Nioxin System 4 Scalp Treatment, 200 Ml

For fine, chemically enhanced, noticeably thinning hair a daily leave-in scalp treatment with SPF 15 sunscreen that protects scalp skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays – delivering essential botanicals, nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and cytokines onto the scalp skin and hair to help safeguard against environmental residue and DHT buildup on the scalp. May cause temporary redness after application.

Key features

  • Helps shield scalp from harmful enviromental effects
  • Contains essential Botanicals, Nutrient, antioxidants
  • Defends against enviromental residu and DHT build-up

Honest reviews


Complete bummer 🙁

This foam completely dries out my hair no matter how little or much I use. I find sticking to just the shampoo and conditioner works perfectly fine and does a fantastic job. This foam does the exact opposite of what a scalp treatment should do. It makes my head itch, hair ruff feeling (like horse hair ). Very similar to hair spray after you try and brush through it. I like my hair soft and silky and that you will get after you shampoo and conditioner alone with Nioxin products. Good luck!

Merle Donnelly, ID

Really Good Product

I noticed a big difference in my hair. It appears thicker and it doesn’t just lay on top of my head. It had bounce and there is slight hair growth in the temple area. Not much but it is there! I use the entire system and do recommend it.

Mabel Carthage, IN

Fantastic Product

I have used this product in the past and needed to have it again. I have been under a great deal of stress, and my hair was falling out at an alarming rate. I also had two small bald patches. My hair has slowed down on the falling out part. The hair is growing back in the bald spots. You do have to use it religiously though, and it is not an overnight fix.

Madeline Sonoita, AZ
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WEN by Chaz Dean Lavender Re Moist Hydrating Hair Mask 4 oz


Key features

  • Original and Authentic Hydrating Hair Mask by CHAZ DEAN

Honest reviews


Acceptable softness with heat but unimpressive

I am a new curly convert and chose this line to set foot in the door. I have lots of fine, very dry and frizzy, type 3b hair and have been using this every 5-7 days for the last month. I am 3/4 through the liter bottle of matching cleansing conditioner and nearly finished this but NEVER gotten 5* worthy hair. Some days worse than others but consistently frizzy and generally stringy.Acceptable softness when paired with a cap and lo heat for 30 mins. I even tried mixing with water in a spray bottle to revive 2nd/3rd day curls but results form initial co-wash are so frizzy and stringy even that is hard for this to achieve, though when used in this manner after maching oil and styling creme might get semi-decent results.I find the line TOO expensive for the results obtained and this really makes the $$ felt by lasting only as long as the cleansing conditioner or little more. Matching oil and styling creme seem to last enough to make the $$ blow less painful IF AND ONLY IF they work at least decently for you (note I did not enter worth your while). Otherwise, save the cash and look elsewhere. Doubt would puchase again as have yet to get WOW results.

Blanca Ceiba, PR

Chaz Dean ReMoist Hydrating Hair Mask

Great Product; leaves my scalp moisturized, and my hair shiny and healthy looking. I would recommend this product to friends and family.

Lily Pine Grove Mills, PA

The Longer You Leave This in, The Silkier Your Hair Will be!

I absolutely LOVE this product! It’s well worth the price, especially when it leaves your hair feeling like you just got a deep conditioning treatment at a salon! I tend to have coarse hair, being Native American, and so I cleansed my hair with the Wen Cleansing Conditioner, rinsed, then applied this liberally to my hair while it was still wet. I wrapped my hair in a bun, placed a swimming/shower cap over my head, and slept with it in my hair all night. The next day, I rinsed it out, and my hair has NEVER felt so smooth and silky! The effect lasted over a week, as I continued to use the regular Wen Cleansing Conditioner every other day (I have the type of hair that cannot be washed daily!), and my hair was shiny, smooth, and felt so light that I will continue to use this product for as long as they keep making it. I might look for another scent as well, to change it up a little. Great product!!!

