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Ped Egg Pedicure Foot File, Colors may vary

The Deluxe PedEgg is the revolutionary foot file that you’ve seen nationally advertised on TV. It’s the newest and fastest way to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with NO MESS! The secret is PedEgg’s precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel that everybody loves. Two high quality emery buffing pads are included for the ultimate finishing touch. The unique egg shape of the PedEgg not only looks great, but is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand for easy and convenient use. Best of all, PedEgg has been designed to collect all the skin shavings in a convenient storage compartment allowing you to use it anywhere with no mess. You and your feet will love the new PedEgg! Includes 2 emery finishing pads.

Key features

  • Professional style foot file with precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin
  • Leaves your feet looking and feeling baby soft and smooth
  • Crgonomically designed egg shape fits perfectly into the palm of your hand
  • Traps shavings inside, so there’s no mess to clean up
  • Includes 2 emery finishing pads; colors may vary

Honest reviews


It Works!

Okay, so I bought this a couple of years ago at a drug store. I tried it, it didn’t work so I threw it in a drawer and forgot about it. Well, lately due to neglect my feet have been so dry and rough. I tried the whole vaseline and wearing socks overnight thing, but my skin was too tough for that to work. So, I found the ped egg and decided to give it another try. I used it like other reviewers advised on dry skin and gently. Then I finished it off with my foot file (their is lame)and voilá my feet were good as new! Okay, almost new, like 90% better. Now my feet are beautiful and soft again! It’s like that whole year of neglect never happened. I’ve been using it pretty much everyday for about a week and my feet just get better and better. My husband said this is the softest my feet have been in awhile.

Augusta Hitchcock, SD

Wanted To Like It

Wished this product worked better. Love the no mess, BUT it’s ONLY no mess if held upright — which means often angling my foot versus my PedEgg. Also, the PedEgg can ONLY be used forward and back, NOT side to side or in a circular motion. My biggest complaint, however, is that the PedEgg isn’t as gentle as advertised. It works fine if my feet are merely dry, BUT if they’re dry and CRACKED, I’ve learned to avoid using my PedEgg after catching those cracks with the blades. OUCH!!!

Kara Alsea, OR

Meh….it’s just ok

I was thinking this would be the end all be all to callus removal for me. I find that these don’t work well. You’re supposed to use them on dry feet. I have to work and work to get something off when I use it dry. I went against instruction and used it wet in the shower…worked a little better. I find I get better results from a regular foot file. Unfortunately not the best solution for me.

Felecia Shelby, AL
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PROFOOT Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File

Callus file with easy-grip shape gently removes calluses and dry skin. Flex-soft material conforms to the shape of your foot for smooth, soft skin in 60 seconds. Gently removes calluses and dry skin. Easy-grip shape is fast and effective. Silicon carbide crystal surface can be used wet or dry. Money back guarantee from manufacturer profoot. Try us risk free.

Key features

  • Gently removes calluses and dry skin
  • Flex-soft material conforms to the shape of your foot for smooth, soft skin in 60 seconds.
  • Easy-grip shape is fast and effective
  • Silicon carbide crystal surface can be used wet or dry
  • Money back guarantee from manufacturer profoot; try us risk free

Honest reviews



Like most people, I have calluses on my feet. Mine are on my big toes of both my foot on the left side. I’ve used callus removing products before. Mostly pumice stone which can work, as long as you don’t go too overboard with rubbing and rub your toes raw.This product is a large fist-sized black artificial foamy rock-shaped file.. It is covered with an Emory board substance that feels rough to the hand like an Emory board or raspy like a cat’s tongue. To use the product, rub like a pumice stone along the offending callus until it is effectively ground off. Watch out for gross callus dust/dead skin. (Yeah I know the world is full of skin dust, but I don’t want extra on my clothing.)I tested it out on my mom’s feet with only partial success. She has two big horizontal calluses on one foot. I was able to smooth the top one partially. But this product made hardly a dent in the tougher lower one.I then tried it on my own callus. It didn’t make a dent either. I didn’t notice any extra smoothness after 60 seconds use. Will try more and get back to you.Okay, so clearly this is a product that takes time to use. Do not expect immediate results. Grinding away a large callus could take days of daily use.From my perspective this is only an okay product. I didn’t find it revolutionary, it works, but slowly. I’ve had better luck with a regular pumice stone.

