Eyelash Curler – Complete With Eyelash Curler Refill Pad – The Best Eyelash Tool For All Shapes And Sizes

LOVELY LASHES EYELASH CURLER IS THE PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE- Designed With Beauty In Mind: If you desire gorgeous eyes, you need more than just make up. As a lady, you need long, thick and dark eyelashes. I need to add, very importantly, that you keep them curly and sexy. Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler does just that for you. Lovely Lashes Benefits and Features • All Purpose Curling – Curls Short Lashes, Medium Lashes and Long Lashes. No matter the type or length of your lashes; the shape or size of your eyes, Lovely Lashes takes care of you. • Creates Great Curls That Lasts All Day Long – The special design of this curler makes it possible to activate high quality wavy curls that spruce up ordinary lashes. • No Pinch, No Tugs, Just Perfect Lashes – One drawback for eyelash curlers is the tugging and pinching. Lovely Lashes is designed to ensure the curler does not clip and pull your lashes. • Gentle and Soft Pad Design With Rubber Grip Handle – This handle ensures ease of use. Your hand is now free to concentrate on getting your lashes curled. Get FULL, SEXY eyelashes today. Grab your Lovely Lashes Eye Lash Curler 100% Risk-Free! 100% Lifetime Guarantee! -We are so confident of our curlers that we guarantee they’ll never give you trouble. If for any reason, they do, you are backed by our 100% no questions asked guarantee. Click Add to Cart and Get The “Lovely Lashes” You Deserve. Copyright 2014 Izy Trends. All Rights Reserved.

Key features

  • WE HAVE THE HIGHEST QUALITY CURLERS AT THE LOWEST PRICE! ALL PURPOSE CURLING – Our Professional Eyelash Curler Will Curl Short Lashes, Medium Lashes and Long Lashes. No matter the type or length of your lashes; the shape or size of your eyes, Lovely Lashes takes care of you.
  • Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler Has The Best Quality At a Remarkable Price Point!
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE! We Guarantee You Will Fall In Love With Our Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler or Your Money Back.
  • No Pinch, No Tugs, Just Perfect Lashes! Our Eyelash Curler and Eyelash Curler Pads Flat Out Produces The Most Amazing Curls Time After Time
  • Creates Great Curls That Will Last All Day! You Won’t Regret The Decision You Make Today When You Order Now And Get The *Lovely Lashes* You Deserve!

Honest reviews



Through the years I have bought and thrown away more eyelash curlers than I care to count. Hands down these are the best I have ever used!

Muriel Niangua, MO

Works Great!

First of all my eyelash curler was shipped out quickly and arrived quickly in a timely manner. I’m not a big makeup wearing person, but I do like my lashes to look nice. I don’t believe I have long or short lashes, but average or "medium" length lashes. The curler is high quality in my opinion and was able to get the curl in my lashes. It doesn’t pull the lashes and it fits all of your lashes into the opening at once unlike some curlers. Also, the rubber piece doesn’t stick to your lashes which normally results in pulling on them which is another perk for me.This curler measures approximately 1 3/8 inch wide with the curve being approximately 3/8 inch deep. The store brands I previously tried measured around 1 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 deep. You wouldn’t think that 1/8 inch difference in size would matter but it really does make a difference. This is an excellent curler that does a great job plus it’s affordable. I definitely recommend it for both pros and newbies when it comes to eyelash curling. It’s easy to use, comfortable to hold, and gets the job done!

Selma Belle Chasse, LA

A great and comfortable eyelash curler!

I really love this eyelash curler from Izy Trends. It accentuates my lashes beautifully without pulling or tugging at my lashes. It comes with an extra pad as well. This is one of the best eyelash curlers I’ve used and I would totally recommend it!

Deena Clearwater Beach, FL
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HDE Heated Eyelash Curler Beauty Tool

Excellent beauty tool for curling your eyelashes. This is a battery powered device with a heating element embedded into the silicone heating pad which allows for safe and effective use. This is to be used with the top lashes only. For best results, a coat of mascara is recommended after curling. HDE is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded products

Key features

  • Excellent beauty tool that can be used to curl your eyelashes in the matter of seconds
  • This is a battery powered device with a silicone pad that heats up to a safe temperature for effective curling
  • The silicone pad will be ready for use within 10-15 seconds of the device being powered on. The silicone pad will also provide a visual indicator that it is ready for use when the color turns white
  • For best results, a coat of mascara is recommended after curling
  • Powered by 2 x “AAA” batteries (not included)

Honest reviews


you get what you pay for

It heats up but doesn’t curl my lashes as well as a typical spring one. Atleast I didn’t lose too much money on it!

