KMS California Add Volume Styling Foam Mousse, 10.4 oz/295g Body Support

KMS California add volume styling foam mousse 10.4 Oz / 295 g add volume provides structured body. Gives hair up to 70% more volume. Provides heat protection. Alcohol free. Shake. Work through towel-dried hair and blow dry.

Key features

  • Hair type: all hair types
  • Item condition: 100% authentic, new and unused
  • KMS add volume styling foam 10.4 Oz: buy KMS hair styling products – KMS add volume styling foam 10.4 Oz
  • Type: mousse

Honest reviews


Can arrived damaged

It’s hard for me to rate this product. When it arrived, the plastic cap was off and the nozzle was broken, so the can wouldn’t dispense any foam. I contacted the seller and he elected to give me a refund, rather than send me another can. Thus, the reason for three stars.

Patricia Mandaree, ND

Just what my hair needs

I have fine, heavy, straight shoulder-length hair that loves to go flat. It really hasn’t been happy since the 60’s. This product was mentioned in a magazine, so I ordered a bottle. Does it really add volume? Well, not that much; it would probably take a heavy-duty hairspray to do that. What it does do, however, is keep my hair from going flat, and that’s major for me. My hair stays shiny and looks a bit fuller, and there is no gunky product-residue feel. I’m going to try the KMS root lift to see which I like better, but I’m very, very happy with this product. Highly recommend to those who need a little boost but want to keep that natural look and feel.

Phyllis Sheffield, PA

A tad drying

I like the body this gives my limp, fine hair. But I don’t use it every day because I find it a bit drying to my hair. I like it, generally, though. I can’t say I’d recommend it as there are likely many more less damaging products on the market, but I don’t dislike it either.

Laurel Hensonville, NY
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Rusk Thickr Thickening Mist, 6 Ounce

This product gives maximum thickness and volume for fine or thin hair. Gives fine, limp hair incredible body, volume and texture. After shampooing, towel dry hair and mist liberally through hair. Dry and style with a blow-dryer, lifting and separating the hair as it dries.

Key features

  • Maximum thickness and volume
  • Gives fine, limp hair incredible body
  • Dry and style with a blow-dryer

Honest reviews


An OK product

This product helps you make your hair thicker, BUT in my opinion the big down side to it is that at least in my case leaves it a bit too dry so it kills all of the natural shine of my hair.I guess I prefer the finish look better of small talk of bed head and smells much better.For the price you are paying I think it’s worth it for every day use if you don’t want to pay $40 for a thickening spray like the ones from bumble & bumble that are awesome too but super expensive to use it daily.

Marisa Calvin, WV

Best thickener on the market!

I have very fine, straight ,flat hair. Most thickening products make hair stiff or greasy or just creepy feeling. This product makes my hair look twice as thick as it really is with no change to my hair’s texture. I love it and tell everyone else about it. I spray it on my hair after shampooing and scrunch it while drying. I don’t even have to dry it all the way. I can let it air dry. I also can use it with other products like morrocan oil. People ask me if I have naturally curly hair. It also works if you blow it straight. It makes your hair look full and soft. You don’t need much. Can’t rave enough about it!

Alexandra Magee, MS

It definitely does ….stuff.

It has a thickening effect…however it also makes my hair feel like straw and considering my hair is straight as a board, it still manages to make it frizzy. That said, it could just be an incompatibility with my hair as it is baby fine. I’ve since found my perfect product.

Suzanne Hazel Green, AL
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Suave Kids Cherry Vanilla Soda Mousse, 7 Ounce

Suave For Kids Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse Suave For Kids Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse is formulated with lightweight conditioner to help control frizz, define curls and smooth hair for all-day style without the crunch. The trusted formula rinses off clean so kids and parents won’t see any residue. View larger Hypoallergenic and Alcohol-Free Ophthalmologist tested and dermatologist tested formula is tear-free and hypoallergenic. Suave Kids Makes Bath Time Fun Suave Kids Bath Time and Hair Essentials are specifically formulated to be head-to-toe gentle and tear-free for little ones. Join Suave in Our Commitment to Water Conservation Did you know that your family could save money and conserve water by turning off the water when you shampoo and condition? What’s in the Box Suave For Kids Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse, 7 Ounces. Suave For Kids Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse is: Hypoallergenic Dermatologist Tested

Key features

  • Alcohol-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Residue free (visible residue)

Honest reviews


Suave Kids Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse, 7 Ounce

Suave Kids Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse, 7 Ounce. This product is easy for the girls to use and lasts all day. It has a light cherry vanilla scent that is not over powering. The pump dispenser gives a small amount just right for them to work with. They feel all grow up being able to do their own hair themselves and less fighting about getting it done. Thanks for the plastic bottle too, it bounces when it hits the floor many times from the moussed hands.

