21st Century Herbal Clear Deodorant, Aloe Fresh, 2.65-Ounce

Obtain ultimate protection with the help of 21st Century Herbal Deodorant! This aloe fresh stick features vitamins A & E for long-lasting freshness.

Key features

  • It is a natural deodorant.
  • It has fresh Aloe formula.
  • It is hypoallergic.

Honest reviews


Gentle, Clean-Smelling and it Works!

Gentle, Clean-Smelling and it Works!+ No aluminum to negatively affect your body,+ No yellow sweaty armpit stains on light colored clothes,+ No past funk residue after laundering on clothes+ You’ll smell good even after a hot Texas day!NOTE>>>THIS IS NOT ANTIPERSPIRANT**It’s difficult to find locally and worth shopping around with different sellers for good pricing and shipping so you can stock up.

Chelsea Talkeetna, AK

Better than others

I like this deodorant because it’s all natural. It don’t have anything harmful in it like the other brands that are out there on the market. The smell seems kinda feminine, I guess that’s the aloe that I’m smelling? Just something I will just have to get used to because I’m not switching back to the other brands.Also, this is not really waterproof, a little bit of water will take it off. So don’t go around shooting super soakers and expect to still smell like a princess 😛

Wilda Loretto, MI

no traces on clothing

Clear stick formula with a mid strong scent, which disappears upon application. It works all day to keep me odor free and maybe even sweatfree. Good for a woman

Amy Atwood, OK
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