Cecelia Wheeler, TX

Not that great!

I own this product and based on my personal experience, they are not that great.. The curl doesnt last long and they have poor quality. I wont recommend heated curlers…. Yes the style is somewhat modern but i would suggest that you go for the classic metal curlers instead.

Brigitte Baltimore, MD

I don’t recommend this product; I returned it.

I CANNOT recommend this product and I would not even give it one star, if I could. It is clumsy and hard to use. Seems to get too hot. I returned it.

Traci Tappen, ND
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Panasonic EH2331P Heated Eyelash Curler with Non-Stick Silicone Pads, Battery-Operated

Get long-lasting curled lashes in seconds with the best heated eyelash curler. The sleek, easy-to-use Panasonic EH2331P Heated Eyelash Curler creates curved, beautiful lashes in one single motion. Panasonic makes it easy with softly heated, non-stick silicone pads designed to gently lift and curl lashes from base to tip. With this eyelash curler heated smooth, curved silicone pads also cushion and protect lashes from breaking, cutting or other damage. And with this electric eyelash curler you can create durable, beautiful curls with or without mascara. This stylish, ergonomic heated eyelashes curler is powered by two AA-size batteries (not included) and it fits easily into bags and luggage for stylishly curled lashes away from home, too.

Key features

  • Heated eyelash curler, stylish, lightweight lash curler with gentle, double-action heat for long-lasting results.
  • Dual curved silicone heated eyelash curler pads lift and curl in a single motion to smoothly and completely curve eyelashes from base to tip.
  • Create a beautiful, long-lasting curl every time with or without mascara with this Panasonic electric eyelash curler.
  • Comfortably and safely protect and cushion lashes from damage or pulling with smooth, heated silicone pads.
  • Highly portable heated eyelashes curler is conveniently powered by 2 AA-size batteries (not included).

Honest reviews


One of, if not THE best, on the market

I was using another brand that I loved, but it died on me. I decided to give this one a try and was very very happy. It has the additional curler that comes up to curl the top of your lashes and does a very good job. For staying power, as soon as you are done curling, hit your lashes with the cool shot on your blow dryer. It sets the curl just like it does with your hair and stays all day long. I also use a lash primer, and I get questioned if they are false all the time!! Love this product. Gotta add that it’s better than the Artemis woman. Also, it has no on/off switch. You have to hold the button to get it hot, but this is good. Can’t tell how many I’ve burned out leaving them on!!

Cecelia Phippsburg, ME

absolutely awful !!! ZERO STARS EVEN!

I bought this hoping it would be better than my hot touch (as seen on tv)..oh gosh,this is so awful!! it doesnt curve wide enough over your eye and it grips a limited amount of hair (not all the way from the inner eye to the outer eye because of the limited curve over the eye) and it hardly heats up. I held it on my lashes for 2 minutes and my lashes hardly curled!!! It messed up my lashes, couldnt grab from inner eye to outer eye so it curls only the middle lashes and you cant even see if youve grabbed your lashes properly because something comes up to cover the hair it grabbed! Worst ever.. the Hot Touch as seen on tv is 1000% better! dont bother with this, if there was a rating of ZERO STARS, i’d give it that!!!

Effie Starkville, CO

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

This heated curler works really well. It heats up slightly and curls my eyelashes perfectly. I highly recommend this.

Anastasia Clever, MO
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Panasonic EH-SE60VP Heated Eyelash Curler with Rotating Comb

The sleek Panasonic EH-SE60VP Heated Eyelash Curler is the quick, easy way to style and beautify lashes at home or away. Using a gently heated, 360° rotating, reversible eyelash curler comb, this wand-style eyelash curler gently lengthens, lifts and curls even the straightest lashes from base to tips in seconds, without pinching, crimping or squeezing. Its contoured heated lash curler design fits naturally in the hand for total comfort and control. And with this heated eyelashes curler, you can comfortably curl and style with or without mascara. To clean the eyelash curler, simply hold the detachable heated lash curler comb under warm, running water to rinse away mascara. A handy brush is included for quick, on-the-spot maintenance. This slim, versatile electric eyelash curler is also designed for maximum portability, and both Panasonic eyelash curler and cap can be neatly slipped into a purse, bag or makeup case for quick, easy touch-ups at the office, gym or while travelling. The Panasonic EH-SE60VP Heated Eyelash Curler is powered by one AA-size battery (not included).