Mildred Ashmore, IL

Profoot Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File

Profoot Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File.This is a soft, flexible foot file. You can use it for whatever you need it for, on your feet.I love pampering my feet. This foot file really makes my feet feel good. I know – the purpose of this file is to remove calluses and things like that – but it’s okay to just use it to make your feet feel good. I don’t have any calluses right now, but I always love to just make my feet feel good. And maybe that’s why I don’t have anycalluses right now, because I pamper my feet enough to where things like that usually don’t happen. I will continue to pamper my feet, and I already love this foot file so much!After having to wear certain types of boots for work and having ingrown toenails, I pamper my feet and now don’t really have any problems with them as long as I’m taking care of them. (Now I don’t have to wear those boots anymore.)

Jeanine Keezletown, VA

Easy to use

I really liked the feel of this foot file. It’s easy to hold and works like a charm. I keep it in the shower.

Debora Freeburg, IL
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Titania Double Foot File, Stainless Steel Rasp, Rough and Fine, Ergonomic Handle, Colours may Vary

Titania double foot file,ss rasp, rough & fine, ergonomic handle

Key features

  • Double foot file made in germany
  • Ergonomic handle and soft touch handle
  • Stainless steal rasp, rough and fine

Honest reviews


works great!

I like the design handle, it’s easy to clean and it’s very effective. I definitely recommend this to anyone. Made in Germany so it’s pretty sturdy, also I could not find this anywhere else in the stores but here. Amazon is the only place that I know that carries this.

Melanie Brickeys, AR

Absolutely works

I’ve never used this type of item before, but my heels needed some heavy duty work. It was very simple and had great results. My feet look like I haven’t spent the whole summer walking around barefoot! (which of course I did). A couple of use suggestions: Use BEFORE you take a shower and some nice moisturizer specifically for the foot afterwords really helps.

Kendra San Acacia, NM

Good product

Works well, does the job and holds up to long term use. For the price, I’d definitely recommend it. Great to keep in the shower and use daily.

Dominique Palo, IA
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BelleSha Double Sided 5 Pack Pedicure Foot File Hard Skin Remover

Get rid of cracked heels, calluses, rough feet with BelleSha Foot Files. This 5-pack is a great deal and will last you months. Multiple colors for variety and great for gifts. One color for each of your girlfriends!

Key features

  • Foot file
  • Say goodbye to cracked heels, calluses,and rough feet
  • Handle: Plastic Handle
  • Length: 9″ (23.5 cm)
  • White Handle

Honest reviews


Use It With The Famous Literine/Vinegar Soak

These foot files work well to get rid of dry, itchy, unattractive skin patches. They work even better if you use them in conjunction with the famous vinegar, Listerine warm water, foot soak. They are currently offered by Amazon at a very fair price. I was provided a free sample from the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review.

Kimberly Pulaski, TN


These feel great and they’re very sturdy, so if you put a lot of pressure on it while filing, it should withstand it well enough. The trial sample I received of these were white. I’ve used one of them twice in the shower and my dogs feel much softer…no more snagging the sheets…Ewww.Sample provided

Eloise Memphis, TX


*Disclosure: I was contacted by a rep for BelleSha and provided a free sample for the purposes of giving my thoughts on it.*Got rough feet? Need to file them down? The BelleSha Foot File pack is one way to remedy that. Each side of the file has a different texture, offering course and fine filing of your tootsies. On paper that sounds perfect. In reality, the BelleSha offering is substandard and over priced (currently 36 dollars for the pack). The handle is made of thin, highly flexible plastic, creating a edge that isn’t pleasant to hold. Putting pressure on the handle which getting down to business, the handle flexes, which results in uneven filing. The filing material itself is more or less sandpaper that has been adhered to the plastic handle. On my sample, two samples had peeling paper, giving the impression that these not hold up long under even light use. Looking around Amazon and local stores, the pricing for this item is way out of proportion for what you get. Similar and slightly better quality items are roughly a a couple bucks, totaling less than half the cost of what BelleSha is asking. No bargains here!

