Soft ‘N Style Hair Donut Black, 0.005 Ounce

Use to create buns and up-do’s. Simply pull pony tail through donut and pin hair to achieve the look you want. Easy to use and lightweight.

Key features

  • Simply pull pony tail through donut and pin hair to achieve the look you want
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight

Honest reviews


Great product

I ordered this product last week and it came very quickly (Within 2 days). I’m active duty military and you have to have your hair up if it is longer than your collar. (I have shoulder length hair that is kinda thick.) This product makes it much easier to do that. Its made out of this plastic mesh material that really holds on to your hair. I would reccomend to make a ponytail before you put the “doughnut” on just to give it some extra stability, but I would reccomend this product for anyone.

Rosanne Universal, IN

Better than a sock

My sister got me into “sock buns” a few weeks ago and though I loved the idea of it, the socks just didn’t hold very well. This hair donut however, is awesome. It’s made of this grippy-meshy material that does a much better job of ‘grabbing” my hair. I still had to practice before I was able to make ‘perfect buns’ – but it was well worth it.The trick for me was to:1) NOT look in the mirror because that always messed me up for some reason2) Roll the donut down while making sure to push my hair in the donut to keep it tight3) NOT adjust it while rolling it down – I did this at the end4) Keep rolling when I thought I was done rolling, I rolled it once more5) THEN I would adjust my hair and bring the gap closed…sometimes I need a bobby pin or twoIf my hair acts up, I sometimes run my hand under some water and pull down on my pony tail to lightly wet my hair – this isn’t always needed when my hair decides it wants to behave!I finish the look off with a head band most times.This is a great look when I only want to spend a few minutes on my hair.

Edwina Boswell, AR

Even better than a sock!

Like many of you, I dove right into the Pinterest craze of sock buns and home decor.Considering myself to be adept at traditional ballet buns (i.e. lots of bobby pins), I loved the perfect bun I could (occasionally) achieve with the sock technique.The problem is that not all socks are the same. When I lost my "magic" sock, I found this guy– the Soft ‘N Style Hair Donut Black. I think it might be even better. Unlike the socks (magic or otherwise), this thing actually grips your hair. I should mention that I have fine, straight hair that can be on the slippery side. Also I feel like I can get a much tighter bun with the donut, and so far it hasn’t stretched out at all.To use: pull dry hair into a pony tail, feed tail through middle of donut, slide donut toward end of the tail (leaving a couple of inches), wrap the ends around one side of the donut, and begin simultaneously rolling down and stuffing your hair under. Your hair will typically spread itself around the donut on it’s own as you roll/stuff. Works like a charm!

Ellen Chatom, AL
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SaveGoodBuy Bundle 3 Pieces Hair Chignon Donut Bun Maker

Hair Stylers Mesh Chignon can be a strong hold when hair is pinned to it. Ii’s perfect for women of all ages. If you this bundle, you could have 3 different size Donut BUN maker. So Please choose the color you like

Key features

  • Lightweight and Flexible * Washable
  • Color: Three colors for choose
  • Very simple to DIY your hair style at home
  • Package: 3pcs Donut bun maker. Large, Medium,Small size each one piece

Honest reviews


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Chignon!!!

