Revlon Volume Stay Titanium Hot Air Kit

Revlon’s 1200 watt titanium hot air kit creates smooth styles, curls and waves with gorgeous shine all without frizz. for styling flexibility 3 heat and 3 speed settings are offered. 3 attachments included: 1inch and 1-1/2 inch titanium thermal brush attachments and a concentrator attachment.

Key features

  • Create long lasting styles
  • Tangle free swivel cord
  • 3 heat and speed settings
  • Attachment release button
  • Concentrator attachment, 1 and 1-1/2 inch titanium thermal brush attachments

Honest reviews


Used to be a loyal fan, but…

I have used Revlon hot air stylers for over 10 years now. My first one lasted for 3-4 years. My second one about 2-3 years and the last two only 1-2 years. Each time I got a new one it was a different design, as the old one was no longer being sold. They continuosly made them cheaper with each new release. The one I am reviewingRevlon Hot Air Kitis the last one I purchased. I only had it for 6 months and the clip which holds the attachments on broke. I now have to hold the brush on with one hand while rolling with the other, and try to not burn myself in the meantime. I am highly disappointed as I have always loved, and recommended, Revlon stylers…but no more. I am reluctantly purchasing another one after trying two other brands that I did not like. The device itself is great, and the brush sizes are perfect, but Revlon needs to fix the design flaw of the cheap release clip. Their old ones never had this problem! If it weren’t for the faulty clip, I would rate this at least a four star.

Annette Oxford, NE

just got this ok

was hopin for a rotating brush type. but I need an extra hair dryer. this has a blower attachment so I can use it as a hair dryer. ive read reviews that the brushes fall off over time and people have taped them on. that is what I will do if it happens. Im gonna use this one for the gym. I bought another with rotating head for here…I acutally used it for the first time and I like it. it doesn’t rotate and I have a rotating brush. but I find that I have more control this way. its very nice and I love how my short Barbara Streisand styled hair came out. it comes down to the end of my neck. I also have the Conair bm20 and like them both as well as the Conair infiniti.. but the infiniti give my hair more body than a flip at the ends which this does. I like it!

Eve Shannon, IL

Really awesome! Makes shiny, full hair!

works like it says it will. I also watched a video on you tube with instructions. I love this. Makes hair shiny and bouncy!

Lora Hilliard, OH
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Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler

The Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet/Dry Hot Air Styler straightens, shines, and controls frizz with its Triple Action Styling System. It detangles, straightens, and shines with ease. The unique tension control system is suited for all hair types. It features Tourmaline Ceramic Technology, technology that outputs ions to help smooth the cuticle layer drying from the inside out, providing faster, more gentle, more efficient drying process. Infrared energy protects hair’s natural luster creating silky, shiny hair. This seals the hair cuticle, reducing frizziness, leaving the hair shiny and more manageable. It also includes a 2-speed slide switch, and a cool shot button to lock in styles.

Key features

  • Straightens, shines, and controls frizz with a Triple Action Styling System
  • Unique tension control system is suited for all hair types
  • Features tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Infrared energy protects hair’s natural luster creating silky, shiny hair
  • Includes a 2-speed slide switch, and a cool shot button to lock in styles

Honest reviews


Maybe You Won’t Need To Buy Both the Styler and Dryer.

I gave a very favorable review to the Infiniti tourmaline hair designer, the hair dryer sold by Conair as an accompaniment to this Hot Air Styler. I tried the Hot Air Styler because it was light weight, and also appeared to be lighter and more portable than the dryer. As it happened, two hours after the Styler was delivered via Fed Ex, I got caught in a rainstorm while running and was able to test the Styler on my very wet, long, curly hair. It appears to work as well as the hair dryer and is also highly maneuverable. In fact, I think that you might want to try it before either purchasing the dryer or buying both items together as Amazon suggests.

Kara Bridgeport, IL

this dryer sucks

I bought this drying straightener and was just thrilled with the way it worked, the first time. The second time I went to turn it on, it started smoking and died.Not worth fifty bucks!!!

Kathie San Felipe, TX



Claudia Reform, AL
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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 2 Inch Rotating Hot Air Brush, Blue

The BaBylissPRO Spin Air Brush will become your salon’s “go-to” styling and finishing tool. Guaranteed. A precisely calibrated warm airflow works with our anti-static bristle mix to deliver explosive volume and brilliant shine you just have to feel to believe. The rotating barrel is bi-directional, moving crisply either forward or backward. The tool adapts to your needs. Controls are ergonomically placed. The feel is solid and true. You’re going to love working with the Spin Air Brush. Your clients are going to love the way their hair looks.