Renae Ambrose, ND
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Tweezerman LTD Soft Grip Foot File

High performance foot file leaves skin soft and smooth. A complete system to exfoliate, buff, smooth and gently massage feet, letting, beautifully healthy, new skin emerge.

Key features

  • Two distinct surfaces: one to slough off dry, rough, hard skin and one to buff skin smooth for a baby soft feel
  • Washable, reusable and long-lasting
  • Shaped to reach any area of the foot without difficulty and without requiring heavy pressure
  • Ergonomic easy-grip handle is comfortable to hold and rubberized for ‘no slip’ total control
  • Rubber “bumps” gently massage feet for better circulation

Honest reviews


Perfect for removing dead skin off your feet

I’m not one for maintaining my skin softness in the feet area but the Tweezerman LTD has proven to be quite useful if you’ve got dead skin building up. The Tweezerman LTD comes with two sides for buffing and polishing your skin. One side is more coarse and the other a lot more fine. The grip is very comfortable on the Tweezerman LTD and I do recommend this product for your feet maintenance needs.

Dorthy Opal, SD

Great item

This is a terrific foot file. Callouses and dead skin come right off, without much elbow grease. In the foot filing business, that’s a hard trick to follow.

Ila Pettus, TX

excellent foot care file

There are other foot files. There are other foot filers with emery material. But I haven’t seen any that are so long and tapered, making it easy to reach all areas of both feet easily and without straining your wrist.Usually when I use any kind of file for foot care, they are several inches long and I have trouble reaching the opposite side of the foot where I can’t see. I end up bending my wrist and contorting it until it gets sore. But this Tweezerman file works great, with no pain in my wrists and no trouble reaching any part of either foot! The file is a little over 10 inches total. The filing surface is 5-1/2 inches and tapers, making it easy to reach your entire foot and easy to get not just the heels and sides of your feet, but also the area around the toes. This works amazingly well.One side is an emery surface that is rather coarse, the other side is a finer emery for buffing. These work very well. I used this foot file on my left foot three times over the course of a week and did nothing to the right foot. You could really tell the difference. And though that would be true of any foot file, what separates this particular file is the shape. The grip end is plastic, lightly tapered and comfortable; one side is rippled for an easy grip, the opposite side is bumpy and can be used as a massage surface — run it along your foot for stimulation and massage.A truly well-designed and useful product for those who want to soften up their feet.

Aline Barnhill, IL
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Foot Scrubber Cleaner Massager for Feet & Toes by Bellesha

An innovative way to clean your feet! No more bending or leaning forward. Designed for your convenience. BelleSha hands free foot scrubber offers you three different ways of cleaning, exfoliating and massaging the feet.

Key features

  • Description: Three ways of pampering your feet (2 different types of bristles and pumice) – gently relax and massages your tired feet. Stimulates blood circulation
  • Function: Cleanse and exfoliate your feet while taking a shower comes with a detachable pumice in the center
  • Highlights: No more bending or stretching to reach your feet!
  • How it works: Thoroughly scrubs and removes dirt, dead skin cells
  • Attribute: Non-slip suction cups for hands free easy cleaning

Honest reviews


Does what it’s meant to do

This works fine, as expected. The suction cups gripped the surface of my porcelain tub and held it in place under the tap. It does not take much to lift it off, but it stays as is without moving about when one’s feet are scrubbing away on top. The pumice stone appears to be embedded rather than removable which may be just as well, for it’s easy to slip on it in a wet environment, certainly. The scrubbing parts do smell of PVC when the package is opened but this fades in a day or so.The pads are not that harsh, so one can step on them without hurting your feet. The scrubbing device as designed does the job intended, and it’s a simple product, after all. One I’d never have thought of but my wife likes it, and I was asked to review it.

