Hair Tamer “No Knot” Pink Detangling Hair Brush

Description Hair Tamer  professional detangling hairbrush is designed for professional hair salons. It’s a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and color treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. Hair peace at last! Try the Hair Tamer and you’ll be amazed by the ease of brushing, as well as how it virtually stops breakage and split ends Features Ergonomic designs. Fits right into the palm of your hand. Detangles hair with ease. Works on even the curliest, most knotted hair. Hair slips through the unique bristle configuration. Gentle & painless. Virtually stops breakage & split ends. Conforms to shape of the head. Added control. Specifications Length: 5″ Width: 2.25″ Height: 2″

Key features

  • The Hair Tamer brush made for all types of hair whether it be normal or curly, there will be no tangles
  • Special bristles that separates the knots and tangles that will work on wet or dry hair
  • Light weight and ergonomic to fit in the palm of your hand to continuously brush your hair as long as you need
  • Specially designed to fit adult or children hands and shaped for every type of head size
  • A must buy to keep your hair tamed and looking healthy. No more frizzle hair after showering or after blow drying

Honest reviews


Knot today…not at all!

I received this as part of the Salon Guys market research program. I have waist length fine, straight, highlighted hair. I brush my hair often with a large paddle type brush and have no issue. I tried this detangled and the only things I liked about it was its color and its shape. The bristles were not long enough to get through even my fine hair. This brush made my hair instantly staticy and I HATE THAT SO MUCH! The bristles feel very flimsy and when I tried it on my daughters very thick, knotty, corse hair, it got stuck and did not work at all. I could not get it through even the parts of her hair that were not tangled. I would not buy this type of brush for myself, maybe it is better for a man’s short hair or a lady’s bob cut style or shorter, but not for long hair.

Graciela Warm Springs, VA

Better than expected

When I first received this I really was skeptical. I thought there was no way even with my thin hair that his would work. I was shocked when it did! I even have a few extensions in my hair and it was no problem at all. It didn’t pull on my hair nor my extensions like I thought it would. It is very gentle and worked a lot better than expected. It was better than my normal brush I have used for years! Now in saying this I did mention I have thin hair so at this point not sure how it would work on thicker hair or real curly hair. I would at least give it a try.

Maricela Concord, AR

I LOVE it!

I have been seeing ads for this type of brush all over recently and was excited to try it out. I was a little skeptical because the bristles look so short, I didn’t think it would do much good detangling hair…I don’t know how it works, but it DOES! The bristles are flexible so there’s little to no pulling and it got all the gnarly-ness out of my hair, even the fine hair at the nape of my neck…after wearing a hoodie all day…in the If it works that well on a day like today I am super impressed! It also feels awesome against your scalp, like a little massage 🙂

Sherrie Canistota, SD
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Brush – Semi Oval 100% Soft Boar Wood Handle For Very Fine Hair Gentle To The Scalp Bass Brushes 1 Brush

Brush – Semi Oval 100 Soft Boar Wood Handle For Very Fine Hair Gentle To The Scalp by Bass Brushes 1 Brush Brush – Semi Oval 100 Soft Boar Wood Handle For Very Fine Hair Gentle To The Scalp 1 Brush Bass uses only the finest Grade Natural Hair to massage stimulate and exfoliate the scalp and to distribute your Natural oils along the hair shaft to condition seal and polish the hair to a beautiful and healthy condition. Bass uses Fine Hard Wood such as Maple and Oak to set the Bass Bristle in. It is the Hand Finished to bring out the Woods Natural Beauty.The soft bristle is design for fine thin hair balding men. Warnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

Key features

  • Bass Brushes

Honest reviews


Vary Nice

Just what I wanted, just as it was advertised. Now I can safely brush my hair, not rip it out and at the same time spread natural oils.

Lauren Burnsville, WV

Boars for my scalp

I needed to stimulate my scalp and I’ve learned that boars bristle are the best daily therapy for thinning hair. I’m not disappointed. Its REAL boars bristles and solid quality wood handle makes stimulating a snap.

Della Baxter, WV

Bass semi oval wild boar hair brush

I love this brush. It’s very high quality, and a great value. The bristles are soft yet work through the hair well. The wood is beautiful as well.

Jenna Salem, OR
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Remington B90T53 Pearl Ceramic Round Hair Brush with Real Crushed Pearls

Remington has it covered when it comes to all hair needs. Achieve a beautiful, salon finish with the Remington t-studio pearl brushes. Give your hair a professional, salon finished look with the only brush made with real crushed pearl. Featuring ion, nylon bristles, tourmaline, ceramic, and velvet touch handles. Let Remington brushes take care of all your hair needs, before, after and while styling.

Key features

  • Only brush made with real crushed pearl
  • Ionic, nylon bristles infused with real crushed pearls for smoothness
  • Velvet touch handle
  • Used to create soft curls and body

Honest reviews


Very nice!

I got this brush along with the flat brush and the hair dryer. Awesome products all the way around! This brush is very nice. Easy to use..easy grip.

