Bigen Powder Hair Color #59 Oriental Black .21 oz.

Bigen Powder Hair Color #59 Oriental Black .21 oz. (Case of 6)

Key features

  • Designed to elegantly color all gray or partially gray hair, enrich your natural hair color without lift. Contains no ammonia, no metallic substances and requires no hydrogen peroxide
  • Contains no ammonia, no metallic substances and requires no hydrogen peroxide.

Honest reviews


Best black haircolor

I love this haircolor. I have been using it for years! The black looks very natural, doesn’t look blue, you just add water and mix and the color lasts. This is the only black haircolor I will use. It doesn’t burn your scalp at all 🙂

Rosalind Braden, TN

no more gray

I believe this is the best hair color out there for covering gray; I’ve tried several products and love this one best.

Olga Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Gret hair color

I love this brand and this color. It won’t break your hair out and lasts a very long tme. try it!!

Karin High View, WV
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Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color, Medium Brown, 0.25 Ounce

The mascara style wand allows for precise coverage on eyebrows, moustaches and side burn. It is color, blended and smooth.

Key features

  • It is color
  • Blended
  • And smooth

Honest reviews


This does not work at all!

I got the light brown one from the site and I wanted to toss it in the garbage after the first time I used it! Was so embarrassed,everyone could see my greys! This product makes your hair stiff and it’s like someone put some kind of cake batter on your hair. It does flake off and doesn’t last through the day let alone a shampoo!Best use a temporary water-proof spray with more coverage…or use a demi-color at home IE: Loreal’s is great!

Kasey Joffre, PA

No more gray

I love this product. It is the perfect color to keep my gray part from showing the last few weeks before coloring my hair. I don’t like the applicator (which pulls up my hair), but the product is the best (and I’ve tried several).

Angelique Proctor, MT


This color works great to match my light brown or dark blonde wigs. This is my second tube. I bought the light brown the first time & had to improvise, as no instructions came with it. I found these instructions & wanted to pass this along to y’all. Hope this helps.How to apply: Greyfree is best applied to dry hair. For best results apply very sparingly. A small amount of product is all that is needed to cover even the most resistant gray hair. Gently brush & roll color wand from root to end until blended. Allow to dry naturally or use a hair dryer. Brush & style hair as normal. All styling products & styling tools may be used before & after applying Greyfree. No special brushes or combs are needed for application. To remove, simply shampoo out.Great product. Good price.

Alberta Fairfield, AL
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John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Warm Red, 6 Fluid Ounce

An in-shower, non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments for true to tone, salon-fresh color in-between colorings. Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine. Adds fiery copper tones to counteract fading. An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments. Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings.

Key features

  • Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine
  • Adds fiery copper tones to counteract fading
  • An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments
  • Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings

Honest reviews


No thank you

This product gives very little reward for the amount of labor involved. It takes multiple applications before any color highlight or shine will appear. Don’t expect this to cover the gray either because it will not. Nor the roots. As a matter of fact, you’re supposed to keep this product away from the roots of your hair. If you don’t you will discover as many of us have, that you have a reddish or pinkish scalp. Also, as others have said this product definitely dyes in your skin. Applying it in the shower compounds the problem because you simply cannot see the back of your neck or anything else unless you have a mirror in your shower!Although I wish that this product could refresh and revive the brilliant, sparkling red hair that I have after leaving the salon, it does not. Since it does not deliver on its promises and is a pain in the you know what to use, there’s no reason in my opinion to purchase this product.

Kaye Ixonia, WI

helps a little

First of all, this is not a foam, it is more in an oil form. Second, this is not new, it is a repackaging of their color gloss and shine. That being said it isn’t a bad product. The only difference with the new product is the directions. Previously, it was suggested to use a small amount after washing and conditioning at least 3x per week. Now it suggests using a quarter amount, rubbing it through your hair and then repeat 3x times and leave it in for 3 minutes. I’ve tried this both ways. Since I have short hair, it makes more sense to use it a few times a week. It does help for the first couple of weeks or so but then not so much. Red is really hard to maintain and this just isn’t enough. But used in conjunction with other things, it is a worthwhile tool. I have also put this in my hair and not rinsed it out on a day I’m not planning to leave this house. I rinse it out the next morning. The more you wring out your hair before using this, the better.

