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– BED HEAD TIGI Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray 9.5oz/300ml

MASTERPIECE Massive Shine Hairspray 9.5 oz / 300 ml Turn your hair into a work of art that lasts all day! Massive shine, serious hold. Voila! * Guards against dryness * Humidity resistant * Adds body To Use: As a working hairspray hold 10 -12 inches from dry hair and spray evenly, layering as needed. If using with heat tools, spot spray each section with a light misting as you style, finish your look with a final layer to set.

Key features

  • Design House: Tigi

Honest reviews


Love this hairspray

My hair stylist was the first to use this on my hair. I love it. It doesn’t leave your hair sticky but has great holding power. The scent doesn’t over power you. You can comb through it once it dries and your hair feels normal. I have fine curly hair and this spray works wonderfully for me. I recommend this to all. Amazon is a good place to find this product and they have it for a good price.

Chasity Vernon, IN

Smells delicious, makes hair twice as thick.

I’ve been using this product for several years, and have tried some other hairsprays as well, but this is the best because1) It literally makes your hair several times thicker2) It smells so good that people will ask you if they can come up and smell you3) You can go a couple days without showering and not feel greasy4) It’s very strong but not ridiculously stiff-feeling5) It doesn’t take much, so a bottle lasts a long timeThe only possible drawback to this product is you might not want to wear it if your perfume is not similarly fruity. But it smells so good you don’t even need perfume.

Della Longbranch, WA

Enough Hold for Long Layers & Shines

Great hold. Maybe too much hold to use as working spray. I have tried so many so called “Super” and “Freeze” sprays that will not hold my volumnous style for more than 5 minutes, including Paul Mitchell’s with the red cap. I use those failed sprays as my step 1 working spray, then this TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece as step 2. If I have a long day or it’s windy outside, I use TIGI’s purple non-aerosol pump which has mega hold as step 3. I have long layers and I like to fluff up the crown a bit. It is also great for stray hairs like around the face.This Masterpiece spray has a fine mist, the hold is strong but not too stiff, doesn’t leave a white powdery finish, leaves your hair shiny. It’s comparable to Kenra 25, Redken’s Forceful 23, but not quite as strong as Sebastian’s Mega Hold which is hard for me to find. Actually, the Sebastian will leave a white finish if I accidentally spray too much so I don’t even look that hard for it. The TIGI, Kenra, and Redken do not. TIGI Hard Head is also good and very similar to this. If I didn’t look at the can, I probably cannot tell the difference. I buy whichever is on sale or lowest priced with store coupons like Ulta, JC Penney Salon, or mall salons/retailers. Hope this helps you to choose.

Joyce Cottleville, MO
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Silk Elements MegaSilk Heat Protection Spray

Designed specifically for use with heated styling tools, such as curling and straightening irons, Silk Elements MegaSilk Heat Protection Spray protects the hair from damage caused by heated appliances. Leaves hair soft and silky while providing a luxurious shine.

Key features

  • Nourishes hair, Provides a luxurious shine
  • Provides an intense smoothing,Can be used with flat iron, blow dryer or any heated appliance
  • Gives a long-lasting frizz finish
  • Transforms hair into a salon-smooth style
  • Leaves hair soft and silky

Honest reviews


Depends on the Person

This used to work wonders for me once upon a time, but then all of a sudden now it makes my hair dry. Not sure why my hair is doing that, but when I don’t use heat protection spray, my hair is softer after using my hair tool. That’s odd, but before I swore by this and now it’s just not working for me. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I stopped using it. I guess it’s because I’m getting very close to age 30 and my body is changing.

Kirsten Hope, KY

Best out there!

