English Lavender by Yardley of London 7 oz perfumed talc

It takes the world’s finest natural lavender oils and over 200 years’ expertise to create Yardley English Lavender. Delicate and sophisticated, this silky, ultra-refine talcum powder will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and delicately scented all day. Infused with the aromatic freshness of lavender complimented by soothing floral and musk notes.

Key features

  • 7 Oz/ 200 g
  • Infused with the aromatic freshness of lavender complimented by soothing floral and musk notes.
  • Delicate and sophisticated, this silky, ultra-refine talcum powder will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and delicately scented all day.
  • It takes the world’s finest natural lavender oils and over 200 years’ expertise to create Yardley English Lavender.

Honest reviews


Ahhh Lavender!

I, myself, am quite partial to lavender. Lavender is farmed and harvested in many parts of the world,—including the United States of America. There is also English lavender, French lavender, Spanish lavender, etc. Sometimes, the flower differs,—depending upon the region where it is cultivated and grown. For instance, French lavender looks quite different from Spanish lavender. I am assuming that since Yardley is an old and established English company, the lavender used in their products is grown in England. When we were in the south of France, we saw many lavender fields. It was a most beautiful sight to behold, and the scent was amazing. Lavender is a homeopathic flower. It is beneficial to both humans and to pets. Although this particular product is not for pussycats, there are quite a few pet products which do contain lavender. Mumzy states that the Yardley company has been well established for many years. Their products are quite wonderful. Lavender also helps one to relax, and to eliminate stress. Bees and hummingbirds love lavender as well. Now, I have something in common with them,—for I adore lavender!

Adriana Modeste, LA


This is a very luxurious perfumed talc. Makes you feel like a queen. Beautiful scent. Therefore, I would highly recommend purchasing this product. DAME HILDA

Marcy North Palm Springs, CA

This is just the best!

Finely milled – beautiful fragrance – they make the best rose and lavender powder and have done so for over 60 years (at least that’s how long I’ve been using it).

Helga Whitelaw, WI
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Summer’s Eve Cotton Breeze Body Powder, 8 Ounce

Gentle Body Powder for Women SUMMER’S EVE Feminine Powder is an exclusive feminine formula to prevent moisture where it’s not needed. With mild fragrance, this powder gives a silky and smooth finish to your skin, without clogging the skin pores and causing irritation. It controls odor and helps you stay fresh for a long time. Silky smooth feminine powder for fresh and healthy skin Hypoallergenic in nature. Recommended by gynecologists This silky smooth feminine powder is designed to reduce odor, itching and irritation caused due to excess moisture. It’s gentle enough for everyday use and can be used every day after a quick shower or bath. Just For You: Women of all skin types A Closer Look: SUMMER’S EVE Feminine Powder includes Zeal mays (corn), starch and odor synthesis ingredients. These ingredients control moisture and keep skin free from odor. It also includes a light, fresh scent for cool and fresh feel after each use. You Won’t Find: Talc, Get Started: Apply this powder after bath or shower on external vaginal area and other areas where moisture is more.

Key features

  • Quality you can trust from Summers Eve
  • Great Value!
  • Mild fragrance

Honest reviews



I am one of the cleanest people I know, and smelling good ALL THE TIME is a big deal for me and now that summer is coming up, something about the heat just tears down all of my barriers of freshness so I use this amazing stuff and its like a barb wire of freshness I LOVE IT. It way to expensive in the stores and they usually run out of this scent. I love buying ANYTHING on Amazon so it is no surprise. Thank you Amazon for offering such a great product.

Sheryl Baytown, TX

Love the smell

Great product smells good and you don’t have to use allot. yes i would buy again if the price get better to high

Hester Bourneville, OH

Just what I needed

My workplace is not air conditioned, and this is just what I needed to keep me dry and smell free all day long. Smells great too!

Lenora Thida, AR
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Instead 12 Hour Feminine Protection Cup 24 ea

Instead Softcups is an FDA-approved, disposable menstrual cup that can be worn comfortably for 12 hours during any activity

Key features

  • Revolutionary Feminine Protection
  • All Day Feminine Protection
  • Eliminates Menstrual Odors

Honest reviews


I’m sorry but this is GROSS!

