. With the new LED lamp I cured the foundation for 30 seconds and since I was using a dark color of the Gelish Magneto (Drawn Together – which did come out a lovely dark purple with pinkish lines)I did the 90 second timer for both of those coats and 60 seconds on the top coat. If I had a ligher color I may have tried 60 seconds on the two color coats as well.I found that the shine was very good curing with this LED lamp. I don’t know if it is the color or the lamp, but it came out very well. I also loved the fact that once I set the time on the lamp it automatically started when I placed my hand in to cure. I was always using my Iphone as a timer backup for the UV lamp so this was really nice.I found that the replacement bulbs for the UV lamp were almost $30, and the LED lamp is supposed to last 35,000 hours – so not only is it better to not have the UV exposure but cheaper in the long run.I am definitely happy so far with this purchase.

Julie Port Clinton, PA

*2013 Newest LED Models* USpicy SAVARIN USND-1201 12W LED Nail Polish Dryer… does great.

I did my first Gelish nails and used the USpicy. It worked great. I dried each application 2 minutes. I also applied the alcohol wipe after each application. I used the Gelish foundation, my regular nail polish, then the Gelish top coat. The Gelish polish is rather thick. I placed all polish in a very warm water bath before use. This will thin it down. All applications were as thin as possible. One coat of foundation, two of polish, and two of topcoat. Super shine and strong nails.

Merle Fishertown, PA
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USpicy USND-0901 9W Professional UV Acrylic Gel & Shellac Curing Nail Dryer/Lamp/Light

USpicy 9w UV nail dryer is suitable for both professional and personal finger nail care uses. It can be used with various kinds of nail beauty products, such as UV Top Coat, UV Builder Gel, etc. Work without brand requirements on nail polish. Very easy to operate so why not start your nail art at home right now!

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • 9W UV Gel light-cured
  • Highly Efficient 9W UV bulbs can greatly reduces drying time for u/v top coat and gel applications
  • Small and cool design, compact & easy to operate. Suitable for both professional Salon and personal finger nail care uses
  • Work with all kinds of nail polish having a wavelength of 365nm, no brand requirements though
  • Package contents: 1 *USpicy 9W LED nail lamp,1*UV blubs,1*user manual, 1* Free USpicy Highly UV Protective Gloves, 1* Free Nail Sanding file1 year USpicy warranty. 24h customer email support.

Honest reviews


Worthless for Gel Nails

I can do my own nails, and decided to use gel nail products. It takes a 36 watt bulb. I was sold this by local store, and they said it would work for gel nails. It’s only 9 watts, and my gel nails, took forever to cure, some not at all. I had a mess on my hands. This is a worthless product all around, for nails. I had my hand under this bulb for over 7 minutes. The correct curing time is 2 minutes. I’d certainly not do a shellac nail with this. Skip this and by the 36 watt UV lamp.

Valerie Chalk Hill, PA

nail dryer

This dryer is neat for at home use only. I wish I had gotten one with a fan. It tends to get a little hot. If you want to do both hands and feet, consider the time frame and complete the job as quickly as possible. This unit is perfect for me and I am able to achieve the same salon look. I am very happy with it.

Roxanne Herndon, KS

light never work

I need to send it back now, I turned the light on and flickers, never stays on, it is more like a torture light than anything else. quite annoying. Not happy

Laurie Green Springs, OH
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MelodySusie® VIOLETILI 12W LED Nail Dryer Nail Lamp Curing LED Gel & Gelish Nail Polish,Professional for Nail Art at Home and Salon – Pink

MelodySusie – Bring Your Beauty Salon Home ! Violetili Nail Dryer – Bring a Professional Manicurist Home! Product Highlights: This Violetili is the upgraded version of Violetilac, it includes a 12W LED light to cure LED gel nail polish more efficiently and faster. It can efficiently cure any LED gel polishes, especially the Gelish Soak- off Gel and other products from the Gelish MINI System for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to three weeks. With various preset timers, you can choose the time exactly as you want. The safe and reliable dryer can efficiently cure your gel polish in 45 seconds. Product Details: LED: 60pcs LED Adapter input: 110-240V Power: 12W N.W: 0.35kg Size: 18.4*15*9.5cm Color: Pink Troubleshooting Steps: 1. LED light wavelengthis 380-410nm.It can cure LED gel polishesthat contain 380-410nm photoinitiator. Please make sure your nail polish works with this product. This product works for the following LED gel polish brands: Harmony Gelish Soak Off Series, Gelish MINI System , OPI Gelcolor Nail Polish, Orly Gel FX, Red Carpet Led Gel Polish, Gelicious GEL Nail Polish, Any LED GEL Polish etc 2. It is normal for gel polish to remain slightly sticky after curing. Simply wipe off the residue with cleanser to get a dryer and smoother surface. Package Includes: 1 * MelodySusie Nail Dryer 1 * Power Supply 1 * User Manual Warranty: At MelodySusie, we guarantee product quality as we  have  highest standards of quality testing.That’s also why we promise full 12-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support in any times. * Only buy it from MelodySusie to get authentic quality product and to qualify for full after-sale service.