Key features

  • Multidirection 2 inch barrel rotates to add volume and shine
  • Push-button forward/reverse controls
  • Nano Titanium technology
  • Ionic technology and anti-static bristles reduce frizz and enhance shine
  • 3 temperature settings style all hair types

Honest reviews



This product isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t call it great either. It might have to do with the fact that it really doesn’t heat up that much, so the inner metal tube isn’t able to truly get a good curl. I was also expecting a little better in the way of smoothing my hair (my hair frizzes quite a bit), and I was disappointed there as well. Again, might have to do with the heat settings.The directional buttons are interesting to use. I recommend as soon as you get the device with your hair to your scalp (or wherever you stop the rotating bristles at), to remove your finger entirely off the button while you let the heat blow on it. If you’re like me you may accidently hit it again, it will cause it to tighten against your head too much and then you have to reverse directions to loosen it and hope you don’t get your hair all tangled. This is probably due more to my lack of coordination, but I’m sure there are others out there like me. :)This would be nice if you’re mainly looking for a little bit of casual wave and drying mechanism in one device. I have to admit I still tend to grab my real dryer and curling iron if I’m going somewhere special. I would classify this as providing more of an everyday look as it just doesn’t have the wow factor results I was expecting. Would be good to take on vacations and what not as it could do both in a pinch.

Vivian Christiansted, VI

I LOVE mine, and now I’m back to buy more as Christmas gifts! 🙂

I really like this. It took a few times using it though to get comfortable with it and really get the hang of it. At first I went back and fourth to my old dryer and brush while styling my hair but not now. Using it has gotten much easier with practice and it’s faster for me to use than a brush and dryer because it’s an all in one, so it’s like having an extra hand. I just grab a chunk of hair, and then it brushes through it, smoothes it, and even adds large barrel curls. I have naturally curly hair that is fine, but I have a lot of it. Hard to manage and gets frizzy easily if not styled properly. After using this to dry/style my hair my hair is smooth and silky looking, has curls and waves, and bounce. I absolutely love this thing! I’m back on Amazon now to buy some as Christmas gifts! 🙂

Helena Wheeler Army Airfield, HI

Only for Long, long hair. Not shoulder length hair.

I gave it 3 stars, only because it is soooo big. The brush is huge, and is for only very long hair. Mine is shoulder length and couldn’t even try it. I returned it for a smaller brush, I bought the "Hotstick" Ion brush and love it.This might be a very good hot air brush, but not for shoulder length hair.

Lauri Everettville, WV
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Conair Supreme 2-in-1 Hot Air Styling Brush, Black and Gold

2 heat settings for fast styling as you dry. Creates soft, voluminous curls and waves. Air flows to the roots for added lift and body. Aluminum barrel with superior heat transfer for longer lasting styles. Hot air jets let you style as you dry. Features: 1-1/2 inch curling iron and brush attachments. 3 Position switch (high/low/off). Dual voltage for worldwide travel. Cool tip. Safety stand. One year limited warranty.

Key features

  • Big barrel 1-1/2″ hot air curling brush uses hot air jets to create voluminous curls and waves
  • Use on wet or dry hair – hot air adds volume at roots and adds body
  • 1″ natural boar and nylon bristle brush attachment
  • Aluminum barrel provides superior heat transfer for long lasting styles
  • 3-position switch (High/Low/Off)
  • Dual voltage and Cool tip
  • The item has a ‘open’ to ‘lock’ feature to keep the brush locked while usage

Honest reviews


not for short hair

This product is not at all good for short hair. The barrel is huge! I know the description gives the 1-1/2″ measurement but nowhere does it say anything about hair length recommendations. I have to wrap my hair around half the brush and hold it there with my hand (hot!) because it doesn’t even begin to wrap enough to stay on there. Slightly better luck with the curling iron attachment. This will be a fine product if you have at least shoulder length hair. Otherwise, look elsewhere. Now I am hoping mine burns up so I can return it at Amazon’s expense instead of mine.

Jodi Beccaria, PA

Much better than their newer model!!!

I have had a few of these and I love it!!! I ordered their newer model and ended up giving it to a friend. I have very thick hair and it tends to be puffy and on the wavy side. After I blow dry my hair, I use this and it smooths out my hair beautifully. I can also flip my sides back and the bottom length under. I hope that this isn’t going to be discontinued. It works way better than their newer model! Please keep making these. I recently ordered another because it works so well!

