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Mastex Thermal Heat Cap

3 Heat Settings.

Key features

  • Quiet, Automatic Thermo-controlled Unit Heats Deeply Without Overheating.
  • Unique Design Provides Evenly-heated Therapeutic Treatments.
  • Dual Thermostats for Complete Safety.
  • Convenient, Washable Liner Included.
  • Designed for Use with Most Hair Care Products.

Honest reviews


Good product

I love using this product especially when I do my hair treatment. When I do my hair treatment before I used a blow dryer for heating my hair under a shower cap. But now everything is easy because of this product.

Marcy Plankinton, SD

Great heat cap

This is a nice heat cap. I use mine weekly and it has been working fine, it gets VERY hot, so be careful. I am pleased with it and will update again after I had it for a while to let you know how it is holding up.

Carrie Silver Beach, MA

Great Purchase

So far so good. My hair is more healthy since using this cap. My scape gets the deep conditioning it so needed.

Tonia Bealeton, VA
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Fuji Nail Polish Wall Rack Organizer Display Holds up to 96 Bottles

Nail Polish Wall Rack Display, (FUJI BRAND) Fits up to 96 Bottles

Key features

  • Nail Polish Wall Rack Display, (FUJI BRAND) Fits up to 96 Bottles

Honest reviews


Love this!

This is SO convenient.First – the seller did great – it got here safe and went up easily. We put it in studs, so it is well supported.It can hold:15 bottles of OPI, Claire’s or similar shape on a shelf or-17 Pure Ice/Essie20 Sally Hensen Diamond Strength (sideways)So, this rack can hold upto 90 OPI bottles, or 120 Sally H’s D.S. or more, if you’re using a thinner bottle like the petites or french manicure bottles…I also love all the color on the wall 🙂

Abby Port Sanilac, MI

so glad i bought it!

i was looking for a while for a nail polish shelf/rack. and found this one. love that i didnt have to find a place for it. you just hang it on the wall. dont know how many nail polish it fits but i just love this rack. arrived early. nicely packed, new, no scraches.

Camille Baxter, IA

Just what I needed!

I got this knowing it would help me a LOT! I have around a hundred or so bottles of polish, and it fits most of them! the plastic is hard, does not chip, and can be mounted very easily! i still have lots of polish i have to store in a container, but i have a but load of kleancolors, so i put all of them on the rack first, and then all my others second!I am very pleased to have this in my possession!

Tabitha Pilot Mound, IA
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Rucci Cosmetic Organizer with Drawer

Deluxe cosmetic organizer with drawer.

Key features

  • Deluxe cosmetic organizer with drawer
  • Perfect for all your cosmetics
  • Stay organized on the go

Honest reviews


Better than the picture!

The picture shown and description really don’t do this justice. The acrylic is more glass-like than seen in the picture so it’s heavy and feels sturdy. It also glimmers in the sunlight (with prismatic colors glimmering off here and there) so if your vanity area is next to a window this is a great organizer. It looks really pretty! The measurements are all correct. All in all, for under twenty bucks this is a great deal for yourself or as a holiday gift!

Brenda Bushnell, NE

very nice product

I use it in my bathroom drawer and now I spend less time doing my makeup comparing to previous cosmetic bag routine. And it looks so clean and organized.

Lilly Paint Lick, KY

Absolute Must Have!

This product is a God-send. I wanted to organize my makeup so I can find everything I needed quickly and this organizer helps me do just that. The organizer is well made and has many compartments to store lots of makeup. I can’t imagine not having this organizer in my collection. It makes my make-up vanity look so neat. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a lot of makeup. Great deal for the price, too.

Francine Union, NJ
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Soft ‘N Style Mini Curve Spray Bottle, 5 oz

Soft ‘N Style 5 oz. Mini Curve Spray Bottle.

Key features

  • Mini curve spray bottle
  • Easy to use
  • A good quality product

Honest reviews


Love it!

It’s perfect for misting my hair when it’s super dry. The curved nature of the bottle makes it a perfect fit for slim hands and it doesn’t LEAK like most bottles.

Althea Tallapoosa, MO

Love the curves!