Blanche Tonica, IL
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Irene Gari Fill In Powder, Dark Brown, 0.24 Ounce

This matte powder instantly fills-in thinning and balding areas to produce the appearance of thick, full hair. Blends in seamlessly and matches your hair color perfectly. Rain proof & sweat proof. It won’t run, streak or rub off. Washes out only when hair is shampooed normally. Suitable for all hair types.

Key features

  • Formulated with procapil
  • Fights follicle aging
  • Fortifies and rejuvenates hair with each application

Honest reviews



I read the reviews prior to ordering this product.Guess I received a different product.My hair is medium brown and I ordered dark brown. The product comes out white and just looks ashy white. It does absolutely nothing.I must agree that it isn’t messy. Maybe because there is no color pigmentation.Also, the brush started shedding after one application.Waste of money.

Loraine Bowen, IL

Not what I expected

I received mine today the dark brown and it looks gray no where near dark brown. Tried it on and it looks like I put eyeshadow on hair. Not pleased at all.

Juliana Capeville, VA

Color matches, but crumbles off quickly and fades

Two stars for this matching my hair color (very dark ash blonde-very light ash brown) perfectly. The look is very natural.Unfortunately, this makes a big mess even when I’m just sweeping the brush to pick up some color. It’s not like I’m grinding it in there or anything. I sweep it, stipple it on and I can feel a little of the grit falling from my hairline down into my eyes (ouch) right away, and there is powder all over my vanity sink.A tiny bit does stay on. The look, as I said, is excellent, but so much doesn’t go on initially and/or doesn’t stay.

Bridgett Selmer, TN
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Oshimatsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil, 60ml

100% camellia japonica seed oil from japan is the natural way to restore moisture and sheen to hair with just a few drops. Product size: net volume: 60ml, or about 2.0 us fluid ounces.

Key features

  • The tsubaki, or camellia flower, is packed with oleic acids that are extremely compatible with our own skin
  • Japanese men and women commonly use camellia oil to moisturize their skin, face and hair
  • Massage a few drops into damp clean hair ends to nourish dry hair, split ends, and dull strands
  • Generous 2 oz. bottle is an excellent value from Japan’s leading maker of tsubaki oil
  • 100% natural, imported from Japan

Honest reviews


Great for Skin and Hair but too Expensive.

I’ve used this on my skin and hair and it works great. This is not 100% pure as it contains some sort of light fragrance. I found a 100% pure bottle of Camellia oil much much cheaper […]

Nanette Ellaville, GA

Super shiny Hair!! Great for Latinas!

This Oshima Tsubaki camellia hair oil is fantastic!!! I am in Love with it, I am a latina with 3a-3b hair, and have a lot of hair! My biggest problem has always been that my hair is dry, no matter all the treatments I made to it. I also bought lots of “high-end” serums, like redken, and paul mitchell to relieve my dry hair and make it shinny but I always had to reapply often since my hair sucked them up in a minute, and then after a day or two I had a really greasy mess! No Way, no more serums I said! And I started trying natural oils to see if they made what I was looking for..after using a couple, like coconut, macadamia I really liked them, but wanted something lighter and less greasy that would give me high shine and moisture, until I found this! Camellia Oil!! Yes, Just what I was looking for!!!Camellia oil is very popular in japan, thanks to it’s nourishing properties and great quality. This Oil is lighter than coconut and macadamia, but gives a lot more shine and softness without the greasiness you can get with these others!! This specific product is 100% pure japan camellia oil, which is great because the best camellia oil is the one from the seeds of camellia flowers in japan , not the camellia from china. This product is odorless, and a tip I would like to share is to mix it with your favorite essential oil, like lavender or rose,(just a few drops) to have a great smelling hair oil completely natural and safe!!! I use this Oil after my hair is blow dried ( I don’t belive it should be used before, I’ve learned oil with heat means fried hair! so whatch out! if you blow dry with oil use low heat, if you flat iron your hair, use the oil after not before) Or when I wont use any heat on my hair, and wear my hair naturally, I will wash my hair, and after the shower put some drops of camellia oil on my damp hair, and let it air dry naturally. All of these ways work wonders for dry hair, just dont mix oil with high heat, and your hair will be safe. Also, my hair has grown longer since using this camellia oil, (because my ends dont split like they used to, they are coated and protected in this healthy oil, and because of this, I can grow it longer without having to cut it every 3 months like I used to, Now I am 6 months till I have my first trim, and my ends are a lot more healty than before) I Highly recomend this Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Seed Oil, for any women with dry coarse hair, that lacks moisture and shine! Just use it as I said above, and you’ll see the amazing results!!! p.s. I’ve also started using Aubrey Organics “White Camellia Oil shampoo and conditioner” and they are great too! 😉

Twila Reliance, WY

I’m tied of writing reviews.