Carissa Delta Junction, AK

bigger than I thought

I found this a little big for my hairstyle and also scratchy as some of the reviews noted. I really loved my regular brush with crushed pearls so I had high hopes.

Mae East Otis, MA

not too bad

I have medium – thick hair that is shoulder length. I think the bristles to this brush are too long and it’s difficult for my hair to get down to the metal.When I can get the hair down there – it all works fine!

Ophelia Loami, IL
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Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Hair Brush, Purple Crush

Purple crush Tangle Teezer is excellent for de-tangling both wet and dry hair. Gives a blissful, relaxing head massage even for the most sensitive scalps. A must for hair extension wearers. Excellent for children’s hair.

Key features

  • Gives a blissful, relaxing head massage even for the most sensitive scalps
  • A must for hair extension wearers
  • Excellent for children’s hair

Honest reviews


Not for Ethnic hair – For thick and natural-No!

I bought this upon my entrance to growing my natural hair – 4c 4b type. This was a waste of effort more for straightened or naturally straight hsir types, I felt like I was ripping my hair and this was just gliding over instead of through my hair.

Nina Avenel, NJ


I actually bought this at a local store on clearance for under two dollars; and, even though I truly did not believe that it would work, I thought for less than two bucks I had little to lose by trying it. I have very long (almost to my waist) extremely fine hair. I love my hair; but, as far as tangles are concerned, it is a nightmare. I spend several hours every day trying to untangle, unknot, and arrange my hair after sleeping, riding in a car, standing in the wind, wearing any type of jewelry, etc… I spent a fortune on expensive conditioners and detanglers trying to find one that would allow me to simply comb out my hair after washing without hours spent fussing with snarled and knotted hair. When I finally used this I could not believe something so inexpensive, so easy to use, so simple in construction and design could work…but it did. As far as I am concerned, this cheap-looking little lump of plastic is pure magic. Believe the hype because if you have long hair it will change your life.

Keisha Glen Wild, NY

i wish i could put 0 stars

I had been looking for brush for my kids and happened to come across this brush with decent reviews.I thought that it is supposed to detangle but not at all.The bristles are too soft and too short and doesn’t go through the thickness of the hair even though the kids do not have thick hair.After a few days of use…. both my kids and my hair just couldn’t take it anymore. All it does is slightly go over the top and the remaining hair (I have thick hair, one of my kids have curls and other straight) is full of tangles that I gave up and went back to the old brushes.I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.I would highly recommend that you stay away from this brush.

Colette Alexandria, MO
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Spornette’s Luxury Cushion, Small, 3 Ounce

Spornette’s small uxury cushion brush has a great velvet finish that feels great in your hands! It has boar and nylon bristles. 2 sizes to choose from.

Key features

  • Small cushion
  • Velvet finish
  • Boar and nylon bristles penetrate hair

Honest reviews


Mason pearson watch out

If you hve curly, coarse, and thick hair you will love this more than the mason pearson popular which is over 10x the price. The handle on this brush unlike the mason pearson and angelo david is thick and not flimsy/thin/ and glass like plastic that breaks in half once dropped on the floor. The grip is looser than the mason pearson which is great for my coarse curly hair and didn’t give me the splits I got from the mason pearson which ripped through my hair instead of glidding through my hair. I even blow dry my hair wet with this brush and none of the bristles have yet to melt on me. I love this for working product through wet or dry hair as you’d use a denman. Though I prefer this over the denman. And I love it to blow dry my hair straight b/c my hair is left smoother w/ no frizz.

Trisha Cheneyville, LA


I ignored the reviewers because I didn’t see how a brush could do it but this brush makes my hair really greasy. I can’t explain why but its awful. Definitely do not buy this.

Kayla Dunn Center, ND

Best Brush I’ve Used

I was blessed with hair that requires very little upkeep. It’s thick, bone straight, and never tangles or frizzes. It doesn’t require brushing (the occasional comb through is all the maintenance it needs). However, I’ve been growing it out recently, and felt like a brush was in order. I’m so glad I purchased this one. It’s a beautiful looking brush, and very gentle (I’m very paranoid about hair breakage/damage) on my hair. Highly recommended.

Elinor Millington, NJ
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Diane Rake/Rage Comb Bone/Black, 12 Count

Wide tooth rake comb. Extra long teeth. Specially made with 100% natural boar bristle and varnished dark wood handle. It features a soft bristles on one side and firm bristles on the other, making it top-in-the line in men’s brushes.

Key features

  • Rake comb
  • Extra long wide teeth
  • 6 bone and 6 black comb (Total of 12 Comb)

Honest reviews


At last, I found you.

Definitely beyond what I expected. This comb is unique, soft and of great quality. I highly recommend this product to anyone. I’m so happy to get it…

Reyna Macungie, PA

Love it!

I didn’t think I could say I loved a comb; it’s kind of like saying "I love lamp" but this comb proved me wrong. Way better than any of the wide tooth combs I’ve ever used.

Laura Alvordton, OH

Great for my African American texture

Love this comb for my natural hair after shampoo. Really helps with detangling and it makes blow drying my hair much easier. High recommend lite weight comb, even though it’s plastic.