Evelyn Calhoun City, MS

Been using daily for 10+ years

I love and live by this tool. I have been using this since I was in junior high and I am now 27. I have a layered hair cut, and this gives me he right amount of curl in towards the face that I have always loved. It smoothes my hair, gives it bounce and body, and gives me the layered around my face look. I love it. It makes my hair look so much better than any old hair dryer and brush combo could. I have always gotten compliments on my hair, and I always attribute it to this hair tool. It is my beauty secret, if you will. It is something I will never be without. I use it daily and my hair is still healthy, so I believe it is less damaging than a normal curler. I can’t live without it.I took off a star because these things do not last long at all. Some break within 2 months, some last almost a year. I’ve been using these for so long and I have gone through a tone. However, I have yet to find a product that compares with my hair, and I can usually pick one up for fifteen to twenty dollars, so I feel it is well worth the bargain.I should also point out that I only always use the stiff bristled brush that comes with it. It combs out all the tangles and locks them that way, so it leaves the hair great looking all day.I also do find that after the initial curling that my hair relaxes a tiny bit through out the day, but that just makes the curl and body look more natural.I have also had my hair all different lengths from hitting just at my shoulder to down the middle of my back and have always used this – no matter then length, it always smoothes and pefects. It’s a wonderful tool, even if it doesn’t last long. Although, it might not last because I use it almomst daily!Also, I would like to point out, I often switch between different types of shampoo/conditioner, from Pantene, Tresemee, Pureology, Biolage…and no matter which type I use, I always get the same results…from cheap to expensive.Give it a shot for salon perfect hair!

Susan Mc Dougal, AR
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Revlon Shine Enchancing Hot Air Kit

Revlon 1200W Ionic Hot Air Dryer and Styler has ionic technology to dry hair faster by reducing size of water droplets and infusing moisture into hair, preventing frizz and adding volume. It has 1200 watts of power. It styles and dries all types and lengths of hair. It has an Ion inchON/OFFinch switch with light. There are 3 heats and 3 speed settings including a cold setting. There are 1inch and 1½inch interchangeable aluminum thermal barrels retain heat and create large and extra-large curls and waves. It also has an airflow concentrator attachment.

Key features

  • Ionic Technology helps reduce drying time
  • Ion On/Off Switch with Indicator Light
  • 3 Heat/Speed Settings with Cool Shot
  • 1″ & 1-1/2″ Thermal Brush Attachments
  • Attachment Release Button for an easy switch

Honest reviews


Works well

This product works really well, because you don’t have to hold a brush and hair dryer at the same time. For myself, I am happy with it.

Jewell Smithfield, OH

Loud and a little difficult to use

This does the job but not easily. The handle is large and a bit difficult to maneuver. The brush gets hot fast so be prepared. I tend to use it on the lower or cool settings. Finally it is loud, loud like a leaf blower. I put ear plugs in whenever I use it otherwise it is too troublesome. All in all it styles well but I am going to search for a quieter product.

Libby Corning, CA

Instant body – Love it!

I have a lot of hair that lays flat on my head. This wonderful product is easy to use and give me the body I want. I cannot believe how simple it is to use. Per instructions I waiting until my hair was about 1/2 dry, then I sectioned it off, and started drying. I cannot believe how much body my hair has with no products! And it stays that way without any hair spray. Seriously love it and wish I had purchased one a long time ago.PS: I’m lazy and don’t want to waste hours drying and fixing my hair. This does it in one step of drying and styling.

Tamika Glenwood, UT
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Helen of Troy Professional Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush Iron

Helen of Troy – 3/4 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush with Soft Grip Textured Handle – #1579R A Blow Dryer and Styling Brush in One! Styles and dries your hair without tangling. Features: – 3/4 inch Barrel for Full Bodied Curls – Rotating Vented Barrel Releases Tangle Free Curls – Removable Sleeve for Easy Cleaning – High/Low Heat Settings for All Hair Types – Textured Soft Grip Handle for a More Comfortable and Secure Feel – 8 Foot Tangle Proof Swivel Cord – Cool Tip – Flexible, Ball Tipped Bristles Gently Grip Hair, Softly Rest Against your Head – Barrel Locks in Place for Curling and Unlocks for Unwinding – Powerful 250 Watt Motor Dries Hair Quickly – Pro Guard Safety Plug with Test and Retest Functions for Immersion Shock Protection (#1579R)

Key features

  • Highest Quality Appliances available

Honest reviews


Great hot air brush

It help me when the weather is humid and my is frizzy. It straighten my hair and gives me great results. The sellet is prompt. Excellent service.

Erna Tama, IA

one of the best

I always use a hot air brush after my frizzy hair is 1/2 way dry. My old 1 is on it’s last leg so I got this one. I used it twice and I do like it , it work well, but as long as my old favorite 1 works I will use it.i

Connie Cold Spring, MN

Hot brush

I hadn’t bough one of these in a while. It works but I would never call it powerful, sorta loud, very cheesy. I maybe use it weekly or less, I don’t think it would stand up to everyday use.

