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Robocut Model-r28 Vacuum Haircutter, Blue

Haircutter for easy family and pet haircuts, vacuum assisted for precision and mess-free. Do: 1. Oil blade before haircut and if audible slowing of blade 2. Cut ½ inch of hair at a time for best results 3. Run 5 seconds without vacuum after oiling to ensure spreading on the blades 4. Use your best judgment when haircutting, as with all devices that have cutting blades, powerful suction, electric power. 5. If haircutter is stuck (as on a hairpin), turn it off then switch briefly to Release (reverse) and pull haircutter away 6. Use Flat Adapter or Buzz Adapter or Angled Adapter for any length less than 1 inch 7. Use Buzz adapter only for humans 8. Do use only on standing pet 9. Use your warranty: 2 years, all inclusive 10. Read Instructions and Guide before use Don’t: 1. Do not leave plugged in outlet when not in use 2. Do not lubricate blade with other oil than provided 3. Do not leave within reach of children 4. Do not run longer than 5 seconds without vacuum. 5. Do not pass over ears, eyes, moles, pet teats, any places that can be damaged by air suction or can enter past the protective grid where cutting action happens 6. Do not use over loose skin. For pets, do not use at junction of leg and underside, do not use on belly 7. Do not use in vicinity of loose clothing, earrings or items that can be sucked in by the air flow 8. Do not handle wet 9. Do not use on pet in lap or lying pet 10. Do not use Buzz Adapter on pets

Key features

  • Easy, precise haircuts everytime (Vacuum is sold separately)
  • Free HairLine included
  • You break we replace 2year warranty
  • Laser Blades – operates on 110 volts or 220 volts and it comes with USA outlet prongs
  • Free Buzz adapter

Honest reviews



I used the Flowbee for about 5 years. It worked okay HOWEVER I get a much BETTER haircut with the ROBOCUT.So far I have had mine for THREE years and have had NO problems whatsoever.If you put oil on the blades before you use them, it should last a long time (the blades).You do have to watch the sliding plastic hair length cutting things as they can slip down.I have thick curly hair and this gives me a way better haircut then the haircuts I used to get at the hairstylists etc.I highly recommend this product. The one I bought has the vacuum attached.

Naomi Laurel Hill, FL


My mother wanted a simple summer cut and wanted to borrow my Flowbee. I had the Flowbee several years ago and it did an ok job. Think I gave it away a long time ago. Thought we could try out the Robocut and then let her take it home so she could do it herself.Noisier, designed with a hole in vacuum tube for electric cord, so less suction, adapter extenders do not "screw on" or fit on the robocut or atop other adapters. Put both 2 inch adapters together and taped it to the robocut because did not want hair cut 2 inches long. Not enough suction (using a Dyson), so taped the hole shut.Had to bounce it on the head to get the hair to enter the cutter. After 15 minutes, it was a choppy mess. Took it down to a single two inch adapter and started again. After 5 more minutes of the bounce method, it was as good as it would get. Not cut evenly, but better. Measured the hair and it was about 1 !/2 inches long. Maybe the 2 inch AND one of the other adapters would add up to 2 inch hair. But they do not fit together unless you tape them.What a mess. Definitely not something my mother could do for herself. And the hairstyle looks like….. there is no style.If you want to use it for buzz cuts, it would probably work.Also says you can groom animals, Could work on short fur, if they will put up with the motor noise and vacuum noise.

Rosanna Caddo Gap, AR

Depends on how neat you need the cut

I used Robocut for about four years before it died. The results were acceptable for children’s haircuts or quick touchups on the bangs. If you are a stickler or need a precise cut, this might not be the right product for you.This product is easiest to use if you need to cut only one length all around. It also works if you need to cut straight across, although that can be less precise. I could cut my then three year old daughter’s hair to shoulder length, but it would not work for longer hair. I guess I could buy more extension tubes.Boys cuts are not too bad, but getting that graduated look can take practice and my son’s hair was never perfect, since it sometimes did not graduate as nicely as I’d like. You have to extend the length of the tube as you move up the zones of the head and I must have not been great at that. The edges around the ears and neckline do not shave down neatly like they would with clippers.I originally bought it because I didn’t think my son would sit still for a haircut. I liked it because I could trim my bangs quickly, the children’s cuts were easy to do and hair didn’t go flying everywhere. Professionally cut hair still looks better, though.

