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Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin- 100% Pure-Highest Quality, Anti-Aging Serum– Intense Hydration + Moisturizer, Non-greasy, Paraben Free, Vegan-Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum Offers Effective Hydration and Anti-Aging Benefits. For a Youthful Appearance to Skin. Fix uneven skin tone. Heal dryness on face with intense hydration. Skin plumping properties help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Instantly brighter complexion. Lighten dark under eye circles. Under eye puffiness treatment. Safe product for sensitive skin, oily skin remedy; safe for all skin types. 100% pure and stable hyaluronic acid at the highest concentration, to ensure its fullest potential with maximum results. Hyaluronic Acid effectively binds water to cells and is responsible for the elasticity and resiliency of the skin. Such properties make Hyaluronic Acid Serum effective in transforming skin to promote a healthy and balanced glow.

Key features

  • NATURAL & ORGANIC HYALURONIC ACID SERUM- Improve skin texture and brightness with intense moisture and balance. Hydrating facial moisturizer with 100 percent pure hyaluronic acid serum formula.
  • Proven anti-aging skincare properties fill-in and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • See a noticeable difference with visibly plumper, softer and smoother skin with this anti-aging hyaluronic acid serum.
  • GENTLE & EFFECTIVE; including, those with sensitive skin. Vegan, Paraben-free, oil-free, no dyes, no fragrances or fillers. (Clinical Strength Pro Formula)
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; Made in USA. Charitable donations made to Susan G Komen to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Honest reviews


It makes my face even drier.

I bought this serum because this product advertised that: “Heal dryness on face with intense hydration”. The truth is, after I gently rubbed the liquid-like serum on my face, the serum quickly dried out from my skin (not sure if it was absorbed into my skin or simply vaporized), and left my skin even drier, like it has pulled all moisture out of my skin. I have to apply other facial cream or other oil-based serum on my face to relieve the dryness and discomfort.After the terrible and confusing experience, I read the label on the bottle, and here is what it says: ” Warning: Allergic reaction, including: swelling, redness, itch or excessive dryness occurs”. So I did a quick research on the internet to find out what on earth is “hyaluronic acid”. Apparently, this product is not a miracle for everyone: instead of feeling moisturized and hydrated, some people feel the total opposite. Many sources on the internet, as well as the product label, recommend to apply another layer of facial cream or moisturizer following application of the hyaluronic serum.Oh well, I guess this serum is really not for me and I won’t be using it anymore.Update (1/2/14): unfortunately, this company cannot accept the fact this product is not for everyone. So right after I posted my review on Amazon, I got bad rantings already. The truth is – I think the hyaluronic acid serum hurt my skin. And it says so on their warning label (see above). If I have known this already, I would not have purchased this product.

Cathleen Coleman, MI

no results

thought this would be good for face, but doesn’t do anything, so as not to waste it, am using it on my hands.

Evangeline Clearwater, FL

Pretty Good Product!!

I contacted Cosmedica on April 8th and a very nice woman by the name of Tina S. Took the time to respond to me. Let me say first that this company is excellent and I would definitely do business with them. I received the Hyaluronic Acid Serum within 2 days and I was very excited to try it. I waited this long on purpose so that I could give a proper review. I had just did a peel so this came at the right time. I have noticed that my skin is definitely brighter in appearance. It is also very smooth and soft. I am noticing that I’ll have an occasional pimple but it is clears up pretty quickly. Old blemishes are fading :0). I use this with my Retin A serum at night and with my oil of olay during the daytime with my spf. A little goes a long way and helps whatever prouduct your putting on your face to like glide and absorb. I also notice that my face isn’t shiny during the warm weather we’ve had. My face has a matte appearance which is what I like…almost like I have powder on. Will definitely replace when this bottle is done!