Adeline Wingina, VA
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Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin Styler, 2-Inch

Conair BC178 InfinitiPro Spin Air Rotating Styler InfinitiPro Spin Air Rotating Styler is an all-in-one tool that produces versatile hairstyles. Conair is revolutionizing the way you dry and style your hair with the BC178 Spin Air Rotating Styler. It gives volume and shine to your hair while it simultaneously dries each strand. Drying is safe and delicate while delivering high heat. Don’t worry about damaging hot spots or frizzy strands with the BC178 Spin Air Rotating Styler. It’s convenient and easy to use and eliminates the need for a brush. View larger Before and After View larger Ion Technology gives you healthy, silky results Designed with ion technology, the BC178 allows you to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair without damage. True ionic generator releases up to 100x more concentrated ions than ions created from natural sources to protect hair from damage and seal in moisture for silky, smooth results and gorgeous shine. Create volume that fits your style To customize your volume, use with or without the spin function. This gives you ultimate freedom to volumize just as you like it and shine as you dry. Use with or without spin function This spinning brush opens the possibility for numerous styles and techniques. It adds volume while drying your hair and can give a distinct style other brushes cannot. You can also use it without the spin function for additional styles. And use the multi-directional rotation for carrying techniques and styles. The tangle-free anti-static bristles work through your hair to produces volumized results. Lightweight design for prolonged styling The BC178’s lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to use from any angle. Whether you have long hair or a short cut, the styler is well-balanced for easy movement, and the contoured handle makes it comfortable to grip. View larger 3 Heat and 2 Speed Settings For customizable styling, the BC178 features three heat settings along with a low and high speed setting. With an easy flick of the rocker switches, any combination of these settings can be used to match your hair texture and length. For example, the low-heat, low-speed setting is ideal for delicate, fine hair of all lengths, while the high-heat, high-speed setting is best suited for thick or long hair. Features: Volumizes and shines as you dry Ceramic technology safely dries and promotes healthy hair Faster, smoother hair, less frizz 2 heat settings plus cool setting for all hair types Multidirectional brush rotates in both directions to volumize and shine Use with or without spin function Tangle-free antistatic bristles Removable filter allows lint cleanup and extends motor life Limited three-year warranty

Key features

  • Volumizes and shines as you dry with ceramic technology that safely dries and promotes healthy hair
  • 2 Heat settings plus cool setting for all hair types
  • Multidirectional brush rotates in both directions to volumize and shine; use with or without spin function
  • Tangle-free antistatic bristles
  • Removable filter allows lint cleanup and extends motor life

Honest reviews


It works, but it’s too much work

I have very straight, fine, almost shoulder-length hair that I typically style using a round brush and hair dryer, followed by a straightening iron to smooth everything down. I thought this product might help me eliminate some of those pieces, particularly when traveling, and I was also intrigued with the claims of faster drying and the ionizing properties.What I found:Pro: Added volume and shininessCon: Very heavy; unwieldy; not terribly intuitive (for me, anyway)The Styler is very large and very heavy. Although I have a large blow dryer, this product is even heavier. The real problem, though, is that the handle is extremely large, which makes it hard for me to grasp for any length of time and I have big hands (size 8.5 glove)!The spin feature is triggered by pressing a button — one button goes clockwise, the other counterclockwise, which would be really handy if you have hair long enough to roll up on this thing. However, I kept using the wrong button and would thus either change an under flip to an over flip, or just ruck up a layer of hair that I was trying to get to lie smoothly.The product claims to dry hair “faster” but I’m not sure what it is supposed to be faster than. It definitely took longer to dry and style with this than with my traditional methodology. I’m sure some of that is from not being used to it.I do think my hair looked shinier after using this product, and I think it was easier to add volume at the roots with this product than with my round brush and dryer.I found the styler to be too big and heavy to want to use, despite some improvement in results over the three-tool method. For travel, it is slightly less bulky than my other tools, but heavier, so I think that benefit cancels out. If they could make this work with a brush the same size but a handle more the size of a traditional curling iron, I’d be interested, but, as it is, it’s just too much work.

