Roc Brilliance Anti-aging Face Primer, 1 Fl Oz

Roc® brilliance™ anti-aging face primer, 0.5 oz.

Key features

  • Anti-aging face primer
  • This advanced anti-aging systm is the first to use e-pulse; a patented technology that stimulates the skin’s natural process
  • Provides fast results and a younger-looking you

Honest reviews


did not work for me

i used this for over 2 months and was a waste of money and time is also it cost to much money i won’t waste my money and this product i like roc but this product need to be put out the market

Courtney Milner, GA

Roc primer is the best !

I have tried L’Oreal primer previously and thought that the results were all that I should expect. Then I tried Roc Brilliance- now I keep the L’Oreal for times when I don’t really have to look my best. The Roc goes on like silk and your makeup will stay on for a long, long time. It does everything it says it will and more. I wouldn’t ever use any other face primer- a steal for the price !

Adela Imperial, MO



Patrice Clinton, IN
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Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, 0.5 Ounce

Emulsion lip exfoliant,.75 ounce. Say goodbye to dry, flaky lips. This sugar-based, peppermint-infused lip exfoliate is packed with vitamins and soothing conditioners to smooth and soften lips. Poppy seeds and sugar granules gently exfoliate while cocoa and shea butter, grape seed extract and jojoba deeply nourish.

Key features

  • Use after moisturizer and before foundation for complexion perfection
  • This skin-soothing blend of antioxidants, which can be worn alone or under foundation, works overtime to fill in fine lines and even out skin texture
  • Flawless finish

Honest reviews


Not for sensitive skin

The Sephora makeup artist used this on my face as a primer before applying other cosmetics. I liked the effect so much that I purchased a full sized product. I should have taken the MA’s advice and sampled it first!I’d read reviews of this product on MakeupAlley and many users said it caused them to have breakouts. Since I have rosacea/acne, this should have been a red flag. But gosh, the product looked SO AMAZING on my face, it almost acts like a spackle for the bad areas and makes your face even for the foundation. The difference between your face WITH this primer and your face WITHOUT this primer is pretty obvious. To wake up to fresh pimples was devastating.If you tend to have sensitive skin, use the PHOTO FINISH LIGHT product instead of the original Photo Finish. After several days of trial and error to see if it wasn’t the foundation instead of the primer, I found that the PHOTO FINISH LIGHT product did not cause me to break out. The original Photo Finish is a gel, the Photo Finish Light is a lotion. On shine-prone skin, the Photo Finish Light fared better than the original Photo Finish.The MA used a foundation brush to apply the Photo Finish to my face and that’s how I’d advise it to be used also. When you use a foundation brush, it only takes a tiny bit of the primer to do your whole face. If you use your fingers or a sponge, not only do you get unven application but you use a lot more product. As expensive as this product is, the foundation brush will save you money in product.

Rosa Ottawa Lake, MI

Good oil control

This is really good at control oil and concealing pores. It lasts all day! I don’t like it for every day use though because it clogs my pores.

Dollie Robinson, ND

Expensive but Awesome

I wish this product was less expensive, but it does a great job under my foundation of making sure to keep my face feeling smooth but also helps prevent it from getting too oily in my T-Zone. At first I applied it all over. Now I’ve learned to just put it in dry or oil-prone areas to keep them Matte.

Hilda Hawkins, WI
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Youngblood Mineral Foundation, Primer, 1 Ounce

Youngblood mineral cosmetics mineral primer(1 ounce/30 ml)benefits lightweight, translucent makeup primer reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores infused with minerals and vitamins helps protect the skin from environmental damage luxury formulations, unique milling processes as well as chic packaging, Youngblood mineral cosmetic products are clean, lightweight and allow the skin to breathe. They are non-comedogenic and will leave your skin looking completely radiant and healthy.. These cosmetics are authentic and at an affordable price. Provides brilliant, long lasting color. 100% authentic.

Key features

  • These cosmetics are authentic and at an affordable price
  • Provides brilliant, long lasting color
  • 100% authentic

Honest reviews


Perfect Primer

This primer isn’t cheap, but it was worth it. I have skin that easily breaks out with products (reason why I had to find a new primer) and this product did not break me out. This product feels so luxurious, it really feels like you are taking good care of yourself when you use it. I bought some for my mother and she was skeptical but loves it as well. I let my best friend try mine as well and she commented how good her face felt afterwards as well. Definitely a great way to start the day and take care of yourself.

