Ardell Brow Defining Powder, Mink Brown, 0.08-Ounce

Brow defining powder is a brush-on powder that darkens and enhances eyebrows for absolutely defined brows. the concentrated color allows you to create perfectly arched brows and applies easily with the slant-tipped brush.

Key features

  • Create perfectly defined and arched brows
  • Quick and easy
  • Slant-tip brush included
  • Concentrated color
  • Shade selection: Medium Brown to Black hair colors

Honest reviews


… It’s $3 at the local Drugstore.

Don’t get me wrong, I own this product and it works -Amazingly-. I got hooked on it when I borrowed it from my sister to try out, and I really thought it wouldn’t make a difference- my brows look fantastic! I don’t usually do this, but I’m definitely going to submit a picture.But $12? Are you SERIOUS? I can get it for $3 at the drugstore. Come on.

Rochelle Lyme Center, NH


This worked well on the eyebrows but it is too light for me. I have dark eyebrows (black) so it definitely doesn’t work for me. Probably better if your eyebrows are a shade lighter than black though

Elba Fulton, IL

Right Color for Me!

This is my first time using eyebrow powder. I was worried I’d get 3 of the wrong color but the price was right enough for me to take a chance. Glad I did.

Cynthia Crystal Bay, MN
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The secret to a “stop-’em-in-their-tracks” stare is perfectly shaped brows. This little black case holds all of the arching, shaping, and grooming tools you’ll need to achieve that killer glance you dream about. Set includes three brow stencils in varying degrees of arch from natural to dramatic, a duo brow gel and powder compact to fill in and shape brows, a clear brow mascara to hold brows in place, tweezers, and an eyebrow brush.

Key features

  • Sephora Collection Arch It Brow Kit
  • Stencils, Duo Brow Gel, Powder, Tweezers, Brush & Bag

Honest reviews


Love this

Love this i got it today fast i had had the nxy one but this one is way better its stays on for a long time and how i clean for my job i swat alot and its on good love this collection will get it again

Felecia Richfield, PA

Took too long.

It was not my color but that is my fault. I would recommend learning how to shape your eyebrows yourself rather than use this stencil kit. It was hard to achieve the same results with both eyebrows and it took a long time to color my eyebrows in. I liked the other stuff that came with it, but I would recommend the Urban Decay Vintage Box instead.

Elaine Barstow, IL


Not too impressed. The lighter brown was a powder and the dark brown is a wax. I have very dark eyebrows and neither of those colors flatter my face. They make my eyebrows look VERY defined and VERY VERY harsh. Not even the tweezers work well. The only saving grace to this kit is the gel. I have unruly eyebrows with a mind of their own and the gel keeps them in place all day long. The stencils are also good for beginners, but didn’t work for my eyebrows either. Overall, just an okay product.

Katy Loogootee, IN
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Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW – Color – Chocolate by Voronajj

This waterproof brow color is ideal for sculpting, defining, and carving perfectly precise brows that won’t fade. The smudge-free, creamy formula glides on skin and adheres to hair. A must-have for oily skin and humid climates. Tighten cap to prevent drying. DIPBROW’s waterproof formula works well as an Eyeliner that’s stays put for a natural-looking finish. DIPBROW ‘s shades were carefully created to exist within the current line of Anastasia Bevery Hills Products. It can be seamlessly used with other Anastsia Beverly Hills products for perfect color matching.

Key features

  • ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Dipbrow Pomade – Chocolate

Honest reviews



Absolutely a great product… true to description, smooth application and easy to use, I would highly and have recommened it to many friends and family.

Evelyn Drummonds, TN

The best eyebrow product I have found so far!

This is the best my eyebrows have ever looked! The color is perfect. After I learned to use very little on my brush, I was able to apply it perfectly. My eyebrows are so defined now without looking "drawn on". I have tried expensive pencils, powders, "pens", gels and creams, but this works the best and looks the best. Do not worry about the price because you can use so little at a time, it should last much longer than anything else…and there is quite a lot in the jar.