I was so hopeful about these. I wanted an alternative to tampons that was healthy and environmentally-friendly (and cheaper!) So I was excited to try them. But it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I don’t want to get into vivid details. But basically, I was not warned that this would be such a MESSY ordeal. Not to mention it’s not at all convenient. I do not want to leave it in for too long, because if I do, I know it’s not absorbing any fluid, so I worry about leakage, or the horrible mess that it will make all over my hands when I try to take it out. GROSS! Also, the thing itself is absolutely huge. I imagine most people would look at it and be terrified to try to put it in their bodies. I believe there was a reason tampons became so much more popular than these methods. Sorry, but I’ve got to switch back.

Marcella Ashland, VA

Not a gymnast

Retrieving these requires gymnastic ability that i sadly do not possess. They are also very messy to remove. I tried them because i have a dermatological sensitivity to rayon, but no. In the trash and done. Never again.

Christian Garvin, MN

Must have for handicapped!

Alright so I am going to be extremely open in this review. If you or any other female you know are in a wheelchair it makes that time of month even more unpleasant.I was using a large overnight pad and the super+ tampons and well when you bend over in a wheelchair it creates a very uncomfortable.. squish… and it was not working and making me miserable.Now I still use a pad to catch accidental leaks since sitting doesnt allow for natural gravity flow. But with this product I can actually feel like I am able to go out of the house during that week each month. I don’t worry about what if I bend over.Pro’s: not recommended but i have used over 12hrs and it worked great. use longer at your own risk since there is little research with TSS and these.less smelleasy for those with less dexterity (i couldnt use diva cup cuz i have issues with my hands and folding it while inserting was impossible)sanitary just throw outcons:takes time to get used tocan be messy to remove but better after practicei think its only cuz i sit in a wheelchair but it sometimes sits on my urethra and after 8hrs hurts/makes me really have to pee.great product. i recommend to all!

Della Bainbridge, NY
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Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Vmagic Vulva Care and Intimate Skin Cream, 2 Ounce

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Vmagic Vulva Care and Intimate Skin Cream Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Vmagic Vulva Care and Intimate Skin Cream Description Top selling VMagic is the worlds’ only 100% certified organic skin care specially designed for intimate moisture. Vmagic is safe, effective and made right here in USA. Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and sold by some of the nations’ top rated OB/GYN’s, VMagic is perfect for all ages and skin types. Find out why millions of women use Vmagic. Vmagic is pure, simple, natural and effective it’s 100% Certified Organic, Non-Soy, Dye/Fragrance Free, Paraben and Sulfite Free, Non-GMO, No Animal Testing. Benefits and Uses Safe for all ages and skin types, VMagic organic moisturizer is an effective remedy for minor skin irritations such as rash, chaffing, itchy, dry or enflamed skin. Can be used as liberally and as frequently as needed. Find out Why VMagic is the #1 Choice for Women Vmagic is the only intimate moisture solution created for women by a woman. At Medicine Mama’s Apothecary, we trust the purity of natural ingredients to heal and protect our most sensitive skin. Our products are formulated using a proprietary process here in the USA and are all 100% Certified Organic. Every jar of Vmagic is rigorously tested for integrity and purity. Give it a try and discover the magic that millions of women swear by. Is V Magic Right for Me? 1 in 4 woman experience pain, dryness, swelling, burning or rashes on their most sensitive skin, activities like swimming, biking, exercise, waxing and common chemicals found in detergents or fabric softeners can add to the problem. Additional conditions such as menopause or pregnancy only increase the discomfort. Vmagic is the perfect solution today’s woman who understands the importance of what we put on or into our bodies and who appreciates the simple goodness found in nature. Made from the best stuff on earth! Six Ingredients, pure magic! Healing antimicrobial honey, antibacterial propolis, super moisturizing olive oil, collagen repairing avocado oil, antioxidant sea buckthorn oil, protective emmoilent beeswax and processed in-house using our proprietary blending and curing process. Carefully manufactured for purity and integrity. Our Promise (organic) At Medicine Mama’s your health is our #1 priority. When you pick up a jar of Vmagic you can feel safe, knowing that each jar is meticulously inspected for purity and consistency using the highest quality organic ingredients available on earth. VMagic has been lab tested and rated 0 (yes zero) on the irritant scale. If you can’t pronounce it, should you really use it on your skin? Did you know that many products crafted for women contain the same chemicals used to lubricate engines? That’s right, petroleum! Harsh ingredients such as steroids, alcohol, preservatives and strong perfumes are present in nearly all the commercially available products sold in drug stores today. Our thinking is different, after all “if you can’t pronounce it, should you be using it on your most sensitive skin?” Doctors today are recommending a more natural approach to treat the itching, dryness and irritation which plague 25% of all US women.

