Castor & Pollux Organix Adult Dry Dog Food

At Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks, we’re obsessed with dog and cat nutritional health. For over a decade, we’ve made innovative and high-quality food and treats for pets that pet parents love feeding. We use only the highest quality ingredients and we test and re-test every food product to ensure its safety. We believe natural is better and no one does natural and organic like we do. Organix brand offers pets and pet parents the highest quality and most complete line of natural pet food that is also certified organic under the USDA’s National Organic Program. That means the farmers we source from, our ingredients and our production are all subject to the rigorous regulations of the National Organic Program. What’s more, our organic ingredients are made without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or added growth hormones. There’s no wheat, corn, soy or fillers, and never any ingredients from China in any of our recipes. Unlike many of other natural pet food producers, our food is made in organically certified kitchens. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min.) 27.00% Crude Fat (min.) 14.00% Crude Fiber (max.) 5% Moisture (max.) 10.00% Calcium (min.) 1.00% Phosphorus (min.) 0.80% Vitamin E (min.) 75 IU/kg Omega 6 Fatty Acids (min.)* 2.50% Omega 3 Fatty Acids (min.)* 0.35% Glucosamine (min.)* 1200 mg/kg Chondroitin Sulfate (min.)* 1200 mg/kg

Key features

  • Real Organic Chicken as the #1 ingredient
  • Organic Quinoa- a nutrient-rich heritage grain that provides a gluten-free source of dietary fiber
  • Organic Flaxseed- rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids that contribute to healthy skin and coat
  • Certified by Oregon Tilth
  • Made in the USA with no ingredients from China

Honest reviews


Great product….but?

I’ve been using this fo years. I like the ingredients. However, I do wish it didn’t have "meal" as the second ingredient. All dog foods seem to.

Eula Peoria, IL

organic dry dog food

We feed our dogs home cooking but I’m always on the lookout for a quality dry food which they can munch on for extra fiber and for when we’re not home. They love this dry dog food. We actually have to limit how much we keep out for them so they don’t overeat. We have a winner!

Alyssa Fort Shafter, HI

They like it

I bought this as a taste test for my papillons. They liked it more than Blue and more than the Costco brand. I will buy it again. Good size chunks.

Lakesha Savage, MT
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Hot Sock Diffuser

The Hot Sock Diffuser is an ultra light diffuser that prevents heat damage and gives you better overall diffusion. This little miracle fits on any hair dryer and is perfect for the salon, at home, or when you are traveling!

Key features

  • Perfect for permed, naturally curly, or wavy hair.
  • Keeps hair looking healthy…
  • Great for quick-drying roller sets.
  • Good for salon, travel, or home use.
  • Fits virtually every size blow dryers.

Honest reviews


Hot sock is all I got!

I’m not sure what all the rave reviews were for, because I missed the fascination of this diffuser sock! All it is is a “sock” of sorts made of some funky fabric that fits over your hairdryer nozzle. Really? I wish I would of thought of this bogus product first! Do yourself a favor and buy a REAL diffuser!

Katina Lengby, MN

great product

I have curly hair so drying it without adding frizz is an issue, especially when traveling. I got one of these about five years ago to use as a travel diffuser and wound up using it at home too. It was very durable and I’m getting another only because I lost it. It’s great for travel because it’s very light and compressible, and fits over any air dryer found in hotels rooms. (Well, except for those goofy square ones.) You can make it stay on any size nozzle by simply holding it on with your thumb, or securing it with a hair elastic. I found that not only is it great for travel, it actually works better than all the fancy hard plastic diffusers of various types I have tried over the years, so now I use it both at home and for travel. Simple, inexpensive, works great. What more could you ask for?

Miranda Ben Wheeler, TX

Must be a joke!

I thought this might be a good choice for my naturally curly hair; plus I did not want to shell out the $$ for the Deva diffuser. All I can say is, this must be some sort of practical joke!So little air comes out of this ugly thing, that even with my dryer on high, it would have taken me five years to blow dry my short hair using this monstrosity.I guess you do get what you pay for. Save up for a real diffuser.