Tonia North Carrollton, MS

Works well a little too sticky

My daughter has very curly hair and she tends to get lots of flyaways in the front whether her hair is up or down. This mousse does a nice job of taming the flyaways and keeping her hair more neat looking. She loves the smell and I enjoy it too. It dries nicely in her hair and as long as we don’t use too much it isn’t noticeable that there is product in her hair. The one thing I don’t like about it is how sticky it is. It is really hard to wash off of my hands after and my hands feel sticky for a while. Overall it is a nice product and it is hard to find kid friendly styling products that aren’t super expensive.

Saundra Cold Spring, MN

keep it under lock and key

This is a fun, delicious smelling product that does as it says….my only disagreement is that there is a tiny bit of a crunch left the three times I used it. I tried each time to do something different (quantity vs. scrunching, etc), but still I felt it. I don’t think it would really matter on a kid.But when it comes to a kid, keep this locked up. They are going to want to play with this because it smells good and the texture is fun. It would be nice if it dispensed a small amount and locked up automatically for 12 hours.Fun stuff and I imagine it will be priced very well for a kid’s mousse. Because how many kids mousses can you name? That aren’t made by Jello? ha

Lacy Vicksburg, PA
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Aveda Phomollient 6.7 Ounces

Aveda Phomollient

Key features

  • Styling foam with organic honey
  • Adds body, weightless volume and shine with the patented light to medium holdr
  • For fine to medium hair

Honest reviews


Excellent hair product

This is a light foam that isn’t sticky nor clumpy! My hair style stays during my work day with this hair care product. A little high priced but worth it in the long run. I haven’t found a good store product in the stores to match its quality! ; )

Elvira Holyoke, CO

Great for molding relaxed hair

Love all Aveda products. I use this product to mold my relaxed hair for a foe-hawk style since my hair is growing out of a short hair cut. Only gave it 4 stars because it stains towels especially white ones. So i now only use it with towels from the dollar store. Great for any climate weather.

Rhonda Montrose, NY

I love this product

I have been using this product for 18 months along with the volumizing tonic by Aveda. I won’t consider changing products! It helps my otherwise straight hair to have more volume!

Natasha Cedartown, GA
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Got2b Fat-tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse, 8.5-Ounce

Weren’t born with thick, lush hair? Stop hating your hair and started living’ large with got2b fat-tactic thickening HAIRSPRAY. This lightweight HAIRSPRAY is infused with collagen to make your hair feel instantly thicker, denser and full of body. The aerosol formula is non-sticky and dries fast giving you perfect plumping all day long!

Key features

  • Instant collagen infused
  • Big plumped style
  • Use got2b mousse to push up and bodily thin or lifeless hair
  • Makes hair feel thicker, denser and stronger
  • Infuses hair with elasticity
  • Fat-Tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Mousse by Got2b for Unisex – 8.5 oz Mousse
  • Fat-Tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Mousse by Got2b for men
  • Instant collagen infusion
  • A feast for fine hair
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


I said “WOW” with my first use of this!!

I read reviews at several websites before buying this. Maybe I shouldn’t have given this FIVE stars, because I still have yet to try everything out there yet…..OH, wait, maybe I have….but for now, it’s a FIVE for me. I’ve tried SOOO many I can’t even count. I’ve even tried several on top of each other….so if one worked, I wouldn’t know which. But, this one I tried alone with nothing else with it to see how it worked……so I have some slack with the four stars. I read one review that said “it’s a bit on the expensive side”….but I paid $5.99 at Walgreens….I don’t consider that expensive. Not when I’ve paid almost $40 for one product.So, I bought this, tried it and “WOW” was my first response after just the first use. My bangs were DOUBLE the volume and thickness as they usually are. I am almost 66 and do look much younger than my age, but my thinning, very fine hair has been a stressful thing for me because of a medication I have to take. I NEVER wear my own hair, other than my bangs….I curl them….I wear several different hair pieces at different times that match my hair pinned on the back of my head with my other VERY thin hair twisted up in a barrette. But, my dream would be to be able to get a nice body wave and wear MY hair in a nice style again. This product is giving me a bit of hope. I’ve ordered a hair system called “Nioxin System 3 For Fine, Chemical Treated Hair Starter Kit”. I chose the “chemically treated” because of my medication probably being built up in my hair. It had VERY high ratings from every site I went to. So….with hopes of that and this Got2b Fat-Tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse, I may have a nice head of hair again. I wanted to write a review because I depend on them SO much before I EVER buy anything, anyplace. Try it. I don’t think you will be disappointed!!!