Gayla Lanai City, HI
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DAHOC Hair Styler

Easily create a simple Bun Elegant French Twist

Key features

  • Just Grab, Roll and SNAP!
  • As quick as a pony tail, styling in seconds.
  • Soft rubber won’t damage even frizzy hair.
  • Includes additional styles and directions.
  • Some styles require more than one.

Honest reviews


plastic junk

dont buy it if u love yr money it notworth even 1 penny …its a piece of plastic not able to hold hair its jst wastage

Michelle Flossmoor, IL

I couldn’t really figure it out.

I didn’t spend long enough with this product to figure it out. I know other reviewers said that it definitely takes some persistence, but I didn’t really put much time in and gave up pretty easily. My hair kept slipping out as I was rolling it, and by the time I got it all rolled back up it didn’t seem like it could close very well. I have very long hair though, at least halfway down my back. I probably won’t spend any more time trying it though, because I’ve decided to chop it all off into a pixie cut.

Earline Hampton, GA

Not what I expected

This really didn’t work at all as I expected. I don’t know if I didn’t understand the directions or if my hair is just not thick enough. Don’t buy it if you don’t already know it will work for you.

Elvira Buda, IL
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Wahl 79900B Clip-N-Trim 23-Piece Complete Haircut Kit

Wahl Clip N Trim 23 Piece Clipper Kit with Powerdrive Clippers with Adjustable Taper Control and built-in Close Cutting Finishing Trimmer.

Key features

  • 23-piece complete haircut kit perfect for hair cutting at home
  • 2-in-1 device great for trimming around ears and necklines and touching up sideburns
  • Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades stay sharp longer
  • 5-year limited warranty

Honest reviews


Great clipper – needs improvement tho

I bought this for a bit more at Walmart becuase I needed it asap. My hair grows back at an incredible rate and if I don’t trim it within 2-3 weeks, it looks BAD.This model featured a Powerdrive system that’s supposedly more powerful at cutting thick hair more smoothly. It also sports this special detail trimmer that pops out and attaches to the trimmer blade like a silencer for a rifle. The only difference is that it makes 3 times more noise than the regular trimmer. It was so loud I couldn’t stand it buzzing next to my ear.I tried oiling it to no avail, it’s just very noisy and vibrates a lot. The regular trimmer is just like the old Wahl I had. In fact this trimmer looks and feels JUST like the old Wahl I had from the mid 90s.I didn’t feel any difference in how smoothly it cut – it just got really hot really quickly.But it’s new and it has a 5 year warranty. It would pay for itself in the 3rd or 4th haircut at home.UPDATE: After the 3rd cutting, the trimmer appears to be slightly quieter and doesn’t get as hot.I oiled the blades and made sure it was clean.The small trimmer attachment got a bit quieter but I found that if I just wear earplugs I can handle the noise. No Big deal at all.The hair trimmer already paid for itself and I’m getting really nice and clean haircuts by myself.UPDATE:After about the 10th use, the longer trimmer guides vibrate and the smaller “fuzz hair” adapter vibrates right off of the main trimmer body.It still cuts great for such an inexpensive trimmer. It does the job of an industrial strength trimmer and after about 3 haircuts, it pays for itself. I can pretty much get a brand new trimmer set each year and still save over going to a hair salon/barber shop.My hairstyle isn’t complicated: Guide #4 for the top, Guide #1 for the sides. High and tight. I see no reason to pay a barber ten dollars to do the same thing.

Louise Mickleton, NJ

good trimmer, bad case.

The trimmer arrived today. We tried it out by having the wife cut my hair. it trimmed it up nice and short. The finishing trimmer appears pretty delicate, but I think if handled carefully it will provide a relatively long life. Lots of cutter guides to use, theres even one for trimming eyebrows. Or should I say “eyebrow”, because if you need to trim it, you probably only have one covering both eyes.I am not to thrilled with the carry case. Mine arrived cracked. it appears to be pretty cheap plastic and there are no separators inside the case so everything will slide around.I gave it 4 stars because of the case. It does appear to be a pretty good trimmer for a very inexpensive price. I guess if I wanted extreme heavy duty and a great case I could have spent 5 times more money. But I don’t need to this time.