I’ve been using this spray for years. I also still try out new Heat Protection sprays, but I still haven’t found anything better. Like the other reviewer said, it can be a little oily, so you don’t need to use a lot. Once you use a curling iron or flat iron, it ends up being shiny, silky, and soft. I have found that many sprays make my hair flaky and stiff after flat ironing, but this one definitely does not. Amazon’s price seems pretty high. I buy this item at my local beauty supply store for almost half the price (usually one sale). But it’s still cheaper than Amazon when it’s not on sale!

Maryann Menifee, AR


This product is the best heat protector out there!! It smells wonderful! It’s a little oily at first but when it reacts with the heat it leaves your hair feeling SOFT and SILKY and you have the most beautiful shine ever!! Not that oily nasty shine but the nice color shine from your natural hair. It does protect your hair and I recommend that you don’t use any heat products unless you spray this before it. While your friends are frying their hair, you’re only improving the health of yours. I do recommend this to everyone!

Ruby Aplington, IA
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Fekkai Sheer Hold Hair Spray Hair Products 5.8 Oz

Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray is a lightweight hair spray that holds on without getting stiff or sticky.

Key features

  • Brushable, flexible hold.
  • Always leave a lasting impression.
  • Spray, spray, spray and stay supple, with this sheer, brush-through finish.
  • Luxurious formulas developed to address the specific needs of different hair types.

Honest reviews



I bought this after trying Fekkai products I had gotten samples of after the salon brand I regularly use seemed to dry my hair out. I had also tried other brands but all those seemed to dry my hair out also . I color my hair so I certainly needed something that would add some moisture while holding the style.While the Fekkai does not dry my hair out like many of the other better brands, it doesn’t hold the style for long and definitely does not warrant the VERY high price. I would NOT spend $25 on this or any other hair spray of this size in the future!!!

Shannon Ubly, MI

a little goes a long way for a natural hold

What I like about this hairspray is that it doesn’t take much at all to create the hold I like. I like semi-big hair to give me a little height on top and this does the trick without showing any residual goo. I just lift my roots on the top of my head with my fingers, let it go, and then spray the fine mist about three inches above it. Unless you are exposed to a lot of wind, this will keep all day. And again, it looks natural and a little goes a long way. The fragrance is nice, as well. Frederick Fekkai’s shampoo and conditioner for dry/colored hair (looks pink/peach color product bottle) is also phenomenal.

Tisha Rochester, VT

Soft hold

Nice hold but not sticky or helmet like. I would recommend. I used Kenra in the past and it was too crunchy for my tastes.

Lynn Fort Bragg, NC
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John Frieda Root Awakening Health Boosting Detangling Spray for ALL Hair Types – 6 fl oz

Root awakening health boosting detangling spray for all hair types was launched by the design house of john frieda. It is recommended for normal hair.

Key features

  • Root Awakening Health Boosting Detangling Spray For All Hair Types was launched by the design house of John Frieda
  • It is recommended for normal hair
  • Rich in quality

Honest reviews


Incredible products from John Frieda

This detangler is excellent. I used it in combination with the strength restoring lotion and my hair feels light, free, incredibly nourished without being weighed down. All the products I used in this root awakening line smell incredible, too, and feel great going on and feel great once your hair is dry. Really happy I found this line…

Ashleigh Branchville, VA

An Instant Boost

For those who’ve actually read what the product is supposed to do, it’s meant to be a boost to your hair. It’s not really meant to detangle, and if you follow the directions, you will see the results.After a shower, I massage this into my roots, just like you’re supposed to, and it does help to detangle my hair. Yes, it’s not the greatest at detangling, but it’s just a boosting leave in spray. I sleep with it in, and when I wake up in the morning, I have noticed some instant results. My hair at the roots looks plain healthy. It’s shiny, and ultra smooth. I have frizzy hair that normally looks dry, but after I started using this spray, the difference was instant.It does have a smell, like eucalyptus and mint crossed together, which is rather pleasant, and leaves my hair smelling a bit like I just came from the salon.Overall, I have noticed a big difference in the texture of my hair on the nights that I use this, and the nights that I don’t. It’s meant to be a leave in spray to boost your roots, and for me, it’s definitely a staple.

