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Floxite Mirror Mate Lighted, Adjustable Compacts FL-15ACP

Floxite Mirror Mate Lighted, Adjustable Compacts FL-15ACP 940

Key features

  • Includes mirror, 4 AAA Batteries and instruction manual
  • Great for purse or travel
  • Distrotion-free DFP Glass
  • Blue in color

Honest reviews


Too close

I can barely see let alone use this mirror. The lighted feature is nice but the magnification is too much.Very disappointed.

Lourdes Brewster, KS


Very handy but ones eyes must adjust to the magnification before focusing well for use.

Lilian Burson, CA

Necessary Beauty Item

This is a great product. You can open it a few ways and most times I just hold the sides and gently pull it open. My vision is very poor and I needed to see myself put on my eye makeup without my glasses. The light is the best thing I could think of for a portable mirror and it is just a push of a button away. The magnification lets me see everything with precision. Thickness about 2 inches is not ideal for a very tiny pocketbook but if you have a small to medium bag or using this or overnight or travel you will be pleased The stand alone option.does not move or slip when you extend it and that is great when you just can’t touch anything anymore because your holding your pencil and your eye to draw a line LOL! Light and sturdy a great buy!

Danielle Fort Johnson, NY
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BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

Babyliss Nano Titanium 1 inch mini straightening iron.

Key features

  • Titanium and ceramic plates
  • Fats heat to 450
  • Excellent for travel

Honest reviews


Perfect Travel Iron

Perfect travel flat iron for one of those carry-on only kind of trips. I wouldn’t use this as my every day straightener because it’s just not as heavy duty as my full sized flat iron, but this really does a great job when you don’t have the space for a full sized iron. If you are used to using a high end straightener, you will may have to run it over a section of hair a few more times than you normally would, but ultimately it does a good job.My favorite thing about this is that the body is small, but the plates are a solid 1″, so you’re not having to section your hair off into really small sections to get an effective straightening done. Used this in Japan with no issues and although the product description doesn’t say it on this page, it is an automatic dual voltage straightener (the product information in the box says so as well as the BaByliss product website.)

Alyson Albion, ME

Mini straightening

I got this along with the matching blow dryer to leave at my new vacation home I bought. Neither would I buy again. I do not recommend either item unless you have shoulder length hair or shorter only. Mine isn’t even that long anymore I cut off 8 inches now sits just below my shoulders and took forever to dry and strengthen. Quality is just ok.

Terry Stockholm, ME

Didn’t impress me

Pros: I like the size; is compact, great for travel. Heats pretty fast.Cons: It doesn’t have a temperature regulator. I really wanted to like this flat iron but my hair looked fried the first time I use it and I had heat protector. I’m afraid to use it again. (I have fine, blonde, wavy hair)

Leanna Tatitlek, AK
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Revlon RVDR5111BLKD Ultimate Snub Nose 1875 Watt Pro Styler

Snub nosed dryer with nano-diamond technology-the diamond coating has the highest thermal conductivity of any known solid which allows for professional high heat and faster drying. Tourmaline technology provides maximum hair-conditioning ions for smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair and extra shine. Ceramic technology far-infrared heat penetrates hair quickly and evenly from the inside-out, drying hair in a fraction of the time with superior results. The dryer has separate heat and speed rocker switches with 2 heat/2 speeds for complete drying and styling flexibility and a cold shot button releases cool air to lock-in the style. Comes with a concentrator attachment for precise drying and styling and a diffuser attachment that softens the airflow to protect natural curls and waves. The end cap is removable for easy cleaning.

Key features

  • 2 speed dryer with ceramic technology for drying hair quickly
  • Tourmaline technology provides maximum hair-conditioning ions for smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair and extra shine
  • Separate heat and speed rocker switches
  • Concentrator attachment for precise drying and styling
  • Diffuser attachment softens the airflow to protect natural curls and waves

Honest reviews


It works — LOUDLY

This is a rather insubstantial feeling blow dryer. And while it dried my hair, it was such an unpleasant experience I didn’t even want to keep this as an inexpensive back-up to my Elchim dryer, which is worth the extra money just to preserve my hearing.Also, the nano blah blah high tech yada yada doesn’t dry hair as well as a good solid dryer with a good heat element, and the old-style ones get the job done quietly. Plus an Elchim will last over a decade. This one felt like it might die at any minute.On the plus side, it came with a diffuser and a directional attachement, so there’s that.As you can tell, I am seriously unenthused about this product.Spend the money and get a better dryer. You’ll ears will thank you.

Blanca Little Lake, CA

It does the job

Its a pretty decent dryer. My hair drying time was probably half of what it usually takes with my previous blow dryers. My only dislike is the operation buttons are on the back side of the handle. If you are not careful you could easily change the heating setting or power the thing off completely.

Kimberly Siler, KY

It’s OK, but just OK

This dryer dries my hair– it does what it is supposed to do. I don’t notice any difference with these attachments. Maybe it’s because I’m not a stylist and I haven’t had the training to use them. These days, with any product like this, if you want it to be successful you should post how-to videos for all the features, and make those tutorials obvious and easy to access. Otherwise extra features and attachments are just a waste of time and material. I doubt if I will ever get the attachments out of the box again. The controls are easy to figure out, and it delivers good heat if that’s what you want. This is an affordable, average hair dryer that will get the job done, but won’t wow you.

Renee Blue Springs, MO
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