Tonia Cheraw, SC

Dogs love it with a passion

The thought of cutting my hair is beyond consideration but two little Yorkies just love this set. The main reason is that is is quiet and effective. Those, to me, are the operative words: quiet and effective. When you turn the clipper on it makes a humming noise instead of a loud “I’m going to get you” sound. Then when you start cutting small animal hair you actually cut it without pulling or leaving gapping holes in their fur. Maintenance is easy and with all the tools you could almost go into business but I’ll pass on that. Additionally, you have the Wahl brand and that makes a positive difference.

Rhea Hornell, NY
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Haircut Pro Vacuum Haircutter, Blue

Automatic vacuum haircutter with precision dial. includes all accessories for people haircuts and pet grooming. shortest hair is 1/4 inch, longest hair is 6 inches. blades are cartridge-style, easy to replace if even needed. easy to empty hair-clippings container. convenient travel box, can use without unpacking.

Key features

  • Easy, precise haircut everytime
  • Just plug and style hair, no setup
  • Hair style anytime, anywhere
  • You break we replace 2 year warranty

Honest reviews


The Best of the Vacuum “Stylists” So Far…

YES: Self contained unitDedicated On-Board VacuumSturdy “spacers”Easy to adjust length “on the fly”More intuitive feeling when cutting (than Flowbee)CONS FOR ME/MY FAMILY: Vacuum haircutting seems to be extra-challenging with very thick and wavy/curly hair.FINAL THOUGHT: If you are in the market for a vacuum haircutter, this would be my first choice. The price point it a little higher, but having a self-contained unit that is tuned for this job specifically, and keeps things organized are enough pluses to warrant the extra $30 or so (according to price on 2/22/2012 when shipping direct from Amazon) that this costs compared to the trailblazing, but less intuitive Flowbee (the package without the vacuum)The Longer Tale…I recently purchased a Flowbee (Flowbee Hair Cutterto help cut my son’s hair.Some background: I have severe arthritis (both systemic RA and Osteoarthritis) and my son and I both have autism (Asperger’s Syndrome). Both of us are sensitive to sound/noise. I have been cutting his hair since he was one year old and he is just getting squirmier, which results in epic attempts to even out his cut, resulting in hair that is way shorter than intended. Thankfully, the too short hair grows pretty quick and cutting it *that* short gives me a bit of a reprieve between cuts (around 6 months).So I purchased the Flowbee to make the haircut experience go faster for both of us and to avoid using the scissors, which can be challenging and on some days just impossible with my swollen and stiff hands. The Flowbee is fine. I attached it to our vacuum cleaner and tested it on my bangs first. Yes, I took that bullet. And thankfully my bangs look like they were precisely trimmed when they are pushed to one side and straight down? Looks like a toddler took pinking sheers to my fringe! I tried the Flowbee on him and it cut his hair, but with very thick hair I found the process very labor and time intensive and my son eventually started going into overload (he did have earplugs in) so we stopped and he had a 1980’s Mel Gibson sort of a mullet-y cut. Not great. Not even good. But passable for school the next day.He promised he would let me finish the cut with the Flowbee but both of us kept putting it off.I received the Haircut Pro from Amazon’s vine program. I chose it because I figured I could compare it to the Flowbee, and even if it was nearly the same experience as the Flowbee at least it was different enough that my kid would let me play mad scientist with his hair once again.My bangs had grown out enough by this point that I first cut them- much easier than the Flowbee. Why? The opening is round and the footprint is small so there is a greater likelihood of cutting mostly hair from one area to the same length, than with the flowbee which grabs hair from a great area, making a straight cut nearly impossible for the “vacuum haircutting” newbie. The Haircut Pro feels more intuitive… Well, at least as intuitive as cutting your hair with vacuum cleaner powered spinning blades!The Haircut Pro has the vacuum built in, comes with a spare filter, and plenty of attachments which lock together by turning instead of the Flowbee’s which snap together and are so flimsy feeling that I’m still amazed our one epic haircut attempt didn’t result in broken spacer bits all over the place.The vacuum is strong enough. With very thick hair it can be challenging to get all of the hair cut. I wound up giving myself a fairly basic and easy blunt cut to my very long hair by gathering hair into low hanging ponytails with the elastic band pulled just above the length I wanted (to make kind of a false-scalp/anchoring point. This worked fairly well, and while I wouldn’t say it looks like a salon cut or even a great home-cut, it is nice to get the back even this easily-even without buying more spacers to accommodate my very long and extremely thick hair. My bangs came out awesome.My son’s hair was another epic event- the Haircut Pro is gentler than the Flowbee. The Flowbee snagged his hair and pulled it on occasion which made his patience dwindle rapidly. The Haircut Pro didn’t jerk his scalp as much and the plastic spacers are finished a little nicer so he wasn’t as bothered by me bumping his head with them… Though I wish there was a way to make a “cap” for the end spacer with cushioning, but cannot imagine how that could be done without adding another place for hair to get snagged.I did have to use the scissors and a razor comb to shape and finish his cut. Still, I found the Haircut Pro at least reduced the length enough to make the detail work much quicker and more manageable for me and my painful hands.The Vacuum portion is around as loud as a regular household upright vac. It does hold lots of clippings but we had to empty it twice during our experimental cut as both of us have very thick hair.My son’s hair is also curly/very wavy and he has cowlicks all over his head which makes any cut challenging. I’m still surprised he let me cut his hair with both this and the Flowbee when he is terrified of our electric clippers (they make a weird loud sound when adjusting them)…My Haircut Pro kit came with a helpful haircut guide and a “hairline” gadget that is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It’s a bendable “template” so folks with short hair can easily shape and trim and clean up the back nape of their cuts. I don’t know if it was supposed to be in the box, as the description here on Amazon didn’t mention it, and the little box that it was in (within the larger haircut pro kit box) said “Robocut”… But it is a pretty neat “why didn’t I think of that!” device and next time I trim my bangs, I’m going to give that handy little gadget a try (and then back to the Haircut Pro for my bang trims!)…