Key features

  • No need to replace LED light tubes. Normally LED lamp can work 5 years nonstop
  • Efficiently and professionally cure LEDgel nail polish that lasts up to 3 weeks
  • Wider opening to cure five fingers at once
  • Preset 30s 60s 90s 30min timers
  • Compact and ergonomic design, easy to operate, ideal for both home and salon use

Honest reviews


Works but wish it were faster

Light works as it’s supposed to. I would have given it 5 stars, however I bought an LED light bc I read that it reduces curing time. However I still did 2 min. each step so it didn’t save any time at all. The nice thing is not having to replace bulbs.At first I thought this light was broken. I used it for the first time along with the Gelish Basix Kit I and Gelish Polish that I bought at the same time.My nails were not curing very well even when I tried 4 min under the light! My nails smudged and didn’t look very good at all.The second day, I tried again. This time I placed my polishes in a warm bowl of water to thin them out. It did help with the consistency. If the polish is too thick it won’t cure as well. The polish dried a little better but still not happy.For my daughters nails, I used a different brand and color of polish and it worked perfectly!With this light, I did 2 min. each step. The polish will remain slightly tacky between coats. Don’t worry about this. Don’t even touch them to see how dry or hard they are. Just keep going through the steps. After you put the Top coat on and cure it, you will take the cleanser with lent free pad and wipe off the tacky residue. Nails will not smuge and they will look beautiful.For the price of this light compared to others, this was a good deal. I only wish it cured faster.

Elvia Hillpoint, WI

Very satisfied so far!

I use the 60sec timer for base, and 90 seconds for all color, and 180 seconds for the final top coat. Rub with alcohol in the end… and I have NEVER witnessed any problems with this product. In addition, when I received this product my puppy pulled the cord and knocked it off my 2 foot table. IT DID NOT BREAK. haha. that was a good sign that this is a sturdy product, depsite it’s light weight.UPDATE – 8 uses later, the lights are loosing strength. I am needing to use the 90 second timer for all coats. It still works, the lights are just loosing the juice they once had.

Jody Wells, TX

Step up from UV light

The design is great. The lights surround the nail. It is so much faster than the old UV lights. Cure in less than half the time. 30 seconds and a posed to 2 minutes. Ease of use gives this lamp both (beautifully manicured) thumbs up.

Eloise Roxana, KY
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Thermal SPA One Hand Led Gel Light Nair Dryer

One Hand Led Gel Light Nair Dryer. 10 30 60 Second Interval Settings.

Key features

  • 10-30-60 Second Interval Settings
  • Accommodates One Hand Or Foot
  • Bottom Reflection Design For Maximum Cure

Honest reviews



This is probably the best nail light out there for the money. I initially started out with a UV light that was big enough for two hands to go in it at one time which was nice but i found that I usually did one hand at a time anyway so having it extra large was useless. Plus my old light took up to 2min to cure the Gelish nail polish, which doesn’t seem long but the time adds up with each coat. Also the old machine cost me around $60.So eventually I set out to find a new light that could cure a little quicker and I found this amazing product which is an LED light which is wayyy better then a UV light!! I could not be happier! It is built well, looks nice, is small enough to put away without a problem, and comes with three options for the timer: 10, 30, and 60 seconds. I use the Gelish nail polish and I always set my LED light to 30 seconds and my nails are perfectly cured EVERYTIME! It has saved me soooo much time! I also LOVE the fact this light has a sensor that when you put your hand into the machine the light automatically turns on to the time that you selected. One great thing about the sensor is that since you don’t have to touch the machine with wet nails to turn it on you dont end up ruining the top of the machine like I did with my last one that was covered with polish and scuffed up from alcohol. Also, when your done with the unit their is a master on/off switch on the back of the machine you you can leave it plugged in all the time if you choose to. If you refuse to pay $30 everytime you get your shellac nails done like I do then doing them yourself is the way to go and this light will make them perfect and do it quickly!!