Cynthia Decatur, IL

Ingenious Solution for Dirty Feet

It’s spring and time for bare feet. I’m always happy to leave the heavy shoes and socks behind, but, working in the yard, I’m often rewarded with dirty, sometimes even muddy feet. This foot scrubber is an ingenious answer for the problem. It features two scrubbers, one fairly stiff, one fairly soft, on each end of the device and a pumice stone in the middle.The device has suction cups to attach to a hard surface; however, they do not attach to the knobby surface of my shower, so the device slips around all over the shower floor while I’m showering. I do get some scrubbing out of the device, but the pumice stone is completely ineffective without being secured to the floor.This is an ingenious device but you must check the flooring if you plan to use it in your shower. You need a smooth surface for it to attach to.Three Stars!

Mamie Gordon, PA

In peices

*Disclosure: I was contacted by a rep for BelleSha and provided a free sample for the purposes of giving my thoughts on it.*<sigh> I don’t like giving one star reviews. But this item sits among the worst of things I’ve come across. It was falling apart from the moment I got it out of the bag – pumice stone fell out. Putting it back in as best I could, it worked until I first attempted to use it, upon which the adhesive holding the stone to the plate which holds to the flexible body of the scrubber (can you see the flaw in this design?) let go and forever released to the stone into the wild. Though the Scrubber has 18 small suction cups on the bottom, they are too shallow to get a real grip on the floor of my shower. They utterly fail to hold the Scrubber in place. Nice try BelleSha, but no one should buy this product.

Adelaide Birnamwood, WI
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TOOGOO Foot File Rasp Hard Skin Remover with 2 Side Pedicure

* Contents: 1 X Foot File Rasp Hard Skin Remover

Key features

  • Double Sided Pedicure Paddle Foot File.
  • Large sanding area on both sides. One fine and one coarse.
  • For the removal of hard skin on the feet.
  • Translucent White plastic handle.
  • Length 24cm.

Honest reviews


It’s ok but a bit weak

I like feeling some resistance with my foot scrubbing care. Living in Fl we seldom wear shoes other than flip flops and I expect my feet to be as well cared for as my nails/ hands…this is not as stiff as I’d have liked ..that being the case I have to work a bit harder to get desired results ( I just use it a bit more often )

Mitzi Hedgesville, WV

You get what you pay for

It didn’t last more than two or three uses. But you do get what you pay for. So if you want to use it for a disposal one it is fine.

Ashleigh Cazenovia, WI


This was just what I was looking for. It’s a little cheap and flimsy but for the price that’s to be expected. Works great

Mari Wendell Depot, MA
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Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

Buy micro plane manicure & pedicure tools – micro plane colossal pedicure rasp brown. Instantly eliminates thick callused skin no need to soak feet prior to use largest file surface light-weight file surface made in the USA.

Key features

  • Color: brown
  • Microplane colossal pedicure rasp brown, buy microplane manicure pedicure tools
  • Buy microplane manicure & pedicure tools – microplane colossal pedicure rasp brown

Honest reviews


Really works

Works so much better than the egg scrapers. Easy to use, removes calluses quickly and easily, my feet feel great!

Elinor Wichita, KS

Ok product

Works good thought would be a little sharper really have to scrub hard for it to work but for the price it’s not bad.

Beverly West Burlington, IA


I just got mine today and started using it right away. Wow, it is by far the best I have ever used. I read several of the other reviews and was glad I did. You do need to be gentle…..lay the rasp on your skin and g-e-n-t-l-y use it. I can see how you would be asking for days worth of pain if you get too aggressive. Work over a towel, and have a very rich cream or vaseline and pair of clean socks ready . After you are done, and your feet are nice and smooth , slather the jelly or cream on liberally , put on your socks and rest or go to bed to let it do its thing. I like to use my Emjoi foot "sander" for parts of my feet I can’t use with the rasp, and to make sure my feet are completely silky smooth. I have always had a terrible time trying to keep my feet callus free, and this rasp is a wonderful product. I also like that you don’t have to soak your feet. It’s my new favorite beauty tool, if it works on my feet , and makes them so nice , then it will help you 🙂 Just remember…use it g-e-n-t-l-y .

Deann Walden, NY
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Aquasentials Dual Sided Foot File

Remove unwanted foot skinsTwo sided filing surfaceEasy to Hang

Key features

  • Remove unwanted foot skins
  • Two sided filing surface
  • Easy to Hang

Honest reviews


Pretty darned good for the price

I was skeptical about this product with it’s glue-on abrasive strip, but I figured "what the heck" for the price. Well, it’s been over a month of near-daily shower use and storing it on the side of my bathtub, and the strip is still stuck on tight. Also, the abrasive does a much better job than my old (solid plastic) favorite.