Carole Laurel, IN

True Copper Boost To Brighten Fading Hair

It is difficult to find hair dye that comes in a brilliant true copper red color. Often they are too fire engine, cherry, or off red in color. When I found some really nice copper based dyes, it was a challenge to find a way to keep the red looking bright without having to constantly re-process the hair with dye.This product is a really nice solution to that problem.HAIR THIS WAS USED ONThe hair that this was used on was dyed with three colors: VS Runway Red (RR6), L’Oreal Mega Red MR1- Light Intense Copper, and a golden platinum highlight.The hair that this was used on had been dyed for about four weeks and was showing a little sign of fading. I was concerned about the John Frieda Precision Foam dyeing the light highlights.The shampoo used at the time is Not Your Mother’s Beach Shampoo which does not have sodium lauryl sulfate in it.HOW DID THIS PERFORM?When following the directions, the results were surprisingly perfect! The hair was left with a perfect boost to it. The gold/platinum highlights were still the same with just a tiny boost of copper added. The look is perfect, and you can hardly see the difference in the blonde but it does look beautiful.OTHER COMMENTSOne thing we noticed with this foam is that it is best not to use a conditioner when using this. The texture of the hair when done is glossy, soft, silky and smooth. Using conditioner might bog it down too much.This stuff seems to be the perfect answer to boosting copper colored hair to give that perfect oomph to hair that has started to fade without having to re-process with dye. I love that it is copper and not the other reds from similar products we have used in the past like this.If you are looking for a different red than copper, I would suggest you apply to a section of hair first to test it just in case. If you are looking for bright copper- this is it!

Arlene Chalfont, PA
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Henna Maiden RADIANT NATURAL RED Hair Color: 100% Natural & Chemical Free

Henna Maiden Hair Dye is “Nature’s Way to Cover Grey”. Henna & Herbs that’s it! Our Henna Maiden Hair Dye is a gift from nature with 10 mixable shades to create an infinite range of colors . Want rich, luscious, shiny hair that dazzles everyone? Henna coats the hair shaft so it always looks natural and translucent, especially in the sun! Your hair will be stronger, healthier and more manageable with tons of shine and bounce! Henna will smooth split ends, protect from the elements and cleanse the scalp promoting hair growth. All of our Henna Maiden Hair Dyes are FDA approved for use on your hair, do not contain any metal salts, peroxide, PPD’s or harsh chemicals. That means no more burning and no more health risks associated with chemical hair dyes. Once you try it you’ll never go back! Henna Maiden is Vegan of course! Our easy 1 Step method means no complicated mixing of multiple powders and herbs, we have created the perfect blend; you simply add water, mix and apply the dye! HENNA MAIDEN Hair Dye kit includes 100 Grams of finely sifted organic Henna & herbs, gloves, hair cap and application instructions. We ship same day on orders placed Monday – Friday before 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific) from our office and warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are a proud family owned business for the past 15 years. Any questions just give us a call or send us a message. Thank you! NOTE: Short Hair = 1/3 – 1/2 Package (30 – 50 grams), Neck Length = 1 Package (100 grams), Shoulder Length = 1.5 to 2 Packages (150 – 200 grams), Mid Back Length = 2 to 3 Packages (200 – 300 grams), Waist Length = 3 to 4 Packages (300 – 400 grams) • Do not use in the area of the eye • Do not use on cut or abraded scalp

Key features

  • Naturally adds color, shine, body and manageability, “Nature’s Way to Cover Gray®”
  • Safe, Natural, Cruelty Free and Made with Organic Ingredients.
  • Color lasts 4 – 8 weeks before beginning to fade naturally. You may re-apply as often as needed, when new root growth is visible, or as it begins to fade.
  • Easy to use, just add water, mix & apply. (product cannot lighten dark hair)
  • FREE application kit includes gloves, cap and instructions.

Honest reviews


This stuff is awesome!

