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Hair Chalk | Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color – Edge Chalkers – Lasts up to 3 Days, No Mess, Built in Sealant, 80 Applications Per Stick, Works on All Hair Colors-6 COUNT.

Edge Metallic Glitter Hair Chalks | Temporary Hair Coloring Chalk – The Original Hair Color Chalk Blendable Colors – Lasts 3 days Brand New Edge Hair Chalk Stix. Metallic Sparkle colors all blend into one another creating so many different looks. New Hair Chalk Cream Technology Self Seals in 60 seconds. No need for hair spray. Sets quick and no mess. Each Tube rolls up the vibrant blendable metallic sparkle color and rubs on hair smoothly. All colors blend. Finally a hair chalk that doesn’t get all over your hands. Very vibrant You can curl or flat iron hair with color. Edge Hair Stix are semi permanent and will stay in hair for up to three days. You will receive Gold Glam | Silver Shimmer | Hot Pink | Purple Punk Rock | Blue Turquoise Of The Sea | Green Snake Skin. Change your colors as often as you change your mood. Safe for hair and skin. Non Toxic. Blend one color into another to achieve a blended look. Over 80 Applications Per Stick. Just color into hair and brush. Color will set all on it’s own. You can curl or flat iron hair with color. Blend as many colors into hair as you like. Blend one color into another to achieve a blended look. Temporary Color and Semi Permanent hair color.

Key features

  • 6 Edge Hair Stix Colors In All! Blendable Hair Stix With Easy Applicator *Patent Pending
  • As Seen On The Voice and What The Stars Use – Rainbow Collection | 80 Applications Per Hair Stick
  • 3 new ways to apply in hair directions Showing how to- blend in Braid, bangs, feathers, and layered looks
  • Lasts 3 days in hair or Until Washed Out With Shampoo “no mess”
  • Includes Nice Packaging, Can Be Used In So Many Different Ways, And On All Hair Colors

Honest reviews


Fun, easy, temporary

These look like LARGE soft crayons, not small like other reviewer said. I just picked a small section of my hair and ran the marker across the hair. Then I tried just drawing it on. THEN I read the instructions. Ran a brush thru it, and it blended, appeared less brilliant, but still there. Will try following instructions next time.My hair has just turned gray in the last few years and sooooo boring. These were fun. Got some on my fingers, but just washed it off. A good way to experiment with colors and then shampoo completely out. Perfect for Halloween or party time. Oh, just need an excuse…. Margaritas and blue streaks.

Kasey Greenwell Springs, LA

Lots of fun

I have had lots of fun with this hair chalk. I did my hair in autumn colors for fall and well you get the idea. My favorite colors are red and pink (I have light blonde hair). The colors however get on your fingers as you use them and you really got to soap up to wash it off your hands, so that is why I gave them 4 and not 5 stars. The colors are nice. You need to wet the strand you want to color, once your strands of hair are wet take the chalk color you want and rub it back and forth over the strand to get the amount of color you want. When the color is in the strand you need to spray it to seal the color. IF you dont spray it the color will come off on your hands or clothes, etc. So you cant really work with your hair after the color is in, so you would not be able to say put chalk in hair and then use the straightener or curling iron, or the chalk would get on your styling tool and it will probably not be good for your hair. But if you want to leave your hair natural and add this chalk it works great.

Karen Archbald, PA

only for blond hair

I was shocked since I have a dark long hair, the colors is so feeble!. I don’t recommended for dark hair only for blond I guess!.

Jenny Larkspur, CA
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Simply Beautiful 24 Temporary Hair Chalks for Kids, for Girls, for Boys, all Colors, Hair Color Stick, DIY, Non-Toxic Hair, Dyed Hair Blond Hair that Easily Washes Out

About If you are a fan of fun, bright and bold colours, but often change your hairdo to suit to your mood then these colourful tools are your perfect non-permanent solution. Add colourful streaks or a dip-dyed-end effect to your hair with the latest in non-permanent hair colouring – hair chalk! Simply apply the chalk to damp hair and set with a flat iron or straightener It washes out easily so you can use it for nights out and still look presentable at work the next day wear all the colors of the rainbow in your hair. All of our hair color chalks do not harm your hair. Add a flair of color without the long-term commitment of dying. Enjoy temporary hair color chalk that rubs directly onto your hair, then washes out! Our hair chalk kit is the perfect hair chalk for kids as it is easy to apply and rinse out – also, you can use for drawing Materials. 100% Temporary Hair Color Pastel Chalk, non-toxic Color: 24 Colors/box. Directions Of Use • Use disposable gloves when applying chalks to hair. Place a towel around your neck • Dampen hair before application • Apply the chalks smoothly from root to tip • Lightly dry hair using a hairdryer • Apply hair spray or hair wax to give a little extra lift Please Note • Hair chalk may cause staining on fabrics and materials. • Despite our shipping precautions, due the brittle nature of this product some chalks may be cracked upon arrival. This does not affect the usability of this item.