Key features

  • Panasonic electric eyelash curler comfortably and beautifully curls lashes in seconds with gentle, evenly applied heat along the entire length of the lash.
  • 360° rotating, reversible eyelash curler comb separates, curls and styles lashes from base to tip without pinching or crimping.
  • Sleek, contoured heated electric eyelash curler uses a wand-style design to fit naturally in either hand for maximum comfort and ease of use.
  • Versatile and convenient heated eyelash curler styles and beautifies with or without mascara for the results you want; Detachable comb washes easily.
  • Compact, portable heated lash curler design and cap fit neatly into purse, bag or makeup case for quick, easy touch-ups away from home; Powered with 1 AA-size battery (not included).

Honest reviews


You don’t need this

You don’t need this. It is an utter waste of time unless you are the kind of person who spends 2 hours doing her face – what’s another 20 minutes then?But then, if you are a make up diva of that level, then you are probably using false eyelashes, gluing them individually, so then you don’t need this product.I also agree with some of the others that repeated use or one-time carelessness can cause burns or injury, as you do have to get pretty close to the base of the lash.Future personal injury case subject, future recall product.

Libby Port Sanilac, MI

Lots to figure out: Eyelash Curler Virgin Not Impressed

I have fairly decent lashes so usually I just slap on mascara and call it good. (I’m also not doing red carpet photo shoots, so sue me) I used an old-fashioned eyelash curler once, and pinched myself so badly that I never used it again…..I saw this device and thought surely this would give me a pain-free curling experience? (insert bitter laugh)
• First of all, the manual is mostly useless. Just so you know: if it takes you ten minutes to figure out why the )(%(
• #% thing won’t rotate, it’s not just you. Two of us felt like total derps as we discovered how this device functions, and it’s sure not intuitive! Just to save you the trouble, you have to slide the SILVER button with the arrow toggle on it, UP, to make the device start heating. It will also only rotate when the button is in the UP position. When you read the manual, it reads as if it were not written by someone whose primary language is English.
• It heats up quickly, and IT GETS HOT ENOUGH TO BURN. I know this, because as I was struggling to keep the button depressed for rotation and keep it positioned for optimum curl, I roasted my eyelid inadvertently, and repeatedly. Keep soap handy for what comes out of your mouth when this happens. and, tip: try to jerk your hand away from your face when that happens, not towards your hairline, where you might accidentally burn something else in your shock and surprise.
• I have problems with my grip due to carpal tunnel syndrome, and it was just too tricky for me to do two things at once with this device (push button to turn rotation on, hold at correct angle) I just couldn’t do it.After using it on both eyes, with and without rotation, I could not get a decent curl to save my life. NOTHING happened in a positive-curling-way. I even went to Youtube to see if there were videos showing other people using this thing successfully in case I’m just an idiot. I learned that as of that day there were NO videos about THIS item, and that with other products apparently even men can curl their lashes with a heated curler. (Everyone but me) Maybe I am just a total loser makeup nerd but I could not find success at any level with this thing. I desperately wanted to love it, felt it would somehow fill my previously-unknown need for sexy curled lashes! Alas…PROS
• Nice packaging, very attractive
• Heats up quickly and substantially
• Works just as well with rechargeable battery as it does with regular (AA)
• This would probably be an ideal gift for the beauty-obsessed person in your life, who can perfectly and effortlessly look as though they have their own makeup artist (I’m positive that is what it takes to make this thing work)CONS
• I have longer, dense lashes and it was hard to position this thing to get to the base of them. It felt like it needed ‘more’ in the length of the plastic teeth
• This thing gets hotter than a MO FO!!! Do not underestimate just how hot a ‘little battery’ can make a Q-tip sized device that can sizzle your eyeballs
• I’m sorry but I just feel something like this would be impractical for most anyone who doesn’t spend all day doing their makeup.As much as I love pink, as much as I was desperate for this to work for me, it was not to be. I felt like the nerd who had a crush on the football player, only to find out that he farts and scratches himself and is completely not for her. What a letdown.