So, I have used henna before, but this product is way better than the product I used before (I used to get my henna from Lush). This product comes in a cute little package with a picture of a mermaid on it. The henna powder is in its own container within, and the package also includes instructions and a pair of gloves. Don’t bother with the plastic gloves, though, I had a devil of a time trying to use them. The henna will stain you skin, so buy some nicer latex gloves (the kind your dentist and doctor wear). Also, use vaseline (or something without mineral oil) to protect the skin around your hairline, that way you don’t go to work with orange skin.The quality of this henna is wonderful, and it produces a very rich, vibrant color. My hair looks exactly like how I envisioned it, based on the photo on the product’s web page. Potential buyers should note that the color your hair turns out depends on the color you start with. If your hair is dark to start, you’re going to get a darker result than the photo. My hair is naturally a dishwater blonde, so the red comes out very nicely. And, if you haven’t read up about henna, be prepared for it to have a very strong herbal/damp earth/hay smell. I personally think it’s way better than the ammonia smell you get from most boxed dyes. However, the smell of damp earth does stay in your hair for a few days (depending on how often you wash it). It’s not so obvious that my coworkers or friends notice, but I can tell that it’s still there for a few days.I highly recommend mixing in some olive oil when you henna, because it can dry out your hair. But, it won’t give you crazy split ends like boxed dyes. Also, be sure to clean up any henna you spill, because it can also stain your bathroom counter. And, your shower will look pretty strange when you rinse the henna out. Just be sure to rinse your hair out thoroughly, and then rinse the shower itself with lots of water. Also, from personal experience, make sure you get all the henna out of your ears.

Jill Melrose, IA


I bought this henna thinking it would turn out similar to when i tried it 4 years ago with a different brand but similar color, it did not. I have naturally dishwater blonde hair that takes well to color and is very thick and long. However, just applying this product took well over 2 hours, its really hard to coat each strand especially if you have thick and/or longer hair, and when I washed it out not only had I missed parts of my head which I had tried my best to cover, but it came out FLAMING ORANGE. And not in a good way. it faded in the next two weeks but still appears MUCH too orange for me. I was recently called strawberry blond by a few of my friends but that still is not what i wanted. Disappointing.

Rachel Tempe, AZ

Awesome !

I love the color I got with this ! I’m a hairstylist and my hair has been thru it all and coloring it red over and over I just stumbled across this one day and thought why not !? It smells green for at least 2 days after u do it. Other than that I love it ! 😁 I bought more!

Natasha Wibaux, MT
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Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Foam Hair Color 6R Light Auburn 1 Kit

Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam gives you dimensional color in a delightful, drip-free foam. Try Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam and get beautiful tones and highlights for up to 8 weeks. The application is so easy, just shake it, foam it, love it. You’ll love the process and dimensional color. Guaranteed!* * Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Call 1-800 CLAIROL for details. Requirement includes sending original receipt. Limit 1 refund per name, household or address.

Key features

  • Dimensional color with tones and highlights
  • Delightful drip-free foam
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Permanent Color

Honest reviews


The WORST I have ever used, DO NOT BUY this

I am an expert home colorer. I color my hair every month, and have been doing so for 20 years. I should have known better, but I thought the foam format would make coloring so much easier. Wrong. It’s not that the application itself was difficult, it was just strange and messy as heck, with the foam flying every which way. But what I really hate this product for is the resulting color. I usually use Clairol Nice n Easy light brown. Bought the foam in light brown, too. Now, wouldn’t you expect that the same color from the same company would produce similar results? No. This product is so dark, near black. I wouldn’t have minded a shade or two darker, but this is ridiculous. It’s much too dark for me, and unfortunately I’m stuck until it fades. I would never buy this product again, and I would recommend that others don’t, either. I wish I would have read online reviews before I used this, because everybody seems unhappy with it. Clairol should be ashamed…this product is the worst hair color I have ever tried. I would have rated it zero stars, if I could have. Yuck, yuck, YUCK.

Georgette Huntley, MN

What a mess! Medium Brown is too dark.

I have been dying my hair for a couple of years and always use Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Medium Brown, just the regular kind. I saw this foam and thought I’d try it out. It is so messy to use. Even using gloves and petroleum jelly to line my hairline, ears, etc., I ended up with the stuff everywhere and it is almost impossible to get out. When I get the regular stuff on my shirt or towel, it would wash out if I immediately put it in the wash. This stuff is a like a dark stain and didn’t come out at all. I had to really scrub my skin raw to get it off my skin, even though I started trying right as it hit my skin.The medium brown, which usually leaves my hair a nice natural brown color, has turned my hair almost black, it’s that dark.The smell made me feel sick. The regular kind is strong, but this stuff is worse. Four hours after using it, I still don’t feel well.Far from nice and definitely not easy.