Key features

  • See what everyone’s chalking about! This latest craze will have you bursting with color!
  • Pack includes 24 colors (see image for colors)
  • Great for dress up, performance costumes, or a rockin’ night on the town!
  • Our chalks are non-toxic, temporary hair chalks that last 1-2 days maximum.
  • WARNING: 1) Hair chalk may cause staining on fabrics and materials. 2) Despite our shipping precautions, due the brittle nature of this product some chalks may be cracked upon arrival. This does not affect the usability of this item.

Honest reviews


How Cool is This?

I may be and Olde Pharte, but I love trying things that will drive my younger sister and her kids crazy. This is why you may never really see me dressing or acting my age. When I was asked to try this product for the manufacturer, I jumped at the chance.This came shipped form the UK in one perfect set and it is packaged quite well.I followed the directions precisely, unlike others who are more trailblazing than I am. I wore the thin gloves and I’m glad I did. This does stain skin a little, I quickly found that any that got on my face was easily taken care of with some POND’S Cold Cream Cleanser, 3.5 oz. make-up remover towels and even baby wipes work.I have very long blond hair with touches of gray and I had a lot of fun dampening thick hanks of my hair and chalking them. Then, again following directions I dried the damp hanks and applied a light coating of hairspray. I thought that it was going to wear off quickly, but the streaks lasted all day and night until bedtime – then they just shampooed right out. My hair was left in the same condition like before I had tried Hair Chalkin.Everyone I met at the store today loved it -even my younger sister and her kids (well I did get a bit of an eye roll, but what can I say?)

Phyllis Aynor, SC

great fun, terrific product

I’ve very dark brown waist length hair so wasn’t sure how well these would show up. I found wetting the chalk and using it on dry hair worked best for me. Take the warning to wear gloves seriously too – i was in a hurry ( as ever!) and didn’t and my fingertips are now a lovley shade of pink 🙂 though it soon wears off. The chalks are quick and easy to use and the colour is far more vivid that i thought it would be. Would be fabulous on blonde or grey hair, very intense, and great fuin for kids parties. You can see my photos in the product image gallery showing just how intense the colour is when dry.

Charlene Sterling, IL

Takes Some Effort, But Good Results

I’ve used other hair chalks before and found that they were too powdery– made a big mess and came off quickly. This is different– the sticks are solid and you have to wet your hair and the sticks to get the color to really come out. (The directions don’t mention wetting the sticks, but that’s what works.)I found it a bit of a pain trying to color my hair and my daughter’s. I’m very dark brown, she’s blonde. In both cases, I had to go over and over the hair to get it to color, and it did leave our hair tangled and impossible to comb through, so the second time, I made sure to style first so I wouldn’t have to brush afterwards.The nice part is that the color does stay all day. It doesn’t easily come off onto clothing and hands as long as you do a little heat setting. And it washes out easily… both from your hair and skin. My daughter’s currently in school with three-colored streaks in her hair and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Tammy Skanee, MI
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Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk-Set of 4 Colors

Hot HuezTM Hair Chalk is the hot new hair craze that allows you to instantly change your look with eye-popping color! Hot HuezTM Hair Chalk is fast, easy and washes right out with your shampoo. So whether it’s for a rocking day or a special night, Hot HuezTM Hair Chalk is instant glamorous fun just for you. Just choose your hue, slide along hair and color goes on.

Key features

  • Just press slide and color, wash out with shampoo

Honest reviews


So Much Fun

I got these for just a little bit of color in my hair for fun. My boys actually like them as well. I even put it on my dog who has a white tip on her tail and neck area, it looks so cute.