Marta Woden, IA

No burns but no curl either

For me, it took less than 1 minute for the indicator to turn from purple to pink (ready mode). It’s recommended to apply mascara first, and it usually takes me 2 minutes or so to apply mascara so I didn’t have to wait for the curler to be ready. It operates on a single AA battery which is not included.How to use:1. The directions state to place the curler at the base of your eyelashes for 3 seconds to make the eyelashes stand at their base.2. Move the comb towards the tips of your eyelashes.3. Curl the tips by turning on the rotator.I have straight but dense Asian eyelashes. The most the curler did was make my eyelashes stand straight outward (instead of pointing down) but I never did get any sort of curl. Mascara does help some (vs. naked eyelashes), but I’ve gotten better results from a traditional curler (the kind that pulls and pinches unfortunately).Unlike others, I’ve not had a problem with burns whatsoever. It’s just a warm product that I’ve pressed directly on the rims of my eyelids. I never felt like it was ever too hot. I could press it against my face and not worry about getting singed. It feels as warm as a blow dryer on low/medium heat.

Leanna Crystal, ND
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* Size: 5.2”x 2.4”x1.6” * Contents: 1 Pc Eyelashes Curlers

Key features

  • Curling Eyelashes-Nature Curl Style Cute Curl Eyelash Curlers Pink
  • Material: Stainless steel + ABS
  • Make a good style curlers for your eyelashes without hurting them
  • Long time durable use
  • Lovely size one color in pink

Honest reviews



I have very long lashes and this just didn’t work for me. I keep it as a back up only.

Natalie Sleepy Eye, MN

Loved this!

I’ve used many eyelash curlers and this is one of my favorites. It is extremely gentle. I love the pink grips. They are so much better than the comparable metal grips. Amazon presented the product well. It was packaged well and arrived in a timely fashion.

Brandy Emmett, ID

It’s an “okay” eyelash curler

This eyelash curler is surprisingly pretty good quality and works effectively. It is a little cumbersome to use , as you have to be very specific and not random with your positioning when using it on your lashes….but all in all I’m not mad that I bought it.

Germaine Greenfield, MO
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Panasonic ES2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler with Comb Design

The sleek Panasonic ES2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler for women is the best heated eyelash curler, and the quick, easy way to curl and style lashes. Using a gently heated, circular comb, this electric eyelash curler safely lifts and lengthens even the straightest lashes in seconds, without pinching or squeezing. A convenient lash curler indicator changes from purple to pink when the curler is heated and ready to use. The Panasonic eyelash curler’s contoured profile fits naturally in the hand for total comfort and control. And with this heated eyelashes curler you can comfortably curl and style with or without mascara. To clean, simply hold the lash curler comb head under warm, running water to rinse away mascara. A handy brush is included for quick, on-the-spot eyelash curler maintenance. This slim, versatile lash curler is also designed for maximum portability, and both eyelash curler and cap can be neatly slipped into a purse, bag or makeup case for quick, easy touch-ups at the office, gym or while travelling. The Panasonic ES2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler with Comb Design includes a protective cap and is powered by one AA-size battery (not included).

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Panasonic heated eyelash curler provides long-lasting curl in seconds with gentle, evenly applied heat along the entire length of the lash
  • Durable, circular lash curler comb separates, curls and styles lashes from base to tip without crimping or pinching.
  • Sleek, contoured heated eyelashes curler design fits naturally in either hand for maximum comfort and ease of use.
  • Stylish heated lash curler styles and beautifies with or without mascara for the results you desire; eyelash curler comb rinses clean under warm running water.
  • Compact, portable heated electric lash curler and cap slip neatly into purse, bag or makeup case for quick, easy touch-ups away from home; Powered with 1 AA-size battery (not included).

Honest reviews


excellent for long unruly lashes

I’m an avid user of an eyelash curlers. I just got this gadget a few days ago and this heated curler is excellent. I have long unruly lashes and this little gadget gets them into shape and into a very pretty curl. I also love panasonic’s eyebrow trimmer.To properly use the curler, allow it to heat up and use it as you would use a hot iron to curl hair, pausing for about 3 seconds for each section of the eye lashes.