Melva Nederland, CO


I hate this product beyond description. I am sitting here typing this review with the product in my hair. It’s so terrible that I just had to come online to review it before washing it off. (I fully agree with reviewer “Eileen G.”)This product is truly a 0 star rating!!!I bought this today at kmart and stupidly I did NOT scan the product to look at amazons reviews first ( something I almost always do before purchasing something I am not familiar with)Application was MESSY, the messiest application ever. The product is a bit runny so my face and ears are already stained. Gosh I know hair dye stinks normally but this one is VERY aweful. My scalp is starting to burn now.This product needs to be DISCONTINUED!!!!!I have been dying my hair at home for many years and I know enough about hair dyes to advise you to STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!!!The foam does NOT come out white (lol) and the bottle does not completely empty so you end up wasting product. ( I tried taking off the ‘pump’ ( as they call it, though you have to squeeze the bottle to get the product out) to get the rest of foam out of the bottle and the product splashed all over the sink.My scalp is really burning now ( been on my head for 15 minutes now) I cannot take this anymore or wait for the full 25 minutes…gotta wash it out NOW!!!!!!DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Consuelo Barstow, IL
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Professional Techniques Frost & Design, Champagne, 1-Count

Frost & Design: Champagne

Key features

  • Dramatic hi-precision pull-through cap highlights has a time-saving formula that leaves you with a delectable swirl of creamy highlights
  • Customize your look with the two styling hooks included to create subtle or bold highlights
  • The pull-through cap lets you select the exact strands you want lightened
  • Includes toning rinse to infuse hair with extra shine for a finished look

Honest reviews


Best hilghlights around

I’ve used tons of blondes, highlights, and every other color and brand imaginable. This gave great results. Normal cap, but you get a chose of 2 hooks for bigger or smaller streaks. I have super fine thin hair, smaller hooks in the past made such thin streaks they just blended in. The bigger hook rocks. Took 45 mins to bleach to a pale yellow (I was SCARED!), then followed with included nice purple toner. RESULT? Amazingly beautiful pale pale blond highlights. Love, love, and highly recommend. Course my hair is not so healthy now, will have to do some damage control.

Michaela Coy, AL

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! <3

so over the years i have tried so many hair products to turn my dirty blonde hair into a bright natural looking blonde and i have not achieved it with other hair dyes but once i tried this one there was no turning back it was time consuming i do admit but the results were completely worth it! great product!

Tammie Willacoochee, GA

Thumbs Up From The Queen Of Cheap

I use this every couple of months. My natural hair is a medium ash blonde with a slight sprinkling of silver at the top and sides. I used to pay $85 for a light foil highlighting but started using this and I save the money plus a generous tip.My advice is to follow instructions to the letter. You will get a lot more ‘frosting’ than you need, but approach with caution initially. It used to take me at least 90 minutes to pull select strands of hair through the cap. I used to mangle the cap with misses, but ended up buying a heavy duty plastic cap that looks like a bowler with an upturned brim that can be used several times. Once I got the wrist action down I was able to do my entire head solo based on strand volume.I determined the correct timing for the product (about 20 minutes) and the end results produce a subtle blonde shade that has no reds or yellows and blends in nicely with my own hair color as well as my silver strands.I like this specific highlighter because it does not leave me with brassy highlights. It looks natural and because I don’t overdue highlighting and I deep condition my hair and scalp at least once a week my hair remains springy and supple.Just my personal opinion, but this product works for me.

Louella King Of Prussia, PA
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Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Hair Color, Maxi 1 Kit

Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Maxi gives you all over lightening in 1 simple step

Key features

  • Maximum Blonding
  • You can go from black to blonde in just one step
  • The longer you leave it in, the lighter you can go.

Honest reviews



IF…you have VIRGIN HAIR=UN-dyed ever before, this will work for you. IF you have COLORED your hair a darker color this will NOT work for you! Hair color STAINS the hair shaft and it cannot be removed with a product like this! It must be removed with BLEACH, and if your hair is really damaged you will run the risk of turning your hair to slime by using bleach. Even professional color removers the Clairol remover system will only get you to a hideous orange color, this product will also get you to that lovely orange no one wants. It will however make your new hair growth blonde! So if you plan on having blonde hair once its been dyed dark? You need to see a professional or cut your hair off to whatever length your re-growth is. Don’t complain that something doesn’t work for you when you have ZERO educational knowledge of hair coloring. This is a good product if you understand how hair color works, just don’t use it if you have dyed your hair a dark color.