Ok. I love this product. I’ve tired this and the Mei brand. Love them both. Both work great. This oil is amazing and quickly went to the top in my pick of oils. My full review is on the Mei brand a competitor but yes I do recommend this and my mom loves it too.

Eloise East Mc Keesport, PA
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Nexxus Youth Renewal Reviving Elixir 0.94 oz

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir is infused with liquid pearl, minerals, antioxidants and volume-lifting polymers, Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Hair Elixir works to replace the natural body of your hair that has been lost with age. Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Elixir has a lightweight leave-in treatment that helps rebuild the strength in your hair by reducing breakage (vs non-conditioning shampoo) while making hair more youthful and vibrant in just seven days.

Key features

  • Nexxus Youth Renewal Reviving Elixir helps revitalize, strengthen, and nourish fine and aging hair
  • Combats the 8 visible signs of again hair: volume reduction, loss of shine, dullness, unruliness, breakage, brittleness, roughness, and loss of color vibrancy
  • Breakthrough formula nourishes and revitalizes hair deep within
  • Replenishes and revitalizes each strand for visibly youthful looking hair
  • Lightweight yet richly textured to release volume and restore strength by reducing breakage

Honest reviews


It works really well. Some ingredients may not be for everyone.

I love lightweight leave in conditioners and have used a bunch of different kinds over the years – Paul Mitchell, Aveda, even No More Tangles. The Nexxus Youth Renewal Elixir seems to have exactly the right balance of moisture and weight. It’s not greasy or heavy at all, which is important on my long-ish fine-ish hair, and it doesn’t seem to attract dirt. Despite how clean it seems to be, it still left my hair soft and shiny, with only about a dime-sized amount used on a good 21 inches of length. The smell is mild and dissipates within about half a day.If I were rating this product on performance alone, I would give it five stars. However, with products you put on or in your body, there is always more to consider than how good it feels on the outside. In this case, the product has a couple of concerning ingredients: namely, propylene glycol (suspected of causing immunotoxicity, skin sensitivity/toxicity, and respiratory toxicity) and DMDM hydantoin (raises a low level of health concern and is of regulatory concern because it is suspected of causing immunotoxicity and because it may be a carcinogen).The Good Guide gives Nexxus medium low marks for its ingredients and its corporate citizenship. Information on whether Nexxus does animal testing is unclear. and conflicting. Normally, I would deduct two stars for animal testing. Since I have not been able to find out for sure one way or another, I am deducting one star. The lack of a “cruelty-free” disclaimer on the packaging doesn’t bode well, though.

Amy Wilmington, OH

Smells great, and I do see an improvement in my hair

I’ve been using the Nexxus Elixir twice a day for two weeks now and I have noticed a change in my hair. I have limp, fine hair that tends to frizz with the least bit of moisture in the air. This product seems to control the frizz and makes it look less wild. It also added a bit of shine to my hair, and I believe my hair actually looks fuller and thicker.I apply the elixir twice a day, once in the morning to wet hair and once at night to dry hair. I was afraid that the elixir would add oil to my already oily scalp, but I have not noticed an increase in oily sheen near my scalp.And the smell of this product is absolutely wonderful. I sometimes just open the bottle and sniff it. I wish the scent would stay on my hair, but after application the scent fades away within a few minutes.So all-in-all a great product.

