Water-Rosewater Heritage Store 8 oz Liquid

Water-Rosewater by Heritage Store 8 oz Liquid

Key features

  • Rose Petals Rose Water
  • Pure, Natural Essence
  • From European Roses
  • Labels may vary

Honest reviews


Depends on what you need it for.

I was a little disappointed when I saw that the ingredients were some kind of fancy, distilled, de-atomized water thingy, and rose oil. From what I know, real rose water is just crushed rose petals, so if that is something you need, don’t get this.I used this to mix some crazy volcanic clay into a face mask so for me, I didn’t crush me that this was not true rose water taht was crushed by a unicorn in eden. It smells nice and there’s lots of it so that now I can do multiple facials and not worry that it costs an arm and a leg. I’d buy it again.

Sue Balfour, ND

Marvelous Toner!

I wasn’t expecting much from such a simple ingredient but I think this stuff has really turned around my skin. And it smells wonderful.I’ve used this rosewater by itself, with witch hazel, and with witch hazel and glycerin. Each time my skin has come out touchably soft. My pimples have dried out faster, and my skin just looks better. Plus, now that I’ve started using this, I can add other skin care products to my regimen and I don’t break out like crazy, which was the result before.I’m so glad I read a review for Burt’s Bees Rosewater & Glycerin toner that explained the benefits of using toner. It convinced me to finally get this rosewater to make my own toner. Before that, I had been planning to buy rosewater for some time because I read that French women spritz it on their face to keep moisturized throughout the day.If my skin could talk I think it would say it loves this stuff.

Ruthie Mount Holly Springs, PA

Meh, its water…

I was so excited to receive my rose water. I’d never used it before. I was planning on putting it on my hair (mixing it with my hair products).It really does smell good. I would say soooort of like roses lol. And it made my hair smell really good.But all in all, its just water. I just bought some nice smelling water lol. And I knew that from the beginning, but its all so special until you get it. Nice product.

Becky Westfield, IA
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Opi Nail Lacquer Limited Edition New York City Ballet Collection, Don’t Touch My Tutu, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Soft shade palette of six dreamy nail lacquer colors. Creamy white shade. Limited edition. Contains no DBP, toluene or formaldehyde.

Key features

  • Creamy white shade
  • Limited edition
  • Contains no DBP, toluene or formaldehyde

Honest reviews


I Love It!

OPI Nail Lacquer Limited Edition New York City Ballet Collection is just wonderful. Looks great with a tan. Glad I ordered it before the limited edition is gone.

Cathleen Huntsville, AL

Love the shade!

I’m a big fan of OPI nail polishes anyway, and this was a shade I’ve been wanting to try. Most days, I like to wear very neutral nail polish shades. I like my nails to look neat and polished but not necessarily stand out. This color is perfect for that. It gives my nails a sheer white glossy color which I love. It is very subtle but elegant

Geri Bens Run, WV

Soft white

This is a sort of milky white nail color. It is a little sheer and takes several coats if you want full white coverage. It is a nice soft color for every day use and I would buy again.

Darlene Springville, AL
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Natures Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies, 80 Count

Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions hair, skin, and nails gummies provides you with the vital nutrients your body needs to support your natural beauty from within. Skin and hair nutrients. Antioxidants vitamins c and e. 80 strawberry flavored gummies.

Key features

  • Skin and hair nutrients
  • Antioxidants vitamins c & e
  • 80 strawberry flavored gummies
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Honest reviews


Gummies for the nails

I have been taking the caplets of Nature’s Bounty for hair, skin and nails for about 6 months now. It has helped with thinning hair spots and even though I really never have had skin problems, amazingly enough 2 people have told me in the past few months what nice skin I have.But the main reason I started taking these supplements were my nails. I had hard nails all my life and suddenly as I have aged they break and split. This has solved that problem, even to the extent that at a party a friend asked where I got my nails done, because they didn’t think they were natural.I really like gummies and when I saw that gummies were being offered I decided to try them. Truthfully I usually get these when my local store has a 2 for 1 sale and sometimes even a coupon too. The regular price of the gummies is about twice as much as the caplets because the dose for the caplets is 3 a day equaling 5,000 mcg of biotin. The gummies say take 2 gummies, 1 or 2 times a day. Two gummies equals 2,500 mcg of biotin, which seems to be the ingredient that works. You would need 4 gummies to equal 3 caplets of the biotin dosage. The gummies have 80 in a jar and only vitamins C and E as compared to A, D and B in addition in the caplet form. There are also 15 calories in 2 gummies. They taste okay – a bit powdery somehow in flavor and they are not very visually appealing.You need to decide if they are worth the price – but just don’t be fooled by the instructions and think that 2 gummies will equal 3 caplets in biotin.

