FantaSea Disposable Lip Brushes, 25 Count

Disposable lip brushes

Key features

  • Disposable lip brushes
  • 25 count

Honest reviews


Lip Brushes for Latisse

I bought the disposable lip brushes to be used for Latisse application. I found the brushes to big for the application and they were not absorbent enough, using too much Latisse for the intended application.

Marci Fargo, ND


I was truly disappointed when I opened this package. The website pictured a fullsize brush. This is a small, paint-by-number quality brush…CHEAP! With plastic bristles.

Alyson Clio, WV

Use for Latrisse

I bought these for the Latrisse I have been using. They work wonders. When the bottle of Latrisse comes, they give you ONE (1) of these. With bacteria and things like that it’s not good to b using the eyelid brush.

Carrie Morehead, KY
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Maybelline New York Expert Tools, Lip Brush

Retractable, portable brush for applying lipstick and gloss. 100% natural fibers.

Key features

  • Convenient retractable case
  • 100% natural bristles
  • Precise lipcolor application

Honest reviews


Perfect lip brush

This lip brush is just what I was looking for at more than half the price. It is retractable so the bristles don’t get bent and become unusable. Was shipped quickly and packaged well.

Stacey Stumpy Point, NC

Better Than the Pricey Brands

Although this is not the most expensive lip brush and even though it is Maybelline, as opposed to a department store brand or designer brand, it works as well or better than those. I have tried various kinds ranging in price well above the cost of this one, and it simply cannot be beat. It is long enough both in the handle and in the bristles. It is wide enough. It covers the lips nicely and smoothly. The other brands I’ve tried, regardless of price, tend to have thinner, sparse bristles that do not coat as well or feel as luxurious.

Margo White Mills, KY

Best lip brush I’ve ever had

The retractable tip of this brush is really handy. It keeps the brush in good shape and allows you to carry it in a purse or overnight bag with much fuss.

Margarita Sparkill, NY
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Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Brush Studio Line – Precision Lip Liner 540

This brush is ideal for lipstick and eyeliner application. It can be used to draw perfect lip contours. Bdellium Tools Studio Line of brushes are makeup tools designed from top grade materials and assembled by hand for a superior quality. Each and every brush showcases the flawless application medium that is Bdellium Tools. From precisely shaped brush heads to balanced mixtures of natural and/or synthetic hair bristles, the luxuriously lacquered long wooden handle of the Studio Line will give you optimum control and comfort resulting in a perfect application time after time.

Key features

  • Perfect for flawless application
  • Luxuriously lacquered wooden handle for convenience
  • Ideal for lipstick application
  • Also to draw perfect lip contours

Honest reviews


An ok brush

This brush is not terrible, but not all that impressive either. It was really stiff. Really stiff. I felt like I had to bend the bristles in order to “activate” it. I was quite surprised. I purchased two of them, and ended up testing them both on myself to see if the first was a fluke. Sadly it was not. I am a makeup artist, and I was hoping to add a few of these to my kit, but I don’t believe I will.

Nichole Kevin, MT

Antibacterial brush, bad design

I bought this retractable lip brush and was excited to finally find a brush with antibacterial properties, however I was quickly disappointed when I received the brush. Although the brush is retractable, there is nothing covering the opening that the brush retracts into, so although the brush is retracted, you will most defiantly get dirt and anything else inside of your purse stuck in there with the brush. What good is having an antibacterial brush if you have to wash the darn thing everytime you use it…bad design…this gets one star for effort.

Roseann White Sulphur Springs, NY

Would buy again!

I love this brush! I’m very happy I bought it. It allows for an easy trace of the lip line without having to follow a lip liner and is precise in its application. I actually bought this on a whim and loved it upon the first use. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to other higher end brushes so you can’t go wrong.

Dee Bloomfield, IA
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