Imelda Middlebourne, WV

Fabulous Primer

I don’t usually buy primer because I found that anti-chafing creams in drugstores have literally the same formulation and do the same thing. I made an exception for this product because it was sold to me with the Youngblood Liquid Foundation. When I used it with the foundation, I decided that they just didn’t work well together. Maybe it is just my skin type, but the finish doesn’t look flawless and the Youngblood foundation rubs off, no matter how much powder I apply to set it. HOWEVER, I have used this primer with my Dior, By Terry, NARS, Mac, and Laura Mercier foundations, and I am very pleased with its performance. This primer is truly a pleasure to apply, it feels like rubbing liquid silk into the skin. It helps my foundation to glide on and set with a velvety finish. I especially enjoy using this with my Laura Mercier, Mac, and NARS powder foundations, because it helps them stick and give me a truly flawless finish. I feel like it creates a barrier between my foundation so that my foundation does not get trapped in my pores. It helps a small bit to cover enlarged pores, too. I don’t break out at all after wearing this all day, which I adore because my skin is very sensitive and acne-prone. In fact, my skin is abnormally calm after wearing this under my foundation.Another thing I love about this primer is the packaging. The packaging on this product deserves 10 stars. The pump is nice, and delivers a consistent amount of product. The plastic packaging doesn’t feel cheap, it feels durable. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to stow in a makeup bag or purse, especially because it has a pump and a cap that covers it, so no worries about it getting into my bag. The nice thing about this packaging is that as the product is pumped out, the bottom of the bottle actually moves up, so the rest of the product is pushed up to where the pump can suck it out. Ingenious! I wish my Dior Foundation was packaged like this. Did I mention that the top can also be screwed off?In conclusion, I feel like primer, and especially this primer, is a luxury. It’s something that I can live without. I would repurchase this at a $20 price tag on the basis that the packaging is ingenious and a pleasure to use, and that it calms my skin. Otherwise, I could skip it.

Annabelle Castleton, VT

I LOVE this stuff!!

I’ve been using this primer for a couple of years. During that time, I’ve tried other primers that received top reviews and I always go back to this one. This is by far the very best primer out there. Not only does it create a “silky finish” for applying makeup, it reduces the appearance of my fine lines. I’ll be using this forever.

Shelby Banquete, TX
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Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer – Adjust 1oz

Color correcting, wrinkle reducing, and dark spot defying – talk about a miracle product! Create a perfect canvas for foundation application and even out skin tone with this silky, lightweight blend of antioxidants and vitamins A & E. The formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores for visibly softer, younger-looking skin. Wear under foundation or alone for a velvety-smooth finish. Now in a sleek tube for perfect dispensing-down to the last drop! BLEND is apricot-toned to even out skin tone and counteract discoloration and dark spots.Tips:Apply your choice of PHOTO FINISH COLOR CORRECTING FOUNDATION PRIMER to clean or moisturized skin (over entire face or only to problem areas) and blend with fingertips. For complexion perfection follow with your shade of HIGH DEFINITION HEALTHY FX FOUNDATION.

Key features

  • Color correcting, wrinkle reducing, and dark spot defying
  • Create a perfect canvas for foundation application and even out skin tone
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores for visibly softer, younger-looking skin
  • Counteract discoloration and dark spots; green-toned to reduce redness
  • Full size 1 ounce

Honest reviews


I’ve reordered this several times now

This primer goes on very smoothly and allows make up and foundation to go on beautifully and stay on longer.The green tinge definitely deals with the redness in my face better – it doesn’t eradicate it, but it lessens it, and makes the foundation more effective.I have gone out frequently just using it and a light powder. The powder alone would not have been sufficient, but with this primer, I feel completely made up, but not at all caked over…I like the way it feels and the fact that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and very sensitive eyes.

Terra Fincastle, VA

works very welll

just add a little at a time , so it will absorb and then add more if needed.I like it a lot and use it daily to get rid of my redness in my cheeks.

Lashonda Tonopah, AZ

It’s Ok

I’m not as impressed with this item as I thought I would be. I naturally have a red nose & cheeks and I was so excited when I read this temporarily got rid of the redness before you put your makeup on. For me, it only slightly got rid of redness…I still have to use a caked-on layer of concealer on my nose & cheeks to get my face uniform. I feel like I’m squirting a lot of it on my finger…with my previous primer I didn’t have to use as much. Maybe I’m supposed to use a big quarter size to get my redness out, but it’s too small & too expensive to use that much!I will not buy this product again, because it’s too expensive to just be an "ok" primer.

