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The Brush Guard Powder/Kabuki Pack 4 Large

The Brush Guard is an entirely new brush care product which allows brushes to be washed and then dried in the best way possible: bristles down, and then stored with the vulnerable bristles protected. The Brush Guard is a new, patented product which takes brush care to a whole new level of easy, effective hygiene. Visit our website for more information:

Key features

  • This package contains 4 of the largest size of The Brush Guard, sized to fit your largest brushes, including your kabuki brushes!
  • Slip over the whole kabuki brush from direction of handle, then ‘squeeze’ it out in the same direction.
  • Price includes tax [excluding California] & shipping for domestic orders.

Honest reviews


Fits great and protects my brushes

I love these for traveling and every day storage. It keeps my brushes in nice shape. I keep my makeup brushes behind a lot of stuff so the cat won’t scratch her face on them and pushing the guards down fraying out the bristles. It collects dust on the guard so my brushes don’t have a bunch of lint in them. A little circle of dust will collect but that’s okay, I just dust it off and use it. It’s better than the whole brush having fuzz.

Ana Mastic, NY

Does what it says!

Works very well in getting your brushes back to it’s original shape. If you have expensive brushes, this is a must have!

Maryanne Clinton, NY

Great for large brushes

I bought these Brush Guards because the protective case for my kabuki brush was slowly disintegrating, which made it harder to keep it in good condition and still take it with me on the go. I was not disappointed– the brush guard is easy to use and fits well over a M.A.C. #180 buffer brush. Definitely give it a try if you are regularly taking your makeup brushes with you or need a way to keep the brush’s shape intact while drying after cleaning them.

Nanette Veradale, WA
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Coastal Scents Brush Purifier, 10.72 Ounce

Clean and sanitize your brushes with the Brush Purifier. This cleansing solution will condition your brushes which will make them last longer. Removes any unwanted bacteria growth to promote healthier looking skin.

Key features

  • Help maintain your brushes with this brush purifier
  • Great cleaning solution for your brushes
  • Removes unwanted bacteria

Honest reviews


doesn’t do anything at all

like the title said it doesn’t do anything. i already used almost the entire bottle to clean the brushes but the brushes still weren’t clean, even when i work the stinking solution into the brushes. this is a waste of money!!!! DON’T BUY THIS BRUSH CLEANER IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!. i found a solution to getting the brushes clean but i don’t think its safe but i’m gonna do it anyway, fantastik heavy duty cleanser and dish-washing liquid got the makeup out the first time using it.

Ophelia Northwood, IA

Effective without drying out brushes.

At the price offered I can’t complain about the product. It won’t get the stains out of your brushes if you’ve used dark eye make-up on a light colored brush, but I will clean the make-up out of them! I used maybe 2 ounces of solution to clean about 10 brushes. The solution has a “sanitizer” scent to it, but doesn’t create suds.My brushes didn’t dry out afterwards which made me SUPER happy! Will totally buy more when I needed.

Amalia Murfreesboro, AR

love it!

This works great for my brushes. it really gets all the guck and dirt out of my brushes.because you have to clean your brushes weekly i just wish the bottle was bigger so that way it would last me longer, but over all great product.

Sasha Wallace, NC
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The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

This is the first ever complete make-up brush cleaning kit to get the ickies out! What are the Ickies in your make-up brush? Dead skin cells, oil, dirt & dust, bacteria and old make-up. Yuck! Don’t put the Ickies on your face! Cleaning and drying your brushes is fun with The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit. Suds up with the luxurious Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo’s organic natural anti-bacterials and conditioners (refills are $12.95). The unique Washing Cup is designed to release the Ickies. Blot the bristles, shape them and slip on The Brush Guard. Now let your clean brushes dry bristle-down in the ventilated Drying Vase. Gravity pulls moisture away from the ferrule (the metal part) so your brushes last longer Your brushes dry in perfect shape. Store your brushes with The Brush Guard on to safeguard the tender bristles. (Variety Pack retails separately for $8.95) The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit is the first-ever complete brush care system, so special that it’s patent pending. Please visit our website: for a demonstration.

