Revlon Perfect Heat Jumbo 3 Barrel Waver

Our Revlon Jumbo 3 Barrel Waver creates large loose, natural looking waves. Waver come with Triple Baked Ceramic, Tourmaline & Ionic Technologies for maximum hair conditioning for shiny, healthier looking waves.

Key features

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  • Ceramic, Tourmaline
  • Imported
  • 3 jumbo barrels with ceramic create extra-large, beautiful “S” waves
  • Ceramic technology provides high heat while protecting hair
  • 60-second fast heat-up
  • 25 heat settings
  • Plate locking switch for easy storage
  • Triple Baked Ceramic, Tourmaline & Ionic Technologies for softer shiner curls withouth the frizz.
  • 30 Heat Settings
  • 30 second fast heat up for instant results
  • Lighted On/Off Rocker Switch
  • Plate Locking Switch for easy storage

Honest reviews


Life Changer!

I am a product of a Norwegian mother and a Hungarian father. My people are not known for thick wavy hair. I have super thin, anemic hair. As a child if you put a barrette in it, by the middle of the day the barrette was hanging by a lone hair or it slid to the bottom, or it vanished. I got perms galore, but they never stayed for long. I learned to love my straight hair, which I can wash and run with. I can braid it and bun it and twirl it and with enough product it will stay for a little while.I have owned curler after curler, in fact I just got this oneRemington CI52FO Wrap to Waves Ceramic Hair Stylerand it didn’t work for me. I wanted curly waves, but without having to wear gloves and fear of seriously burning myself and having to work too hard to weave my hair around an appliance that was hard to maneuver.The Revlon Jumbo Waver, is a hair styling tool, for those of us who are lazy…and are prone to accidents. Its so stinking easy! I section my hair with clips, take a chunk and proceed to clamp the hair, moving downward as I go and BAM…waves. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get huge wavy results. EVEN on my thin hair,,this gives me TONS of volume and it stays! even without products!!

Sasha Fairpoint, OH

Tried it, it was TRASH.

Tried it, it was TRASH. It did not create waves or crimps. Created a dead, limpy looking mess on my head!

Alta Lohrville, IA

Love it!

I’ve always wanted one of these but they’re so expensive in stores! I wasn’t sure exactly what I was buying since I was buying this online and had no clue how these work! I got the hang of it quickly and I love the way it makes my hair look! I have log hair so it takes about hair an hour to do all of my hair but it stays all day and even until the next day! I think they look even better as the day goes on as well! I totally recommend this product!!

Megan Atlantic, IA
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Revlon Perfect Heat 3 Barrel Waver

Our Revlon 3 Barrel Waver creates beautiful inchsinch waves. Waver comes with Triple Baked Ceramic, Tourmaline & Ionic Technologies for maximum hair conditioning for shiny, healthier looking hair.

Key features

  • 2 heat settings
  • Heats up in 60 seconds
  • The barrels are gold to reflect your style
  • Unique triple barrel design
  • Helps you make a great hairstyle
  • Triple Baked Ceramic, Tourmaline & Ionic Technologies for softer shiner curls withouth the frizz.
  • Hi/Low Heat Settings
  • High Heat, Constant Heat for the perfect styling level
  • Fast Heat Up
  • Safety Stand & Tangle Free Swivel Cord

Honest reviews


Great waves!

I initially purchased this to use on my 8 year old daughter’s hair. Her hair is extremely long (goes to the waistband of her pants), and I wanted something that I could quickly use in the morning and have her hair be wavy, as hot rolling or using one of the many curling irons we have ends up taking too long and frustrating both her and me while doing her hair. Her hair is soft and fine, but she has a LOT of hair. Her hair is naturally wavy, but with the weight and length of her hair, the waves don’t come out and stay unless it’s really humid.It took about the same amount of time as it does when I use my Chi on her, the result was beautiful waves that stayed pretty well in her hair without using any hair product to keep it wavy. It earns an A+ for her hair.I have shoulder length hair with a fair amount of natural curl that I normally blow dry and straighten because it mainly only curls on the bottom of my hair, resulting in a hairstyle that looks like it’s been hot rolled. It’s pretty, but it gets boring to me to have the same style all the time. My hair, like my daughter’s, is soft and fine, but it’s not as thick as her hair. I decided to try this on my hair to see how it would do, and I LOVE it. It takes the same amount of time as it would for me to use my Chi, but LESS time for styling it, and it looks fabulous. I use hairspray after I “fix” it, and it stays the way I fixed it until I brush or wash it. I’ve also brushed it and re-sprayed it and had nearly the same hair style, just with a little more “floof” to it.Drawbacks? None. It heats up fast, does a great job, and when I’m finished with it, I turn it off and slide it into my Vera Bradley curling iron cover.