Becky Cuba, NY

Works well, but has some issues

This heated lash curler will curl your lashes, but it does have some quirks. You may find that in order to get your lashes to hold the curl, you’ll need to apply a thin coat of primer or mascara before using it. Depending on the mascara/primer used, you could end up with a mess. You don’t want to use this over the wax mascaras that make little tubes on your lashes, unless you want to be digging it out of the tip. The only way to find out what works is trial and error. The other issue is battery life– there isn’t much of it. It’s good for a few uses and then you’re changing the battery again. I’ve found this to be the case with any heated device, though. The cap design is very good– when you put the cap on, it automatically slides the switch into the off position. Overall for the price and the results, this is a good product that performs well. I doubt if I’ll go back to regular lash curlers after this.

Dale Edgar Springs, MO

Hot to touch but doesn’t curl

Maybe because I have stick straight, short eyelashes as I am Asian American but still, this did absolutely nothing for my lashes. I tried it before mascara and then after mascara, but nothing! I’ll stick to my standard eyelash curler (shuemera).

Daisy Erwin, SD
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Pink Eyelash Curler – Professional Tool for Dramatic Lashes


Key features

Honest reviews


Cheaply made, the handles just broke off for no reason

I’ve never dropped my eyelash curler, I’ve never done anything harsh with it (even though it has been pretty harsh with me — pinching my eyelids pretty often and all that good stuff), and yet today one of the cheap plastic handles broke in my hands.Honestly? I wasn’t surprised that it did; this eyelash curler felt cheap and like its lifespan shouldn’t be too long from the moment I got it.Honestly, it might curl your lashes, but for $15, I’m sorry, but I would just recommend that you’d get yourself something a little less flimsy.P.S: I see here that the company pretty much answers everybody, and so you’d probably answer me, trying to make this review go away, or to make yourself look better. Let me make this clear, please: I am not trying to slam you, I am being honest, and this is what I’ve felt. If you guys are looking to change anything, I’d recommend working on the flimsy plastic material the handles are made of, as thinking back, that was my number one turnoff. This feels like a toy, and it also acts as a toy. “My first eyelash curler” would have been a more suiting name.I’d also work on the spacing for the little cushions, because those keep popping out. Once again, I’m just being honest and trying to help you and honest shoppers, like myself.**Update: June 6th, 2014**The company contacted me, they’ve apologized and sent me a new eyelash curler, telling me the original product must have been defective.After using the new product for a little bit, I couldn’t take it anymore, my lashes couldn’t take it anymore, and I went back to using ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS THING, and it was better.All in all, this product would pinch your lids, no matter what, and would leave you with straight, uncurled lashes. Using any ol’ curler, exactly the same way — creates beautiful curled lashes that would last me days.I’m sorry, Whiplash, but with all due respect, this is just.. Bad.