Antionette Mattapan, MA

Five Stars

love anything by Anastasia

Lelia Wilson, LA
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Brow Bar to Go, Brush on Brow – Whitening Lightning, Blonde to Brunette

Want fuller, model perfect brows that stay on longer? No more penciling in your brows, only to watch them become uneven or disappear by the end of the day. Now you can get fuller, more natural brows that stay even all day with Brow Bar to Go by Whitening Lightning.

Key features

  • Brow Bar to Go
  • Brush Included
  • Whitening Lightning
  • Blonde to Brunette (Blonde)

Honest reviews



This is a fabulous palette for your brows. It lasts all day and night! This has become one of my staple cosmetics and a must have!

Gladys Elmhurst, IL


Love this…I know it is for brows but I mostly use it to contour the nose…goes on great for that, Ive tried it on the brows and it ok, not the best but definitely not the worst, I dont want to discourage anyone from it b/c it is a nice product, but b/c Im a Pro MUA, Im always quite picky. As you can see I rated it 5 stars b/c it serves the purpose I use it for.

Tamika Cranston, RI

Love this product!

Not only is the Brow Bar to go great for brows, its great to use for matte eye shadows. It comes with a wax to lock your colors in place. There is a color for every hair color. A must have product for any makeup collection.

Hope Venetia, PA
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Anastasia Brow Wiz-Taupe

What it is: An ultraslim mechanical pencil to shape, define, and fill in your brows for a natural, polished look. What it does: Sometimes brows need a little magic. This must-have pencil features an ultrafine, retractable tip to easily fill in gaps and mimic brow hair. Perfect for spot checking areas that may be sparse or over-tweezed, the smear-proof formula wears all day for a natural, fresh look. What it is formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens – Sulfates – Phthalates

Key features

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills’ best-seller.
  • Super-slim mechanical brow pencil.
  • Slim tip can create hair-like strokes of color.
  • Perfect for spot filling.
  • Ideal for outlining the overall shape of brows.

Honest reviews


i didn’t think i would need it….

To start out, i have always had decently thick eyebrows. But i recently went in sephora and had my make up done and the lovely lady did my eyebrows with this. I really never thought about filling my brows in before, but my god, there was a noticeable difference.It blends fabulously. I had black eyebrows and so i use the brunette and it blends right in. The wand part of the brow wiz helps shape my eyebrows and also gets rid of any stray powder.I don’t leave the house without this now. And as someone that didn’t think they needed it before, thats something. i LOVE this product. seriously.

Lucy Caspian, MI

Brow Wiz

I have very sparse eyebrows and absolutely love this product. It allows you to draw in natural looking eyebrows, which will stay the entire day without smudging.

Luann Great Mills, MD

excellent brow pencil

This truly is a five star product. It is very easy to apply, no pressing needed. I love the thin lead as I feel like I have more control. Also, I find it quite water resistant through perspiration and rain. I will definitely order again. ps: my hair is light ash brown but my brows are very dark. Brunette works perfectly for me.

Winnie Sorento, IL
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L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Duet , 330 Black Brown, 0.28 Ounce

Achieve naturally shaped brows with Brow Stylist Duet from L’Oréal. Two coordinating pencils blend together to create the perfect shade to naturally enhance your brows.

Key features

  • Two coordinating pencils blend together to create the perfect shade to naturally enhance your brows
  • Natural brow look
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Honest reviews



crap, don’t buy it. I totally didn’t match my eye brows….so for that reason I’m out (ha, shark tank-love that show)

Caroline Campaign, TN


This is good quality product. My friend use it and she is very glad with it. This pencils don’t liks and even – pencil sharpener as a gift. Great!

Tiffany Lincoln, MO

Works Wonderfully!!

This works as i expected it to. Comes in a light brown and darker brown color and also came with a very handy pencil sharpener. The color looks natural and distributes evenly and hasnt smudged or anything from me scratching my eyebrow area. I would definitely buy more when i do run out.