Ursula Grantham, PA

Works for me

I have dark dark brown hairCurrently I use it on my roots and my hair comes out pale yellow/blonde. But bleach is not suppose to be the only lightener. It’s suppose to be followed by a toner. So I do not expect this to bring me to white. It is not damaging! My hair actually feels healthier after using this!!!!Previously I’ve used it on dyed jet black hair and it came out orange ish yellow. But I expected that being it wasn’t being used on natural virgin hair.

Abby Costa, WV

I Swear by This Brand

Let me start off by saying one thing: Those of you moaning and groaning about getting orange hair and crap obviously haven’t tried lightening hair before. Anyone who has experience in making major changes to hair would know that the brass and copper tones in artificial dark hair such as black and auburn will ALWAYS cause your hair to be an orange color the first time you bleach it. It happens. To. Everyone.The best way to go about using it, if going for a blonde look, is to use this once or twice before using an ash-toned blonde. You aren’t supposed to be using this to actually go blonde, this is more for making the big super changes.I’ve been using this product for YEARS now and I haven’t had a problem with it other than the fumes. It’s super gentle and lightens a LOT – even on my boyfriends stubborn wolf hair – so it’s my go to for every hair color change I decide to do.The fumes are why I took a star away. While it’s gentle and easy to use, this stuff makes my eyes burn. I usually have to turn on the fan and open the bathroom windows or else my eyes tear up and feel like they’re igniting.Other than that, though, this stuff is the bomb. I’ve used it to go from black to white, blue to red, purple to blonde, and so on.

Alissa Black Rock, AR
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Hair Chalk | Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color – Edge Chalkers – Lasts up to 3 Days, No Mess, Built in Sealant, 80 Applications Per Stick, Works on All Hair Colors-6 COUNT.

Edge Metallic Glitter Hair Chalks | Temporary Hair Coloring Chalk – The Original Hair Color Chalk Blendable Colors – Lasts 3 days Brand New Edge Hair Chalk Stix. Metallic Sparkle colors all blend into one another creating so many different looks. New Hair Chalk Cream Technology Self Seals in 60 seconds. No need for hair spray. Sets quick and no mess. Each Tube rolls up the vibrant blendable metallic sparkle color and rubs on hair smoothly. All colors blend. Finally a hair chalk that doesn’t get all over your hands. Very vibrant You can curl or flat iron hair with color. Edge Hair Stix are semi permanent and will stay in hair for up to three days. You will receive Gold Glam | Silver Shimmer | Hot Pink | Purple Punk Rock | Blue Turquoise Of The Sea | Green Snake Skin. Change your colors as often as you change your mood. Safe for hair and skin. Non Toxic. Blend one color into another to achieve a blended look. Over 80 Applications Per Stick. Just color into hair and brush. Color will set all on it’s own. You can curl or flat iron hair with color. Blend as many colors into hair as you like. Blend one color into another to achieve a blended look. Temporary Color and Semi Permanent hair color.

Key features

  • 6 Edge Hair Stix Colors In All! Blendable Hair Stix With Easy Applicator *Patent Pending
  • As Seen On The Voice and What The Stars Use – Rainbow Collection | 80 Applications Per Hair Stick
  • 3 new ways to apply in hair directions Showing how to- blend in Braid, bangs, feathers, and layered looks
  • Lasts 3 days in hair or Until Washed Out With Shampoo “no mess”
  • Includes Nice Packaging, Can Be Used In So Many Different Ways, And On All Hair Colors

Honest reviews


Fun, easy, temporary

These look like LARGE soft crayons, not small like other reviewer said. I just picked a small section of my hair and ran the marker across the hair. Then I tried just drawing it on. THEN I read the instructions. Ran a brush thru it, and it blended, appeared less brilliant, but still there. Will try following instructions next time.My hair has just turned gray in the last few years and sooooo boring. These were fun. Got some on my fingers, but just washed it off. A good way to experiment with colors and then shampoo completely out. Perfect for Halloween or party time. Oh, just need an excuse…. Margaritas and blue streaks.

Kasey Greenwell Springs, LA

Lots of fun

I have had lots of fun with this hair chalk. I did my hair in autumn colors for fall and well you get the idea. My favorite colors are red and pink (I have light blonde hair). The colors however get on your fingers as you use them and you really got to soap up to wash it off your hands, so that is why I gave them 4 and not 5 stars. The colors are nice. You need to wet the strand you want to color, once your strands of hair are wet take the chalk color you want and rub it back and forth over the strand to get the amount of color you want. When the color is in the strand you need to spray it to seal the color. IF you dont spray it the color will come off on your hands or clothes, etc. So you cant really work with your hair after the color is in, so you would not be able to say put chalk in hair and then use the straightener or curling iron, or the chalk would get on your styling tool and it will probably not be good for your hair. But if you want to leave your hair natural and add this chalk it works great.