Kathryn Smithville, AR
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Silicon Based Primer 1oz. Temptu Airbrush Makeup Product

Developed to combat shine without adding weight, this innovative formula can be applied as a spot treatment to prep oily skin for makeup application. Base Smooth & Matte Primer also works to diffuse the appearance of pores and fine lines, resulting in a “perfect canvas” on which to apply foundation.

Key features

  • Soothing Botanicals
  • Oil Free and Hypoallergenic
  • Primes and Perfects Skin
  • Controls shine for matte finish
  • Ideal for all skin types

Honest reviews


Disappointed – not for airbrush gun

This primer is not for airbrush gun , that is a fact as I never saw a airbrush gun spraying so heavy liquid , as mentioned before it is like yogurt , however the product works as well , but I had to apply it with a brush and not airbrush as it would never works, on this point I am thinking is the product old already ? there was some issues I purchased other stuff one one time it was working fine the other time it was to tick , so I don’t know in this case .. as I never used this primer before , it prevent the skin from drying as well but the reason I purchased it was to use with my airbrush gun and that why I give it 1 star for false advertisement

Dale Keavy, KY

Great primer but not for Airbrush

It is a great primer but it is so thick that it just sits in my airbrush and even with my medium there is no way i can thin it enough to make it airbrush consistency so I think it is a good primer if you use it as a lotion and not for airbrush. Also be aware that there is no return on this product.

Leann Cissna Park, IL

Five Stars

Love the product.

Celia Avis, PA
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NYX Studio Perfect Primer, Green, 1.0 oz/30ml

Prepare your canvas with our silky primer. The studio perfect primer formula is easily absorbed, creates a smooth surface for foundation, and ensures the longevity of your makeup. Available in 3 shades: clear (to cover fine lines and large pores); lavender (to brighten and illuminate yellow undertones); and green (to eliminate redness).

Key features

  • Silky primer formula creates smooth surface for foundation and ensures longevity of makeup application
  • Green primer eliminates redness
  • Creates a smooth matte finish before any makeup application

Honest reviews


Awesome! 🙂

I’m 17 and i love love love this primer. First off the description here on amazon says it helps with yellow undertones, but actually it eliminates all of the oil on my face, leaving it perfect just like a model’s. And it beautifully brightens my face and leaves my skin feeling silky. It looked like i had just went to a makeup salon. It’s perfect! I highly recommend, especially if your skin is oily like mine. 🙂

Gail Houston, AR

What a disappointment

I bought this along with a NYX eyeshadow primer, since both items had good reviews, but I was not happy with either product. This comes in a gel form (as most face primers do) and it feels a little greasy at first but goes on smoothly. Unfortunately, once I started applying make up, it balls up and I ended up with little “pills” of foundation and primer all over, not a good sight! I waited plenty of time for it to dry up and it still happened. I used it for a week along with the eyeshadow primer, and both products performed miserably. It made for a bad makeup week, and not many vacation pictures, I can tell you that. Save your money for something else.

Fannie Laurel, MD

This product was okay

I like NYX products but was disappointed in the color correcting power it provides. It just didn’t work for me but may work for someone else. I love NYX eyebrow compact as well as the white cream for the eyes. The white cream really brings out my eyes as a base under shadow, a plus because I wear glasses.

Stephanie Hagaman, NY
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e.l.f Studio mineral infused face primer, 0.47 Ounce

Transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas with the Mineral Infused Face Primer. Developed to combat against excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish.

Key features

  • Sleek design great for travel or on the go
  • Tested by our team of expert makeup professionals for the best quality
  • Why overpay when you can get the same quality for less

Honest reviews


Great for the price

For the price, I’m exceptionally happy. Hides pores as well as the professional stuff. I don’t know that I would ever fall asleep with this on as I’m sure some of the fillers are cheaper ingredients and not as good for your skin but it definitely gives you a clean smooth base for makeup application. I’m happy with it and would (will) buy again.

Pansy Colfax, IL

e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer #83401

This is my second repurchase of the E.L.F Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer #83401 so that should give you an idea that I really love this! It will continue to be a repurchase when this one runs out!

Sharlene Leland, MI

Great stuff!

This primer can be used all over the face, it is not greasy, it helps all your makeup stay in place. It came quickly and packaged very well.

Beverley Annapolis, MO
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ALMAY Smart Shade Perfect and Correct Primer, Clear, 1 Fluid Ounce

Smart shade perfect and correct primer is a gel primer that’s so smart it instantly adjusts to brighten and color correct skin where it’s needed. This hydrating weightless formula goes beyond just smoothing and softening skin and addresses skin’s most common problems. Imperfections are diffused and skin feels smoother, more refined and looks pore less.