Stacie Stockton, CA

Love this product

I’ve owned this “waver” for over two years and have never had a problem. I came to Amazon to buy one of these for a friend of mine since shes always made comments on my hair when I use this iron. Finally found my exact model at a great price and see all of the bad reviews. I usually take heed to the amazon reviews and read through thoroughly before making purchases. I however must say with this iron I have no clue why there is so much negative to be said. I am a cosmetologist and often buy and test new products for fun and also to educate clientele. I have had no problems with proper heating of this iron, yes there is one heat setting only but this iron left on for a period of time with intensify its heat. I let mine heat up while I blow dry. A light product should always be applied to hair before using any type of heat to protect the hair, this iron is no different. I’ve never experienced frizz from use, if anything it helped rid my hair of my usual frizz. I have however only used this waver on mildly coarse to fine hair so I am unsure of how it will work on coarse to very coarse hair. I don’t know if maybe the inconsistencies in the reviews is due to inconsistencies in the products production or what but from my perspective and as of my opinion I love this iron & recommend it!

Mona Blaine, WA

Pretty waves, not durable

I bought this as a gift for my friend and she asked me to try it out on her hair. The FIRST time I used it, the hard piece that you hold on to, to open the clamp split in half. We have since duct taped it so that we won’t have our hands burning on bare metal. Aside from that, it does make really pretty waves. She’s happy that she doesn’t have to braid her hair every night in order to get the waves that she gets with the iron.

Samantha Bartley, NE
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Gold N’ Hot GH3013 Gold Tone Crimping Iron, 2 Inch

Gold n hot 2 inch professional gold tone crimping iron for shiny crimped volume.

Key features

  • 2 inch gold tone plates
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Indicator lights

Honest reviews



It crimps my hair like it says it would. Just be sure to take small sections in layers. Wait for the crimper to be very hot, and press for 3 seconds. After following these instructions, my hair was perfectly crimped. The crimps on this particular crimper are pretty small and deep. It works perfectly. I recommend this one!

Callie May, TX

The Best Crimper Money Would buy

This Seller is Very loyal to his/her customers. I must say they keep you updated on shipping and contact you afterwards to make sure your satisfied.PICTURE OF MY HAIR CRIMPED I posted it on my website:[…]PROS:-Heated VERY FAST and Packaging says its all-Crimped My entire Hair from Root to bottom THICK COURSE HAIR in 20 mins-Crimps lasts up to 3 days plus if you don’t wash your hair- Shipping on time and very promptCONS:- Crimper get a little warm on handle but what hot hair tool doesn’t.Thanks to your company for fast great shipping and friendly service 🙂

Constance Walnut Creek, OH

Totally Awesome!

I just had to buy a crimper, I had one back in the day and my nieces are crimping their hair too!

Lawanda Lafayette, CA
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Bed Head Dual Waver

One tool, two styles bed head’s tourmaline, nano-ceramic 2-in-1 styling iron is just what you want. style 1 adjusts for loose waves. style 2 adjusts for defined waves. tourmaline technology leaves you with frizz-free shiny styles. fiber optic heat indicators change color when the heat changes, it’s not rocket science, but close. styling guide included.

Key features

  • Get the Look! The Dual Waver will give you two looks with just one tool.
  • Create Tousled Texture or Defined Waves
  • Instant heat recovery
  • Barrel locking switch
  • 8 foot flexi-cord

Honest reviews


It was okay… :/

I am a little dissappointed with this bed head. I hate being the one that gives products an okay or a bad review, but this product just isn’t for me. It doesn’t heat up like it should. I put it to the highest degree, and still not as hot as it should. My hair looks like I just woke up out of bed when I am finished using this product, and I have medium length hair so I was hoping I would have a new hair style, but it’s just not working out for me :/ I do recommend Bed Head products, I will reccommend this one too anyone who wants to try this if you want tiny waves, and like Bed Head products. Hopefully your iron will heat up.

Shelia Oxford, MS

Works great

My daughter uses this to get that “just back from a day at the beach” look. She puts a Tbsp of salt and a Tbsp of tanning oil in a spray bottle with water, shakes well and lightly mists her hair, then uses this tool to get the naturally wavy look she gets every time we go to the beach. This is a great little styling tool, works just as well as the more expensive ones our salon carries and it came much faster than I expected.

Stacy Tuthill, SD

dual waver

my old waver broke, It waved its last goodbye and I was devestated.I needed a new one, so I thought that this one would do…maybe it was a better one cause it has all these doo dads and a dual waver for tighter waves…but this thing is like an alien vessel to figure out.It has an unlock, and a lock, and glows green and you turn a knob to make your waves bigger and you have to lock that down and so on and so forth. I found that the waves were more like crimps than waves..and I was a bit disappointed in that. You have to really understand what temp to wave your hair at and how long. My other one was so stupid simple, this one is just …outrageously complex.I wouldnt buy it again if it broke, I actually bought my old brand after using this …always stick to what you know is good!