Selena Willow City, ND
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Silver Salon Barber Soft Hair Dryer Bonnet Hood Attachment

Color: silver Material: nylon Diameter: about 39 cm Height: about 23 cm Length: about 98 cm 1 x Hair dryer bonnet

Key features

  • Great to make a hot oil treatment for your hair

Honest reviews



It absolutely meets my need, I attempted to find another soft bonnet for my Gold’n’ Hot soft bonnet dryer with no luck, you can read my review on the replacement cap for the Gold ‘n’ Hot dryer—it was absolute garbage!!! I again went on another quest to find another replacement cap and came across this baby, I figured I didn’t have much to lose as it was approximately $7-$8 (including shipping and handling). Besides I’ve wasted more money on lesser things, the item actually arrived earlier than expected, I think they initially quoted me a 3-4 week delivery time as it was coming from overseas–which I initially thought was ridiculous, as we live in world of instance gratification and I’ve gotten use to Amazon and its vendors delivering in a week or less for the most part but I digress. Anyway I had a hard bonnet dryer to hold me over until the soft bonnet arrived, I only use my soft bonnet when I don’t want to be stuck within the confines of my bathroom. I took my dryer hose and threaded it through the bonnet hose, thereby creating a seal and delivery the heat appropriately to the bonnet. I also like the drawstring on this item. I think its called a barrel or toggle drawstring, but its not the flimsy shoelace tie that gathered the bonnet together of my old unit. I am very satisfied with the item, and may order another one just to have available, as this baby is priceless IMO–not that I’m epxecting it to tear up, but just simply out the fact, that it took me so long to find something like this. I also like the material it has a satiny type finish not plastic, which I like, because you don’t have to worry about the plastic degrading over time. I will attempt to attach a video review that I did on this item, so that you can really see how I am using it.

Casandra Dewitt, KY

waste of money

I bought this Silver Salon Barber Soft Hair Dryer Bonnet Hood Attachment, hoping was help me during my hair treatments but it has an awful design, I wasted my money on this.

Loraine Lanexa, VA


The previous reviews were accurate. I took a chance on this based on the reviews because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I was very happy with it and thank the previous positive reviews!!!

Winnie Kenefic, OK
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Gold ‘N Hot Jet Bonnet Dryer Attachment

The Gold ‘N Hot Jet Bonnet Dryer Attachement from Belson is ideal for conditioning treatments and quick roller sets.

Key features

  • Designed for even heat distribution
  • Use with conditioning treatments
  • Even heat distribution
  • Folds neatly for travel
  • Hand washable

Honest reviews


Too hot and the cap does NOT stay on.

I bought my Gold n Hot dryer attatchment at Sally’s for $9.99 and was really excited to use it. I only needed it for my deep conditioning treatments once a week. When I deep condition I slather on the conditioner, put on a plastic shower cap, and usually wrap a warm towel around my head. So when I used this hair dryer instead I thought it would be much better, NOT! The dryer will not stay on at all and the material is cheap, it burns your hands and ears if you touch it. No matter what i did it just kept slipping off, between the plastic shower cap and the material on the bonnet there was no way I could have done anything to make it stay. If you buy this be sure that you are going to use it for roller sets, flexi-rod sets, or straw sets. This bonnet needs something to completely fill it out in order to stay on properly. If there is not enough to mass to completely fill the bonnet out than forget about it.

Marion Phoenicia, NY

hair deep conditioner

For a tube video my username is Marisa271. It’s portable takes little space. Now i use it to activate my hair treatments with heat. Hooks up to my blow dryer with the attachment for concentrated focus. Hair drying. Is large enough to use over rollers.

Sheena San Miguel, CA

Would recommend product

I purchased the Jet Bonnet Dryer Attachment because I am interested in hair care. I did not like using the regular hooded hair dryer because it kept me stationary. With the Bonnet hair dryer I can have mobility to do the things I want to when under the dryer. It great when treating and deep conditioning my hair and I have the flexibility to use it at whatever temperature I want it. It’s lightweight and so amazingly easy to store that I have put away my hooded hair dryer for good and I only use this now. I love it.

Tracy Saint Marys, GA
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Remington AC9096 Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer, Red

Get faster drying and professional results with the Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer. Infused with real SILK proteins, this advanced technology dryer smoothens frizz and leaves you with silky smooth salon styles every time. The dryer’s salon quality AC motor provides maximum speed and power of airflow giving you 50% faster styling versus standard dryer without ion generator feature. The AC motor is also guaranteed to last, giving you a chic salon blow-out look for up to 4 years.

