Color Oops Hair Color Remover, Extra Strength 1 Application by DEVELOPLUS


Key features

  • Takes you back to your original color
  • Removes difficult colors
  • Extra Strength

Honest reviews


Works so much better than expected!

This product really works at removing your previous color, and evening out your hair tone so that you can re-dye if you need to.I’ve dyed my hair at home for years, usually with professional dyes. Last week I decided to try a new brand of pro color in red specifically for dark hair, but the results were terrible. To correct this, I tried re-dying with a slightly darker red of a different brand. It worked but after 2 days and 2 shampoos, the red was fading unevenly.Deciding to just give up on red for the moment, I got Color Oops. I bought the Extra Strength since I’d dyed my hair twice, both more than 48 hours previously. The Regular Strength is for hair which has been dyed within the previous 48 hours.I’ve tried the Clairol Color Remover you can get at drug stores, but Color Oops was much better. The mixture is very thin and it bubbles when you put it on your hair, which was kind of disconcerting. It does really dry your hair out, so you’ll need to condition very well after using.To use, leave Color Oops on for 20 minutes, then rinse for 5 minutes. Shampoo, and rinse 5 minutes again. Then you shampoo & rinse two more times. It is time-consuming, but the point of the product is to wash your old color out.It works like a charm. It took both reds out of my hair and left just the lightened/bleached look from the peroxide in the first pro red I used. (Nothing will get rid of bleaching once it’s done to hair, Color Oops just gets rid of the color. You have to re-dye if your hair has been lightened/bleached.) I decided to stop after 3 shampoos and rinses and use conditioner, because my hair was pretty crunchy and dry. It still worked just fine, all the color came out.You can dye your hair the same day you use Color Oops, but I decided to wait 24 hours. When you dye your hair afterwards, the color you get will be darker than you expect. For example, I chose a dark ash blonde, but after using Color Oops it came out as more of a light ash brown.My only complaint is the smell. It’s terrible. I had to air out the house and get the used bottles outside immediately after using it.

Connie Perrin, TX

Terrible Product.

I had never used a hair color remover before this. First thing i disliked about the product was the HORRIBLE smell. I washed my hair 10+ times and it still smelled like it. Smells exactly like VOMIT. Besides that, it dried out my hair beyond words and didn’t even remove the color. Better off using BLEACH. I do not recommend this.

Christian Lake Isabella, CA

Too dark dyed eyebrows

As I age I find my eyebrows fading and have them touched up by my hairdresser, as well as sometimes doing it myself. Unfortunately They often come out too dark and I look as if I have two caterpillars on my face. Oops! Carefully used lightens them.

Lorraine Nauvoo, IL
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One ‘n Only Colorfix

One ‘n only Colorfix gently removes permanent hair color no matter how long it has been in hair. It is effective on all hair types and it leaves the hair in optimum condition. It does not contain ammonia, or formaldehyde.

Key features

  • Gently removes permanent hair color no matter how long it has been in hair
  • Easily removes any level of hair color
  • Effective on all hair types – leaves hair in optimum condition

Honest reviews


I had to say something…this stuff saved me!!