Karen Archbald, PA

only for blond hair

I was shocked since I have a dark long hair, the colors is so feeble!. I don’t recommended for dark hair only for blond I guess!.

Jenny Larkspur, CA
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John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, Medium Natural Blonde 8N

Precision Foam Colour is the first ever premium permanent home hair colour that uses foam technology to deliver salon-quality results at home.With 20 flattering shades to choose from, achieving flawless, natural-looking results at home has never been quicker or easier.

Key features

  • A true breakthrough in home hair colour This revolutionary, non-drip foam spreads easily into roots and hard-to-reach areas for precise, all-over 100% grey coverage
  • Precision foam color allows you to achieve real salon-quality colour results very easily at home, every time you colour
  • This unique foam spreads quickly and easily, fluidawlessly covering the hard-to-reach hair on the back of your head, roots and hairline
  • Included in the package is our nourishing, after-color conditioner which seals in color for long-lasting tonal richness, while keeping hair soft and silky

Honest reviews


This is for the Color: Deep Brown Black 3N

I was in an accident not too long ago and had some issues some of them neurological. The medication I have been on has caused some hair loss and color dullness among many things. As I am regrowing some of the lost hair with treatment the color is not the same. I have always had a luxurious dark color, till now. It’s rather dull and not as dark. So I’ve given some at home hair coloring a try. It’s not bad, but what I get is some patches because I also seem to have arm weakness. So on the John Frieda box, and I was already a fan of other John Frieda products, the box shows a picture that this foaming product will not have those patchy spots. I wanted to give it a try.The steps are not new and shocking. There is a developer and coloring creme, conditioner, black gloves, a foamer top and an instruction sheet. When you mix the developer and color you don’t turn the bottle upside down you tilt the bottle five times. After that you take the screw top off and put the foaming top on, you squeeze the bottle to create a softball size amount of colored foam in your palm. You always put the foam in your hand to put on your hair. The instruction booklet shows you the best way to foam your hair. You want your hair to be completely covered in foam to look foamy. I have shoulder length hair and I used 3/4 of a bottle. The color was perfect. PERFECT. It sat on my hair for 30 minutes. I rinsed it out, and then I lathered it up with the conditioner that came in the box that smelled divine. Which by the way the dye even smells a little bit yummy.The color is great, it’s even, it’s shiny, it’s glossy, highlighted, very natural looking. I love it. It really is very touchably beautiful. I just ordered three more boxes in high hopes that my hair regrowth treatments are going to work out successfully. I am very pleased.***UPDATE*** I dyed my hair over 3 weeks ago with this product and I am still astounded at the color. It is just as pretty as the first day that I did it. No fade yet. I have had some hair growth so I’ve got some pesky roots, but the color has stayed just as lush as it was when I first dyed it.

Nona Steele, KY

Hell to the NO!! Never again!