Everyone knows the best things in life have curves! Love the shape of this bottle. A little overpriced in my opinion but I couldn’t find anything like it anywhere so it easily became "worth it". Other than that, it’s a spray bottle with "spray" or "stream" twist settings and does what spray bottles do.

Juliana Echola, AL

Great product

This little spray bottle is wonderful. I use it to apply oil to my scalp and body. What I really like about it is that the mechanism used to pull the oil from the body is sized perfectly so as not to cause the sprayer to get clogged up or malfunction.

Kathy Kingsville, MO
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Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase, Black

The satin pillowcase by Betty Dain is an essential for having healthy hair. Sleeping on satin guarantees you won’t have pulling and discomfort like sleeping on cotton. The satin pillowcase has a concealed zipper closure and is made of the finest soft, sensuous satin.

Key features

  • Soft, sensuous satin
  • Concealed zipper closure
  • Fits standard size pillow
  • Color: Black

Honest reviews


Satiny but something in the fabric trigger allergies if you’re sensitive.

I bought two and gave one to my friend who has no particular indoor allergy sensitivities and she says its fine. I have significant dust allergies and other sensitivities and so it made it difficult for me to breathe and made my eyes burn unfortunately, so this is just a heads up for really sensitive people.

Daisy Ozone, TN

Nice and thick

And the hidden zipper is a nice touch. Does not pick as easy as other satin pillowcases I have had.

Ronda Layton, UT

Love it so far!

Two pillow cases individually packed. These cases fit small pillows. I have the memory foam Swedish pillows and it is great for those; even a bit too big.Not suited for queen size pillows.Nice feel; looks good. Need in other colors now.

Lenore Saint Ann, MO
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Porcupine Boar-Nylon Bristle Round Brush , 2-Inch Diameter

Spornette 2″ diameter rounder for medium to long hair, reinforced boar with nylon porcupine bristle.

Key features

  • Porcupine brush with Boar and Nylon Bristles
  • 2″ diameter for long hair
  • Nylon Bristles penetrate and boar bristles smoothe hair

Honest reviews



Sorry but these round brushes are terrible for me. I hate the fact that whenever you go to pick the hair out of the brush, the bristles poke underneath your fingernail causing redness and pain. Even worse is that I live with family members who refuse to remove the hair from the brush so… guess who’s job it is to remove the hair? Hey *somebody* has to do it and it’s me I’m afraid. Ugh!!!

Susan Moose, WY


I can not believe all the good reviews! UN-pleasantly surprised! I trusted these reviews and got the brush but it is AWFUL! The static it causes my hair is unmanageable and the bristles are SHARP and actually hurt my head. I am sending it back asap! You are better off spending a little more and getting something better quality that is NOT made in CHINA!

Joanne Annandale, VA

Only used it once so far

I have very long (butt length) hair, and needed a HUGE brush to blow dry it for a wedding, it worked as needed.My hair is only slightly wavy, thick and heavy. I did let my hair dry out some before starting to blow dry it, I generally leave my hair to dry on its own – blow drying it is a tedious task!

Dionne Okaton, SD
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Helen of Troy 1514 Brush Iron, White, 1 1/2 Inches Barrel

Helen of Troy Professional Brush Iron features a patented ring system that sets curls quickly. 30 watts. Dual heat settings. 8’ cord. 1 1/2”

Key features

  • Soft, ball tipped bristles for greater comfort
  • Creates large curls and extra body
  • High and low heat settings
  • Tangle proof swivel cords
  • Cool tip

Honest reviews


a little disapointed

I agree that it is hard to find this kind of heating iron with the brush teeth, so I ordered this thinking it would be more up to date than the v. old slow-to-heat conair I have.well, this Helen of Troy heating iron is not any better than the old ones I have. it is sloooow to heat up !!! it also feels cheaper than my old versions. and although it has a plastic cap on the end of the heated part, it seems a little on the skimpy side and I would feel safer and less nervous if the protective cap was more generous. also, the teeth of the brush are rubbery, bendable…makes it feel even cheaper.All in all, I wanted to return it — but then I realized that by the time I paid all the postage, I would only get $10 back. So I kept it. But seriously, if I had bought it from a store, I would have taken it back.