Marci Easton, KS

Great bargain – works great!

Works fantastically, without it feeling like it’s ripping the 2nd layer of your epidermis off. And the fact that it comes in a pack of 3… SCORE!

Lori Espanola, NM

Okay so far.

I got this to get rid of calluses on the balls of my feet. Helping to keep the calluses at bay but hasn’t totally handled yet.

Brianna Miami, NM
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#1 Foot File Rasp and Corn Callus Remover

NEW 2 In 1 Foot Rasp File & Corn Remover Get Full Feet Treatment With The One Product – Unique 2 In 1 Design – Get Smooth Feet In Just Minutes – Easy To Use Embarrassed With Your Feet? – Do You Have Annoying and Ugly Calluses On Your Feet and Toes? – Do Your Calluses Cause You Pain When You Walk? – Embarrassed To Wear Your Favorite Sandals or Heels? – Breaking Your Bank Account By Going For A Weekly Pedicure? We use our feet nearly 24hrs a day, but never seem to give them the attention they deserve. It is only inevitable that skin will harden & look unsightly with age. However there are many different products out there that are either a foot rasp OR a corn remover but never both. Since these problems go hand in hand the 2 In 1 foot rasp file & corn remover is the ideal solution! The 2 In 1 Foot Rasp File & Corn Remover Will Have Your Feet Looking Beautiful Again – Easy detachable foot rasp – Corn Remover – Non Slip Handle – Safe and Painless – All Parts Can Be Removed For Easy Cleaning – Perfect To Be Used On Cracked Heels and Growing Calluses On Toes and Along The Feet For Best Results – Soak Feet In Warm Water To Soften Skin – Use Light Pressure and Be Patient – Use Your Favorite Lotion After The Using The Rasp Overnight – If You Are A Diabetic Or Anemic, Please Consult Your Health Professional Prior To Using This Product Guaranteed To Make Your Feet Feeling Smooth & Looking Great. For a More Detailed Look At This Product Just Search ‘Glamscious Foot Rasp’ On Youtube. Stock Is Limited – Order Now!

Key features

  • Premium Quality Design & Feel
  • Unique 2 In 1 Design For Complete Foot Care – Only One On Amazon
  • Easy To Use Simple Clip On Foot Rasp Feature – Painless Procedure
  • Sharp Blade For Tough Callus Corn Removal
  • Quality Product Made In Korea With Use of German Blades

Honest reviews


It’s Ok

It’s ok but to tell you the truth I’m always suspect when I see a product with foreign, in this case Korean writing I’m assuming.

Kathryn Gravity, IA

Callus/corn remover part okay but file not so okay

I always suffer from dry, rough feet, and I go through foot files like crazy. I got this because of the two-in-one factor. I wanted to try the file first, but I couldn’t figure out how to attach it since the directions are in Chinese or something. After fiddling with it for a bit, I finally figured it out. I tried the file, and it really wasn’t doing much but making the dry skin stand up. So I took off the file part, and soaked my feet in preparation for the callus remover part. It’s basically a razor so you kind of have to be careful how close you get, but it does work at taking off calluses. I had one on the side of my foot that it took right off, so I can say that part works. It would be a better product if it had English directions and the file was much much better.

Angie Paia, HI

great help for my feet

This gadget helped my poor dry and abused feet tremendously. I have a scar from when I was a child on the ball of my foot. The callouses build up on it and it is almost too painful to walk. This is the perfect remedy for that. I am pain free, amazing. It smoothed out my rough heels and sides of my feet, made them like new soft skin..For filing, do not use in both directions. Point the head down and then move the rasp head up. For corn cutting, make sure the head is pointed down and then remove the callus corn by cutting down. For a instruction video search ‘Glamscious Foot Rasp’ on YouTube.It is quality made and will last forever.I love this tool and will recommend it highly. Do yourself a favor, take care of your feet with 2 in 1 Foot Rasp.

Annette Thatcher, AZ
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