Key features

  • 1875-watt AC salon motor for 4x longer motor life
  • Silk protein-coated grill plus super ionic generator for silky-smooth results
  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • Silk Ionic generator for maximum ions and cool shot to set style in place
  • Diffuser and concentrator attachments for multiple styling options and a 4 year warranty

Honest reviews


Could have been perfect

This hair dryer has the potential to be one awesome hair dryer – virtually perfect. There is one HUGE complaint that I personally cannot overlook, and if you have long hair, chances are you won’t be able to overlook it either.There is no cap on the end where the air is sucked in. This means it constantly sucks your hair into the motor of the dryer! I actually had to cut my hair off of the dryer 3 times while using it. I then had to twist off the metal screen and try to get the caught hair out of there. The whole time I was drying my hair, it kept sucking it into the end and twisting it and yanking it out, as it gets caught in the fan in there. They need to add a cap for the end, no doubt about it.My hair is long, past the middle of my back and layered. It just kept getting sucked in and yanked repeatedly, every few minutes. I was blow drying my hair the same way I always do with my other hair dryer. I couldn’t get the nozzle to my scalp to get at the roots for lift, because all the rest of the hair would get sucked in the back of the dryer. It was so annoying. Sometimes it would just be a few hairs and they would snap off but the times I had to actually cut the hair free, it was pretty thick sections and I could not pull it out/loose without ripping the lock of hair straight off my scalp. So I just cut it off as close to the dryer end as I could. Pretty disappointing.Otherwise, this is an amazingly great hair dryer. The shape/design is sleek and it is the perfect size. Not too big, and not too small. It has great power and is not too loud at all. Honestly, my hair looked and felt so good after using this dryer. I used the same styling products as always, so the only thing I can attribute this marvelous hair day to, is this hair dryer.I had so much more body and my curls looked better. My hair was soft and bouncy. Drying time seemed to be shorter, but I also have to admit that I would have dried it a few more minutes if it wouldn’t have kept yanking my hair in. I just got fed up with that and was mad, so I stopped blow drying. I got it all but dry though and I know even up to that point was a shorter amount of time than it usually takes.It is really surprising to me that this hair dryer has such a design flaw. Remington dryers are usually good items. This one would be absolutely perfect if not for the end not having a cap. It has ample settings which all work great. The cold shot is great at the end to lock in style or cool down after all the heat of blow drying. It is comfortable to hold and isn’t too heavy. Ii really love everything about it, except the missing cap at the end (darnit!!) The metal screen that is on the end has fairly large openings, so it can take in decent sized chunks of hair at a time – hence the need for scissors. It is totally flat, despite what the pic looks like here at amazon. The positioning of the dryer in the pic makes the dryer look rounded at the back as if it has a cap – but that is not the case at all. If you go to the walmart website and look up this dryer, they have a picture of the back end, as well as some other angles and you can zoom in also, so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. I am also uploading a pic of my own here that you should be able to see up there with the product pictures.I was going to give this hair dryer 1 star, but I felt guilty because I really did love it otherwise, so I went with 3 stars. Sucking your hair in and ripping it off your head is just not acceptable and frankly, it’s dangerous.Interestingly, my regular everyday hair dryer is also another Remington. For some reason, I cannot insert a product link, but it is an awesome dryer as well. It is Remington Shine Therapy and is a mint green color. So if you are looking for a great dryer, check that one out. The ASIN here at Amazon is B0015KGPUS – maybe it will pull up in a search. I was only able to find it here by doing a websearch first. It is currently out of stock, so maybe that’s why it won’t pull up and won’t let me insert the link. I got my first one about 5 years, but after one too many falls off the counter, it finally broke and I bought another one of the same type a few months ago. I love it that much.So, in short, I absolutely love this hair dryer and I hate it too. I am going to look into finding something to use on the back end to avoid the problem and I am going to give Remington a call as well. Maybe they can recommend something. Maybe I can find one that fits off of another hair dryer. I would be a happy camper if that is the case!I should add that if your hair is not longer than chin length, you probably won’t have a problem. But if it is longer than that, you will have the same issue as I did.