Elva Lake Hill, NY

love it

it works great, i use it for my daughter a lot, she is 5, and gets a lot of tangles, and this works very well for that, and leaves her hair so pretty, i have used it on my own hair as well, and it works well, it heats up very fast, easy to use, no problems with it, have had it for a while, and still perfect. would hightly recommend!

Eunice Farragut, IA

not so great!

I have the conair 1 1/4 inch hot brush but my hair is very thick and long so I wanted a bigger barrell. This was all I could find. I read all reviews before I purchased and people either loved it or hated it. If you have the conair first you will hate this brush. If you have nothing to compare it to I guess it would be ok. The cool tip at the end is too small and I kept burning my finger tips. The on/off switch is right where your hand goes so you have to keep switching it back on. It does not get hot enough. If you have a lot of hair don’t waste your money. I’ve gone back to using my conair. Wish it was bigger but it always makes my hair look great! I donated mine to a thrift store. I paid for shipping and by the time I paid to have it shipped back it just wasn’t worth it. Whoever buys it will probably pay 2 dollars for it and that is about what is was worth to me. Someone please come out with a 1 1/2 inch hot brush!!!!

Donna Ferguson, NC
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Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel, Lisse Crepe, Pink

Aquis towels are made of Aquitex, a super absorbent material woven from ultrafine microfibers. The technology behind our microfiber towel enables water to be drawn from hair and skin more quickly and thoroughly than other towels. And it’s especially gentle on hair and skin. Designed to be lightweight, compact and durable, Aquis towels are ideal for everyday use at home, at the gym and while traveling.

Key features

  • One 19×39-inch lisse crepe-style pink microfiber hair towel
  • Made from Aquitex microfiber, which delivers the efficient moisture transport while providing comfort and durability
  • Dries hair faster to save you time and cut down on hair-damaging blow drying; wraps easily into a turban
  • Reduces risk of split ends; ultra-lightweight and gentle on hair and skin
  • Dries quickly between uses; extremely soft and supple

Honest reviews


Not For Curly Hair

I had one of these decades ago when I blow dryed my hair and used hot rollers — I thought the towel was great. I recently bought another, as my hair is very long and naturally curly (it has to air dry). First of all, this towel will not stay twisted in a turban while I put on moisturizer, etc., and second, it soaks up so much moisture that my hair dries frizzy (even with product on it). I’m dissappointed with my purchase, and would not recommend this to anyone with naturally curly hair that need to be air dried.

Katina Stonewall, MS

Dries hair well but towel smells!

I’ve been using microfiber towels for about ten years. This is my third one. They all eventually get an odor to them. I’m not sure why but they do; I’ve tried drying them, without any softener in the dryer. I’ve tried drying them outside. I don’t know what causes the smell.My first towel never smelled. It was white so I’m wondering if there might be a correlation between white Microfiber towels and those with color. At any rate, I replaced the white one when it got too stiff to be of any use.My next one was dark blue and it developed the odor so I use it now to remove hair from my cats after I brush them. It does a great job!This is towel number three and it arrived with the smell! So who knows what causes it? I shall use it until I can’t stand the smell any more and delight in the fact that the smell doesn’t transfer itself to my hair and it cuts down hair-drying time by about half.

Adrian Avenel, NJ

A Must Have

I would never go back to using a regular towel for my hair after trying this little miracle towel. Wrap it around soaking wet hair and it absorbs amazingly. It not only cuts drying time down but makes it unneccesary to rub and rub which is damaging to the hair. They also hold up to many uses. It’s really revolutionary!

Kara Pemaquid, ME
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Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap, Starter Kit Stainless, Aloe, 8.50-Ounce

LYSOL Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System helps eliminate the millions of germs that your hands can pick up each day! It automatically senses hands and dispenses just the right amount of soap. Handwashing is one of the most important steps you and your children can take to help you stay healthy and with the LYSOL Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System, you and your family will never have to touch a germy soap pump again. What’s more, the system’s antibacterial hand soap kills 99.9% of bacteria on hands* — so it’s ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom. The starter kit includes a dispenser, one hand soap refill, and four AA batteries. When you use the LYSOL Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System, you’ll know you’re helping your family by fostering proper and effective handwashing to help prevent the spread of germs. Antibacterial hand soap refills for the LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System are enriched with moisturizing ingredients and available in four great scents: Refreshing Grapefruit Essence (Refill only) Soothing Cucumber Splash Aloe Vera and Vitamin E with Moisturizers Antibacterial Total Care