Bobbi Jesup, GA

Great for curls or thick or dry scalp. Otherwise try the JF light blue bottle root booster instead.

This root booster was ok, but it made my hair too oily and heavy. I only tried it after seeing it featured in a "must have" article for products to help you wash your hair every other day. (Since daily washing is pretty damaging.) If you have really thick or curly hair, you might like this.If you have thin or straight hair, it might feel too oily. Instead, I recommend the John Frieda root booster in the pale blue bottle. That one I use every day. It gives volume and helps revive hair on non-wash days.

Joann Hackensack, MN
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L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold, 11.0 Ounce

Elnett offers long-lasting hold with a brilliant shine and a satin touch. Its micro-diffusor sprays ultra-fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush, leaving hair clean and shiny with a satin touch.

Key features

  • Strong hold hairspray with a clean, soft shiny finish
  • Formulated with micro-diffusion technology
  • Strong hold yet brushable styling
  • Net Wt. 11.0 oz.

Honest reviews


Love it!

It works. I bought the "Strong Hold" because I read so many reviews on the nasty smell of the Extra Strong Hold (which I’ve never tried).First, I don’t think this Strong Hold smells bad at all. I bought mine at Target recently, and really, there is no bad, strong smell. I realize scent is a subjective thing… but other hairsprays smell so much like pure "chemicals" I can’t stand using them. This, however, is MORE than fine. It does everything it advertises and I’m so happy I went ahead and purchased! Really, the scent is not terribly strong, and what scent I can detect is not at all offensive – – as a matter of fact I prefer it over a "typical" chemical-smelling hairspray.

Janelle Ansonville, NC

love it

the best hairspray ever- hands down! neutral smell, no strong hairspray odor like most brands- great hold without making your hair look too big or 80s, recommended to all my friends

Alexis Conway, MI

Nasty smell

Would never recommend this to anyone. Can’t believe the positive reviews. This stuff stinks horribly and leaves a terrible film on hair. BTW…you cannot return it to Amazon because it is considered a hazardous substance. REALLY!?!? Strong and extra strong formulas both stink. Ugh.

Glenna Nora, IL
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Garnier Fructis Style Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Hairspray wraps hair strands to create an instant barrier against frizz for an ultra strong hold that gives your hair shine and smoothness. Bamboo extract and anti-humidity protection deliver 24-hour, bounce-back hold and natural, healthy-looking movement–even in 90% humidity. Why bamboo? Selected for its strength, suppleness and resilience, bamboo bends but never breaks… So the Sleek & Shine Hairspray formula keeps you in control of your style, with frizz control and bounce-back hold that lasts all day.

Key features

  • Smoothing hairspray with natural bamboo extract
  • Provides shine and all-day, bounce-back hold–even in 90% humidity!
  • Creates an instant barrier against frizz

Honest reviews


No Hold

I was looking for a hairspray that would hold my very fine, thin, color-treated hair. Unfortunately, this is not it. It does make my hair feel soft and smooth, but it won’t hold my hair in place for more than a few minutes. I found I was spraying and respraying in hopes that it would keep my bangs out of my face, however for me there was no holding power. I think it would work to tame split ends or frizzies, but not for keeping hair in place.

Deloris North Stonington, CT

Excellent Product

I love this hairspray, it works really well and lives up to the description/ reputation, I recommend this product. Also, the pricing here is very competitive.

Vanessa Orgas, WV

Great light spray

I had ‘borrowed’ a spray or two from a friend enough to buy my own and it is now my ‘go to’ hairspray. I like light spray that doesn’t build up and that doesn’t allow frizz to get out of control (hair type 2b/c). I also like to feel I can touch my hair without ruining the curl. This spray comes through on all counts. This is not a firm hold spray – more of the ‘touchable hold’ variety. Only thing to make it a 5 is offer it in a pump instead of a spray.