If I could give this NEGATIVE stars and insert a flaming middle finger icon, I would!I’ve colored my own hair for decades, off and on. (Right now I’m coloring in between salon visits) And…let me say, I’ve never been more pissed off at a hair color in my life. I dropped $11 for this at the grocery store because I had noticed my color had grown out about 1/2″ and my white…er, gray, was showing at the top. Can’t have that.Supposed to put the stuff into a foaming bottle, and gently roll around, don’t shake it! You’ll cause it to not foam up, they say. (holding my sides, rolling on the floor in laughter at this….) If it doesn’t foam, don’t blame yourself!!!I don’t even know where to begin with this garbage! Well let me just go by what the box says, item by item.
• “Salon precise foam coverage”: There was nothing precise, or foam-y, about this product. I didn’t shake it, I rolled the bottle around gently like it tells you to do. I still had liquidy mess coming out of the pump, NOT thick foam per the photos plastered all over the box. PRECISE? If by precise you mean this ___ runs like Secretariat at the Derby, sure!
• “Salon quality results”: I am sure that MOST of us at one time or another had their hair colored at some kind of Snip n Clip place inside a Wal-mart. Come on, haven’t you ever been that desperate at least once in your life? Well I’m here to tell you that NO ONE could make your hair look this bad, not even you. Not some fresh beauty school graduate at a Wal-Mart salon. Not even a beauty student in training could EVER mess up your hair as bad as this stuff will. If you went to a salon whose colorist only managed to get about 20% of your hair colored, left most of the grays untouched, and the rest was a tonal mess, wouldn’t you be insane with anger? Welcome to John Frieda Precision Foam Color At Home Salon. You suck.
• “Easy to apply, non drip formula”: Ok so yeah, it didn’t drip: IT RAN. It ran like an ape with it’s butt on fire. Couldn’t color my grays, but d
• mn you should see how it colors your forehead! If you do get this stuff despite my horrible review, at least put some Vaseline around your hairline.
• “Vibrant Shine!”: Well yeah, that shine comes from the sun reflecting off the MILLIONS OF GRAYS this stuff refused to cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• “100% gray coverage”: Sure, I have resistant gray. But even the cheapest, nastiest hair color (::cough:: Clairol :: cough!!) covers more of my gray than THIS. For all the time it took and the sheer mess this crap created, most of my gray areas looked as if I hadn’t even touched them with dye. Or worse, that I have jaundice in my hair. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE, this crap does not cover much gray!!
• The color looked like someone took a pee on the top of my head. Virgin new growth hair, so it’s not reacting to previous color. Yellow-reflecting roots and maybe 20% of them were actually colored (yellow, but hey yellow is a color). This box has been sitting on my counter for a month now as I tried to calm down enough to write a review that wasn’t filled with expletives, but every time I see the box I get mad all over again. I want four refunds just to take the edge off my anger, for the money and time I wasted using this product. And then I had to spend a few days looking like a PISS HEAD until I could color it again, with something else.And the funny thing is: I bought the ION Permanent in Medium Copper; and it was on sale. I think I paid under $4 for the tube, and used only about 1/4 of it. Guess what, perfect match on my hair, covered ALL the grays, and it’s lasting and lasting. It even colored over the URINE SAMPLE YELLOW that the John Frieda imparted to my hair and you cannot tell that my hair is color treated. So go Ion, skip John Frieda!

Anne Union Lake, MI

Didn’t do a thing but burn my scalp

I tried this after recently bleaching my hair. Talk about PAINFUL!! I know my scalp was sensitive because of the recent bleaching, but I frequently dye my hair after bleaching and I’ve NEVER had such a bad reaction to hair color. Not only that, but the color did not take – AT ALL. Once I rinsed it was the same bleach blonde as it had been before, I was completely disappointed and couldn’t do anything to my hair after that because I had some raw spots on my scalp :(Never again.

Nadia Tonawanda, NY
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TouchBack Temporary Color Marker Rich Black

TouchBack instant touch-up is the fastest touch-up for gray roots. TouchBack actually bonds to the hair, blending seamlessly with permanent hair color for a totally natural look. (Unlike hair mascaras, crayons, gels and powders, which dull the hair and flake off.)

Key features

  • Won’t flake or rub off when brushed
  • Real hair color in a marker
  • Gray roots gone instantly
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Gentle on hair

Honest reviews


Hair Dye In A Marker

This is temporary hair dye encapsulated in what appears to be a marker. I bought this to touch up my boyfriend’s beard. It goes on easily enough, just be aware that the “marker” tip is wide, so doing the smaller areas of his goatee was a bit tricky. I just turned the “marker” on its side and used short strokes. I realize this product is really for touching up roots on one’s head, but it did do the trick on his beard. I would run a comb through his beard once I was finished. He thought the medium brown color was more like a dark brown color though so perhaps one should consider ordering this product one shade lighter.

Elisabeth Dolph, AR

Excellent Product

This is a wonderful product. Works fantastic if you have dark brown reddish hair. I took it with me when I went out of town for 3 weeks and knew I wouldn’t be able to color my grayish hair, which I color dark reddish brown. My roots become very obvious. This product worked perfectly. I couldn’t see the roots after applying this along the part in my hair. It doesn’t rub off on the pillow case and does not flake off either. It only comes off when you shampoo. A great option for times when roots are becoming obvious but no time to color.

Jeannie Annandale, MN

New Best Friend

I purchased this item for my friend and she loves it. She said it is her new best friend! I am now going to order one for myself.

Lucile Mills, NM
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