Ursula Sheridan, TX
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RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner 3.0ml / 0.101oz

Now, beautifully shaped eyebrows are easier to achieve than ever before with the help of RevitaBrow! Utilizing the power of peptides and botanicals for strengthening, conditioning and nourishing, and advanced technology, RevitaBrow helps revitalize eyebrows so they look thicker and fuller. A simple swipe of the RevitaBrow applicator can help you achieve a more polished look by causing your eyebrows to appear healthier. When applied daily on a clean brow, you should start to see fuller, thicker looking brows within weeks!

Key features

  • Helps revitalize & re-shape eye brows
  • Formulated with peptides & botanicals for reinforcing & conditioning & nourishing
  • Reveals thicker & fuller & healthier eye brows

Honest reviews


Holy Grail of Eyebrow Regrowth!

I purchased RevitaBrow to use mostly on my eyebrows. I don’t have a problem with hair growth on my left eyebrow, for some reason, my right eyebrow is "weak" and just doesn’t grow hair in certain areas. I have tried at least a half a dozen eyebrow regrowth products over the years (most of which I purchased from Amazon), and I’ve also tried the well-known prescription brand, all without any success. I honestly didn’t have high expectations for RevitaBrow. But let me just say I’ve discovered that RevitaBrow is the HOLY GRAIL of eyebrow regrowth! By week 5, I noticed significant brow growth in areas that haven’t grown hair in years. If this stuff can work on me, it can work on just about anybody. I think the people that don’t see the results are not using it long enough or consistently. It really takes longer than 4 weeks to see a difference. Please give it AT LEAST 5 to 6 weeks and you will be so pleased. And it’s really not difficult to use; I’ve been applying it one time per day and only at night (since I use brow powder makeup during the daytime). I just can’t be more thrilled to have found RevitaBrow and I will continue to use it for as long as it’s around. I hesitated to write a review because I don’t want to risk the product going out of stock once the word gets out! But really, if you’ve tried a lot of products and haven’t had much success, please give RevitaBrow a shot. I have a sense that one tube will last about 2-3 months. Although it’s pricey, for less than $1 a day, it is worth it to have gorgeous eyebrows again and to stop fretting about bald spots. Also, I know the instructions advise not to use it on your eyelashes, but I’ve been making a light pass over my lash lines after applying to my eyebrows (though I have noticed that doing this can irritate the eye area slightly). I’ve actually received remarks from 2 different people about how long my eyelashes look! No compliments yet on the brows, but I don’t need them since I can see the results for myself.

Sadie Picacho, AZ

No difference

Didn’t see much difference. Used for 3 weeks now. Morning and night. The long hairs I already had seemed darker and thicker and bit quicker in growth but didn’t do much to impact my little hairs or stubble.

Merle Kotlik, AK

Slow results but it works

Easy to use, no mess and no side effects. Took a good 6 weeks to notice any change though. Eyebrows are definitely thicker. Mine had stopped growing in after 20 years of over plucking.

Amparo Chase Mills, NY
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz-Caramel

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz helps you create fuller-looking brows with precision and ease. Its fine tip mimics the appearance of small eyebrow hairs, allowing you to fill in sparse brows for a flawless, natural finish. Featuring a smooth, long-wearing formula, it glides on easily, delivering beautiful, natural-looking color that lasts. Caramel is ideal for medium brown to dark brown hair.

Key features

  • By Anastasia Beverly Hills

Honest reviews


Awesome Brows

Love this eyebrow pencil! It goes on a little rougher than I was expecting, and that is my only complaint. However, that’s probably a good thing as it promotes using small strokes, which is better for a realistic brow anyways. I got the soft brown and that’s exactly what I would describe the color as. It’s sleek and super thin, which makes it great for brows. You never have to sharpen it either, which I love.

Pauline Magnolia, IL


I am not one to preach much, but from using MAC to ester lauder to nyx and UD, i believe AB, is a great product because for one they specialize in one area and do it damn well. I have the dip brow and gel, and my local ultra and sephora often do not carry the brow wiz since it runs out of stock so much and color selection is limited, def will order again through this seller and amazon

Bettie Brookfield, IL

love it, love it, love it!

ok, ok, i know it expensive for a brow pencil, but let me tell you its worth every penny. the color is fantastic, it does not make my brows look fake, love the consistency of the pencil, and you can make you brows as thick, thin, dark or light as you wish, i LOVE this brow pencil, cannot live without.