Diana Eureka, MT

seems to be doing its job already

I was losing some hair and my nails were very brittle. I had used the pill form the last time I used this productand it was great with my hair and nails, I thought I was have these on the table and easy to pop in the mouth on theway out the door. Taste good also.

Kristina Vanderpool, TX

Excellent Product

These vitamins helped my nails become stronger. They also helped my hair become shinier and thicker. My skin also looked better and I needed less make-up. They best part of all is that the vitamins are gummies! They are delicious. No after taste like the tablet version. If you want better hair, skin and nails this is the product you need!

Katie Hadley, KY
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Dynamic Health Organic Certified Juice Blend, Nopal, 33.8 Fluid Ounce

It has been used traditionally to support healthy cell replacement.

Key features

  • Support healthy response to inflammation
  • Help detoxify
  • Gluten free

Honest reviews


Pain pill in a bottle

This juice is awesome,,,,I had a frozen shoulder and had to go to therapy,,,I had heard about this product and the results it produced so I tried it and it is a miracle. I had 6 wks of therapy prescribed and I was able to move my shoulder and be back to normal within 3 weeks. Within one week most of the discomfort in the shoulder was gone. I would highly recommend this produact to anyone who suffers from inflamation.EC

Elisabeth Jersey, VA

Healthy Juice

The company delivers this product very quickly. I really like the health benefits of this juice mix. It has several super fruits along with the nopal cactus juice. It’s very good for you and has a pleasant taste. You only need 2 tablespoons a day, so it lasts a long time.

Nanette New Franken, WI

Like it

My Mother turned me on to this stuff. I would and have recommended this to others. The price is great compared to other brands. The taste is strange, but most things that are good for you seem to be that way. I will be purchasing this again as soon as I finish the first bottle 🙂

Jade Hudson, MA
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Maximum Strength Neem Oil Soap Organix South 4 oz Bar Soap

Maximum Strength Neem Oil Soap by Organix South 4 oz Bar Soap Maximum Strength Neem Oil Cleansing Bar Maximum Strength For Sensitive Skin Packed with antioxidants Neem protects nourishes and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin. With 20 certified organic Neem oil this is our most concentrated and beneficial bar. For challenged skin fragrance-free. Hand-crafted with only the finest quality organic oils. Our new solar-powered curing facility uses a more efficient drying system for hand-crafted organic soap bars. Paraben Free Sulfate Free Gluten Free Made with Certified Organic Ingredients Ingredients Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil Melia Azadirachta (Neem) Seed Oil Aqua Water Eau Sodium Hydroxide Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract.

Key features

  • Organix South

Honest reviews


It’s okay : ( updated review 10/15/2010

I know it is a bit early for a review but I just can help myself, I just got the soap yesterday. In the other reviews that I have seen for this product a lot of people kept say how bad the soap smelled, but in my opinion the smell was not that bad at all. It smelled like peanuts but it’s nothing to over the top. That is all I can say about the product for now. I will write a review on the results in regards to my acne in a couple of weeks.October 15th Update!!!To update you guys on my opinion of this product,I found it to be just okay, not great, not good but okay : (. I did not notice a change in my acne at all. I stopped using it after 3 weeks and started using another cleanser. You can check out my profile page to see my review on the “Other Cleanser”.

Annie Vienna, SD

GREAT for problem skin, but smells like peanuts

This is all natural, with no funky fragrances, which is perfect for me because I’m very sensitive to perfume that is not natural (just going through the fabric softener isle at the store makes my stomach queasy). This soap smells like the natural smell of neem oil, which is a strong smell a little bit like peanuts.If you think you can tolerate that, you will be very happy with the results. In two weeks, I noticed a big difference in the skin on my upper arms, which is where I often get red scaly patches, about the size of a half-dollar. This soap, combined with a good lotion really made a difference. I usually use a neem oil lotion at night and a shea butter lotion during the day, since the Shea butter smells a bit less strong.I think it’s really worth a try if you have problem skin. Each bar lasts a long time and you will get a lot of uses out of it as long as you don’t leave it sitting in water. My toddler threw a bar in the toilet and it dissolved; I saw the label floating in the bowl and I knew.Give it about two weeks to work– it took about 10 days for me to notice any real difference, but it did happen.Recommended.