Estelle Penobscot, ME

Great product, sketchy ingrediants

This is a nice, light, leave in conditioner. Add a few drops in your hands, rub hands together then run through your hair-easy peasy! It has a very light scent and doesn’t weigh down my baby fine, thinning, middle aged Caucasian hair.HOWEVER, I was recently alerted to the not so good ingredients in this product:Namely-propylene glycol (suspected of causing immunotoxicity, skin sensitivity/toxicity, and respiratory toxicity) and DMDM hydantoin (suspected of causing immunotoxicity and possibly a carcinogen) YIKES!!! I have Chronic Fatigue and bad Fibromyalgia. My immune system is bad enough without using product that may make it worse. I’m afraid I won’t be using this anymore.Another reviewer posted about The Good Guide. The Good Guide tells consumers which products are green, healthy, safe and ethical. She is right that there is no “cruelty free” logo on here which means it MAY be tested on Animals. Sorry Nexxus, I’m afraid I will have to stop using you until you stop using toxins and possibly testing on animals.

Johnnie Wren, OH
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Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher 1.7 Ounce

Keratin complex infusion is a unique formulation with advanced infusion technology.

Key features

  • This replenisher, with a high ph, systematically opens the cuticle and infuses keratin proteins and emollients into the hair
  • Its deep penetrating action repairs and revitalizes hair while blow drying or ironing and closes the cuticle to entrap nourishment
  • For optimal results, use as a daily maintenance to enhance the keratin complex smoothing therapy

Honest reviews


Grerat Straightener and best with a flat iron!

From the description, I was hoping I could find something that would both allow me to have body and bounce to my hair, while also imparting a silky feel and shine. Since the directions said to get the best results, you need to either blow dry it in or use a flat iron. Well, at first I did the flat iron. It gave really great results. It protected the hair shaft from being damaged, sealed in the keratin and moisturizers in the hair. The serum gave me very soft silky hair with a nice shine. But, I like to have body in my hair, so the following week, I do what I normally do, which is to blow dry, using a vented metal round brush (the kind that will actually curl your hair if the blow dryer is at the HOT setting). I would wrap the ends of my hair around it and apply the hot air for several seconds until it gets hot to the touch. Normally this will give me a nice bouncy curl at the end. Well, it gave me the softness and shine, however, it refused to keep a curl in it for more than a minute or two! I believe the serum just wont allow the hair to hold any kind of shape other than totally smooth and straight. So, if you are looking for something that will protect your hair from high heat while making it really straight, this product will do that, and will keep it straight all day. But if you are like me, and enjoy some bounce in your hair, you are better off not using this product and I firmly believe it should state as much somewhere on the packaging, which is why I only gave it 3 stars.

Lorena Townsend, MT

Great for color treated hair!

WowI I love this stuff! First of all I am so happy I found this product on Amazon because I pay $50 for this product at the salon. I am amazed that I can buy it for less then $20. What! I have been jipped. LoL! This is great for color treated hair and for those that flat iron your hair. It keeps my hair from frizzing. I used to have to flat iron my hair. Now I can apply this product the night before while its wet and it keeps it tame. I have naturally wavy hair so when I used it it gives me like a relaxed wave. Then I add a hair shine to it and Wala I have a light perm. I love it.. it seems to be very healthy for hair! Thanks Amazon for saving me $$$$$$ 🙂

Judy Emerson, AR

Rip off price for a great product

I love Keratin Coppola Complex Infusion but this is price gouging. This is a tiny 1.7 oz container. I pay this price at the salon for a 12 oz. My bad! I’m a amazonaholic and know better. 🙁

Etta Brandon, FL
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Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask, 3 Ounce

Say a’glow’ha to vibrant, seemingly poreless skin. These tropical facial cocktails mix aloe vera, exotic fruit enzymes and pore-refining Hawaiian extracts to cleanse, tone and moisturize so skin is soft, smooth and radiant. Discover pure island beauty. Since 1979, Alba Botanica has offered 100% vegetarian personal care products that do beautiful for you, your friends and the animals and Earth you love. We make a full range of products packed with potent, botanical ingredients that are formulated to nourish the individualized needs of your skin and hair. Because we are committed to the health and happiness of all furry friends, we never test our products, or the ingredients that go into them, on animals. We recognize the need to be good stewards of all natural resources. So we try to do beautiful by reducing our environmental impact in everything we do as a business. With our products, the way that we make them, and how we treat others, we want to inspire and uplift women from head to soul.

