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Water-Rosewater Heritage Store 8 oz Liquid

Water-Rosewater by Heritage Store 8 oz Liquid

Key features

  • Rose Petals Rose Water
  • Pure, Natural Essence
  • From European Roses
  • Labels may vary

Honest reviews


Depends on what you need it for.

I was a little disappointed when I saw that the ingredients were some kind of fancy, distilled, de-atomized water thingy, and rose oil. From what I know, real rose water is just crushed rose petals, so if that is something you need, don’t get this.I used this to mix some crazy volcanic clay into a face mask so for me, I didn’t crush me that this was not true rose water taht was crushed by a unicorn in eden. It smells nice and there’s lots of it so that now I can do multiple facials and not worry that it costs an arm and a leg. I’d buy it again.

Sue Balfour, ND

Marvelous Toner!

I wasn’t expecting much from such a simple ingredient but I think this stuff has really turned around my skin. And it smells wonderful.I’ve used this rosewater by itself, with witch hazel, and with witch hazel and glycerin. Each time my skin has come out touchably soft. My pimples have dried out faster, and my skin just looks better. Plus, now that I’ve started using this, I can add other skin care products to my regimen and I don’t break out like crazy, which was the result before.I’m so glad I read a review for Burt’s Bees Rosewater & Glycerin toner that explained the benefits of using toner. It convinced me to finally get this rosewater to make my own toner. Before that, I had been planning to buy rosewater for some time because I read that French women spritz it on their face to keep moisturized throughout the day.If my skin could talk I think it would say it loves this stuff.

Ruthie Mount Holly Springs, PA

Meh, its water…

I was so excited to receive my rose water. I’d never used it before. I was planning on putting it on my hair (mixing it with my hair products).It really does smell good. I would say soooort of like roses lol. And it made my hair smell really good.But all in all, its just water. I just bought some nice smelling water lol. And I knew that from the beginning, but its all so special until you get it. Nice product.

Becky Westfield, IA
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