Olivia Warren, IL

This Product Is Ok…

I have seen a slight difference when using, but it does make my skin very dry. Overall, I don’t think I will purchase this again.

Monique Sunland Park, NM
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English Lavender by Yardley of London 7 oz perfumed talc

It takes the world’s finest natural lavender oils and over 200 years’ expertise to create Yardley English Lavender. Delicate and sophisticated, this silky, ultra-refine talcum powder will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and delicately scented all day. Infused with the aromatic freshness of lavender complimented by soothing floral and musk notes.

Key features

  • 7 Oz/ 200 g
  • Infused with the aromatic freshness of lavender complimented by soothing floral and musk notes.
  • Delicate and sophisticated, this silky, ultra-refine talcum powder will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and delicately scented all day.
  • It takes the world’s finest natural lavender oils and over 200 years’ expertise to create Yardley English Lavender.

Honest reviews


Ahhh Lavender!

I, myself, am quite partial to lavender. Lavender is farmed and harvested in many parts of the world,—including the United States of America. There is also English lavender, French lavender, Spanish lavender, etc. Sometimes, the flower differs,—depending upon the region where it is cultivated and grown. For instance, French lavender looks quite different from Spanish lavender. I am assuming that since Yardley is an old and established English company, the lavender used in their products is grown in England. When we were in the south of France, we saw many lavender fields. It was a most beautiful sight to behold, and the scent was amazing. Lavender is a homeopathic flower. It is beneficial to both humans and to pets. Although this particular product is not for pussycats, there are quite a few pet products which do contain lavender. Mumzy states that the Yardley company has been well established for many years. Their products are quite wonderful. Lavender also helps one to relax, and to eliminate stress. Bees and hummingbirds love lavender as well. Now, I have something in common with them,—for I adore lavender!

Adriana Modeste, LA


This is a very luxurious perfumed talc. Makes you feel like a queen. Beautiful scent. Therefore, I would highly recommend purchasing this product. DAME HILDA

Marcy North Palm Springs, CA

This is just the best!

Finely milled – beautiful fragrance – they make the best rose and lavender powder and have done so for over 60 years (at least that’s how long I’ve been using it).

Helga Whitelaw, WI
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Smiles’ Prid Homeopathic Drawing Salve, 18 GM, 1 each

All natural formula. Also aids in relieving the discomfort of minor skin irritations, superficial cuts, scratches and wounds.

Key features

  • All Natural Drawing Salve
  • Temporary topical relief of pain and irritation associated with boils, minor skin eruptions and redness
  • Wash affected area with hot water, dry and apply Prid twice daily on clean bandage or gauze.
  • For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Flammable. Keep away from heat and open flames.
  • Soothing relief, Fast acting. Safe on Skin

Honest reviews


A favorite in my medicine cabinet

Prid is perfect for when you have a boil, infected bug bite, or even a splinter that you can’t seem to get out. Simply apply a small amount of Prid over the area that needs to have the infection removed from and cover with a bandage. Within hours the infected area will begin to health itself. How does this work? I have no idea, but literally for over 30 years now, I have used this Prid faithfully to have it work beautifully. I can’t recommend this product enough, the packaging isn’t fancy, but the results are unmatched.

Arlene Virginville, PA

Get what you pay for.

Iodex is becoming both increasingly scarce and expensive. I should have bit the bullet and bought another jar of Iodex instead of this crap. Nothing draws infection out of and heals a wound like Iodex.

Ma Russell, KS

Yuck YUCK!

I do not give one stars very often at all. But this stuff was just weird. I put this on a wound that had formed a scab and it caused the scab to come off. There was then a hole in my chest where the scab had been. Is that what this product is supposed to do? I threw this product away. It was very yucky. I got it to help heal wounds and it seemed to make them worse. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Maryellen Brooklyn, NY
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NOW Foods Natural Vanilla

Aroma: Sweet, warm. Benefits: Comforting, relaxing, nurturing.