Lena Portsmouth, RI

Great Product, but not a Swiss Army Knife…

This product worked very well as advertised. It is very good for brushing out long hair while partially drying it. On the plus side, my wife tried to tangle her hair with it, and it simply would not tangle, which is a first! As impressive as that is, there are mote positives. I tried touching the brush while on and found that I was unable to find a way that would result in a burn, so this is very safe to use. There are adjustments for temperature as you would find on any quality hair dryer. Also, the cord is a bit longer than your typical dryer, so you have plenty of room to work.Now for the drawback, and there really is only one. The airflow is a bit anemic. Perhaps this is the only way it could be done, since more airflow would blow your hair right out of the brush, but the end result is that this will not replace your blow dryer. As I said, I don’t think it is really designed to replace anything, so I didn’t knock off a star for something it isn’t designed to do, but you should be aware before purchasing that this is to style and brush your hair, but not to dry it.

Eugenia Pleasanton, KS


I’ve never seen the commercial for this product. I had immediate anxiety when I discovered the tip of the styler rotates. I pictured knots, a hair nest, and some pain. I am pleasantly surprised. The more I use this product, the more I love it.THE BRUSHThe styler has a brush top. I want to warn you that when the brush is in your hair, it’s not going to feel like it has enough strength to do the job. The brush felt too soft in my hair. It does do the trick.THE SETTINGSThere are thee settings: low, high and cool. There are also two buttons that can be pressed with the thumb. One rotates the brush head clockwise and one rotates it counter clockwise. When I had the brush on “cool” the rotate function does not work.BENEFITSThis product saves the wrists. It takes a two hand task and makes it doable with one hand. The rotating brush really saves time because I don’t have to hold a brush in my other hand while drying. The fact that the brush rotates both ways makes it easy to style hair no matter what section of hair I’m working on. No more sore arms or wrists.My hair is shinier. It looks smoother. When I use this, I don’t need to straighten it with a flat iron afterwards.It’s really a great product.TIPSComb your hair out before you start using it. To me this is common sense but I felt the need to add this.My hair is half way down my back. I don’t pre-dry it with a dryer before using this. If anything, it takes 5-10 minutes longer to dry but I save that time by not having to use a straightener after my hair is dry. In essence, it takes the same amount of time it normally does to do my hair and uses 1/3 of the tools.NOTE: You DON’T need to ever roll your hair around this brush. You use it the same as you would use a round brush during a blowout.I found that it’s easier to use this product on the low setting. The brush rotates slower and it makes it easier to style.I tried this on my son’s short hair. I put a bit of gel on top. Combed through the top of his hair making the brush move towards the back of his head. Instant lift and spikage. Now, he didn’t appreciate this experimentation. So we wet the top of his hair and this time brushed with the rotator going toward his face. Instant combed down, flat hair. It was very cool.During my week long experiment with this tool, I’ve found a way to make my long hair flip out or curl under. Comb a bit of gel through the ends of your hair. Then place the brush at the bottom of your hair and keep the rotation button pressed, it will continue to roll that part of hair again and again making either a little flip or an undercurl. This works at the bottom only because there is no additional hair that the brush is going to try to roll. The hair continues to tumble.When using this to straighten hair, start at the root, as soon as the hair is in the brush, press the rotation button and pull the brush down as you would any round brush during styling. It’s really that easy. The hardest part is knowing which button makes the brush turn which way. In this instance, the direction that the brush moves will depend on whether or not you’ve place the brush above or below the section of hair you’re drying. If you push the wrong button…the hair will start to come out of the brush. It’s trial and error based on how the user is used to blowing out hair.To add volume, start at the root. Instead of using the rotator, just leave the brush at the root. It would be the same as if you are using a round brush to add volume.I was surprised at the negative reviews and difficulty others with long hair had. I don’t understand why there were problems. If anyone has questions before buying, please feel free to contact me. I think this is a great product, very easy to use and especially kind on the arms and wrists. I would pay to replace this product if it ever broke. I love it that much.

Kenya Mountville, SC
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Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler Hot Air Brush Plus Bonuses

The Perfecter FUSION STYLER was created by Maria McCool, a nationally and internationally recognized stylist for over 25 years. Maria set out to develop a professional-grade product that would solve common hair issues for women everywhere. The Perfecter hot air brush utilizes ceramic and ionic technology to help infuse body and shine. The pro-quality bristles work to help perfectly smooth, lift and direct your hair. The Perfecter features two temperature settings to choose from and boasts an automatic shut off after one hour, so you never have to worry if you remembered to turn it off. The Perfecter FUSION HAIR STYLER is a heated round brush used to help add volume, body and shine, and to help create smooth, frizz free hair for all textures and lengths. This heated round brush is for all hair types; thin to very thick, straight to super curly, fine to really coarse and both long and short. The Perfecter Fusion hair styling tool will replace your hairbrush, flat iron, curling iron and hot rollers!