Key features

  • Minimizes the appearance of pores for a soft, smooth and radiant complexion
  • Papaya and pineapple enzymes gently loosen and dissolve dull skin cells and impurities
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • NO: parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances

Honest reviews


Best OTC papaya enzyme mask AND it’s affordable!

I had been paying an arm and a leg for a professional strength papaya enzyme mask, so I was so excited to find something over the counter (OTC) at an affordable price. The user reviews for the same product in the single jar were pretty good, but I took the leap of faith by purchasing the 2-pack at a better discount, especially with the 15% off Subscribe-and-Save option.At first, I thought it did not sting at all but when I tried it again, my skin did get the expected tingling feeling. After 2 months of using it religiously 2 +/-1 times per week, Alba’s papaya enzyme mask is now part of my daily beauty regimen. I am about half way through the first jar, so the 2 jars may last 6-7 months (I think closer to 6 months, since I love this stuff). I also bought a large fan brush, which uses a minimal amount without wasting much and effectively spreads a thin layer across my whole face. If you use your fingers, then your consumption rate may be faster. Make sure to wash your face thoroughly and dry with a fresh face towel before applying any mask. Although this mask (feels more like a gel) does not dry (as indicated on the packaging label), I believe the enzymes are effective in softening up the skin and breaking down the oils, dirt and old skin. Every time, I follow up it up with a clay mask, such as mud or mint (different brand), which does dry and pull out the dirt and oils from the pores. Of course, a non-greasy moisturizer is a must as well. Bottom line: I love how this product clears up my pores and helps my skin radiate.These jars with fan brushes would make great personalized beauty gift baskets for girly Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. With that said, I definitely would recommend this product to family and friends!

Marva Bridger, MT


This is the most amazing beauty product. This is the BEST face mask I have ever used. I used to use gritty scrubs to exfoliate but this mask leaves my skin smoother than anything! It tingles on your face and I feel like its literally eating my dead skin off (sounds gross but when you rinse the mask off your face is so fresh). I’m prone to blemishes around my chin and my sporadic acne has lessened significantly since using this. I’ve never raved about a facial product before but I’m so glad I found this. Bonus: its all vegetarian, no animal ingredients/testing. Alba is awesome!

Margret Shelbyville, TX

Gotta try it!

You will love this product. It leaves your skin radiant, hydrated, and clear. It is so amazing. I thought my skin looked great until trying this product. After using it the first time, I had forgotten that I did (like an hour later) and when I looked in the mirror I was like “Wow, I love the way my skin looks”. I had forgotten for a moment there that I had just used it. You should try it. It won’t disappoint. I absolutely love it!

Lottie Westlake Village, CA
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Clear Deep Conditioning Mask Treatment, Ultra Shea 6 oz

Discover the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair with new clear scalp and hair beauty therapy, a range of shampoos and conditioners that feed your scalp and give you stronger, more beautiful hair in just 7 days (due to less breakage upon combing vs. Non-conditioning shampoo).

Key features

  • Nourishes the scalp deeply to quench dryness and lock in moisture
  • Bi-phase formula – a white stripe of nourishing treatment and a pink stripe of concentrated nutrium 10 technology
  • Locks in moisture to dry scalps and hair visible results in 3 minutes

Honest reviews


This was the last straw before going organic.

Read the ingredients. EW. Sulfates, chemicals, alcohol; how is that moisturizing? Also, I like how they color-code products for women of color by putting it in tanner bottles. Cool for pharmaceutical racism. All this stuff did was weigh down my hair with grease and stain my shower. No, thank you.