Key features

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • In Jojoba Oil
  • Vanilla plantifolia

Honest reviews


get 100% pure vanilla oil

I ordered this when it had not been listed as ‘in jajoba oil’ and the image was so small I couldn’t see that it was not 100%, which is what I had been looking for. Since it isn’t 100%, the vanilla smells strongly for a few moments outside of the bottle and then fades quickly.

Ila Hillside, CO

Nice smell, not as strong as I wanted

I love NOW products, and realize this is a dilution and not pure oil (diluted in grapeseed or jojoba, I forget). It does have a very nice smell, and I will just compensate by using more of the product.

Nadia Little Ferry, NJ

Just a small problem.. but could be

I purchased this product because i love the smell of vanilla and liked the idea of multiple uses since it is mixed with jojoba oil.. i Use it a lot!!! oil diffuser, mixing my own cuticle cream, moisturizer, scrubs i will more than likely pick this up again once i run low… One area of improvement would be the dropper, i have bought many oils from NOW brand and they all work well, except this once, for some reason the dropper got clogged after a couple of uses, possibly b/c it is thicker than most, so i had to remove it to use it which make it difficult to dispense drops, maybe a bottle with an actual dropper (like one you have to squeeze to suck the oil into it, and again to release drops…would be much better for this product) i plan to use an old dropper from an over-the-counter infant tylenol, or from an oil bottle w/ one i have currently once it’s out in the meantime, but would have given 5 stars had it not been for this small annoyance

Erin Schleswig, IA
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Miss Oops Rescue Sponge

Deodorant marks on your clothes? Make-up powder on your collar? No problem, you’ve got Miss Oops Rescue Sponges. No need to wet your clothes, just briskly rub the dry sponge against the offending mark and watch it disappear. The patent-pending sponge comes two to a pack and are reusable. Safe to use on all fabrics.

Key features

  • Removes deodorant smudges and other powder-based stains
  • Each sponge with last six months or more
  • Safe to use on all fabrics
  • Removes deodorant marks, powder, and other “oops”…
  • Miss Oops removes it on the spot!
  • Dry sponges that can save your clothes… and save the embarassment!

Honest reviews


It works as stated

I don’t that there is necessarily anything magic about the sponge itself, but it is helpful to keep around since getting dressed and putting on cosmetics and underarm deodorant can some times lead to fabric brushing up against something that leaves one feeling a bit less than looking ideal. It is a short cut to removing the most obvious spills and accidents but is not an answer to all problems.

Lynette Bristol, CT

Work great and are high quality

I’ve had my set of two Miss Ooops sponges about two years, and they are good as new. They work perfectly for getting deodorant marks of your clothes, and work quickly and well. Sure, you can rub your fabric against itself to try to remove those marks, but these sponges work so much better and are fast and easy to use, especially when you’re running out the door in the morning — and don’t want to have embarrassing white streaks all over your outfit!

Maureen Fort Stockton, TX


I had lot my other Miss Oops and was happy to find them on Amazon. Can’t live without this item. It saves considerably on dry cleaning bills. This also makes a good gift when you want just some little something.

Letitia Benson, VT
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Opi “Solitaire” Nl M49 Bond Girls Collection

Nail Lacquer – # NL M49 Solitaire by OPI for Women – 0.5 oz Nail Polish

Key features

  • NL M49
  • 0.5 Fl.Oz / 15mL

Honest reviews


Ehhh it’s no Pixie Dust

As a reluctant sand/dust user I have to say that Zoya Pixie Dust blew me away. OPI Liquid Sands, not so much. The sand is too big and it looks too chunky. While the Pixie Dust goes on smooth, this leaves patches and takes multiple coats. I do love the color and had the texture been smaller with more glitter, it would’ve been great. I highly recommend checking out Zoya Pixie Dusts if you want to try a texture polish, or at least go to your local Ulta and feel the liquid sands before buying.

Adrienne Ludlow, IL

I love OPI

Love all the different colors of OPI and the different texture of the Liquid Sand. This is a really pretty color with a slight sparkle or glitter to it. I am so happy I purchased this color.

Margie Santa Clarita, CA

Good overage

Provides good coverage and dries FAST – which is super convenient. Received many compliments on the color. ONly challenge is the tips can snag a bit due to the rough texture, a fine nail file fixes this easily!

Jerri Bowdoinham, ME
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