Hillary Fenton, MO

Good Stuff

My hair is fine so I don’t have much natural volume to it. I tried this product and it works very well. Don’t use too much or that just weighs it back down again. But it works well through all of my hair, not just at the roots. The smell to it is different, but I still like it and I only notice the smell right when I first spray the mousse in my hands. It doesn’t leave my hair stiff at all and the volume does seem to last throughout the day.

Sue Kemp, OK

Works GREAT!

I recently purchased this Got2b Fat-tastic at Walmart for $3.97. I’ve tried so many “thickening/root lift” products and this is the best yet! I’m VERY happy I bought it!I’ve read reviews that talk about how bad it smells. Mmmm…. no…. I have a super keen sense of smell, and this product doesn’t smell bad. Actually, it has very little fragrance to it. I can’t smell it in my hair at all.Shake can well, and mousse comes out powerfully, so just squeeze a little bit – about the size of an egg for all your root area. It has amazing lasting power! It seriously is the most helpful product for “root lift” I’ve tried – ever!The price point is so low I thought it might be kind of worthless. Not the case at all though! It DOES provide volume and lift! All day, and through the evening too! I’ll buy it again. For sure. Because it actually does what it says it will do. VERY good stuff! Highly recommend. Again, it doesn’t have any type of bad smell! I think it’s a very light, run-of-the mill fragrance. Super mild. But it gives your hair powerful lift & volume. Doesn’t make my hair crunchy or rough, either!Oh – and I’ve got the “Not Your Mother’s” brand of powder root lift – it’s called Girl Power Volumizing Hair Powder. I also have got2b “Powderful” which is the same thing as the Girl Power. They work ok, but the lift & volume doesn’t last as long as the Fat-tastic, and just doesn’t do the job as well as Fat-tastic!

Sheri Winnett, MT
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Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrocream Whip, 6.7 Ounce

Enjoy long-lasting, touchable hold and volume with a silky, soft finish.

Key features

  • Light conditioners and natural Awapuhi extract fight frizz and balance moisture for healthy-looking hair
  • This formula meets stringent VOC clean air standards for the USA
  • John Paul Mitchell Systems does not conduct or endorse animal testing

Honest reviews



Grabbed this as suggested by my hairdresser and I absolutely love it. I have naturally wavy hair and can never do anything with it that doesn’t end in me looking like a frazzled hobo. This stuff helps shape my curls and does NOT leave my hair feeling hard and plasticy like many other brands of mousse do.I squeeze in about a coin-dollar sized amount, work it into my palms and spread it evenly throughout my hair. Afterwards, I simply twist tendrils of hair to achieve loose curls (like I get from a curling iron), scrunch my hair from the bottom up, and let it air dry. I have tried to use a diffuser and blow dry my hair, but I end up with a frantic look still, so I simply walk out the door and let my hair naturally dry.It’s a bit pricey on amazon when you take into account the S&H; most people charge. I grabbed this bottle at a local beauty supply store; you might want to call and ask if they have any in your area before you grab one from here.

Bianca Spring City, TN


I love this stuff. It smells as good as the rest of the line & along with the hydromist blow out spray a great combination. Love this whole line.

Eleanor Kermit, WV

If your hair is…

…dry, damaged, aging, coarse, processed then this ‘mousse’ may be for you! It allows for styling AND softness. It is so expensive I wanted to cry and die, but worth it for my hair not to feel dry, coarse, frizzy, and crunchy. I love it. So, I pay the price…

Bridgette Morrow, OH
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John Frieda Frizz Ease 100% Shine Glossing Mist, 3 Ounces

This glosser gives hair a highly reflective, glistening finish. Just a mist revitalizes shine while smoothing flyaways and frizz. Use anywhere, anytime for a flawless finish.

Key features

  • Delivers bursts of high-gloss shine and glistening finish to any style, anytime
  • Ultra-light, non-greasy formula smoothes frays, frizz and flyaways
  • Non-greasy formula revitalizes shine in between shampoos

Honest reviews


The smell made it unusable for me

Let me say that I’m a John Frieda fan. I use the Frizz-Ease hair serum on my thick, curly hair every day and it works wonders. So I was prepared to like this product.I’m not very sensitive to product scents; I will use most anything if it makes my hair look good. This one is an exception, though. It smells terrible — to my nose it’s a combination of watermelon, dead fish, and baby powder — and the smell does not go away as the product settles and dries. I couldn’t even give this a second test try because it smelled so bad. It did make my hair shiny, but there is no way I could possibly use it. Bummer! I see that a couple other reviewers have liked it, though, so it’s definitely a subjective matter and not everyone would find the smell so objectionable.

Jewell Achille, OK


John Frieda products are great. I have black long hair and always looking for that extra shine. This product was it, and it does not weigh it down!

Adele Canton, MA

Inexpensive, effective and sleek!