Key features

  • Active moisturizer to rejuvenate dry, thin vulvar tissue
  • Anti-inflammatory to reduce itching, burning and redness
  • Active probiotic to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Vmagic is the only feminine care cream that is 100% natural, free of all dyes, fragrances, soy, hormones, steroids, synthetic preservatives, petroleum or parabens
  • Lab tested and proven to be zero irritant; Pure, where it matters most

Honest reviews



I don’t really know how i feel about this product. It is so so i use it when i shave or wax. it does help with the soothing..But i don’t see itbeing used as a lubricant? The Product is not magic though.

Lara Malverne, NY


Very nice product for females for healing n moisterizing as well as helps with itching. I highly recommend. Jus us as needed

Chrystal Summit, KY

Amazing stuff

This is my second jar of this. I love it. It is really soothing after shaving. It prevents chaffing. More soothing and healing than coconut or olive oil alone. LOVE, LOVE this. I think it may help tone also…

Dona Goshen, AR
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Seventh Generation Pantiliners, 50 Count

Get the confidence you want without added fragrances and dyes. Seventh Generation’s new and improved purefit pantiliners are processed chlorine free to give you just what you need without exposing your most sensitive skin to unnecessary chemicals. Seventh Generation’s innovative purefit design offers an enhanced fit, safely trapping fluid away from the skin to keep you dry, for reliable, leak-free protection and comfort. They’re a simple and practical solution for low flow days, or as a backup when using tampons.

Key features

  • Chlorine Free
  • PureFit leak-free protection
  • Free of dyes and fragrances
  • Secure, no-slip adhesive
  • Gynecologist tested

Honest reviews


Not a repeat purchase!

Bought these because they were free of chlorine, dyes and fragrances but I am not a fan. I really liked their maxi pad since it was soft and did not bunch up. I can’t say the same about these pantiliners. I found them to have a rough surface and they bunched up very badly which made them unwearable.

Bernadine Shell Knob, MO

Loving Seventh Generation

Good price and just as good as the pharmacy store brands but it’s no chlorine.I will definitely order these again if the price is still good.

Agnes Astatula, FL


Overall I am happy with this product. There are two drawbacks though: price is higher than the one I have been using previously, and that other product is made in Canada, this one is not clear where it is exactly made in. Second, the pads don’t have individual packing which makes it impossible to carry one or two in my bag, so I have to have the similar product from another brand for this purpose. overall, I am sacrificing all this and paying more in the hope to be using something more healthy, but who knows.I do recommend the product based on its quality.

Carol Allen, OK
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Lemisol Plus, Gentle Daily Cleanser, Original Refreshing Formula – 16 oz

Lemisol Plus delivers the invigorating feeling woman have enjoyed for over 30 years. Our refreshing external feminine wash will leave you clean, fresh and confident all day.

Key features

  • Leaves you feeling clean, fresh and confident all day
  • Ph Balanced and Hypoallergenic
  • Formulated for daily use
  • 16 Ounce

Honest reviews


Tingles, Burns, Hurts!

This was by far the worst body wash I have ever used. Read the ingredients…it has menthol and citric acid in it…it’s basically like mouthwash for your vagina, it burns and tingles. I poured the bottle out.If you are looking for a fresh, cleansing feminine wash…..I would recommendVagisil Feminine Wash with Odor Block Protection Light and Clean Scent — 12 fl oz

Elva Perkins, WV

Happy customer

I enjoy this very much! The cool and refreshing feeling is all of that! Lemisol is a definitely a “have to have” for women. The burning feeling that some ladies experience with this product doesn’t last very long…just make sure that you use a little extra water to dilute it and you will be just fine! Lemisol is definitely a blessing on those hot, sticky days. I will be ordering this from now on!

Crystal Blairstown, NJ

Clean and fresh

Great product I feel clean fresh and balanced from ph use everyday yes I highly recommend this product to all females

Lourdes Attica, KS
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