Key features

  • The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit is the first complete brush care kit to Get the Ickies Out.
  • Each kit has: 4 oz. bottle Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo with natural anti-bacterials & conditioners,
  • 100% ultra soft and absorbent bamboo blotting cloth, Washing Station with special textured cleansing surface
  • Ventilated Drying Vase and a full Variety Pack of The Brush Guard.
  • The first complete brush care kit to keep your brushes, your skin and your make-up at their best!

Honest reviews



If you,re on a budget, it wouldn’t be worth to buy this whole set because you can get the brush guards for 5 dollars and the other stuff that come with this set are only brush shampoo, a small towel and 2 small cups, which you can always improvise for a baby shampoo and your own similar cups at home that you dont use. If practicality and frugality are your priority, just get the brush guards and substitute everything else.

Jaime Pearl, MS

I love this cleaning kit!!! life is so much easier now! =)

There are two cups. The teal colored cup has is textured at the bottom of the cup so that you can scrub your brushes at the bottom and remove the makeup and bacteria off the brush hairs. Also, I like that the other cup has openings to allow the brushes to dry. However, I only put my eyeshadow brushes in there because my face brushes takes too long to dry in such an enclosed space. Even though the towel is small, it feels really nice and great for wiping off excess water from the brushes before putting it in the brush guards. The brush guards are amazing. A classmate had originally given me a set for free. I love that they have a variety of sizes to fit big, medium, and the smallest brushes (eyeliner and brow brushes). The brush gaurds can be sold separately. Its nice that they include some in this kit. They are also stiff so it sits up in the cup rather than sliding downwards. I am not a huge fan of the cleaning solution. Its really thick and difficult to get out of the bottle. I like the bare minerals cleaner a lot better. But overall, this is a great deal for a cleaning kit!! I LOVE it!!

Shelley Yukon, OK

Stop Playing

If you don’t have this already, you need to get some. I switch from the expensive MAC cleaner to this. It does the same or better job as the expensive ones, but you get a bonus, the brush guards and drying cup. This left my brushes fresh and back in new condition. They looked like new brushes after the first use. Also, this product is pushing a much need message, "Clean your makeup brushes, keeps your makeup contaminate free and last longer". In exchanged some of the breakout you’re having will disappear after you start cleaning your utensils after each use.

Nadia Sonoma, CA
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Benjabelle Mini Brush Tree

By drying your brushes vertically, you protect their bristles and keep water from the ferrule The Benjabelle Mini Brush Tree can hold 24 of your thinner eye and lip brushes. Even smaller than its big sister, the Mini Brush Tree takes up less of your valuable counter space. When collapsed it tucks away for easy storage. We use only safe american made material in our brush Trees. The super soft silicone grippers are peroxide free and meets FDA safety rules. It will safely hold but never damage your brushes.

Key features

  • The Mini Brush Tree dries your thin brushes perfectly each time
  • All your brushes drying safely in one place
  • Designed for your thin brushes
  • Safe materials protect your brushes
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Honest reviews



I know these are made for make up brushes, but the key word here is" brushes". I just got it, out it together in seconds AND LOOOOOOOOOOVE it. I am now going to buy more. As Artists we need to keep and dry our brushes tip down, especially watercolour brushes as a size 12 in Pure Kolinsky Sable will cost you up to $175!! When water gets into the brushes ferrule, it degrades the brush and the brush also CANNOT be left with the tip down or standing in water.This is the perfect solution. A Must have!!!

Jamie Kilgore, TX

Love Love Love it

I’m so happy I found this thing. I’m actually considering buying another one because this one is suppose to be for the smaller brushes and I actually do shove my Sigma F80’s in there anyway LOL which makes it a pretty tight squeeze and that is fine but I’ve got alot more brushes than when I first got this and this one is full now.

