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Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Razor Blade Refills for Men – 5 Count

Traditional Double Edge Blade technology for long time shavers

Key features

  • DOUBLE EDGE SHAVE BLADE technology for classic, sophisticated shavers
  • DURABLE BLADES are coated with chromium and ceramic to resist corrosion

Honest reviews


best razors ever!

Are you looking for razors that not only do the job, but are able to do the job time and time again? What if I told you that you can use the same razorblade for several weeks possibly even MONTHS, and they only get slightly dull as time goes on? That’s exactly what makes Wilkinson Sword razors MUCH better than every other razorblade company I’ve tried thus far. The best part is that these excellent razors are sold relatively cheap at your local Dollar General store.Get this, I’m NOT making this up. I shave every 3-4 days (I have to otherwise I get really itchy!). From July of last year until January of this year, I’ve been using exactly ONE Wilkinson razor the whole time. By late October it finally got a little dull, but it didn’t completely wear out until January of this year. If I can go 6 months using the same exact razor… why bother buying any other brand of razors? It’s clear to me that Wilkinson Sword is the best.I highly recommend ignoring popularity, ignore the ads you see on TV (particularly during sporting events) showing off the top name companies with some pretty boy shaving happily in his bathroom mirror while some generic cheesy macho music plays in the background, and go with Wilkinson Sword. They won’t let you down.

Mina Gold Run, CA


A pack of these came with my Merkur razor. They are the dullest blades I’ve ever used. I actually quit mid-shave and put a Feather blade in to finish. Maybe I just got a bad pack, but I’d never buy these. The Feather blades are maybe the sharpest out there. I probably gave them one star too many. Even a bad blade should be good for one shave. The Wilkenson Sword blade I used wasn’t good for anything.

Dora Mohawk, NY


these we ordered to go with the razor we ordered and they were a great price and we will purchase more

Trisha Amity, PA
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Personna Tri Flex Cartridge, 8 Count

Fits persona and any sensor razor. Three blades aligned with precision to shave close with one stroke. Flexing blades adjust to the contours of your skin. Premium blade coating allows the blades to comfortably glide across skin. Slim cartridge offers greater control in hard to shave areas. Micro matrix to prepare the beard for an incredibly close shave. Vitamin e and aloe lubricating strip reduces skin irritation.

Key features

  • Fits Persona and any Sensor Razor
  • Three Blades aligned with precision to shave close with one stroke
  • Flexing Blades adjust to the contours of your skin

Honest reviews


Padded reviews – bunch of “one-time/five-star” reviews

Most of the 5-star reviews are one offs – in other words, a single review for the reviewer. My guess is that the 1-star reviews are the more accurate. Really sleazy.

Margie Toquerville, UT

Have These Gotten Worse? They Used to be Great!

I’ve definitely used Personna razor cartridges in the past, because they’re notably cheaper than the brand-name ones, and that’s basically all I care about. They worked flawlessly for me then, so when I found them here, it was an obvious purchase.These, however, are really really awful. Maybe there was some batch of terribly unsharp and poor quality blades that a handful of us here got… or maybe they’ve just started making these more cheaply than before.All I know is that I’m still very confused, because I’ve never had such bad luck with these razors. It’s probably still worth taking your chances and buying a smaller pack of these to see how yours turn out, but I wouldn’t recommend the 24 pack for now.

Earline Centerville, MA


My husband bought these because the reviews said they worked just as good as Gillette Sensor ones. They do not. Unfortunately he now has 24 blades to use.

Opal Petrolia, TX
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