Marci Bentonia, MS


I have very long hair and am constantly testing new products to keep it healthy and strong. Shea butter is something that I have had great success with in the past. I was happy to try this treatment mask.The mask was not very emollient. I had to use a lot to get it spread through my hair. I left it on and rinsed it off. When I rinsed it, my hair felt raw like I had just shampooed it. As it dried, it was a tangly mess. But the odd part is once I worked out the tangles, I realized that it had really moisturized my hair. Usually I get that slippy feeling. But this did do it’s job.Great for moisture. I would add a detangler for long or delicate hair.

Allyson Jamestown, NY

A Wife’s Review…

My wife tried this product and here are the highlights that she said about this product. She liked the way it kept moisture in her hair, she liked the way that it smelled also.She said that she still had breakage in her hair-her hair is very fine-and that is something that bothered her about the product. Also said had to use more of other products to style and condition her hair.She said she would not purchase in the future.

Teresa Coulee City, WA
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Organic R/s Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer, 6 Ounce

This hair fertilizer helps to reinforce and feed weak and damaged hair. Enriched with a blend of nettle, horsetail, and paprika, these ingredients have in the past been known to arouse the scalp, and add moisture to dry hair.

Key features

  • Stimulates scalp for faster hair growth
  • Adds moisture to dry hair
  • Helps hair to grow stronger and faster

Honest reviews


Won’t Be Able to Find Out if it Works!

As I cannot have this gunk in my hair daily and wear it around w/o keeping my head covered, I will not know whether it works or not. I suppose that if one wanted to put it on before bed & wear it through the night, they could if they wrapped their head to keep it from getting on bed linens. Then, it would have to be washed out every morning before going into public. IMO, only a bald person could really use this.

Keisha North Vassalboro, ME

Good Stuff

I recently started using this product about a week ago. I have used the Olive Oil conditioning cream which works wonders on the ends of your hair but was constantly having to add it for constant moisture on the scalp. This one, though not heavy at all, provides lasting moisture once applied to the scalp and brushed through. No more popping and breaking of new growth when combing through my hair. I love it. My curls last and everything. No weighted down feeling but lasting moisture which really helped the manageability of my hair. I have relaxed, colored hair which is currently not in the best condition. I will continue to use this as I believe it will also aid in the growth of my hair and the managing of my new growth in between relaxers. Seems that this would be really good for anyone trying to transition from relaxed to natural. I’m seriously thinking about it.

Shawn Fredericksburg, VA

Love It!!!

As an avid fan of Organic Root Stimulator’s products, this is PERFECT for my natural hair! I’ve been using this for a month and I love how it lightly moisturizes my hair! It doesn’t give a “greasy” or “heavy” feeling and the smell is very pleasant. I use this to moisturize my hair first, then seal the cream in with pure castor oil. They both provide a great combination and both work wonders for my hair.

Guadalupe Hollister, MO
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Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Crme 4 Oz,

Brilliant Glossing Conditioner view larger Transform hair’s texture so it can truly shine. This lightweight crème with the brilliance of an oil lavishes hair with rich radiance to leave it smooth and glowing with vibrant shine. Dull frizzy hair is nurtured to shine and smoothness Transforms hair’s texture Infused with olive oil Scented by a fresh floral garden The collection includes Brilliant Glossing Shampoo, Brilliant Glossing Conditioner and Brilliant Glossing Styling Crème. Tip from the Frédéric Fekkai Salon A little goes a long way with this lightweight, leave-in styler. Use sparingly. Brilliant Glossing Collection view larger Brilliant Glossing Collection Because shine can never be too brilliant, there is the Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Collection. Brilliant Glossing Shampoo, Brilliant Glossing Conditioner, and Brilliant Glossing Styling Crème are masterfully crafted with olive oil to polish hair with a richly radiant shine. Each formula gives hair luscious luster as it reduces frizz. view larger Fekkai Hair Care The hair collection from Fekkai is an offering of absolute indulgences that are utterly addicting. Masterfully crafted by brand founder Frédéric Fekkai, who has been styling the world’s most famous hair for over two decades. Through the 5F Principle: Form, Feel, Function, Fragrance and Finish, decadent textures, lush scents and exquisite ingredients unite to deliver an extraordinary hair experience. Fekkai, the most privileged hair in the world. Fekkai Formulas At a Glance view larger view larger view larger view larger Brilliant Glossing Because shine can never be too brilliant Nurture dull hair to lustrous radiance. Infused with olive oil. Technician Color Care Because color can never be too captivating Awaken color treated hair’s radiance and shine. Infused with the oil of pure grapeseed. Full Blown Volume Because lift can never be too lush Fulfill fine, limp hair with luxurious body. Infused with citrus extract and ginseng. PrX Reparatives Because strength can never be too glorious Fortify weakened hair to resist future damage. Infused with argan oil extract. view larger view larger view larger Essential Shea Because hair can never be too rich Smooth coarse, dry hair to fluidity. Infused with pure shea butter. Apple Cider Because clean can never be too pristine Deeply cleans overworked hair for a new beginning. Infused with apple cider. Styling Because effortless style can’t exist without flawless expertise Masterful formulas for a luxurious, modern look. Scented by petals and florals.