I am in love with this spray! I am not into expensive products or high maintenance hair reginmens. I like my hair to be fast and decent looking. I have hair a few inches below my shoulders that is straight. I was it and blow dry it straight just about every day and leave it plain (I know it’s boring). I notice it looks a little dull sometimes and I have some fly aways. I have looked for products but every hair stylist I go to tries to sell me a $25+ product. I bought this spray at Fred Meyer (but it’s actually much better priced on Amazon) and have fallen in love with it. It just takes a few sprays and your hair looks much healthier and shinier and stays all where you want it. The only down fall I would say is if you don’t wash your hair daily then I think the second day it makes your hair a little greasier. But, that’s not a big deal for me, and I’m sure all products like this do the same. Anyway, I will be buying this on Amazon from here on out and would recommend it for anyone looking for an inexpensive solution for dull hair!

Dianna Berlin, WI
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Pantene Pro-V Triple Action Volume Maximum Hold Hair Mousse 6.6 Oz

Pantene Pro-V InnovationAdvanced Triple-Action technology gives you amazing all-over volume that lasts. It works with the unique structure of fine hair in 3 ways: Creates invisible support for fine hair structureVolumizes by lifting hair at the rootsHelps locks in your style with all-day humidity protection

Key features

  • Boosts strands all-over volume that lasts
  • Do the style, not the damage
  • 2X Lasting Volume* (*vs. no treatment)
  • Hold level 4

Honest reviews


I cannot fairly review this product

I love pantene, but this product was not for me. I did not realize until after I received it that it was for “fine hair” which I do not have. It works fine but I cannot review it properly because I have thick hair.

Shirley Carmichael, CA

Every day mousse

This is my go to mousse for daily go to work stuff, very nice and medium weight. I do have to brush it off once it is dried so the hair does not feel stiff.

Bobbi Boyceville, WI

Gives volume!

I love this mousse! It gives my hair more volume and a little bit of hold. This will be the only mousse I use from now on!

Lorena Milbank, SD
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Maybelline New York Dream Mousse Blush, 60 Coffee Cake, 0.2 Ounce

Air soft formula provides luminous, long lasting color to cheeks. Glides on smoothly and blends easily for seamless color and a natural, radiant finish. Air whipped mousse delivers a satin soft feel on skin. Long wearing formula will not clog pores.

Key features

  • Air soft formula
  • Luminous color
  • Blends easily

Honest reviews


Love it

I actually found this in the clearance trays…I absolutely love this product and hate that it is discontinued. Had I known it would be, I would have grabbed as many as I can. This product goes perfect with my skin, it blends very well and gives just the shimmer that I am looking for. I love it because it highlights the cheek areas well..I even use it under my eyes for a quick shimmer. Please bring this product back!!!

Alyssa Grant, NE


when i first saw it online, i thought the color was going to be super dark and should be used as a bronzer instead of a blush. but after trying it on, i am soo in love with this product. it is light, the texture is very very soft and is pretty pigmented. this color has a tad of pink and is very shimmery. this has definitely became one of my favorite face products.

Adela Ganado, AZ

Love this product

This product is very nice and goes on very easy. Good for a summer or winter glow. Unfortunately this product is not available anymore so I bought what I could find so I will at least have some for a while. Do not like the new stuff.

Cindy Lakeport, CA
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Redken Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream Mousse, 2.3 Ounce

Bonding System with cationic conditionin agents and style polymers provide added control, shiny softners and manageability. UV Filter helps prevent damage from environment aggressors. The lightness of a mousse: Revolutionary aerated creame adds featherweight body.

Key features

  • Bonding System with cationic conditionin agents
  • Prevents damage from environment aggressors
  • Adds featherweight body

Honest reviews


My hair likes!

My hair is thinning and very fine and straight. Recently I also began to color it. I use this after shampoo and it’s like a conditioner. Not sure how much volume it gives it- I usually use volumizing powder after styling and that helps more than this does to give volume. But it seems like it conditions my hair without weighing it down.

Nita Wabash, IN

Awesome product!

I have used regular mousses for years. When one of my reps told me about this product, I was over-joyed! For years I would either accidently drop the cans of mousse and break the tops or the product would liquify before I could use it all up! You only have to use about a nickle to a quarter size of the product( depending on the thickness of the hair) and make sure you work it onto your fingers and massage it on your scalp only if you are going for just lift with a smooth look. It’s great for naturally curly hair too. Of course with curly hair you want to distribute the product all over evenly. You will never use another type of mousse again once you try this one.

Julia Rangely, CO


This does add body to my hair but at the cost of a soft feel. My hair feels drier and more frizzy when I use it. I prefer to have less volume and have my hair at least feel soft.

Ila Parma, MO
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