Lynnette Hollansburg, OH

I like all the extra features on this dryer…

I’ve had my existing hair dryer for a long time so it was eye opening to get this new dryer and see/use the extra features on it.1. Much quieter than my old dryer.2. Much quicker drying. It took about half the time to dry my hair as my old dryer.3. I like the three heat button – warm, not as warm, and cool.4. It still has a cool shot button you can press WHILE drying your hair that takes it right to cool air.5. It has a two speed button for drying power.6. The dryer feels substantial in my hand but not overly heavy for a full-size dryer.I didn’t use the diffuser or the concentrator attachments so am not sure how they compare to other dryers.Other reviewers have mentioned getting their hair caught (sucked into) the dryer. I have medium long hair and this was not a problem for me at all.

Cindy Thurmont, MD

NOT a dryer for people with long hair.

I liked this dryer … UNTIL it sucked my hair in the back vent. I currently use a Conair ionic Hair Dryer, which is very heavy … but I really like it. I thought I had found a lighter replacement with this hair dryer. Unfortunately, I can’t keep having my hair sucked into the back vent since it damages my hair, but usually needs to be cut to get the hair out. This dryer would be great if that vent had some sort of cover to keep the hair out of the fan.

Jeannie Spearfish, SD
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Revlon RV480 Professional Ceramic Universal Finger Diffuser

Revlon RV480 Professional Universal Finger Diffuser has a ceramic disk inside, so it’s better for your hair. It is universal, so it fits most standard hair dryers. This product has high, even heat distribution for shinier, healthier looking hair. There is even a large drying surface.

Key features

  • Ceramic disk inside
  • Universal design
  • High, even heat
  • Helps your hair look shinier and healthier
  • Large drying surface

Honest reviews


Works exactly as described and fits all blow dryers

This is the best diffuser I have ever used, and the price is a real bargain. I could not believe the head of curls I ended up with using this thing.To the people who claim this “pops off” the blow dryer — you have to push it on really hard until it clicks in place — then it stays.Also, you can only use this on a low setting; it states that in the instructions; and anyway, when you are working with curls you would never use a high setting –it destroys the curls, diffuser or no diffuser. Not sure why someone would be using a diffuser if not on curly hair? Not good technique, IMHO.This clearly fits on all blow dryers; again, you have to push hard until it clicks.I felt like I should write an accurate review of this product; because really, it’s quite good and it is a great price.

Becky Scranton, ND

Serves its purpose but could be better

I have a BabyBliss blowdryer with a narrow nozzle and this diffuser flies off of it constantly. I guess it serves its purpose but I wish it stayed on the blowdryer a little better.

Lisa Huntley, MN

Works well but I had to duct tape it on

I have a Revlon blow dryer, which was supposedly compatible with this product; however, it would not stay on the dryer and it kept falling off. I eventually duct taped it onto the blow dryer in order to use it. It works well, though–it cut down my drying time by a lot, and it made my wavy hair shiny, defined, and relatively frizz free.

Sheila Huntingdon Valley, PA
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Conair Pro Tourmaline Universal Finger Diffuser, Black

Conair pro tourmaline finger diffuser creates negative ions for faster, smoother and more gentle drying. This is a universal fit for Conair / Babyliss dryers but not universal to all dryers out there. Also there are 3 other Babyliss diffusers as well. Model #’s for them. BABDF1(for full size dryers),BABDF2(for mid-size dryers), AND BABDF06 (doesn’t specify size)

Key features

  • The item is universal for conair hair dryers
  • Perfect for wavy hair
  • For shiny healthy hair

Honest reviews



Waste of money. Didn’t fit my conair ionshine 1875. For $7 more you can buy a revlon dryer which comes with 2 attachments including a diffuser…that will be guaranteed to work.

Ingrid Coles Point, VA

Fits on all blow dryers!

I love this diffuser, it fits on my multiple blow dryers and work well. I’m not sure about the “tourmaline” but the diffuser is great!

Karin Perham, ME

fits perfectly

i have a Babyliss Nano Titanium Pro and it fits very well, and has nice little rubber grippy bits inside to help make the hold more secure so it won’t fly off with use.

