L’Oreal – ColorZap Haircolor Remover, Removes all Unwanted Permanent Color

ColorZap removes all unwanted permanent hair color and leaves hair ready for a new shade application. ColorZap is ideal for all color corrections and will allow you to make any desired color changes.ColorZap will not restore hair to its original, natural color. It removes the tint revealing the underlying base from which the natural color has been removed in the haircoloring process.

Key features

  • Ideal for all color corrections
  • Removal of unwanted dark shade, muddy or uneven results or color build-up
  • Allows any desired color changes
  • Leaves hair ready for immediate re-coloring

Honest reviews


It works, but not well enough.

I’ve experimented with different shades through the years, so I’ve tried various hair color removal products in order for my next shade to go evenly. (I also find that red likes to stick to my porous ends forever, despite the fact that its a fast fading color!)This is one of the worst ones yet. First of all, I doubt this stuff is very gentle. I was wearing an old hair raggy dye shirt and it bleached it so bad it ate through the shirt, creating several huge holes. My goodness, I never thought something could completely ruin my old hair dying shirt. I’ve never had anything ‘gentle’ do that before! It’s also liquid-y like water, making the application process real messy. The worst part is it’s very difficult to apply evenly, because once you rub it around your hair clumps to it…it’s almost a glue-ish texture. The only way I could get it to go on evenly was to comb it through, which I did very little of, since it was literally tearing up my hair. Instead I tried to saturate it as much as I could while rubbing it through.It really started to burn after 15 minutes, so I couldn’t wait any longer than that. The results were completely uneven. I found it left some red parts almost untouched (it turned it into a pinkish color) while some other areas were bleached yellow/orange. What I wanted was the yellow/orange all the way through. I had applied it to the end areas first and let that sit for 5-7 minutes before doing the rest of my hair. Even then, I still found the root area to be almost blonde. So be careful for you will see ‘hot roots’ from this stuff quite easily since your scalp area is naturally warmer. So my entire head was real patchy.I’ve applied my new hair color, and thanks to the bad results with this product, I decided to go with a slightly darker color than I had originally intended. Now it looks almost completely even, but you can still see some of the red dye at the tips. This stuff is too damaging to use again. Next time I’ll pick up Ion hair color removal. It is gentler to my hair and is much easier to distribute evenly (plus it doesn’t bleach at all!)The box does lie…it does NOT simply remove the box color, leaving you with the pre-lightened strands it had created. It will lighten it even more than that, IF you can get it all the way through your hair. This stuff burned my skin as soon as it touched it, and yeah, my poor old shirt has finally made it into the trash…

Brigitte Powhatan, VA

perfect for bleached platinum hair

I have bleached hair that i’ve been coloring silver/white for the past 3 months. A week ago i got a little “adventurous” and tried to add a slight blue tint, and to my horror my hair turned a dark royal blue! after washing it 20 times and using Color Corrector from the local Sally’s TWICE, it was still a medium purple/blue color. I literally had to wear a hat to cover it up for the past week! Last night i picked up ColorZap and used it. BANG! The purple/blue is ALL gone, my hair is left whiter than ever (it still has some pinkish and blueish tints at places, but it looks really neat i rather like it :-)). Overall I’m VERY happy with the result, thanks ColorZap!!!! will definitely use again for my next hair coloring disaster!

Kasey Irvington, NY

Does exactly what I expected, can’t ask for much more

So last summer I decided to lighten my hair after 6 years of dying it black with mainly dreaded box color, I proceeded to highlight my new medium brown shade and eventually got pretty light. Winter came and I went back to a level 3n ombre’d to a 7n. My natural hair is dry, curly and a level 6 or 7 so when my roots come in boy the contrast is bad. I took an edgy bright dark purple and put it all over my head and let my hair go atleast 3 months. Now it’s almost summer again and I’ve now used colorzap 3 times. Each time it strips out a significant amount of dark color. I’d say it lightens it 2-3 levels every use. It’s gentle enough that I’m confident in bleach washing my head in two days to a light yellow/orange blonde without my hair going to mush and breaking off as I just stripped my hair again today. my desired result in the end is a bright amazing purple/blue – I can’t wait ! This does work on semi permanent hair color too. To everyone who says this is basically bleach, well it’s called color zap not bleach duh. it’s color pigment eraser…. bleach lightens, this eats color that’s why you get such an ugly flat shade when you rinse out. DUH. good luck and invest in quality treatments/conditioners for after and you will have no problem!!!

Elva Cosby, MO
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Tigi Bed Head Suger Dust invisible Micro-texture Root Powder for Unisex, 0.035 Ounce

Bed Head Suger Dust Invisible Micro-texture Root Powder from TIGI is practically invisible with tiny micro-particles that attach to the hair fiber to build depth and help lift.