Dee Readyville, TN
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Spornette Hypnotique Boar with Nylon Paddle in Silver, 5.2 Ounce

This boar with nylon Paddle Brush penetrates the hair and is great for smoothing. The large size makes it great for longer hair.

Key features

  • Gentle extended nylon bristles and pure boar bristles are excellent for detangling any hair texture
  • Superior professional size brush out brush
  • Great for scalp and hair conditioning

Honest reviews



Alright, so this is my first boar bristle brush. BOY, WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I didn’t realize what I was depriving myself from by using plastic brushes! All of these years wasted…This is a wonderful product. It gets through my hair fine and it leaves it super soft and super shiny. I will never go back!

Josefina Sweetser, IN

Good but watch your scalp

this works great for long hair. it has the longer plastic bristles that are to help detangle. be careful using it the first few times cause it does not feel good on your scalp. overall i use it often but i am not in love because of the plastic bristles

Kaye Whatley, AL

Should read Boar and PLASTIC bristle brush

Yes, it has boar bristles, but it also has plastic bristles (thus the price!). On a blow out, the plastic bristles warp from the heat. I have thick hair and sometimes it is hard to get through to my scalp. I’m thinking I should have splurged for a more expensive, higher quality brush…

Anne Friesland, WI
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Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Pink

The Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Detangling Brush is a very unique professional detangling brush that is ideal for all hair types, wet or dry.

Key features

  • Painless detangling by using firmer pressure
  • Excellent for all hair types, especially children’s hair
  • Brilliant for swimming and holidays
  • Blissful relaxing head massage
  • A Must for hair extension wearers

Honest reviews


Best purchase I’ve ever made

Do not underestimate the simple construction of the product! And it looks a little scary, but its the most gentle way to detangle hair! It works wonders on my kinky curly hair! Where has this thing been all my life?

Gussie Zebulon, GA

Not a Teaser — It Delivers

Tangle Teezer Original Professional Detangling Brush PinkI’ve been on a wild goose chase trying to get my tangles into one of these things via instant gratification. After numerous rejections and wasted fuel, I resorted to old faithful Amazon for the fix. I received my order and ordered enough to share with my subscribers on the popular video sharing site!I have afro textured hair and the Tangle Teezer handled my detangling process without a hiccup! I prefer to detangle on freshly washed, conditioner filled hair. Smooth and easy. It cut my detangle time down to 6 minutes and 36 seconds. And hair loss was minimal. Amazing.Trust me, people are not kidding you when they say how well the Tangle Teezer works.[…]

Diann Upatoi, GA

This works!

Out of all the new hair care products I have tried in my pursut of combing my 6 year old daughter’s long type 4a hair I can say this works. It would be perfect but sometimes misses the really small hair tangles because the teeth or set so far apart. I would recommend this product because it is relatively painless, does not rip out a lot of hair, and breaks up tangles.

Laura Midland Park, NJ
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Earth Therapeutics Natural Wooden Pin Massage 1 Unit Brush, Large

Earth Therapeutics Natural Wooden Pin Massage Brush Large Description: Earth Therapeutics brings professional grade grooming to your fingertips. Constructed of the fine quality natural wooden pin bristles set in a soft pneumatic air cushion base this hair brush gently massages and stimulates while evenly distributing the scalps natural oils along the hair shaft. Regular brushing will set hair to its naturally soft lustrous sheen-healthier more manageable easier to style. 9.75 L x 4.25 W.

Key features

  • EARTH THERAPEUTICS Brush Wooden Pin – Large 1 UNIT
  • Natural Wood Pins
  • Large size

Honest reviews


Beautiful well made brush

This brush is well made and beautiful, especially for the price. The wood bristles are smooth and gentle on the hair. All around, this is a great brush for the money.

Tara Wilson, AR

Great Brush

I really like this wooden brush. I feel like it doesn’t get stuck in snarls and I lose less hair. The wooden pegs also feel really good on my scalp.

Augusta Alleyton, TX

Great brush for tangle prone hair.

I have been looking for the right brush for my tangle prone hair for years and i am thrilled by how well this brush works! The massaging bristles are awesome and I love the natural look and feel of the brush. I had read other positive reviews on amazon before purchasing and am happy to report they are all accurate.

Maribel Lyons, WI
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Cricket Amped Up Tease Brush Aqua

The Cricket Amped Up Tease Brush works great to increase volume on all hair types.

Key features

  • Increases volume
  • Great for updos
  • For all hair types

Honest reviews


does what it should

this arrived super super fast! it does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it does not tangle my hair, I love it, and I will probably get another, since the price is great on these, just to have an extra one. I can also use it to come out my daughters hair ect… very glad I got this, and recommend to everyone!

Helga Hartly, DE

works great

love the brush, works well. love the other pointed end to part your hair to do layered teases. and it was good for the price.

Jeannie Stovall, NC


Came fast. Its a really cute brush. Works really well. Other brushes I tried never really teased my hair well. This one did so I was happy about buying it.

Liz Montville, CT
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