Nita Firth, ID

To strong suction (danger)

The size and design of this vacuum is intimidating and when you turn on this machine you really feel scare, the suction of this vacuum is so strong that you can be in danger if you are the one having the hair cut. Never use this for cutting a kids hair, maybe for dogs but with the noise of this machine the dog will get very scare.

Heather Haleyville, AL

Safety Warning in Review – vacuum suction is TOO strong, potential for serious injury

SAFETY WARNING – The vacuum is very powerful and literally sucked my husband’s scalp into the tube along with his hair. Had we been using the shortest attachment, the “buzz cutter”, he could have been seriously injured.We had hoped to love the Haircut Pro vacuum hair cutter as my husband has wanted aFlowbee Hair Cuttertype hair trimmer for many years. We had recently begun using thePhilips Norelco Qc5130/40 Hair Clipper, Silverwhich we have quickly grown to love. However, the longest setting on the Norelco is #12 – 1.5 inches. There are times when my husband likes his hair slightly longer so he continued to occasionally mention getting an untried but potentially beloved Flowbee. After reading the reviews of both the Flowbee and the Haircut Pro, we settled on the Haircut Pro. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a mistake… First we noticed the very uneven cut caused by the method the hair is sucked into the tube. However, along my husband’s neckline we discovered a serious problem. The vacuum is very powerful and literally sucked my husband’s scalp into the tube along with his hair. Had we been using the shortest attachment, the “buzz cutter”, he could have been seriously injured. Some household canister vacuums have an airflow adjustment on the vacuum hose. A simple modification of the hose with thorough instructions could help reduce this hazard.Another potential situation I quickly noticed – if the blades became dull over a period of use and someone then used this device to cut off any substantial length of hair it appears the device could cause the hair become wound up into the rapidly spinning cutting mechanism instead of being cut. This could become a very bad situation, very quickly. Again, we are very concerned with the potential hazards from using this device.After such a bad experience we are sticking with the Norelco Hair Clipper since it provides a much more even cut and does not have nearly the potential to cause serious harm or bodily injury. Since we purchased the Haircut Pro from Amazon we have returned it for a refund due to being defective / does not work properly. Any device with this much potential to cause serious harm or bodily injury is defective in our books.Full-disclosure: We do NOT have any financial involvement in any of the above companies. We are merely consumers who have experienced too many hazards in our society, perhaps we can assist others to make informed choices.