Leonor Herndon, WV
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Hot Tools Professional 1175 High-heat 3-barrel Waver With Gold Barrels

Creates deep, luxurious waves on all hair textures. Gold barrels for faster heat up and better heat retention. Professional, super-deep precision aligned barrels. Fast and steady uniform heat pre-set to perfect temperature.

Key features

  • Gold barrels for faster heat up and better heat retention
  • Heavy duty, long-life heat element
  • Professional, super-deep precision aligned barrels
  • Fast and steady uniform heat pre-set to perfect temperature
  • Comfort-grip Marcel handle

Honest reviews



This is my second Hot Tools purchase and I love it!It heats up quickly, haven’t had a problem with the springs, and the long cord makes it easy to move around and style your hair.I have long thin hair and it takes a while to do my whole head but it works. I suggest trimming your split-ends before using this because I had split-ends and it made it look weird. Maybe it was just my hair, but after I got my hair-cut, it looked better.

Lindsey Westside, IA


Works a lot better than expected. I have thick, african american hair. For a quick beachy waves look, it took about 15 minutes for my medium length hair. I’m really happy with it. It’s easy to use, I didn’t burn myself, and it looks great. It’s ready to go in mere minutes. It has too settings, for my hair I used the high setting.My hair doesn’t look crimpy at all. It gives you the kind of look you would get if you braided your hair at night and let it out in the morning. Loose, pretty, soft, natural waves. To get a longer lasting look, some kind of holding product is necessary, but it did easily last through the day with some remanents of waves left over the next morning. I only wished that I had taken the leap and bought it sooner because I finally have an easy way to get a wavy look and do something different with my hair sometimes, something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.

Reba Rushland, PA

Product as I expected

I have asian straight-fine hair and it’s hard to be curled. If I use a curling iron, my hair will be straight again in 1 hour. I search a lot and review every comment of all wave irons that Amazon has, and I finally decided for this one. This is my first wave iron. I tried on my hair once I got it and it is amazing. I did not use any product before I use it. I used it on my dry hair, and it creates soft-defined wave. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! and the good thing is, I can finish all in 20 mins (I have shoulder length hair) and it lasts all day. Cons: I need to use high heat to make it works. Low and medium heat are not enough to curl my hair. Also, I need to wait like 3-4 mins to let the iron to heat up to the optimum heat. Oh, another thing, it is easy to burn the skin since there is no plastic at the tip like flat or curl iron, so be careful! But overall, it is a great product for me. Reminder: if you have more coarse hair, it might not work becuase even I have fine hair, I need to use the max heat.

Candy Longport, NJ
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Vidal Sassoon VS184C Three-Barrel Waver

Vidal Sassoon Three-Barrel Waver creates deep luxurious waves in all hair types.

Key features

  • Triple-barrel design
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Creates smooth waves
  • 60-second fast heat-up
  • Power indicator light

Honest reviews



You know, I was watching GILMORE GIRLS the other night and really loved the way that Lorelei was wearing her hair. I wondered how she did that.Well, I happened to be in CVS today and saw this triple barrel waving iron and I was thrilled. I figured that it would achieve the look I was eager to try.I have already been completely amazed at the VS volumizing line of products for hair which accomplish what NO OTHER HAIR CARE SYSTEM OF ANY PRICE HAS BEEN ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH EVER.Well, let me tell you. When you combine the VS volumizing line of products with this amazing iron, the results are nothing short of SPECTACULAR. (if you use the products, let the company know, they are thinking of discontinuing them, because of lousy advertising-hardly anyone knows how amazing they are)Baby fine hair is what I have. After using the combination of the hair products and this three barrel waver iron, I look like I just got a perm and have thick hair. And it stays like that all day, in fact so far up to three days without rewaving.The iron is easy to use. Because it only does a single layer of hair at a time, you do not need to leave it in as long as a curling iron. 10-15 seconds and you are able to move on to another part of the hair. To do my complete hair, it is 10 -15 minutes tops.There are two heat settings. Either setting is fine.I can not rave about this iron enough, and the VS products which make it work especially well with thin fine hair.

Freida Woodstock, AL

Depends on your hair type…

I have really thick, hard to curl, dry, asian hair. This iron did not work for me at all. The iron did not get hot enough to do anything. I guess it would work if I did small one-inch sections, but I have so much hair, it’s just not worth the time. The waves it did create were fizzy and ugly.My friend, who has thin hair, uses this iron all the time and it works great.I recommend the Hot Tools Deep Waver. It worked a lot better on my hair and created well defined waves.

Serena Hobart, IN

Really Works

This is a really cool waver-it doesn’t create curls, it creats really cool waves. I used this for new years and my waves stayed the entire night! didn’t have to hold it for long on my hair, Love it!