James Moore, TX
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COLLAGE Anti Aging Collagen Serum – Best for Wrinkle Treatment – Diminishes Fine Lines and Brightens Skin – Hyaluronic Acid – Vitamin C – Sea Kelp – Niacinamide – for Women and Men

VIBRANT… HEALTHY.. GORGEOUS SKIN…TURN BACK THE AGE CLOCK! The Secret Behind This Amazing Botox Alternative… This Specially Developed Serum Contains a Unique Combination of Premium Active Ingredients that Work to Restore Skin towards an Earlier Age. When You use COLLAGE for 4 Weeks, Expect Your Skin to be: Smooth and Supple Infused with Sea Kelp, Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid, it Provides Your Skin with Nutrients and that Give it the Ability to Retain More Moisture. Your Skin Will Look Healthier while Feeling Softer. Resilient COLLAGE is Enriched with Antioxidants to Protect, plus Vitamin C, Collagen and Betulinic Acid to Stimulate Collagen Production. Feel Your Skin’s Elasticity Improve and Slow Down the Aging Process. Even Toned and Brighter The Unique Combination of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and Vitamin C Brightens Your Complexion. Gotu Kola Helps Even the Surface. See Your Skin Glow! COLLAGE is GUARANTEED to Help You Look Younger AND Prevent Signs of Aging – COLLAGE Works Over Time. Expect to Start Seeing Results After About 1 Month – Natural Ingredients – For All Skin Types – No Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates – Made in USA – No Animal Testing – Designed by female scientists for women The Protege Promise: Your SATISFACTION If You are Not Completely Satisfied with COLLAGE, Contact Protege Within 365 Days of Purchase and They Will Issue a Full Refund. No Questions Asked COLLAGE is a Work of Art. Let it Show Your Skin in a New Light! Our Supplies Run Out Fast at this Price. Add COLLAGE to Your Routine and Order a Bottle RISK FREE of this Fantastic Anti Aging Collagen Serum Now!

Key features

  • REDUCES WRINKLES AND FINE LINES – When You Use COLLAGE, it Restores Collagen Levels, So Your Skin Will Look Smoother and Feel More Supple.
  • GIVES YOUR SKIN A BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT GLOW – COLLAGE Contains Vitamins C and B3 ( Niacinamide ) that Brighten Your Skin to Look More Youthful and Healthy.
  • REPAIRS AND HEALS – This Advanced Formula Contains Gotu Kola and Sea Kelp, that Work Together to Nourish and Stimulate Skin Renewal. Helps Skin Feel Firm and Look More Youthful.
  • UNEQUALED PROTECTION – Defends Skin with Powerful Antioxidants that Protect Against UV Damage. Helps Prevent Signs of Aging to Maintain Your Youth.
  • ★COMPLETE GUARANTEE★ Protege Goes Far Beyond Amazon’s 30 Return Policy by offering a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for Any Reason You are Not Satisfied, Simply Contact Protege for a FULL Refund. No Questions Asked. NOTHING TO RETURN. You Risk Nothing When You Order COLLAGE, So Order Now!

Honest reviews


Collagen what my ageing skin needs!

I gave this Anti Aging Serum a 5 star because I noticed a difference in my skin the first couple of days. When you first apply it feels somewhat sticky. It goes away quickly I also use an under eye serum in conjunction. I am in my 40’s and am beginning with the crows feet and an age spot on my face. My make up goes over this product nicely and my skin stays moisturized all day. I usually feel dry again later in the day, I have not once felt that way since using this product. Collagen is what we need to nourish our ageing skin so I highly recommend this if your considering adding collagen to your skin care routine. Great product. Great Price.

Mitzi Brumley, MO

Helped with Scars

I have surgery on my face and there is a nasty little scar from it. I used this on it and the scar isn’t as deep red like it was.

Robert Goldsboro, MD

It works!! Love it!!

I have been hearing the so much about collagen … and how that is the key to young skin. I have bought so many things .. some super expensive and had not seen a result … I stumbled on this little bottle and I could not be happier. I am 38 and I have noticed a decrease in some of my expression lines and some of the sun damage. I use it morning and before going to sleep. A little bit goes a long way .. so it last forever. I also use it after I use my derma roller. I highly recommend it! A++++ all around.

Francine Blackwell, OK
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