Jannie Lake Peekskill, NY
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Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil Universal Shade

What it is:An ultrafine precision brow pencil.What it does:Dior Diorshow Brow Styler is the ultimate must-have tool to define, fill, and shape your brows to runway-ready perfection. Catwalk-quality brows are an essential finishing touch for every show-stealing look.What else you need to know:With one universally flattering shade and an ultrafine tip, it creates a naturally polished look for women of every skintone and hair color.

Key features

  • Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra Fine Precision Brow Pencil 001 Universal Brown

Honest reviews


Best Ever Eyebrow Pencil

I was using a long-wearing eyebrow pencil, and although it stayed on all day, it was too dark and crayon-ish. I saw this, and although the price is on the high end, I bought it. I’m glad I spent the money–it’s the best eyebrow pencil I’ve ever used. I have dark brown eyebrows, and this fills in tiny holes and allows me to reshape my brows to exactly how I want them while looking totally natural. The design is great–a retractable pencil with a tiny tip that allows for precision; no sharpening required. The makeup is a bit hard at first, and needs to warm up on the skin to glide on properly. I rest it on my fingertip to get it going…and then I have perfect eyebrows.

Earnestine Ulm, AR

I love this product- very natural!

This pencil is so much better than any other crayon type brow liner. Very natural looking. Only downside, kinda pricey.

Rocio Pencil Bluff, AR

Great pencil

I was a bit apprehensive about a one-size-fits-all brow pencil, but this Dior product is awesome. I have dark brown hair and this pencil is a perfect match for my eyebrows. The product glides on effortlessly, blends well, and is just all-around fabulous. Check it out!

Marilyn Merrittstown, PA
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NYX Eye Brow Push-Up Bra, Lift and Draw Brown/Pale Pink Highlighter, EBPB01

Play up your natural assets with this dual-sided pencil that delivers sensual eyebrows in just a few minutes. Use the universally flattering color to fill in your arches and the highlighter to lift and brighten your eyes. Like the lbd of pencils, the effect is immediate, captivating and undeniably sexy.

Key features

  • Dual-sided pencil that defines and highlights brows
  • Defining side created in a universal shade that flatters all brow tones
  • Highlighter lifts and brightens the eye area

Honest reviews


Didn’t highlight my skin

I bought this seeing all the reviews on here and was a bit disappointed. It did not highlight at all. in fact it seemed to show NO noticeable color on my brow bones, under eyes and inner eyes. I was bummed since being so excited to try it.I use a white very light shimmer powder to highlight instead and It looks like I will be sticking to that. The brown totally matched my eyebrows but it did not work too well, in that I had to press hard over and over to get it to work on my brows.Perhaps my skin is too evenly pigment matched to the pink highlighter since I have fair skin.Was not worth the price. I had bought it on Amazon with a large order of other items but it was not in the order so I went out and bought it since I would have to wait so long to have them ship it. They were great about refunding the money so perhaps the one I bought was too old and had sat on the shelf too long. I don’t know but Sadly it did not work on me.Can’t recommend it to anyone.

Elma Ace, TX

Love it!

This is a great little product! It does what it says. The color is so neutral that almost anyone can use it and I love the highlighter end for highlighting the brow bone, and the inner corners of my eyes. Great product, will order again!

Elaine Dermott, AR

Nice if it lasted

I am giving 2 stars because in the beginning I was enjoying it. It gives a natural look to fuller eyebrows.The problem started when I had to sharpen it (which was soon). I did and it seemed ok, but then it broke and the second time I sharpened it was all gone. Now I just have the highlighter, which so far doesn’t even need to sharpen.So I am very disappointed with it. I don’t recommend and I will never buy again.

Corinne Hogansville, GA
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