I just opened a celebratory beer & had to write this…as another reviewer said if you are reading this you must be having some serious hair troubles. Don’t freak out just read this. I hope it helps as much as the other reviews helped me.I’m 39 & am a natural brunette, level 7. I had my hair highlighted & colored since my early 20s & after too many highlights took the plunge & went blonde-on my own about 10yrs ago using Loreal Preference anywhere from level 8 to the level 10 Le Blondes (found that I’m best as a 9 natural blonde or beige blonde) with some highlights added here & there either professionally or on my own. I’ve loved their color & it works beautifully. So this fall as I’m getting older I think I should tone it down & add lowlights. I go to a friends girl & show her a pic of who else? Jennifer Aniston (& while you’re at it can I have her face too??). She notes that Jen has some intentional know a little darker roots to make it look more real. Well okay I’m good with her painting it in, I’ve seen her work so let’s do it. Um, not such a good idea!! She paints my entire head (roots) in a 6N & leaves it on waaayyyy too long & I’m looking like some old trashy gal that needs a root touch up REALLY bad!! UGHH I can’t tell you how bad it was! I was a level 9, some lowlights & BLACK roots (you pull my hair in a pony & I’m wearing a black band around my head–seriously. My boyfriend later tells me “Wow, your roots were BLAAACCCCKKK! Leave it to men to be honest about the wrong things…anyway there’s the damage, here’s the repair….I go to another friend that can barely fit me in, she’s good with color & is booked solid but does me a favor. She highlights (not what I wanted in September) to break up the color but the roots are still there. Great, thanks, tolerable but later I decide this is just not good enough for me. I grab my Loreal in 8 natural blonde(I figure if I try to pull it too high at one time I’ll go orange) & try it on my roots only even though she warns me it won’t work. Guess what? It didn’t work. Barely put a ding in that damn dark color. Ugh. I know if I keep going (color, highlights, color…and so on) I will be doing some damage. SO….I look on Amazon, I love Loreal color & consider the color oops thing & hey maybe it IS great but I see the reviews on this product here & think I should do it. I try the shampoo method (you will see there are two ways to do it) 1/2 oz #1 bottle, 1/2 oz #2 bottle & 1 oz of shampoo. I apply to my roots, leave in for about 20 mins. & it looks good but a little bit orangy at the roots (nothing I haven’t experienced for a day or two when I’ve colored to light too fast before & I know it fades (at least for me) with a few washings. But it says you can try 2-3 times so I go for it again…same method for about 10 minutes & this time all over my head. Guess what? I’m back to what I was before this whole fiasco, a warm level 9 that looks as natural as fake color can be. 🙂 My hair does feel a little dry but only in the spots that I just had the highlights, I’ll be deep conditioning under my dryer once a week & using the night repair from Redkin & I’ll be fine. Also, I barely went through any of the product but will keep in on hand in case I get stupid again. Holy c**p. Longest 4 days EVER!!!Keep in mind:*Do NOT run out & highlight hair that is too dark unless you wanted to do that anyway. Money & damage to your hair that is unneccessary!*Do NOT let a stylist or cashier at Sally’s talk you out of buying this (woman at the register said all knowingly “This will turn you orange”. I may go back there & say…REALLY?? While flipping my hair*Do NOT try to color over, you run the risk of no change but more damage, uneven color, going ashy grey-green or brassy or even better as I did once MANY years ago kind of burgandy (thank God I was young!).*Try this & if after the first time it hasn’t done much you may not have left it long enough (I sat under a dryer for 10 of the 20 minutes the first use & about half the time of the second run. End result…better than I hoped!Best of Luck & Sorry this was so long, I’m running on the adrenaline of relief!