Key features

  • INCLUDES: Perfecter Fusion Styler, 3 styling clips, detangle brush, and thermal travel case.
  • As Seen On TV, the Perfecter Fusion Styler is the all-in-one hair styler that will replace your hairbrush, flat iron, curling iron and hot rollers!
  • The Perfecter Fusion Hot Air Brush is the only hair styling tool you can hold with both hands and not have to avoid burning hot plates or barrels. Ceramic barrel, variable heat settings, Heats up to 390º F.
  • The Perfecter Fusion heated round brush uses ionic technology to help hydrate and heal hair, as well as gentle ceramic heating to achieve salon-finished styles at home.
  • Create silky straight styles or beautiful bouncing curls. Remove frizz for a smooth lush texture. In just 3 Minutes, you can now curl, bend, smooth, straighten, shine, increase volume and so much more!

Honest reviews


Best Christmas Gift 🙂

My mom bought me this hairstyle as an early Christmas gift and I am absolutely in love with it. I have naturally pin straight, baby fine hair and although I don’t have any problem styling it with flat irons and wands, my bangs can be a pain in the behind. If I don’t style them with a large round brush and dryer, they lie flat on my forehead in a scraggly kind of way. Unfortunately, blow drying with a round brush is one thing I’m not very good at and while I can usually get my bangs to look alright, there are plenty of days that they just look ‘weird’. This brush makes styling my bangs soooo much easier and I love that I can use both hands freely without risk of burning myself. If I over curl my bangs, I just slowly brush them downwards at an angle with this brush (left/right) until bam! – perfection :)I don’t think I’ll ever get any root lift from this brush but that’s something I’ve never been able to achieve anyways; I think my hair is simply too long to stay lifted at the roots without massive amounts of styling products and I prefer not to use any – I like my hair to have movement. I am able to get my hair to look as though I’ve had a blow out with a round brush using this brush and that’s pretty much effortless. I can also produce loose wavy curls; but I think I’ll stick to my other irons for this since I’m fearful that my hair will get tangled in the tines.I am surprised that some of the reviewers have had issues with the tines breaking off as they’re not thin at all but rather, pretty heavy duty, thick plastic tines. I haven’t owned this brush long enough to know if I’ll have that problem but my mother does own this exact same brush, uses it daily, and has had it for about 6 months and it still looks good as new – no missing tines whatsoever. So far, I think this is a very quality made product and I would highly recommend 🙂

Deanna Chapin, IA

No worth The money

I bought this brush and the first thing I have to say is that is nothing else than a hot roller with an attached electric cord.In no way it substitutes a hair dryer and a curling iron. It does not get hot enough. It may be ok for someone with fine hair but I have a full head of curly hair past my shoulder and it did not straighten it. It also gets tangle in the hair when I tried to put some curls in it.I will say, if your hair is mostly straight and is not too longer, this can be useful, but I still think is too expensive for what it is.Also they say you get an extra $40 dollars value in the brush, the 2 clicks and the pouch, well there is no way those things are worth $40.

Jessie Croghan, NY

Calista Perfecter

This last summer I had surgery on the Disks in my neck, the surgery lasted a little over 7 hours and the end result all the disks in my neck were fused together which keeps me from being able to turn my neck like I normally would to curl it, in addition when I was finally able to curl my hair it wouldn’t come off the Iron and burnt off that was either from Thyroid Medication I’d just started taking or the Meds for the surgery I don’t know for sure but after burning it I had to have it cut short but like the cut. In the mean while I was afraid to use my Marcel Curling Iron again, I actually had to throw it away. What a disappointment I have several of the hot brush curling irons that you can buy at any Drug Store, or Beauty Supply Warehouse but they do not get hot enough and I was not able to get the volume I was after. I saw the this product advertised on TV and watched the Video clips about what it can do on YTube, so although expensive to buy the unknown I bought it and I love it. I get the lift, volume and curl on short hair like I never expected to get from any product. I’m an Stylist, or was before this surgery and wish I had known about this Tool a long time ago. If you are using it you do have to hold it on your hair a little longer than advertised for curl and just a little bit of Styling Gel is a good idea (just a bit), don’t expect to just run it through your hair and come up with wonderful curl, but if you just brush it through your hair slowly you will get volume. I do opt to hold it longer than just a second and get the curl and lift where needed and volume all the way down in the back of my cut an my hair shines like crazy. I love it and highly recommend this product. I have fine hair and after using this product my hair looks nice and thick. If you don’t hold your hair down with heavy spray the curl for me lasts two days but being a Stylist I know how to work my hair. If you have difficulty turning your head to curl your hair this is the product for you. I have a razor cut and the end results after using this make for a wonderful style. It is worth every penny, I’d seen it before and wish I had purchased it before I really needed it. Also it does heat up fast, turns off after about an hour of non use and has 3 settings. I really do love it for that stubborn swirl in that area of the crown that is hard to get rid of and make do what you want it to do. I’d never recommend any product that was expensive to anyone if I had not seen the results for myself. It works for me and I LOVE IT.