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Never touch a germy soap pump again
  • Helps stop the spread of bacteria
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Automatically senses your hands under the nozzle
  • Dispenses just the right amount of soap

Honest reviews


nasty ingredients

I reviewed another the Lysol hands-free kitchen system and found the ingredients so alarming that I had to write a review for this one too.Benzophenone-4 is banned in the EU for health dangers. It’s a suspected carcinogen due to the amount of free radicals it generates. Another preservative- Methychloroisothiazolinone is a not as bad, but is still toxic to the skin and imune system.

Latoya Jamestown, IN

Kind of expensive for home use

(The reason I tried this product is that I received it in error when ordering something else. It is not something I would have ordered for myself.)In order to reduce the spread of germs, many things are automatic these days – doors, toilets, faucets, etc. It is definitely nice to have some of these things when out in public. However, I don’t feel if it is necessary for home use. As far as this automatic soap dispenser goes, it is an interesting idea and works well. I have read that refillable liquid soap dispensers can become bacterial-laden. I believe this happens during the refilling process, plus the fact that the soap at the bottom of the dispenser never gets emptied out. Obviously, between the dispenser, batteries, and individual refills, this system is more costly than just buying liquid soap refill. In fact, refill bottles alone are more expensive than a similar size liquid hand soap (pump). In my opinion, for regular home use, this product is probably not necessary as long as you use care when refilling the soap and completely empty/clean out your dispenser from time to time, or just replace the liquid hand soap pump occasionally instead of refilling. I like the product, but for the extra cost, I think I’ll stick with my refillable dispenser.

Brianna Platteville, CO

0 stars! Should be a lawsuit against this company for defective product!

We WASTED OUR MONEY on a few of these auto dispensers, thinking that we were going to make our lives easier. Well, within a few weeks, 3 of our dispensers started dispensing soap ON THEIR OWN! We found sinks full of soap on several occasions, and obviously wasted money on the product! We could even HEAR the dispensers going off without anyone in the room! Given the amount of similar complaints by many, CLEARLY this product is defective, and not engineered well to begin with. So now after spending over one hundred wasted dollars on several dispensers and liquid soap refills, our house smells like a French whore AND we have all these dispensers that won’t work properly! SHAME on you Lysol, for continuing to sell a product that is defective!

Irene Sisseton, SD
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American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel, Firm, 8.4 Ounce Tube

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel, 8.45oz. Provides very high hold with a high shine, prevents flaking, avoids drying the hair and scalp, and allows for easier distribution through hair.

Key features

  • All Hair Types
  • Excellent on wet or dry hair
  • Helps hair look thicker with added shine The ultimate in holding power enriched with natural extracts

Honest reviews


No good for thick and curly hair. Keep looking.

I’m an african american male with thick and curly hair so I’ve been looking for some gel to keep my hair nice and curly. I was reading reviews on here about how this works very well for really thick and curly hair so I decided to give it a try thinking that it would finally be the answer to my worries but it isn’t. I wet my hair to loosen up my curls, then I apply gel to my head…this barely held. It actually frizzed my hair up about an hour after I put it in. If you’re looking for some good gel for your super thick hair I’d recommend buying EcoStyler gel…it costs about 6 bucks and you can find it at almost any retailer. It’ll also hold your hair for a long period of time as well. That’s the best gel I have found so far. I had a hard time trying to find this gel. With the hefty price tag I would have thought it would keep my hair nice and curly. I’ll try to combine it with my primary gel and use different techniques because now that I have it I have to use it somehow. I’m not going to throw it in the trash.

Olive Santa Elena, TX


Best gel I ever used. Lightweight drys fast too. Very nice smell to it and holds up the the whole day.

Nina Eldorado Springs, CO

Best hair gel out there

My husband loves this hair gel. It provides him the hold he needs, while leaving his hair nice and soft to the touch, and unlike other hair gels, it’s not sticky and doesn’t cause bumps on his scalp.

Louise Waverly, PA
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