Mercedes Marcus, WA
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Tweezerman Spirit 2000 Styling Shears

Spirit 2000 Styling Shears

Key features

  • Plastic handle with large finger loops for comfort
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • Smooth cutting action

Honest reviews


very sharp

i bought these scissors for clipping ends bangs they are very sharp like the scissors in a hair salon not like the $3 dollar ones from discount stores sharp scissors help your ends not to split when cut

Cara Ashley, IN

Quality Product!

These shears have the look and feel of a high quality product (and they are of course). They fit in the hand so comfortably, and produce a very clean-cut. Make’s you feel like a Pro the minute you pick them up! If you need a small, high quality shear at a great price you will not be disappointed with these.

Ruthie Port Austin, MI

These are great

These are extremely sharp. I accidentally snipped part of my hand when I was holding my bangs out to cut them. Novice hair cutter mistake. So beware, they will snip right through skin! They work great for cutting my fine hair.

Tamra Groveland, CA
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Hair Cutting Scissors Precision 3-piece Barber Shears Set

The 3 Pc Barber’s Shear Set includes: 5.5″ Barber Shears, 6.5″ Barber Shears, and 6.5″ Salon Thinning Shears. Cutting your children’s hair at home is convenient and saves money, but to do the job right, you need the right tools. This 3 piece Barbers Shears set gives you will give you the professional tools at an affordable price. Barber Shears in two sizes for perfectly balanced trimming and cutting, plus Salon Thinning Shears for layering and texturing hair. Durable stainless steel with easy grip ‘pinkie guard’ handles.

Key features

  • Hair Cutting Scissors Precision 3-piece Barber Shears Set
  • Save money with your own hair cutting scissors set
  • Easy grip “pinky guard” handles
  • Made from durable stainless steel

Honest reviews


Good value for scissors

After losing scissors on travel, I decided to stop spending a lot on them. These are fine for travel. At home I use more expensive cutters.

Debbie Saint Lucas, IA

DIY hair!

These are great as I cut my own hair now. They are sharp and very high quality so you get a precise cut.

Angelique Lowell, OH

Good, but a little dull

They were a little dull, but overall work pretty well. Invest in a nice sharpening tool and these should work for you.

Kenya Ortley, SD
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Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Thinning Shears

Stainless 2000 Thinning Shears

Key features

  • High performance shears, made of stainless steel for thinning thick hair
  • Precision shears are hand-crafted for optimum control, balance and comfort
  • Free lifetime sharpening
  • Guaranteed against manufacture defects

Honest reviews


Good but short

These thinning shears cut quite well, but honestly, they’re not really necessary for a proper haircut. I find that manual texturing will yield better results. Careful not to get carried away with these. Cut shallow and sparingly.

Corrine Gibsonton, FL

Nice shears

These are very nice, quality shears and they are sure to last a long time. I bet they will be in service for as long as my clippers are working.

Linda Clayton, OH

Great product for a great price!

I am not a barber or a professional stylist, so i don’t know how super professional cutting tools should be like. But these shears DO THEIR JOB!!!! I was really impressed the way they cut hair! There were some reviews that said these scissors don’t cut. I personally think they cut great, in fact, you have to be careful, because you can cut off too much 🙂 To sum up, this is A GREAT PURCHASE FOR A GREAT PRICE!!!!!! I recommend them!

Joan Arcata, CA
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Remington HC5950 Touch Control Haircut Kit, Black

Get customized, modern looks and traditional hairstyles quickly and easily with the Remington Touch Control Haircut Clipper. This innovative 40 minute runtime cordless clipper offers digital touch screen technology and a quick and easy USB 90 minute reach.