Beryl Wallback, WV
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SEBASTIAN Shaper Plus Hairspray, 3 Bottles, 10.6 oz Each

SEBASTIAN shaper plus hairspray provides a touchable extra hold that holds shape even in damp, rainy weather. Shaper plus hair spray is also humidity-resistant. Never sticky. Extra control.

Key features

  • Never sticky
  • 24-hour extra control
  • Extra hold
  • Holds up in high humidity
  • Packaging may vary

Honest reviews


This is great stuff

Sebastian Shaper Plus (not plain Shaper or plus plus) leaves hair looking very natural. The product itself is amazing and holds your hair without looking like you sprayed it in place. If you overspray, you might get some flaking. When I had long hair, and wanted curls, I used to spray this on each piece of hair I was curling before rolling it so my curls would stay in for a long time. This spray is amazing for humid days.Couple of caveats:1. Don’t get it on your skin–if you do, wipe it because I find it clogs facial pores2. Keep the nozzle clean–the nozzle gets clogged easily and if you don’t use the product often, it seems to clog more. I wipe the nozzle often and if it gets clogged, I just pull off the crusting.

Francesca Saint Marys City, MD

My favorite brand of hairspray.

Light hold. Easy to comb through. Hold lasts all day. I was glad to find the 3-pack at Amazon as I could not find this brand locally. These three cans will last me a long time. The price was right too.

Melisa Peotone, IL

Magically -A Perfect Hold Hairspray and shaper WOW! My hair met it’s match

This stuff is magical. My hair finally met it’s match. I have used this for several years. Whenever I try another product Aveeda, Big head, Chi etc.. I always return to this shaper spray. I usually pay fifteen dollars a bottle -gladly. So, I was really happy to see this bulk offer on Amazon, Now about this product. It is just absolutely the best. Period! I carry this everywhere I travel. I can’t live without it. I have longish straighter hair that is very very hard to hold a style. Used to just fall l out easily. This holds great without stiffness and it even gets better. You can also use at the same time to style and even restyle your hair too so there is way less stuff in your hair. You won’t need a bunch of products if you use this. I can even touch up if I am going out at night and somehow easily l brush through my thickish hair yet keep my hair shape somehow. It’s magic. I love, love, love this product. Can you tell. I also spray on when my hair is almost finished drying as a styler and shaper. Then when dried and styled give it another spray. Them my hair knows to behave.

Sheena Point Mugu Nawc, CA
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Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Aerosol 9.4 oz

Helps Smooth Away Frizz and Flyaways Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray can be used to hold the shape and to finish the look. Style stays in place, yet is touchable. The humidity defense complex helps smooth away frizz and flyaways. This hairspray provides for brushable, weightless hold. View larger View larger Styling Tips and Instructions Great for smoothing hair to finish many styles, whether a natural everyday look or a sleek pontytail. Shake can well. Lightly mist hair, holding 8-12 inches from head. For a firmer finish, layer the spray to build up to the level of hold desired. For best use shake product during application. If dispenser clogs, rinse in warm water. What’s in the Box Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray (aerosol), 9.4 Ounces. Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray (aerosol): For brushable, weightless hold Style stays in place Humidity defense complex helps smooth away frizz and flyaways

Key features

  • For brushable, weightless hold
  • Style stays in place, yet remains touchable
  • Meets CA and NY Clean Air Standards.

Honest reviews




Deidra Manorville, PA

A really nice hair spray

I just ran out of my expensive salon hair spray and didn’t feel like spending a lot of money on a replacement…. I’m so happy I ordered this Suave hair spray!I have very thick hair with long layers and it’s shoulder length. I washed and used a heat styling brush on my hair this morning and gave my hair an application of the hair spray. Today was very hot and humid. I took a walk early evening right before a thunderstorm and my hair still looks amazing!!! I love the scent and it leaves my hair touchable. It’s a nice fine mist and evenly coats where I sprayed.I’m saying good bye to salon brands!