Key features

  • practically invisible with tiny micro-particles
  • attach to the hair fiber to build depth and help lift

Honest reviews


didn’t do anything

I got the entire collection as a gift from my mom. She is a hairdresser who gets full size samplers. Anyway, my sister and i were playing around with this and it is impossible to use. If you open it and try to tap it onto your hair 2 tiny flakes come out. If you shake it into your hand a ton comes out and there is “sugar dust” flying around the room and it looks like there is a weird melting cotton candy mess in your hand. And it didn’t give any liftrThe directions say “a quick fix for your style addiction. Sprinkle into roots to absorb oil and tease for added lift, or throughout layers for texture with staying power”It seems to me they tried to combine dry shampoo with those root powers that are $30 at the salon, you know the one that actually gives you texas hair w/ hardly any product. Nice idea but this product is a bust. Like I said in my other reviews: i say ba-humbug to the whole line.

Katina Fannettsburg, PA

It works!!

My hair is fine can appear flat on top even with some teasing. This product is very light and invisible. I applied a few sprinkles and it helps keep my hair fluffy! My hair stylist recommended it to me and I’m very happy with the product. A little goes a long way. 🙂

Polly Ayer, MA

Sticky? Dirty?

I’m not even sure how to describe this stuff once it is in the hair. I used different amounts and it all turned out the same. The product is really light and fluffy. It is white. This bottle is TINY! A bit bigger than a roll of quarters. Not a huge deal as I feel $10 is not much for a small product if it works. This one did not.Sprinkled it on to dry hair. Moved things around to fluff up the hair. Ok got some volume. 2 hours later I got the bathroom looks ok but has fallen a tad flat. Use my hand to puff it back up. Gross what is that feeling? It was a little sticky but felt a bit oily and dirty. I only used it on the back of the crown. I touch the front of my hair often. Glad each time I tried this product I did not use it towards the front of my hair.In a average day I had fluff my hair back up about every hour. Next day that area felt so gross. Oily and tacky. I had white stuff in that area.This product is not for me. The feeling alone grossed me out and then it never kept volume.

Christa North Middletown, KY
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Shampoo for Oily, Itchy & Greasy Hair with Organic Rosemary, Peach Kernel and Jojoba – 100% Natural Treatment for Women, Men & Teens – Stimulates Cell Renewal and Increases Scalp/hair Circulation – Gentle & Safe for Color Treated Hair

The Formula/Benefits: Safe and Effective Treatment for Oily Hair French Cypress: Contains properties used to combat excess perspiration of the sebaceous glands – the root problem for those with oily hair. This also works to repair broken capillaries (red bumps), which often form around the scalp line. Lemon: Historically recognized as a cleanser, Lemon gently cleans greasy hair without absorbing moisture. This addition is rich in anti-bacterial properties and provides a cooling and refreshing aroma. Rosemary: Unlike many commercial Rosemary oils, Degrease uses Rosemary rich in the natural organic compound verbenone, which is responsible for stimulating cell renewal and hair growth. Basil: Undertones compliment Rosemary’s cell renewal properties by increasing circulation, and strengthens brittle and thinning hair. Jojoba and Argan Oils: These oils are two of the most valued carrier oils in the hair-care industry, which provide hair shine and scalp smoothness. These give the shampoo moisturizing conditioner properties and helps with light dandruff. Botanical Keratin: Naturally derived botanical keratin plays an important role in restoring healthy hair. Frizzy and undesirable hair texture may stem from a lack of keratin, which this ingredient generously replenishes. The Holistic Promise: 100% Money-back Guarantee Maple Holistics Degrease moisture control shampoo doesn’t only maintain moisture control by utilizing natural components which help balance sebum secretion levels, but it provides a solution instead of just keeping it under control.

Key features

  • Therapeutic solution for scalps which are oily, greasy and itchy
  • Maintains moisture control by utilizing natural components which balance sebum secretion levels – removes excess sebum and buildup – Paraben, Phtalates and fragrance free
  • Provides a solution, instead of covering up the problem
  • Sulfate free! 100% Botanical – Ingredients certified by QAI & the United States Department of Agriculture for Organics Processing. Also a treatment for dandruff that is a result of oily scalp
  • Made in the USA. Stimulate the cell renewal of the hair follicles

Honest reviews


Save Your Money

I bought this for my adult daughter who has very greasy hair. Not only does this not work, it made her hair worse! She washes it every morning, and by afternoon it is greasy again. Smells good, but do not believe the hype.

Sonja Newhope, AR

A disappointing and expensive mistake

I ordered this item based on reviews that claimed it would improve my dry itchy scalp. After multiple uses as directed I have found this item to be of no help with my scalp. I give it 2 stars because is does clean well and smells ok. I deducted stars for the lack of help with my scalp, the increased shedding I experienced with it, and the high price. Overall, I would not recommend this product to anyone who wishes to alleviate the dryness or itchiness of there scalp. If someone is seeking a shampoo for oily hair I would say use with caution if you are concerned with shedding and don’t expect this shampoo to extend the time between shampoos.

Ginger Centerville, TN

Made hair very hard to brush after washing with this shampoo.

Leaves ends very dry and hard to get a comb or brush through it. I have thin long hair with oily scalp after about 12 hours after washing it. Thought this would be great but very drying to the ends of my hair.

Zelda Dinero, TX
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