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Buf-Puf Reusable Facial Sponge

Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin. Use every day with your favorite cleanser.Leaves Skin Feeling Clean and Refreshed! Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser Lifts off dry, dulling skin cells Gently cleanses away makeup, dirt and excess oil Leaves skin smooth and soft, perfectly prepped for moisturizers and makeup Dermatology-tested for gentleness

Key features

  • Gently cleanses away makeup, dirt, and excess oil
  • Great preparation for moisturizers, makeup, and sunless tanning
  • Regular sponge good for normal to oily skin; daily cleansing with deep exfoliation
  • Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin
  • Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser

Honest reviews


Cystic acne? This may be why.

It saddens me to write this review because I’ve been using Buf Puf since I was about 12. I always attributed my youthful appearance to daily exfoliation with the Buf Puf, but now I think my cystic acne in my 30’s and 40’s was certainly exacerbated if not caused by the Buf Puf. I discontinued use of this product and switched to a skin care line called Glytone (buy at and haven’t had a breakout in over 2 months. Unfortunately I’m convinced the harsh exfoliation causes skin to rebel and break out. I won’t use again.

Fern Bradley, AR


I started using this because I had dry skin and rough patches on my face. One review said that it helped with fine lines and wrinkles… NOT FOR ME. After using these, my forehead fine lines were more noticeable. So I stopped using these on my face but I instead used them on my legs before shaving. Super smooth. Probably won’t buy these again but I’ll use the 6 pack till it’s gone.

Tina Canaan, ME

Does what it says – deep exfoliation for the skin

Works great – my skin has been clear since using these, even through hormonal acne. My skin has never been smoother/softer. I replace each one about every 3 weeks and use with my desert essence tea tree face wash on a daily basis. If my skin is sensitive, I may use it every other day, but these work great.

Jean Bend, TX
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