Raquel Eagle Bay, NY
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Pro Beauty Tools Professional Speed Waver

Pro Beauty Tools helps you realize your inner-celebrity with products you can use at home. Create salon smooth and shiny styles in seconds with true professional features that curl, flip, wave and eliminate frizz with less damage. The Speed Waver™ creates a variety of celebrity waves in half the time of curling irons or straighteners. Professional heaters, with smart heat technology, provide instant heat recovery for superior results in less time. Heats up to 430° F for instant results. Ceramic waving plates produce frizz-free, shiny waves. Variable heat settings for all hair types.

Key features

  • Ceramic Waving Plates for frizz free, shiny waves
  • Rapid Heat Recovery for consistant performance
  • Variable Heat Settings for all hair types
  • Up to 430 degree F, STAYS HOT
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Honest reviews


My new best friend

I’m not someone who normally does a lot with my hair. I usually just wash it and let it dry as it will. But this little iron is fast becoming my best friend. You can use this with "bed head" without any worries of a weird curl showing up. The plates also have a small section of "flat" area that tame my frizz wonderfully. I wind up with a shiny head of natural looking waves. I constantly get comments on my hair. The nice thing is, this gives you a wonderful head of waves but it doesn’t really look like you "curled" it.My hair is long (just below bra length), fine, and frizzy. I can get my entire head curled with this in about 10 minutes. If you’re unsure how to use it, go on youtube as there are tons of videos out there to show you how easy it is.This may look like a big iron, and it did feel a little weird to hold for the first 5 minutes. I found that I hold this with 3 fingers only (my thumb, and my pointer and middle finger). That’s all it takes. No massive amount of "squeezing" needed to clamp the plates down at all.Only warning I have: in this picture everything that is the silver color is the plate, which means that you need to be careful and not put this sucker too close to your scalp or it gets hot. Silver=heated element. Heated element+Skin=pain. Simple, yes? LOL

Olivia Mark Center, OH


This is my favorite hair appliance that I have, and my collection includes 2 curling wands and a Miracurl. I have medium/short hair down a teeny bit past my collar bones & I have always worn my hair straight BUT I had a very unfortunate haircut and wearing it straight & looking presentable aren’t really compatible. I used this waver this morning & I now adore my hair & I won’t be chopping it off. It gives great beachy waves that you can do a million things with and the process was much quicker than I thought it would be. I used Tresemme heat protectant spray, Not Your Mother’s sea salt spray, Garnier Wonder Waves spray, and Garnier UV Shield hairspray. I went to bed with wet hair (that had wonder waves & sea salt spray in it) and this morning it took me around a half hour to use this iron & get great beachy waves. I LOVE THIS IRON!!! I was seriously considering chopping a good 4 inches off my hair but I can rock this hairstyle for a bit while my hair grows out.

Candace Bedford, MI

Best Waver Ever!

Okay, I saw Khloe Kardashian on an interview with the most incredible waves and I had to have them for my own hair. I finally tried this and it looks exactly like the waves Khloe had. I use this constantly! The waves are incredibly beautiful. I lightly spray my hair with an aerosol hairspray before using the Speed Waver and the waves last for two days if I don’t toss and turn too much in the night. This has become my "go to" tool for a fast, beautiful look. I am 52, with long hair that is naturally fine and wavy if this helps anyone trying to decide if they want to purchase this.

Brandie Mount Royal, NJ
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Hot Tools 2179 Deep Waver with Ceramic Tourmaline And Pulse Technology

New plate design creates ultra-deep waves in any type of hair. Ceramic radiates far-infrared heat to preserve hair’s natural moisture while tourmaline produces ions to seal the hair cuticle and increase shine.

Key features

  • Variable dial heat settings up to 430F
  • Cool tips for easier handling
  • Locking switch locks plates together for convenient storage
  • Patented Pulse Technology for gets hot & stays hot performance
  • 8ft swivel cord for tangle-free operation

Honest reviews



this heats up really quickly and really hot. i did my whole head of hair (long & thick hair) in less than 15 minutes.

Geraldine Garcia, CO

Made my hair look frizzy, not wavey

I really had high hopes for this. I don’t know if it’s because I have naturally curly hair, but this didn’t add a wave to my hair, it made it look more crimped and frizzy. I would let my hair air dry or I’d atleast blow dry it and then use this so I don’t know if that’s part of the problem, but I don’t have the time to blow dry, straighten and then wave. That might’ve worked, but I was lucky I had enough time to do this step, let alone 3 steps to get it looking perfect. Maybe this is much better for people with naturally straight hair, but for me it went back.

Deloris Forbes, MN

Awesome tool

It makes my hair look like angel hair– if there is such a thing. :)Anyway, it gives a feminine look and it heats up super fast.Greetings from beautiful Armenia.

Aimee Cowgill, MO
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