Key features

  • Infused with Olive Oil.
  • Glossing cream scented by a fresh floral garden.
  • Lightweight crème polishes hair with luxuriantly lustrous radiance.
  • Dull frizzy hair is nurtured to shine and smoothness.
  • Tip from the Fekkai Salon: A little goes a long way with this lightweight, leave in styler. Use glossing cream sparingly.

Honest reviews


I love this glossing creme by Fekkai!

I don’t know what is going on when I see other people giving this creme less than 5 stars. I love this glossing creme and have found it to be wonderful for taming my wild and crazy hair, and adding tons of shine as well!I have fine, graying hair which I color treat, and I really am particular about my hair. Fekkai usually comes through with good products, especially for people ( sigh … like me) who have troubles with frizzy hair as well. This product provides a smoothing quality which I find terrific.If you have marvelous, long, thick, silken tresses, hey!!! What are you reading this review for?Go become a hair model for Pete’s sake!But if you have incredibly frustrating hair like mine, try this.Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Creme is a good value price wise, and a very nice product.Thanks,jean

Madeleine Bob White, WV

Great Glossing Creme

When Oprah first introduced me to Fekkai either through her O Magazine or her most wonderful things episode I was curious to try out the shampoo and conditioner. I finally found it on sale somewhere and quite honestly didn’t feel it lived up to her hype. Thought I’d try the glossing creme since I’m a hair product junkie.Here are the claims, as listed on Amazon, that the product makes:Infused with Olive Oil.Scented by a fresh floral garden.Lightweight creme polishes hair with luxuriantly lustrous radiance.Dull frizzy hair is nurtured to shine and smoothness.Tip from the Fekkai Salon: A little goes a long way with this lightweight, leave in styler. Use sparingly.Transform hair’s texture so it can truly shine. This lightweight creme with the brilliance of an oil lavishes hair with rich radiance to leave it smooth and glowing with vibrant shine.Used at the legendary Fekkai Salons.First let me reiterate that a little goes a long way. The first day I used this I used about a hefty quarter size glob. I don’t think my hair ever dried that day. From then on I experimented with the amount and finally for my hair length (shoulder) settled on a dime size glob.I’m a big olive oil person. Eating and using as a skin oil and hair conditioner (even though it takes forever to wash it out) so the product says it has olive oil in it and this is a claim I can’t prove of course, but I love the way it feels on my hands and in my hair as I’m applying it.The product does have a nice smell to it. I’m sensitive to shampoos and conditioners and other hair product smells and this is a nice one.My hair is not dull and frizzy to begin with, but it dryer especially in the winter. I did find that the glossing creme brought out the shine in it and helped it style more easily.Since I can’t afford to have my hair done at a Fekkai salon, this is a good alternative when I want glossy and smooth looking hair. I love this product and it more than makes up for my disappointment in their shampoo and conditioner!

Anne Sulphur Springs, TX


I got this for her as I thought she would like it since she complains some times about her hair getting frizzy. I personally never notice this but she does I guess, so here we go. Since she started using it she loves it and says it keeps the frizz down, also she likes the smell.

Tameka Mason City, NE
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