Wilma Darby, PA

Does one entire hand or foot

Overall pleased with this purchase. I wanted an LED light that would cure one entire hand or foot (not messing with doing thumbs separately!) and this one easily fits the bill. Has done a good job on curing so far, though I’ve only had it for a month.Have noticed that the timer does keep cycling automatically sometimes. I will set it for 30 sec, it beeps when the time is over, but the light continues if the hand remains in the dryer for a split second after the beep. The light does turn off at the end of the cycle if no hand or foot is in the dryer.Not a huge problem if you’re paying attention, but might be an issue for professional manicurists.Will add that Thermal Spa had the best price on LED lamps–much less expensive than, say, OPI or Gelish versions, but TS works just as well.UPDATE: have used the dryer for several months now. Users will need to use the 60 second setting for any polish, no matter how light, for each layer, if they want the polish to stick for more than a day or two. otherwise, the polish will peel off within 2 days. Cure times for this light are longer than what I have read about for other LED lights.

Marci Holmes City, MN

works as advertised.

I’m new to gel polish and LED curing, and I’m very happy with this light and the small investment it represents. Works well, all nails seem to get equally exposed with all of the reflective surfaces inside. Seems sturdy. Only downside, and I saw others made this comment before I purchased: Sometimes when it goes off after the programmed amount of time, it comes right back on for another cycle. Happens more on the 10 second than 30 second program. Happens about 40% of the time.

Elaine Roaring River, NC
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SHANY UV Gel Light Nail Dryer, 36 Watts Pro Series

Tired of small and weak UV lamps? Try our New enhanced 36W UV lamp with Auto On/Off and Timer feature. Great for personal use or Salons. why pay more when you can have the best system at affordable price? SHANY UV lamp offers everything that Department store brand offers and now even more with enhanced design and performance. The system comes with German reflectors which almost double the power and maximize the UV reflection. Unlike other UV lamps, SHANY UV lamp offers a great size for any hand or foot. at the same time place your both hands or feet in the lamp and get the job done quicker than ever. for best results use Shany Gel polish set.

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Maximum UV reflection design to save time and power – German reflector included
  • Comfortably accommodates two hands or feet – Affordable price
  • Auto On/Off and Timer makes it easy for salon users to simply leave the system do the job
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty (Not the lamps) Included
  • Use Shany quick Dry Nail art Set or Shany UV Gel Nail Polish set for best results

Honest reviews


Great product!!

I bought this item because I started doing my uv gel nails at home, the price was good and the reviews were good too, so I bought it. It arrived in excellent condition, everything sealed and bubble wraped. When I put the bulbs in their place they didn’t work but it was because you have to push them in the sockets a little bit hard. So I did and only one worked, and this time it was because I had put them in upside down. None of this is on the users guide, so I’m letting other people know this because I’ve read a few reviews talking about the bulbs not working. Once I got the bulbs in there right, it worked perfectly! I did a few practice nails and they turned out great. So if you need a uv lamp that gets the job done and with a great price, buy this one! The shipping was also super fast. I’m very glad I bought this from this seller 🙂

Lucinda Douglasville, GA


This uv light is mediocre–good. I bought this originally to try diy shellac. yes, it did work to cure my nails. although i cured them for 3-4 mins instead of the 2, just in case. One of the light bulbs did not work, and then i discovered that the timer did not work either. The unit did seem fairly cheaply made, but what do you expect for the $. After looking again online, I decided to return my faulty item and buy theUSpicy UV Gel Lamp Light Nail Dryer Professional Finish Quick Dry+ the bottom can be pulled out easy to cleanUSpicy lamp, which I feel is much better. That one was only 3 dollars more, and feels much sturdier and more quality. And it has a 2 or 3 min timer. Plus I got a free nail file, and it’s got pink! The light bulbs in this machine dont ever feel like they’re fully engaged in the unit, although once you jam them in hard they work (most in my case anyway). But on the USpicy machine, they actually click into place, and you know you have them in correctly. Also, one of the first reviews for this says that many other reviewers for this product have all 5 star reviews for other Shany products, which is true. Seems sketchy to me… All in all, definitely not an amazing product, but an okay product. Spend a few more dollars and get the USpicy machine.

Nikki Newark, OH


I love love love this machine, for the money I paid I never thought it would be as nice as it was. I figured it’s gonna be one of those machines you start with to see if u even need them at home and then move on to a better one but boy this works just like the one in the salon I get my pedicure. I hated doing my own manicure bc I’m a busy girl and don’t have two hours to wait for my nail polish to dry and this machin does the job in 3 minutes. It gets the creamy nail polishes that never dry hard solid in 5 mints. I don’t know how I ever did my nails without it now. It’s kindda like getting ur first flat iron once youve had it for a week u don’t know how u did without it 🙂

Ethel Columbia, NC
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