I got this last week in my mailbox and used it for the first time yesterday. I had a party to attend and I decided to go with the top bun look! So I put this at the end of my ponytail and kept rolling upwards, until I achieved the look! And once I was at the party, I cant tell you how many people complimented my look and how professionally done it looked! People were asking me how you made it so flawlessly! Of course, now I know and they know it as well! Seriously, it is worth the money and 100 times better than the sock bun! The sock bun still might have a chance of being messy, but this – NO WAY! It is just epic! My mom loved the look so much, that she’s asked me to order one for herself too!I made the bun using the TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray and once the bun was in place, I just sprayed that on top of the look, in order to hold any fly aways in place. And, just to tell you how secure the bun was, let me add this – I never had to use a single bobby pin or anything! I didnt really need the hair spray either, but I used it for those smaller uneven length hair. If your hair length is uniform, you wont need the hairspray; otherwise, simply couple the final look with any hard hold hairspray you have. I personally love the TIGI one!I even slept the night with the bun on, and when I woke up, it was still intact, and just in place! And, I had some nice curls in my hair too! 🙂 So, one day you could have the top bun look, the other day, you effortlessly, get the waves 🙂 No heating, no styling! Totally natural :)I got this 3 piece set, and I used the smallest one for my hair, and it was about right on my face. Sufficiently big actually. I wouldnt use the medium and the large size, becoz I think they would be hugeee on my face. I can confidently say that the smallest one would be usually perfect for most people, and you can actually avoid getting the 3 piece set, and instead opt for the single smallest size individually from amazon. But it depends on your preference. I go with the smallest size and its just perfect for look. For the other 2 sizes, I cant comment since I havnt tried them on, and wont, most likely. But will post an update in case I do. Also, I dont have very thick volumnous hair. I have very fine hair and they are thin too in volume, so I was concerned that they might not cover the chignon properly and evenly, and thus I opted for the smallest size. And not only my hair covered it veryyy well, but the size of the bun was right too! Now I know my hair can cover the bigger sizes of this as well, but the bigger-bun look wont be my personal preference.Anyways, even without the spray, i am telling you, it wont budge a mm! And the best part is that you hair wont feel like its been stretched or damaged in any way! It’s soo comfortable to use that you wont have a problem! In fact, I was concerned that i might have breakage of hair, since my hair would be so tightly held up in the chignon! But not a single hair got entangled in it and let me add- I have pretty long hair. Touching my waist. Just be patient especially while rolling it on the top, just when you have the last roll to make. And you’d be the show-stopper! :)I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this! It’s a wonderful product and I am ordering one for my mom right away! Trust me, you will soooo love it! I for one, sure do 🙂

Jenny Show Low, AZ

Over rated

I see how this works but it’s too risky for me since I’m afraid of a little hair parting away and revealing a large mound of plastic underneath. A great hairstyle piece if you don’t move around a lot and just stay in one position all day on a non-windy day. Perfect for people who like to check the mirror every hour and primp.

Shanna Eagle, MI

Delivery sucks

I ordered these and never got them all because I think they require a signature. I had bought these for a friend with blonde hair – never got them . Better to buy in person.

Natalia Teeds Grove, IA
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Bumpits 21429 Hair volumizing Leave-in Inserts, Dark Brown/Black

Gives hair more volume instantly. Great for casual and formal occasions

Key features

  • Contains one each, small, medium & large
  • Create dozen of styles
  • Comfortable, self-gripping inserts
  • Includes teasing comb and styling guide

Honest reviews


Fun product for Halloween

I was told these were difficult to put in. I had no problem at all. It was fun to wear for my Halloween costume, and who knows I might even use it everyday. Sure gave my hair plenty of volume. Great product.

Angelique Elmhurst, NY

I never use it

I don’t know if its beause I don’t know how it works, but I find it really wear. It doesn’t stick to the hair and falls again and again. I would not recommend this product in particular if you are like me, just spending 5 to 10 minutes in the morning to get ready.

Virginia Lexington, MS

Love the look!!

These work great. Part your hair, place on the part, fold hair over and adjust…voila! The little one was great when I pulled my hair around the sides and put a barette in it. can’t wait to tey more styles.

Marci Taylor, MO
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* With the Magic Styling wand, you’ll do French twists, buns, the Top Spider, and a dozen updated trendy styles in seconds. * So simple to use!! It likes a flexible hair roller; ends of hair are tucked in and rolled around the comfortable lightweight wand until the wand is hidden in your hair. * The added narrow opening helps hold layers as you roll hair into a style. * And it’s special inside wire holds the hairstyle in place all day long. * Contents: 2 large with 2 small hair sponge

Key features

  • Body Care / Beauty Care SODIAL- 4pcs Magic Foam Sponge Clip Hair Styling Donut Bun Former Maker (2 Large+2 Small…

Honest reviews


Not great for medium length hair

I think this product would work best for people who have very long hair. Since my hair is layered and a few inches past my shoulder it did a very poor job of holding the bun together. It took so many bobby pins to help keep the hair in place and even then the sponge clip was showing. I prefer my hair donuts 10x more.

Ila Birney, MT

I have too much hair

Seems that it would work if I had about a foot less hair. But I have hair down to my butt and I can’t get this thing to hold and it barely wraps around the bun when I do get it in.

Inez Stuyvesant, NY

spong clip

sponge styling hair clip. easy to use. convenoent. small enough to pupt in your purse or pocket. bun never easy tod do

Tammi Pitkin, CO
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