Rosemarie Sanders, KY

Hair Disaster Averted with Colorfix

Hair Background: I have fine, thin light brown hair and in late November, Early December 2011 I got a deeper brown with red undertones color and highlights at my regular salon. I loved it but by January my roots were growing in, the highlights looked dull and I couldn’t afford to go back to the Salon to get everything redone, so I picked up a box of what looked like a darker brown to cover everything and match my natural color. Of course, this was a gigantic mistake and my hair came out looking black. I couldn’t go back to the Salon to get it fixed since it was basically black so I looked at Amazon for a solution and found Colorfix. I did not order from Amazon but I went to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply.I poured over reviews here, Googled Colorfix and watched Youtube videos. I am one of those girls who is really dumb about hair and makeup (boyfriend helped dye my hair) and I wanted to make sure I didn’t come out bald or something. I followed the directions, worked quickly, waited 20 minutes, rinsed and decided I would see how my hair looked before using the third step, the Processing Lotion (many reviews and videos said to skip this step as it brings back the original color you were trying to get rid of) I towel dried my hair enough to judge if I wanted to use the third step or not, and I found that my hair was a coppery-red and I definitely needed to use the Processing Lotion. (I blame the coppery-red outcome on the Salon dye, not Colorfix)I used the Processing Lotion and was pleased that it took out the harsh red and returned my hair to a more normal looking color. My roots definitely have a red hue to them but nowhere near what it looked like prior to using the Processing Lotion and the rest of my hair looks closer to my natural color mixed in with a little red from the Salon and my highlights are much more subtle, you can barely see them. I’m very satisfied with using this product, it took out the terrible black box color and returned me to a more normal color, enough so that I can go back to my Salon and get the original color redone. If I had not used Colorfix, I’d be waiting 6 or more months to gradually go back to my original color using box dyes. I doubt I’ll use an at-home dye kit again.Here are a couple notes:-When I purchased Colorfix I also purchased a mixing bowl, dye brush, gloves and shower cap. The shower cap is a must. Colorfix doesn’t provide anything other than the solutions and directions.-The smell did not bother me. It had sickly sweet smell upon mixing and the perm-ish smell came out after applying it to my hair. I used a shower cap with a tight elastic band, perhaps it kept the smell in the cap. Also, my hair doesn’t smell gross, it smells like chemicals which I expect to go away by my next washing.-People say to skip the Processing Lotion step since it brings back the color you were trying to get rid of, but according to the box it brings it back to tell you how much color is left in your hair that needs removed. If you removed all the black color like I did, then the Processing Lotion may tone down any crazy hues you get as a result as it did my hair.-The Processing Lotion is liquid like water and was very difficult to use so I ended up dumping it in my hands and applying it that way.-My hair is pretty dry after using.I would definitely recommend this product to someone looking to get rid of a terrible dye job.

Lidia Herndon, KS

Impossible permenent RED? Poof!

so here is my hair history: natural blonde to box blonde to box dark red/brown to 40 developer loreal highlights RED. Like Ronald mcdonald or rihanna. And I loved t and left it for about a month and a half. But I wanted to go blonde.Ok so I went to three salons asking them what they could do for my hair…… Basically I was told that t was hopeless or else it would be months before my hair went back to it’s natural color…. Blonde!I had two strands tested with bleach and it barely turned the red pink….. I was starting to panic a little.This is a miracle product! Of course my hair didn’t go straight to it’s natural color, but it look away the red effortlessly! The processing cap helps a LOT though and make sure to buy gloves!My hair was blonde but still orangey ish and a couple red spots remained but it was pretty even…. And better yet, my fine blonde hair was in good condition and my roots were unharmed. I expected I have to bleach it or dye it lighter because let’s face it, when you have dark or red hair you’re going to have to face some consiquences…. But this saves me soo muh effort and money! Sure it smels a little funny but I’ve smelled a heck of a lot worse and honestly it wasn’t too strong……Ten dollars for a working product to save my hair and get rid of RED on top of DARK BROwN? Yes please. I highly recommend his product for anyone that needs to striptheor hair of old product that is dark or red.

Carmen Havana, ND
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Dy-Zoff Hair Color Stain Remover Pads

Dy-Zoff Hair Color Stain Remover Pads removes any haircolor stains on skin.

Key features

  • Cotton blend fabric works quickly and effectively
  • Eliminates the need for cotton and towels
  • Saturated with the unique Dy-Zoff formula to instantly wipe away stains
  • Single-use cotton pads; just dispose of after each use
  • Pads stay fresh, will not dry out

Honest reviews


Love this product!!

I have been using these pads for years and I cannot live without them. I die my own eyebrows and with these pads I can do a fantastic job removing any remnants of the die off my skin. They are truly fantastic. I even got my mom hooked on them. She loves them too. What a value for the money!

Linda Eielson Afb, AK


I am very happy with this product. Every stain came off even after 30 minutes. Very handy instead of using cotton balls and some cream.

Cecelia Hillview, IL


If you home dye your hair this should be the only dye remover you should ever consider for the rest of your life. Thank God I found it on Amazon!

Emilia Gumberry, NC
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