Key features

  • Precision touch control screen for adjusting comb length and motor speed, also displays battery power
  • Three swappable combs included for 100+ length settings
  • Pro power motor with 40 minute runtime and 90 minute charge time

Honest reviews


Cordless trimmer with good power, but not sure how long it will last

Courtesy of Amazon Vine, I received this Remington HC5950 Touch Control Haircut Kit for review. Overall I like the trimmer and have used it to replace another Remington that I had for several years for my weekly use. Here are the pros and cons that I have used it in the last six weeks (so six times).Pros:- This is cordless, and it does make trimming quite a bit more natural when compared to my corded model.- Since it is brand new, the battery holds a very good amount of juice. Since my weekly trimming is only 5 minutes long each, I have yet to deplete the battery after a full charge since I received it. The claim of 40 minute runtime is likely to be true.- The blades are indeed very sharp. However, I have to note that many new trimmers on the market feature these so-called self-sharpening titanium coated blades.- I like the fact that there are three different motor speed, although so far I have always stayed on the lowest in my actual use. In terms of testing, I did notice that the higher speed seems to cut smoother. But of course, you trade run time since this is battery-powered.- One comb to do them all. Although this trimmer is shipped with three combs: fixed 1.5mm, variable 2-23mm, and 22-42mm, in my routine I only need the middle comb. That means I don’t need to change combs at all.Cons:- No tapered comb. The one thing I really miss from my old corded model is the pair of tapered combs. This makes cutting the side (around the ears) a bit difficult.- The touch buttons are a touch too touch-sensitive. :O The length of the comb is adjusted by a motorized clip, which in turn is controlled by two touch-sensitive buttons (like your laptop’s trackpad). I already had to reset the trimmer two times so far to reset the touch sensitivity, or else I can trigger those buttons in the air, as far as over a quarter inch.- The reason I am not sure this will last long is this: you still need to take out the comb to clean it. However, given the motorized design, there is only a very small clip of plastic (one on each side) to hold the comb to the trimmer. I am quite concerned that they will break easily. Only time can tell.Bottomline: I find this to be a high quality product. The construction is sturdy, and the rubberized surface adds to the grip. The cons I listed about are all either very minor (touch) or very common (no tapered combs). That’s why I think this is worth a solid 5/5.

Gladys Clayton, AL

Excellent Shaver

The Remington HC5950 has a great shape which lends itself to an ease of shaving all body areas quickly and sharply. While we didn’t use all the heads, the ones we did added to the overall ease of a clean even shade.

Betsy Lanoka Harbor, NJ

The features are a nuisance

I’m not a professional hair stylist but neither am I a novice. I’ve cut my husband’s hair for the last ten years and my son’s for the last four. Therefore, I was amazed at how difficult these clippers were to use.The worst: I put in the appropriate comb, adjusted it to the desired length and turned it on. But as I pressed the clippers to my husband’s head, the comb SLIPPED and went down to the closest setting. I almost completely shaved a swath out of my husband’s head. I gasped, which immediately worried my husband (You never want to hear a gasp from the person cutting your hair.) My husband looked in the mirror and thankfully, he kept a calm disposition and said, “Well, I guess you’ll have to make the whole head that length now…” In the end, with creative blending, the haircut turned out well and my husband was pleased but adjustable combs should not slip like that. From now on, I always test it by pressing down with my fingers before putting it up to my husband’s head.And really, the adjustable combs are a nuisance. The only time they are locked in place is when you are actively cutting. But the moment you turn the motor off, the combs are adjustable again. The controls are very sensitive and an accidental brush from my fingers would change the settings. When I put it on the counter, if I accidentally put it face down, the lengths would get screwy. It got exasperating very quickly.The combs themselves are also poorly designed. They wrap all the way around the clippers so that the excess hair gets stuck within the combs and jam things up. I had to stop periodically to remove great gobs of hair.Lastly, you would think turning something off would be a easy thing but not with this! You press the power button and wait. The display remains on for a bit longer and if accidentally touch one of the controls, it immediately comes back on! So you really have to sit there and wait for the darned thing to completely shut off before you put it back in its case.And of course, the case is too small. You have to be a master at Tetris to get the clippers and all the accessories in the case and be able to zip it up.Clearly, this product did not go through a rigorous testing process before being offered to the public.

Carmen College City, CA
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by ksshopping 2 X Professional Hair Cutting & Thinning Scissors Shears Hairdressing Set

* SODIAL is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of SODIAL can sell under SODIAL listings.Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. * SODIAL(R) 2 X Professional Hair Cutting & Thinning Scissors Shears Hairdressing Set

Key features

  • 2 X Professional Hair Cutting & Thinning Scissors Shears Hairdressing Set
  • Material: stainless steel for fore part, zinc alloy plating for grip part .
  • Length: 6 inch.
  • Contents: 1 x Regular hair scissors£¬1 x Thinning scissors

Honest reviews


Awesome, Awesome shears

These are amazing! I thinned my mothers hair last night and they shears worked so well that mom did not even mind that bald spot I cut into her head. They were super sharp and AWESOME!