Mary Sycamore Valley, OH


I love this brush tree! Before I would just dry my brushes with towels and use smaller towels so that I could have my bristles facing down. This makes it so much easier and I only need to use one medium towel to dry my brushes and then just hang them upside down. Must have!

Dana Derwood, MD
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Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner, 32oz

Over his 50-year career, Maurice Stein’s Academy Award-winning (Planet of the Apes, 1969) makeup artistry has touched the faces of some of the brightest stars of film, television, and commercials-even three US presidents. He has worked on over 200 films and television shows and has more than 4,000 commercials to his credit.

Key features

  • Hand Wash only
  • Made in USA
  • Fun for all ages

Honest reviews


Vanilla? Huh?….

While this did get my brushes clean, I must regrettably admit that the smell to cost ratio is a little high. I’m not going to repurchase this cleaner because I think 99% alcohol will remove the makeup and leave my brushes clean enough for an operating room. The added benefit of 99% alchohol is that when the tears stream down because I accidentally caught a glimpse of all the wrinkles and spots before I have a chance to “remove” them with the brushes and makeup, I can take a little swig to numb the pain before going off to playtime at the park with all those moms that are two decades younger than me.Edit, August 2013: Okay, okay… after using it a few times I’ve decided it’s better than I initially thought. I did try the alcohol, but could only get 92% because of living in Hawaii… only medical supply places sell 99% and trying to find someone to ship it is impossible. SO, I’ve decided to repurchase this cleaner. It works faster and better than the 92% alcohol, dries so quickly, and the smell has grown on me.

Lesa Sloan, IA

GREAT brush cleaner, does exactly as stated…

I am very happy with this product & will buy it again. It did clean & take off ALL the make up on my Sigma brushes within a few seconds. It does have a pleasant Vanilla scent which is a bonus. It sure beats cleaning brushes the old fashioned way of soaking, scrubbing, & waiting forever for brushes to dry. I bought the 4 oz. bottle. Next time I will buy the bigger economy size because depending upon how many brushes you need cleaned it’s more economical.

Minnie Tiplersville, MS

Great brush cleaner

My hairdresser/makeup artist friend recommend this stuff and it really works! You don’t need a lot to get your brushed really clean and has a light vanilla after fragrance.

Sheree Hamburg, AR
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Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree

By drying your brushes vertically, you protect their bristles and keep water from the ferrule. The Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree can hold 2 large brushes, 4 medium and 8 of your thinner eye and lip brushes. The same size as the Mini Brush Tree, the Daisy is compact and perfect for drying your brushes in any space. When collapsed, the Daisy is the size of popular e-book readers. It stores flat so you can tuck it away for easy storage. We use only American made material in our Brush Trees. The super soft silicone grippers are peroxide free and meet FDA safety rules. They will safely hold but never damage your brushes.

Key features

  • The Daisy Brush Tree dries all sized brushes.
  • Big or Small Brushes Fit!
  • Smaller and more compact than the Original
  • New Tab Lock Leg Design makes the Daisy even more stable
  • Holds 14 brushes

Honest reviews


Great Makeup Brush Holder Invention

Greatest invention since sliced bread, wished I had thought of it! I used it the moment it arrived and enjoyed putting it together, dried my washed brushes within a few hours and then I disassembled it, put it back in it’s white fold in box and stored it away for next time. Needed this years ago! So glad the company thought of different sizes, I could only afford this one and it’s enough for my collection of makeup brushes. Bless Benjabelle!

Ruth Mc Lean, NY

Love this brush tree for my watercolour brushes!!!

I am an artist and I have to say that this is fabulous!!! As we all know we must keep out brushes with the tip down and this works well, especially since one Kolinsky hair brush will cost you about $300!!!!! I have the mini tree for my regular size rushes up to 12 and this one has larger circles for my brushes with thick handles, for instance my Da Vinci Mix B in size 30.The only thing is I wish it was twice as tall, but then again it was made for cosmetic not art brushes and the handles on cosmetic brushes are only about 5" tall, where as mine an be as tall as 12".To whoever sells this, you should list it in the art section under paint brushes, you will sell a tone of them I am sure.