Key features

  • Smooth’s and soften skins
  • Green and lavender colored ribbons neutralize redness, even out and brighten skin tone
  • Improves application of make up; Helps increase wear of make up and create the perfect canvas for make up
  • Hydration increased up to 265% instantly
  • Dermatologist tested

Honest reviews


Works as advertised

Bought this at a local discount department store yesterday and discovered how well this works today. This morning I applied the primer before using the Almay Smart Shade make-up. I then applied some powdered blusher. Within minutes my middle-aged skin, that has rosacea, looked smoother and less red. I was amazed. This is the best my skin has looked in years. I now look forward to using make-up as I can see how this small effort makes a difference in how I look.I highly recommend this easy to use product.

Megan Clay, TX

Not for me.

Not for me. I like Hard Candy’s primer much better. This didn’t really sit well on my face– it felt very tacky and like it never absorbed.

Rebecca Harris, MO

Looking for more correction and it made me breakout.

I was hopeful that this would cover the redness on my face so I wouldn’t have to wear a lot of foundation. Whether or not i use this product I still need the same amount of foundation for coverage of the redness. My redness isn’t bad by any means for reference. I also found this product makes me breakout if I have it on all day, so I definitely wouldn’t fall asleep with it on. I hope this works for you but I definitely wouldn’t buy this again. I’m going back to Smashbox. That worked for me.

Jillian Atwood, CO
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e.l.f. Studio Illuminating Face Primer, 0.49 Ounce

Developed to combat against excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish.

Key features

  • Against excess oil
  • against flaky dryness
  • Against enlarged pores and fine lines

Honest reviews


We’re do I start, first time user

Leaves my face so so so smooth..first time using elf products n I’m a happy here on time worth the price

Mollie Lawrenceville, GA


I thought I was getting a clear primer and instead it was a golden finish on my skin. I didn’t like this infused color I did like the product it went on smoothly and seemed to do what it needed to when I applied my foundation. I’ll try the clear primer next time.

Irma Butler, WI

good primer

its a good primer,, its not at all oily,, the bottle is pretty too.. it does its job really well,, happy with the elf products and my purchase.. thank you 🙂

Shelly Clear Creek, IN
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Colorescience Pro Line Tamer Skin Brightening Primer SPF 20

Youthful Radiance Take the first step in achieving beautifully luminous, younger-looking skin with Colorescience Pro Line Tamer Skin Brightening Primer SPF 20. Moisturizing ingredients combine with Blue Algae Extract, Vitamin E and powerful Antioxidants to instantly reduce the appearance of pores, shine and fine lines and wrinkles while the bright yellow tint refines redness and delivers a vibrant glow. This creamy primer will also protect from harmful UV rays. Contains SPF Reduces the appearance of pores, shine and fine lines and wrinkles Delivers a vibrant, youthful glow Especially Suited For: All skin types Essential Elements: Colorescience Pro Line Tamer Skin Brightening Primer SPF 20 contains Blue Algae Extract, Vitamin E and powerful Antioxidants to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections while delivering a vibrant glow. Contains SPF. For Best Effect: Apply one to two pumps to moisturized face with fingertips. Follow with creme or powder foundation for smooth, even results.

Key features

  • Boosts radiance and creates a youthful tone & texture
  • Works to refine redness
  • Delivers a vibrant glow
  • With a bright yellow tint
  • With moisturizing ingredients combined with blue algae extract, vitamin E, and antioxidants

Honest reviews


It does what it claims

This product fills in lines/wrinkles. It smooths out the skin making your skin a very good primed surface for foundation or powdered minerals. This was a present from my daughter the skin care specialist. I did not know it was so pricey. BUT it really really works. So I will be getting some more soon.

Thelma Walnut Cove, NC

Love This

I had never wanted to use a primer before. But I had microdermabrasion done two months ago and the technician put this on my face afterward. It was wonderful. So I bought the product and I can’t love it more. It goes on like silk, it’s nourishing, soft and practically invisible. It smooths out discolorations and lines. It can also be combined with a little of the bronzer to give a little tint. Then you can put your regular makeup over it. (I use Lancome.) It is so light, does not feel heavy, and it seems to protect and repair your skin.

Annmarie Pine Knot, KY


Thick, chalky, really terrible. There is no way you could put makeup over this and have it look good. Don’t waste your money.

Rosario Silverton, ID
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