Brandi Grand Junction, CO

Pretty good for the price

We got this for less than $5 and for that I would say it was a good product. If you paid over $10, you will be disappointed. The color does not transfer well to the hair without pushing your fingers into the dye and forcing it through the hair. Even then, you will not have vibrant color like the box shows. We have ash blonde hair in our family and it still barely showed up.It is easy enough for kids 10+ to do themselves but not for younger children. They will need help.Overall, it’s a good entry into temporary hair chalk at a reasonable price. But if you plan on doing it often or really want it to show up, go with something else.

Brigitte Thompson, IA


Colors are fun and bright only thing is it clumps on hair and if you have to brush your hair the color comes right off. Very messy so make sure you have a towel around when you apply and don’t put on back of hair because will transfer on clothing.

Mari Carlstadt, NJ
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Non – Toxic Hair Chalk Temporary Hair Dye Color’s Soft Pastels Salon Set Kit

Add a flair of color without the long-term commitment of dying. Hair Color Chalk is temporary hair color that rubs directly onto your hair, then washes out!Also ,you can use for drawing. Easy to Use and temporary: 1.) Section off the amount of hair you want to color. 2.) Spray the section of hair so its damp. 3.) Apply chalk to the desired color more chalk the brighter the color. 4.) Let air Dry this is very important to allow to air dry. 5.) Flat Iron the hair to heat seal the color in. This chalk is non-toxic and will stay in the hair for 1-2 washes depending on your hair color. Color: As The Picture Show 1 inch =2.54cm All pictures are taken in real items. Because of shoot, the display or other reasons, the picture and material object may have slight difference , please subject to material object. Item Includes: 1 x Hair Color Chalk

Key features

  • 1. 100% Brand New & High Quality
  • 2. Materials:100% Temporary Hair Color Pastel Chalk.
  • 3. Type: 12 Colors, 24 Colors, 36 Colors, 48 Colors
  • 4. Color:12/24/36/48 Colors /set (Colors As the Product Picture ).
  • 5. All our hair color chalk do not harm your hair.

Honest reviews


Fun…works with dark hair too

Let your creative side go wild…these are fun to use & will even work with dark hair depending on the color you choose.Hair chalk works best & quickest on damp hair. I have light, reddish blonde hair & didn’t think I’d need to wet it, but it was taking forever to transfer any color from the chalk when my hair was dry. The process went much quicker after I dampened my hair. Oh my gosh, be prepared for messy hands…even when using the chalk on dry hair, my hands got messy. It was even worse when I started dampening my hair. You might want to wear gloves when you’re applying the chalk. Also, the chalk can, probably will, get on your clothing until it’s set with hair spray or by heat styling…and even then, after setting the color, there’s a chance the color might rub off onto your clothing.You might not want to use hair chalk on rainy days…I have a sneaky suspicion that the chalk/color will run onto your face, neck, clothing, etc. if it gets wet.There are numerous you tube videos demonstrating how to use hair chalk. I learned quite a bit when I watched the you tube video by Kandee Johnson.These chalks are non-toxic – it is very important to only purchase non-toxic hair chalk.These non-toxic hair chalks are similar to the pastel chalks used by artists. However the artist’s pastels might contain ingredients that the FDA does not allow to be used for this sample provided

Fern El Segundo, CA

36 Different Colors of Hair Chalk

This comes very nicely boxed and the colors are beautiful. This is an incredible assortment of colors of hair chalk, including pinks, blues, yellows, golds, greens, purples, red, browns, beiges, greys and black. There is a lime green, a shocking pink, and a couple of different turquoises, as well as a white. You can wear a different color in your hair every day. It’s a great attention getter and is fashion forward. You dampen a lock of hair, and paint on the chalk. Wash it out the next day and try a different shade.It would make a great gift for a young lady who loves fashion and trying new things. The box and assortment of large chalks of all colors is impressive, and amazing for the price. This would be fun to have at a girly sleepover party.Sample received for review purposes.