Jamie Waynetown, IN

It ripped off my eyelashes!

~~~0 STARS~~~ I cannot believe the 5 stars reviews on this eyelash curler. The cushion pads don’t stay in place, it pinches, it doesn’t expand your eyelashes just gives it a medium curl nothing special. Here comes the worst part..when I was curling my eyelashes the metal part from the side snaped out, poke my eye and ripped a good gap of my lashes!!!!! :'(

Keisha Nemaha, NE

Useless . . .

The pads will not stay in the curler. Either one end or the other sticks up, the pad does not sit snugly at all, and by the time I get my lashes into the curler, the pad has fallen out. I tried four of the pads, all with the same result.

Fannie Chewalla, TN
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Revlon Cushion Grip Lash Curler

For a dramatic curl, with replacement pad. Cushion-Grip Lash Curler: Creates beautifully upswept lashes easily, expertly. Contoured design fits close to the lash line for maximum curl. Cushioned handles for a comfortable, non-slip grip. Spring action for just-right leverage. Includes two long-lasting curl pads. Can be used on bare or mascara-coated lashes. Precision crafted, fully inspected. Revlon beauty tools meet exacting design and quality specifications to assure exceptional performance. Over 45 years of superior quality. Made in China, Taiwan or Korea.

Key features

  • Creates beautifully upswept lashes easily, expertly
  • Contoured design fits close to the lash line for maximum curl
  • Cushioned handles for a comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Spring Action for just-right leverage
  • Includes two long-lasting curl pads

Honest reviews


Works Well Enough

I just recently bought this at Wal-Mart, and it isn’t too bad. It curls my lashes sufficiently. My only complaint is that I have to work a bit to get to the roots of my lashes, or rather anywhere past the tips of my eyelashes. Other than that it curls just great.

Caryn Forksville, PA


The picture shows the gold with black rubber eyelash curler and that the one I “purchased” but i received the silver with black. The colored eyelash curlers are not just for looks they each have a different curl effect to them. I perfer the gold one because its a vey well made. It gets into the eye perfectly and it it has good resistence when curling and the other dont. They are cheply made so when I found it here (drugstores dont carry it anymore) I bought but got something else. Do not buy cant even contact seller to return the item.

Aida Newalla, OK

worst curler I’ve tried

My lashes are pretty flat, and curling them is hassle, with results not lasting very much. That said, this iz by far the worst eyelash curler I have, as of yet, tried. I held the darn thing in place for two minutes, and in less than fifteen second the half of my lashes that did curl (or rather crimp) was flat again. Guess it’s off to the trash with it. ~$7 down the toilet.Long story short: THIS PRODUCT SUCKS!!! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!!

Lucinda Copake, NY
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Tweezerman Folding Eyelash Comb

Tweezerman Folding Llashcomb features a perfectly spaced, gold plated metal teeth that glides through lashes to remove excess mascara, leaving your lashes looking long, lovely and clump-free.

Key features

  • Gold plated teeth
  • Comb cleverly folds in to protect teeth when not in use
  • Must have tool for mascara wearers
  • Recommended by beauty experts
  • Clear see thru design

Honest reviews


Not as effective as Japonesque

I am blessed with great lashes. Mascara accentuates them but sometimes “sticks” lashes together. I used the Tweezeman comb with different mascara brands to separate when needed and found that this one is much betterJAPONESQUE Travel Brow/Lash CombPROS:Small when foldedCONS:The metal tips on the comb are VERY sharp (possibly dangerous near the eye)Tines are too far apart – lashes often get clumped together after combing

Marva Rosanky, TX


While the product is effective, its not very safe. I’ve poked my eye with it and object is very sharp and made of metal. I threw it out. There is no way to judge how far the pins at the end come thus leaving you in a possibly dangerous situation. I’ll stick with the plastic ones.

Whitney Wilsall, MT

Fantastic!!! Especially for “tubing” type mascara like Blinc

Fantastic, very fine comb that can separate even the densest lashes with all types of mascara. The very fine tips can separate anything, unlike any plastic combs. They are also sharp, so be careful.I use this with Blinc tubing mascara to separate lashes after primer coat is dry, and immediately apply the mascara coat, then comb any stuck lashes before they dry. I think Blinc should offer this comb with their products. This eyelash comb is the best!!! I also do a ton of water based sports & use this to separate the hardcore waterproof mascara also, but this time use after each coat is dry.I love long lashes that aren’t stuck together and this is my answer! I only apply mascara once at home, but think if I travelled with it I would probably put a small rubber band around the end ot hold it closed. Simple solution!Great product, great value, indispensable!!!The seller shipped it super fast.

Hannah Litchfield, CT
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Ardell Heated Eye Lash Curler

Now you can have perfect, curled lashes in seconds! With the Ardell Lash Curler, there is no pulling, crimping, or any damage to your eyelash or eyelid. It is quick, easy, and absolutely painless. The Heated Eye Lash Curler is battery operated with a temperature-sensitive silicon pad that changes color when it is ready to be used.

Key features

  • No pulling, pinching, or crimping
  • Quick, Easy and Absolutely Painless
  • Temperature Sensitive Silicon-Pad Changes Color When it is Ready to Be Used

Honest reviews


What a complete ripoff

When it said "pack of three" I assumed it was talking about the curling pads — but it was three whole heaters…IOW: you get what you pay for which is not much. You have to hold the "on button" the entire time you are waiting for it to heat up, it then kinks your lashes rather than curls them, and even the crappy kink doesn’t last. Don’t waste your money or time.

Loretta Dateland, AZ

Ummm, it was OK

This works fine for what it is. It works best if you have a little mascara on before using it. I kept 2 of them and gave the 3rd one away. The first one never worked again after the first battery died. The second one seems to be doing OK. It is on the second battery now. The annoying part is that you have to hold it to get it to warm up. I suppose they do this to keep you from forgetting to turn it off, but I had rather turn it on then when it is ready use it and not have to hold it while I am waiting.It works fine, just not one of my favorite models for a heated lash curler.

Harriet Penwell, TX

Did not work

I had to return this. Product didn’t heat up enough to at least make a difference plus the opening was so small it’s difficult to maneuver you lashes in and get a good curl.

Kay Rexford, MT
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