Soft ‘N Style Mini Curve Spray Bottle, 5 oz

Soft ‘N Style 5 oz. Mini Curve Spray Bottle.

Key features

  • Mini curve spray bottle
  • Easy to use
  • A good quality product

Honest reviews


Love it!

It’s perfect for misting my hair when it’s super dry. The curved nature of the bottle makes it a perfect fit for slim hands and it doesn’t LEAK like most bottles.

Althea Tallapoosa, MO

Love the curves!

Everyone knows the best things in life have curves! Love the shape of this bottle. A little overpriced in my opinion but I couldn’t find anything like it anywhere so it easily became "worth it". Other than that, it’s a spray bottle with "spray" or "stream" twist settings and does what spray bottles do.

Juliana Echola, AL

Great product

This little spray bottle is wonderful. I use it to apply oil to my scalp and body. What I really like about it is that the mechanism used to pull the oil from the body is sized perfectly so as not to cause the sprayer to get clogged up or malfunction.

Kathy Kingsville, MO
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