Sophia New Glarus, WI

Great hairspray

I love this hairspray. It holds great, but doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff. I also love the way it smells.

Elinor Tunica, LA
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Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, 6.8-Ounce

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray dramatically decreases blow-dry time and provides intense heat protection from damage and breakage. This lightweight formulation detangles, smoothes, and softens while eliminating frizz and resisting humidity for long-lasting, healthy looking results.

Key features

  • Dramatically decreases blow-dry time by 50%
  • Provides intense heat protection from damage and breakage
  • Lightweight formulation detangles, smoothes, and softens
  • Eliminates frizz and resists humidity
  • Provides long-lasting, healthy looking results

Honest reviews


I love this stuff

I found Kenra Products from reading Audrey Davis-Sivasothy’s (author of The Science of Black Hair) hair articles on the Yahoo Contributor Network. I decided to try this specific product because it has a lot of silicones in it. My hair loves silicones and since I use a hair dryer and a pressing comb and a flat iron every time I do my hair, I really needed something to protect it. In addition to the heat protection it adds a lot of shine to hair.I use this product for every phase of heat. I spray it while it’s still wet and sit under the hooded dryer. Then I spray it on my hair as I press each section, and again right before I flat iron it. Yes, it is a LOT of spraying. After I’m done, initially my hair looks stringy and oily. Obviously because I just sprayed the crap out of it. But the next day, it has all soaked into my hair, and my hair looks BEAUTIFUL! The compliments are endless. I was in a public restroom and an Armenian woman stopped me and said, “Is that your real hair? It is beautiful, how do you make it look like that? I can never get my hair to look like that” I told her about the Kenra Heat Spray… hopefully she went and bought some. But comments like that are very typical since I started using this spray.The cost. Yes, this stuff is expensive at your local salon. Amazon is the cheapest place I’ve found it. I make the splurge every month and find justification for it when my husband runs his fingers through my hair and compliments on how shiny, bouncy, pretty, healthy, etc it is.

Shelly Newcomb, NM


I love this spray. I have fine hair that looks frayed from daily blow-drying/flat ironing. I use a lot of this spray. I spray it all over, especially the ends. Then after I blow dry I spray the front section all the way down to the ends (the part that takes the brunt of the heat styling) before I flat iron. The result is sleek, glossy looking hair. This is the only leave-in product I use now. Does not make your hair look greasy.

Arline Laceys Spring, AL

This product is amazing in keeping my colored hair from going completely frizzed out

This product works providing shine, smoothness, and preventing frizziness. It is a bit pricy and there is a shipping charge, but for the performance it’s well worth it especially since I color my hair every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the season, it really helps protect the color from fading while I torture my hair with blow drying and hot rollers.

Jessica Gasquet, CA
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Hair Salon 16oz Designer Water Spray Bottle by Soft ‘N Style

Hair Salon 16oz Designer Water Spray Bottle by Soft ‘N Style professional quality

Key features

  • Hair Salon 16oz Designer Water Spray Bottle
  • by Soft ‘N Style
  • professional quality

Honest reviews


No Leaks..~!~

I make a hair tonic by mixing oils for hair growth , shine and protein..Some are a bit thicker than other ones, and this is a perfect fit..Love the way it sprays..~!~So far , no clogging..It’s used 2 x’s a day / night….~!~

Maricela Kilmichael, MS

does the job.

This spray bottle is FANTASTIC. I have used many others but the spray is powerful yet controlled and also has a wide range on pressure settings from fine, penetrating mist to strong, focused spray. It’s a keeper. I bought 2! 🙂

Janelle Three Rivers, TX


This nice little bottle has lasted a long while now. Hasn’t clogged or fallen apart like some bottles! I would recommend it to anyone who needs a decent size bottle :).

Krista Durants Neck, NC
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