Annette Springville, IA

Just what I needed!

Does exactly what it’s intended to do and my brushes dry twice as fast as just laying them out, plus with them hanging from the handles there is no need to worry about moisture getting into the ferrule and ruining your brushes!

Rachel Crittenden, KY
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Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner 16oz

Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner is the preferred brush cleaner among professional film and television makeup artists. It is an environmentally safe product that thoroughly and gently cleans sable, squirrel and other fine brushes. This unique cleaner dissolves all types of makeup products (powder, liquid, wax-based and adhesive) while conditioning and disinfecting brush hair. No artificial colors or fragrances are added. Parian Spirit is made from citrus spirits and leaves a clean look and smell to the brush. Also Parian Spirit will not damage the paint or wooden handle of a brush.

Key features

  • Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cleans, Conditions and Disinfects
  • Active ingredient is citrus-based
  • Parian Spirit containers are recyclable and we always ship our professional brand with recycled packing material.

Honest reviews


Love it!

I use this to clean my brushes and it leaves them clean and smelling like delicious oranges! Its very gentle and I use it daily with the parian spirit jar. Keeps my high end brushes in great condition!

Bobbi River Edge, NJ

The best cosmetic brush cleaner around, period

I say this is the best because I’ve used dozens of brush cleaners on hundreds of brushes over the last 30 years, This is the one I will not be without. Very effective yet gentle on bristles, dries quickly, and I personally love the citrus smell. Nothing degreases a foundation brush like this does. Japonesque used to sell this same formulation but they appear to have discontinued it. I put this in a spray bottle, spray my brushes after every use, and wipe off with a microfiber washcloth. I use it just about every day and have never had any breakage or change in bristle texture. After wiping, I do let brushes dry for a few hours if I’m working with powder, but for creams, liquids, and gels, I keep right on going. Quick, easy, effective.

Marci Valmora, NM

Works Awesome!

I love this brush cleaner! I use it to clean my brushes after every use. I still have to do a deep clean every week, but this works great and smells like oranges.

Roslyn Glencross, SD
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Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove – Aqua

WHY WE LOVE IT: The dual-sided glove provides a complete cleaning process for both eye and face brushes. WHAT IT DOES: The Sigma Beauty Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove was specially designed as a quick, easy and effective method to deep clean your makeup brush collection. The revolutionary device offers a variety of necessary textures and surfaces for removing all makeup from brushes while using only a small amount of cleaning solution.   Brush Cleaning How-To: • WASH – Add a small amount of cleaning solution and water to glove and swirl brush on ‘Wash’ texture to begin deep cleaning the brush(es). • RINSE – Place brush under running water and sweep brush back and forth on the ‘Rinse’ texture of the glove to remove makeup residue & soap. • REFINE – Swirl brush on the ‘Refine’ texture of the glove for an added deep cleaning • RINSE – Place brush under running water & sweep brush back and forth on the ‘Rinse’ texture for a final rinse. • SHAPE – Reshape brush bristles by placing brush head on the ‘Shape’ section of the glove while squeezing with your hand to remove excess water. ADDITIONAL INFO: Patent pending.

Key features

  • The Sigma Spa ® Brush Cleaning Glove was specially designed as a quick, easy and effective method to deep clean your makeup brush collection. The revolutionary device offers a variety of necessary textures and surfaces for removing all makeup from brushes while using only a small amount of cleaning solution. The dual-sided glove provides a complete cleaning process for both eye and face brushes. Patent pending.
  • Patent Pending, innovative, first-of-its-kind design.

Honest reviews


wtf…….it’s an oven mitt

it’s an oven mitt…… oven mitt. sigma is repackaging oven mitts as brush cleaners and selling them for almost 40 bucks and you can find the exact or almost exact thing on here or in your local drug store or supermarket between 5 to 20 bucks. it’s an oven mitt……’s an overpriced oven mitt.