Joann Letohatchee, AL
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Jilbere Ceramic Tools 1000W Hot Air Brush 1-1/4 Inch

The Jilbere Hot Air Brush features ceramic technology that eliminates frizz, and assists in the breakdown of bacteria buildup in the hair.

Key features

  • Ceramic technology eliminates frizz
  • Ultra lightweight professional motor
  • Smooth nonstick ceramic barrel
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Heats Up to 446°F.

Honest reviews


Don’t Waste Your Money

My first Jilbere hot air brush lasted over 10 years. It had a blue housing. Then another company bought them and they’re called Ceramic Tools. They’re great…for the first couple of weeks. Then they start getting so hot, you can’t even touch the barrel. Then the bristles melt. I’ve had 4 of the “new” model” and they all have the same problem. I’ve contacted Jilbere, but got no response. I’m still looking for another 1-1/4″ hot air brush.

Bridgette Canyon, MN

Great hair appliance

My hair dresser told me to get a hot air brush and this is the one I purchased. I have used this item for at least 3 years now, 1-2x/week. I have thick, long (3″ past shoulder) wavy hair with a little frizz and it was very difficult to get my hair smooth, while still maintaining body. I don’t like the look of flat ironed hair and using a blowdryer and brush is exhausting and time consuming with my kind of hair. Additionally, it was impossible to get the very back of my hair with a brush and heavy blow dryer…the brush would sometimes snag my hair, was difficult to see and hair would sometimes get caught in the blow dryer ugghh!With this tool I let my hair get about 75% dry (air dry or via a regular blow dryer) and then use the hot air brush. It takes about 15-20 minutes of using the brush for me to finish and the look is smoother and shinier than using a brush and hair dryer, especially in the back. I find that I now can get my hair to look as good as the hair stylist. This is basically a brush and blow dryer in one nifty little package. I start at the root and then wrap the hair around the barrel rather than starting at the ends and rolling. I find my method instills more natural, smooth wave as well as body and root lift. I have not had any other hot air brushes to compare, but know that this one does everything I had hoped for. I have thought I should buy another one in case they ever stop making.

Kathy Ravendale, CA

I Love This!

I have short,thin,slightly curly hair. Always just blew it dry with a diffuser to make it curly because I couldn’t manage the round brush and blow dryer technique. My daughter said I look like an old lady and after looking at a picture I agreed. Asked my hairdresser to teach me how to use the round brush. She showed me how and told me to buy this product. I cannot thank her enough. This brush is amazing. I very lightly dry my hair with a blow dryer (or wait afew minutes till it dries slightly) then use this. SOOOO easy and looks just as good as the salon. Dries and styles hair so quickly and I only use the lowest setting. Hair looks shiny and full of volume. Great to add a little oomph at the end of the day without rewetting hair. Wish I knew this product existed before!

Elva Roseglen, ND
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Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Styler Dryer

Top technology and attachments that lock securely into place make this Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Styler Dryer perfect for all of today’s hottest looks. Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic technology smoothes down cuticles to reduce frizz and leave hair more manageable. Gentle heat protects hair. And a swivel cord never gets in the way. Salon results – without the salon – from Infiniti Pro by Conair.

Key features

  • 1875 watts of drying power
  • Ionic technology and tourmaline ceramic coated grille
  • 2 Heat / speed setting and cool shot button to lock in style
  • Features a flat swivel cord and hinged filter
  • Includes bristle brush and wide-tooth dangling comb attachments

Honest reviews


Not Going Back to My Old Hair Dryers!