Lois Wasilla, AK


Very sharp and work great for when I cut my family’s hair occasionally. I don’t use them all the time but they work perfect for what I need them for.

Lela Jersey, VA

Not as sharp as I expected

This is my second pair of professional scissors I’ve bought and I was surprised that these scissors were not close to being as sharp as the pair I own. The thinning scissors work well but the other scissors definitely will require more than one cut to achieve a clean cut.

Bianca Hennepin, IL
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1. Keeps face cleaner and smoother. Clean and dry face before using. 2. Bend the Super Stick into an inverted ‘U’, Place it against the hairs you want to say goodbye to . 3. Holding the handles, twist the stick in opposite directions. 4. CAN USE : Forehead /Cheeks /Upper lip /Chin (Please note the stick shouldn’t be used on eyebrows. 5. The hairs are trapped between the tightly coiled spring which grips and removes them in one swift movement. 6. Suitable for all hair and skin types, including sensitive skin. 7. To clean the tool just hold the two ends with one hand so that it is bent in half and rinse under water and let it air dry. To keep it sanitary just wipe with alcohol

Key features

  • Removes facial hair from the roots without damaging the skin like waxing or bleaching does.
  • The design of these facial hair removers is based on threading-style hair removal, though its precision spring-action system doesn’t actually use thread.
  • No more messing with creams, depilatories, waxes, bleaches or shavers. Easy to Clean.
  • No artificial fragrances or colors.
  • Simple to handle and store – Compact design allows for easy carrying while travelling anywhere in purse or travel bag.

Honest reviews


Works pretty good

I haven’t had a lot of time to use this tool, but I figured it out on the first use. There is a technique you should use, and yes it definitely hurts the first time you use it. But the pain lessens over time and it doesn’t hurt as much as waxing or threading. It definitely pulls out a lot of hair. You have to learn to maneuver it effectively. I recommend having a pair of tweezers handy for any stubborn hairs. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t make my skin red and irritated. There was barely any blotchiness at all, and then it went away really quickly.Be gone mustache!

Ida Mesa, ID

Face Saver!!

A few weeks ago I burned my face really bad with hot wax.I’ve had to use wax for my face since I was a teen because I’m light/medium complexion with very DARK facial hair.I now have a scar from the wax which was too strong,not my normal brand. So, I decided to look up these types of tools for facial hair removal.I saw how inexpensive this was and decided to order it.I could not be happier.I didn’t have high expectations but all I can say is Wow. I will never use wax on my face again. I only wish I knew about these when I was younger.Could’ve saved me alot of time, money and pain. The tool didn’t hurt at all compared to waxing or tweezing.*My advice how to use it is: 1)Bend the tool and lightly lay it on your skin just enough to grab hair 2)Roll fingertips away from you, like your telling someone to go away, lol, this will cause the spring to roll towards your skin3)Roll slowly, too fast and you’re just rolling over your skin and nothing else.I hope this helps, and BTW it took me about 4 minutes total to do my entire face, yes I even have to do my cheeks 🙁 But now that I have this tool,it’s alot Easier!!

Deborah Audubon, MN

Does NOT work

If I could give this 0 stars, I would. This is a waste of your money – please don’t buy. I have a REM spring and it is so much better and effective. I wanted to buy this since it was cheaper but buyer beware – you get what you pay for. Here is why comparing this it doesn’t work vs. the REM Spring:*This is BIG and inflexible unlike the REM which is smaller and flexible so you can easily turn it into a upside down "U: and pull all those unwanted hairs out. I could not maneuver this into the upside down "U" so I could not get not even one hair out. I even tried on my hand to see if it work – the REM tackles any hair except for your eyebrows easily – but not even that worked which led me to think this is a complete waste of money. Not all replicas are good imitation of the real thing. Save your money and buy the REM spring. I am going to get that as a back-up now. Buyer beware – I had to pay to learn mine with this but fortunately the price was low enough.

Tammy Litchfield, IL
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