Noemi Lithonia, GA

Easiest Way to Clean Brushes!

I purchased this Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove to handle the many high-end brushes I use on a daily basis – including Sigma, MAC and Hourglass (foundation). The glove is very easy to use and, I believe, does a better job in really getting the brushes clean. And using this glove does not require a lot of brush cleanser.

Connie Arriba, CO


I have smaller brushes that I use for contouring and they’re always a pain in the butt to clean. This cleaning glove has saved my life. I’m really happy with my purchase and recommend it to those who have a large collection of brushes. It’s quite pricey so make sure it’s going to be worth it!

Rowena Greenwich, CT
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The Brush Guard Variety Pack

The Brush Guard is an entirely new brush care product which allows brushes to be washed and then dried in the best way possible: bristles down, and then stored with the vulnerable bristles protected. The Brush Guard is a new, patented product which takes brush care to a whole new level of easy, effective hygiene. Visit our website for more information:

Key features

  • The Variety Pack has all four sizes.
  • 1 ex small shadow/liner, 2 small for blush, 2 mediums for foundation, 1 large for Kabuki/Powder,
  • The Brush Guard makes brush hygiene easy, and keeps brushes in perfect shape.
  • Clean brushes + clean make-up = beautiful skin!
  • Brushes are a touching experience–make it better with The Brush Guard.

Honest reviews


It’s Alright

Pros: great for traveling as my brushes won’t get squashed and the bristles mishapen. If your brushes have stray bristles sticking out after washings or has splayed out and isn’t as compact or dense as it used to be, the brush guard will really fix these problems. So these are the things that I love about the it.Cons: Some of my brush handles are actually very thick, so I had to use the brush guard meant for powder brushes on my blush brush. One of the blush brush guards actually fit my powder brush.This is included in the instructions, but I’ll mention it as well. Do not put your brushes in this bristles first. You will ruin your brushes. Also, there may be some fraying of the brush guard when you use it the first time. This is normal. I just hope it doesn’t fray all the way, as then the product will be useless.Make sure that when you wash your brushes, that you gently squeeze the excess water out and maybe even blot with a towel. Otherwise, your brushes will be dripping wet and take forever to dry.Also, unless you store your brushes upside down, dust will still get on your brushes. If you have the room, just keep them stored upside down so dust doesn’t settle on them.I may or may not purchase more, but I’m happy with the variety pack I’ve already gotten.Update: I’ve found if the brush gaurd doesn’t properly fit a brush and you dry it upside down, it can backslide and make some of your bristles fray. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid when I bought this product. With so many different brushes, it’s hard to find a good fit. I guess I’ll just lay my brushes flat to dry from now on. This is still good for traveling, but you can always use a brush case as well for traveling. Also, it takes longer than usual to dry my brushes with this product.

Wendi Rock Island, WA

It is a great product for drying brushes

I was fortunate to find these at a select mass retailer for a slightly lower price. Before using them right after I shampooed my brushes, I started to flex them and stretch them out because I noticed that the opening can be stiff and at times the opening is not opening all the way open. I did it a few times before I felt comfortable in inserting my brushes. My natural hair brushes took a little bit longer to dry but it still didn’t take long. My synthetic brushes took about eight hours to dry, basically overnight, but I have low humidity in my room. I usually have several brushes to spare while deep cleaning other brushes so I don’t care if they don’t dry quickly. I plan to get some more, specifically for my eyeshadow brushes, but plan to get the small Brush Guard instead of the extra small. The extra small seems to be too small for my eyeshadow brushes but I guess I have the big handle brushes.

Merle Dunlap, CA

Fray easily, otherwise easy to use and helpful for cleaning/traveling

I bought this pack to help with cleaning a couple brushes and I also use them for travel to keep my brushes nice. They fray pretty easily, which is a bummer, but I guess they are not too expensive to replace.

Estelle Keego Harbor, MI
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