This is my first “nozzle-less” dryer and I have to admit I won’t be going back to my old fashioned hair dryer! The problem that I was having with the “7” shaped dryer is that it was heavy and unbalanced, sometimes even heavier on the nozzle end making my wrist hurt when drying my waist length hair. Depending on the brand of hair dryer, some nozzles were extra long and my hair would often get sucked into the dryer and I would have to painstakingly pull my hair out.This dryer solves a lot of my problems. It is a lot more ergonomically friendly and I would compare it to the feeling of holding a jumbo hair brush to my hair. No awkwardness whatsoever. Compared to my “7” shaped dryer, this is much lighter. I really love the fact that the electrical cord swivels in a circular 360 degree motion (not just rotates) and also is made to bend at the base so there are no tangles in the cord. It produces ions and even has an LED light at the top of the dryer to tell you that it’s on…(although I’m not sure the whole ion thing is a little overrated). Because of the wide opening for air flow this dryer tends to not blow your hair all around like the regular nozzle does. You can get quite a bit of control of your hair styling with the dryer set on Hi which is great (no diffusing required)..the other nozzle dryers just blow your hair all over the place.This dryer would be 5 stars for me if the cool shot button would stay down when I push it. It creates a lot of fatigue on my hand (carpal tunnel) when I have to keep my finger on it while maneuvering the dryer at the same time. The control switch would be better if instead of the sliding up and down, they changed it to a toggle switch intead..that way I wouldn’t have to stop what I was doing or use two hands to switch the speed. The air flow can get EXTREMELY hot…at 1875 watts it is equivalent to a lot of the other dryers out on the market. However, with a wider air flow, unlike the nozzle type dryers which direct hot air to a concentrated area, the wide air flow can direct hot air to a wider area and you start to get very hot and uncomfortable quickly as if you were standing in front of a heater. It effectively dries hair much more quickly but you have to keep the dryer moving to avoid feeling like you are on fire. My last suggestion would be for better attachments. This dryer comes with 3, but the teeth on each of the attachments are spaced so far apart that it is useless for me. The brush attachment doesn’t do much to style my hair and the straightener and detangler requires a lot of effort on my part to keep my thin, straight, hair from slipping out of the attachment.Overall this was worth the price that I paid and a welcome addition to my beauty arsenal.

Diana Centreville, MD

Great, but needs seperate fan & temperature switches

REALLY PLEASED with the results! It’s not a professional blow-out nor flat iron results but it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten at home – esp in 20 minutes.I find in these reviews, it helps to know hair type of reviewer. I am anglo with medium-to-thick wavy hair that takes FOREVER to dry and frizzes EASILY. The only way I avoid frizz is if I air dry then DO NOT TOUCH IT. I cannot wash everyday (too drying); I often shop for smoothing products in the ethnic section. We can’t go around with wet heads waiting for air dry all the time, so sometimes blow drying is an unfortunate necessity. Hair dryer alone and I’m a big fuzz ball; and I simply CANNOT get the hang of standard dryer and round brush (two hands is not enough). I decided on this dryer because of the double-comb. I saw another review about the need for medium settings and honestly, if they used the same attachment mating as comparable models, I’d have just bought the “replacement part” dbl comb to use with another dryer that has high-med-low. Low on this model is utterly useless for me and High is just TOO HOT (you know the smell)- I DEFINITELY recommend a thermal protector product. So I opted for high and did couple of strokes on high, then Cool button for a couple strokes, repeat, repeat. Then to finish, constantly hold Cool to “set” the style. It’d be really tough to accomplish if you have any sort of hand strength issues. I agree with another review that there is a disconcerting high whine in the motor.Summary: Smooth enough results that still has body and movement. A GREAT solution for quick, low effort smoothing.Conair – on the next model, consider either having separate switches for fan speed and temperature or, at least adding “medium” setting and a way to lock down the Cool blast button.

Jaime Basye, VA

Works great on thick hair

The Conair SD8 Tourmaline Ceramic Hairdryer is great for anyone who has thick hair that takes forever to dry. I am Latina so my hair is very dense and naturally curly. I tried out all the attachments and the one that works the best is the straightening double comb. I was able to dry my hair in half the time it normally takes. The hairdryer dried my hair straight but it did not leave it does not leave it in a smooth/polish look. I still had to use a flat iron for the finish look but it took less time than what I am used to. Tourmaline ceramic ionic technology smooths down cuticles to help reduce frizz and leave hair more manageable and easy to manage/style. The technology also reduces that static that we makes our hair stand up straight.At 1875 watts it is very powerful and has a very forceful air flow. However, I do wish it came with a medium heat setting since the low setting is not powerful enough and the high setting has too much power for bangs and the hair that frames the face. It is a little bit louder in the high setting mode, but don’t worry you get use to it. It is lightweight and easy to hold. The swivel cord is a great feature, the cord does not get tangle up while switching hands or sides.Attachments/Features:Bristle styling brush attachmentWide tooth detangling comb attachmentDouble row Tourmaline Ceramic coated fine tooth straightening combEasy to clean filter compartmentCool Shot buttonOverall, if you are looking for an affordable powerful hairdryer that dries your dry quickly and leaves it in a more manageable way for easier styling – the Infiniti SD8 by Conair is a great option.

Vivian Black Eagle, MT
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