Fannie Deering, MO

Popular with my daughter and her friends

A few of my 13 year old daughter’s friends have been using chalk to color their hair for a while now, so my daughter was excited to get a set to use on her own hair. There is a LOT of chalk in this set and there are tons of really bright colors. Because they are so bright, they show up really well in the hair.My daughter styles her hair with a single small braid in the underside of her hair that peeks out one side of her head . She puts the braid in when her hair is wet, so now she also uses the chalk on that section of hair first, before putting in her braid. Then after she’s colored and braided her hair, she goes over it one more time with a little extra color.Because the chalk washes out each day when she takes a shower, she’s able to switch colors out to match what she’s wearing. Right now it’s summer and my daughter is playing softball each week. Her team’s colors are royal blue and white. So for game days, she’s able to put some blue streaks in her hair to match her uniform. Whatever color you’re looking to put in your hair, this set will have it. There’s just about every color you can imagine inside.Sample provided for review.

Dona Denton, TX
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HotHuez Temp Hair Chalk

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk creates vibrant color in just three easy steps.

Key features

  • Vibrant color with high impact style
  • Works on all hair colors and styles
  • Washes out with shampoo

Honest reviews


For my 6 year old its good, for an older teenager or woman…

On a recent vacation, my 6-year old daughter saw this on TV and asked for it for her birthday. She loves it. Its easy to apply for her, and fun. Her hair is white blonde, and she still needs a few passes to get the color really deep. Its messy and gets everywhere, so its one of those things we do right before we leave the house, because I dont really care if it gets on her carseat, but I do care if it gets all over our sofas and chairs, bedding, etc.But for an older teenager or woman who wants to try hair chalking, this is not the product for you. There are other sets of challk out there with way more colors for about the same price that go on the hair better.

Briana Glen Dale, WV

Not bad!!

I got these as a birthday present from my little sister, and they work fairly well. I like to use them on my bangs, but they turn my forehead bright pink, which takes FOREVER to wash off. The color payout is great, except for the blue, which is slightly gray. I would recommend for use on non-bangs.

Sonia Victor, MT

Hair Chalk for Kids

I have to say.. A lot of parents are complaining about the hair chalk not coming out easy. DONT USE IT ON YOUR LITTLE KIDS!!! Plain and simple. 😀 Im a hair stylist and I can not stand seeing people complain when its common sense!

Lois Bennington, KS
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32 Color Hair Chalk Set | Lasts up to 3 Days | Blendable Pastel and Primary Colors | for All Hair Types | Sets in 60 Seconds

32 Color Assortment of Hair Chalk. Gypsy Stix set into hair and last up to 3 days. All colors blend into one another. Blend pink into blue or lime green into black. Even Cameleons love them!! So many colors to play with. You can blend light to dark or dark to light, making it the easiest hair chalk to use. Blend the different shades to get the Ombre hair effect. Easy to apply and wash out of hair. Use Gypsy Stix White first on dark hair then add color choice for best results. 32 Pastel and Primary Bright colors come in this set. 100 applications in each stix. The only hair chalk that has a built in sealent so the colors set into hair in 60 secounds and do not rub on pillow, sheet, or clothes. Gypsy Stix lasts in hair up to 3 days. Can be washed out with 1-2 washings with shampoo. Can be styled and sprayed with hair spray. Packaging has been drop tested and approved. Packaged with a foam protector inside. Thick top and sleeve have been added for optimal protection against chalk breakage. Get the best colors and brightest results with Gypsy Stix Hair Chalk.

Key features

  • 32 Hair Chalk For All Hair Types / Use Wet or Dry
  • Pastel and Primary Bright Colors In All / 100 Applications in Each Chalk Stick
  • Built In Sealent Will Not Rub Onto Clothes Or Sheets / Sets and Seals in 60 Secounds / No Staining
  • Use White On Dark Hair First Then Add Color Choice
  • Lasts Up To 3 Days In Hair /Easy To Use / Easy To Wash Out

Honest reviews


Oily messy and breaks easy, your bathroom be a mess

I got this as a gift. I have Ombre hair with blonde on the bottom. The colors should show up well on the blonde color. Specially the pinks and blues. Well the chalk broke in half as soon as i went to use it, then got all my hand. Made my hair clump together, may be it has too much oil and when I went to wahs my hands, it was all over my sink and very hard to remove. Worse chalk ever.

Gussie Goochland, VA

Not a favorite

Well its my first time using cam packaged great…clean and brand new, but the product itself sucks. Super messy and it def. doesn’t set in 90 gets every where all day. on my face, clothes…hands Doesn’t last all day either, im super sad.

Alexandra Pixley, CA


Fun with the grand kids teenagers to 8 yrs olds have totally great time adding color to hair.Thanks for good times

Patricia Mechanicsville, IA
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