Josie Mobile, AL
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Andis Fine-Tooth & Wide-Tooth Attachment

Fits Styler 1875 Dryer. Features:- Fine-Tooth Attachment for Smoothing Hair- Wide-Tooth Attachment for Detangling Hair.

Key features

  • ANDIS Fine-Tooth & Wide-Tooth Attachment Item: 85010/HS-1

Honest reviews



At first these didn’t seem to fit my model but i forced it on and then it stayed….works just fine!

Fern Home, KS

Got what I needed

need this bc too many teeth had broken out. why buy a new blow dryer when all you need is the attachment–i expect it to do what it is supposed to do.

Leona Greenville, SC

I Need A Break

I owned the Andis Blowdryer for about 6 months and the comb broke is the reason why I had to order new attachments. This blowdryer works fine however, the attachments are cheap and flimsy. If looking just to use the blowdryer on its own, I would recommend the purchase. However, if needing sturdy attachments, I would recommend Gold and Hot.

Carolyn Ellenboro, NC
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Hair Art EZ Dryer Bonnet Gold

LOTTABODY Foam Wrap Lotion Professional Formula Great for ing, Sculpting & Setting All Types of Hair 7oz/210 ml

Key features

  • Hair Art EZ Dryer Bonnet Gold
  • Delivery take 7-20 business days. May be late than expected for some postal problems, destination customs review and holidays.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Support email within 24 hours.
  • We have product more than 30,000+ item waiting to you shopping and buy it. Thanks for your visit. Please see more click to link my name shop.

Honest reviews


Piece of CRAP!!

I received this FedEx yesterday because I was doing my hair and I wrapped it and wanted to try the Saran Wrap method which needed to have a dryer. So, since I have a blow dryer, I needed an attachment that could fit my blow dryer nozzle. This did but didn’t stay once the blow dryer was on. So I finagled a way to get a rubberband around it so that part could stay put. But try keeping the HAT PART on! That thing FLEW off my head the second I turned on my blow dryer!! Even with that sad, pitiful tie thingie! I had to wind up holding the tie string AND the hat part! Good thing I don’t do this method often. I’ll keep it, but what a true waste of money!!

Sally Custer, SD

Not worth the headache

This would work if it was elasticized. It isn’t, it is done with a draw string. So as soon as you use the air, the blowing up pulls the draw string open. Not a good design at all.

Claudine Boonton, NJ

Too good to be true?

I kept hearing that I should buy these bonnets because of their efficiency and I saw how good the reviews were so I really couldn’t resist. It’s true, it does get hot really easily, especially on concentrated areas of the head, but my other issues are the it’s really easy to blow off, and the string doesn’t hold it very tightly to your head. That aside, it really gets the job done and that’s something I can appreciate.

Bernadette Boneville, GA
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Hairware Portable Dryer Bonnet

Convert your hairdryer into a professional hairdrying system. Great for heat activated treatments, conditioners, hot oils,rollers, etc. Durable black nylon is machine washable. Excellent for travel.

Key features

  • Attach to any hairdryer.
  • Great for heat-activated treatments, conditioners, hot oils, etc.
  • Durable black nylon is machine washable.
  • For salon and home use.
  • Excellent for travel.

Honest reviews


It works, sort of. But it’s also kind of scary.

I guess this product is good for the price. I had to keep adjusting it around my head, because otherwise it was only making one area REALLY hot, and not drying the other parts at all. I used this for a deep conditioner, and I had higher hopes than what I actually got. I was able to fit it around my hair dryer with some finagling, but then I realized I had to hold my arm up in the air for the bonnet to work at all.I should have just invested in one of the hard-top bonnet dryers.

Reba Newcastle, TX

Simple and cleaver.

This little gadget is cleaver, versatile and beats the alternative which would cost you hundreds. You can use it for a roller set (and don’t be fooled roller sets are not just for little old lady’s anymore) or to activate a conditioning or protein treatment. It sits well on the head and has a cord to tighten accordingly.For the price you can’t beat it, I definitely recommend it.

Tiffany Hadlyme, CT

Doesn’t fit all hairdryers

I bought this to use when I travel. Unfortunately it does not fit over all hairdryers. You need a small hairdryer with a nozzle that is small in diameter (like the old hairdryers used to have). If you do not have a small hairdryer, do not buy it.

Sherrie Colo, IA
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