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Designer Skin Luminary 25x Black Label XXV Bronzer w/Silicone 13.5 oz


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I ordered this product through Glamour Tanning, and the product arrived completely wrapped, sealed, and 100% authentic! I have been using CA Tan Cypher 2011 for my body lotion, but for the first time today I use Luminary in a stand up bed for 7 min (max is 10!). Holy cow!!! I could FEEL my skin tanning, and afterwards I felt soo moisturized. I actually looked a shade darker too, immediately! I feel like my skin has been getting more tan throughout the day, too! The smell is decent (kind of unisex, fresh) and the lotion is kind of thick compared to the Cypher. I prefer the way Cypher feels on my skin, but I LOVE the way this lotion TANS ME!! I could feel it working and I’m super excited to see how it does on my beach vacation in a couple of days. 🙂

Mitzi Towanda, IL

First Try

I bought this because I have used the Luminary Face lotion in the past and loved the way it made my skin feel. This lotion has a very strong scent, kind of masculine in my opinion… You know it has a lot of bronzers in it because the lotion itself is really dark in color compared to some others I have tried. I like the way it easily moisturized my skim, however I’m not crazy about the scent, but that I can deal with!

Celeste Potomac, IL

Guy review, does NOT tan me well enough

Uhhhhh this tanning lotion is on my bad lotion category. The smell is nice and it’s 100% authentic because the guy at my tanning salon confirmed it when I asked him *lol* but I don’t really notice a big difference on my tan when I use it on a level 3 stand up bed or the lay down bed. I’m 19 and Hispanic so I have a nice tan on me and I started tanning when I was 16 so I’ve used many tanning lotions. I would not purchase this lotion ever again! The best tanning lotion I’ve used that has given me the best color has been a Worship Me by Designer-skin and the best scent on a tanning lotion that also gave me GREATTTT color was Tao by Designer-skin. The scent on this Luminary isn’t very girly or manly, I myself don’t care about smelling girly or manly as long as it works but this lotion didn’t do for me.I have used over 16 Tanning lotions and this one seriously is on my bottom 5’s. The shipment was fast and the bottle arrived to my mailbox without a scratch on it, The lotion sorta has a shimmer to it that I love but that’s about it!My recommendation is if you want great deep color go for Worship Me (smells like honey no tingle UNISEX) or with my second fav Tao smells AMAZING especially for men! SKIP THIS LOTION!!

Jodie Barco, NC
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Snooki Instant Sunless Self Tanning Body Bronzing Spray 7.5z by Supre [Beauty]

Let a tan and sexy glow become your reality in an instant with Snooki Sunless Tanning Body Bronzing Spray. This airbrush tanner provides an immediate sun kissed glow for flawless coverage and a more natural looking tan. • Instant bronzers deliver immediate sun-kissed color while self-tanners develop within 2-4 hours for a smooth even natural looking tan. • SoftChic skin moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond oil hydrate skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and sexy. • Super fine 360 airbrush spray for flawless coverage every time. • Quick Drying formula. • Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Vegan.

Key features

  • Instant bronzers deliver immediate sun-kissed color while self-tanners develop within 2-4 hours for a smooth even natural looking tan.
  • SoftChicTM skin moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond oil hydrate skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and sexy.
  • Super fine 360 airbrush spray for flawless coverage every time.
  • Quick Drying formula.
  • Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Vegan.

Honest reviews


omg i love it so muchhi

this stuff worked so good, I saw all the positive reviews so I knew it would be good, but not this good! it was so easy to apply, took less then five mins, which is such a big plus for me, cus I normally don’t have time for this stuff no matter how much I want to use it, and it was instant pretty not orange but natural tan, and it lasted, and the spray bottle was not only pretty, but super easy to use ALL over my body all by myself! this is the best spray tan there is, I have tried way to many and gave up, glad I gave it one last shot with this, I will buy more this week and use this all the time now. I have to make sure I keep this stuff! so I recommend this as a must must have!

Caitlin Goreville, IL

I like it

Nice dark color, which I like. the smell isnt too bad either. It has moisturizers which make my skin feel very smooth after applying. and i like the shimmer it gives with the bronzer.

Emily Bartlesville, OK

A must have!

I purchased this bronzing spray to enhance my tan. I’ve heard many horror stories about spray tans & bronzing sprays making you look orange.My daughter was excited to try it first because many of her friends use similar products. My daughter who’s bi-racial (African American and Caucasian) and has a light golden complexion LOVED the results. I was so amazed at how she literally glowed! I was so excited to try it after seeing her results. I’m Caucasian and use platinum level (12 minute) tanning beds twice a week btw. I was amazed at the instant color results from a light sweeping motion back and forth to cover my chest area. I would recommend light coverage the first time you use this product because the color develops with time, and you end up actually darker in a few hours. I’m placing another order this week because this is a must have for summer! It’s a great product, goes on easy, no orange color and smells better than I expected. This product was a perfect match for two different skin tones. Totally worth a try for less than $20.

Michaela Green Ridge, MO
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Hard Candy Glow All the Way Luminizer Doll Face 319

This luxurious body and face luminizer illuminates all skin tones with a pearlescent glow. Shimmery and pigmented, the Glow All The Way Hard Candy Luminizer gives your skin lasting, radiant shine.

Key features

  • Infused with 24 karat gold for a million dollar look
  • DOLL FACE 319
  • 24 karat gold
  • Instantly highlights skin tone with a hint of rosy color to create a beautiful, youthful skin tone

Honest reviews


This product is just “okay”.

I LOVE the majority of HARD CANDY Cosmetic products. I was very happy when they started selling their items in WALMART, for LESS than it was being sold in SEPHORA. But this item is just “OKAY” for me. The packaging for this item gets 3 stars, while the actual product itself doesn’t get no more than 1 star. This item gets alot of “KUDOS” & positive talk on YOUTUBE vids, but I have better brands of illuminator/hi lighters in my make up stash. Despite this fact, I try my best to use it every now and again (I have both the Gold & Pink tube) they pretty much just take up space in my make up drawer.CONS: Its thick in consistency, and you will really have to blend it before it looks nice, Maybe if you dilute it a little with a spritz of water it will thin it out a bit.PROS: The tube is a nice size tube. Its large, so you get alot of product for a great price. It is not glittery or too sparkley.

Tracie Fox Island, WA

my go to glow!!!!!

this is my go to product for an instant natural glow!! its pretty light irredesent pink shade flatters all skn tones!! i love it all seasons!! i have tried many illuminizers–and for this price–this is a winner!! for all my beauty junkies–try it–u have nothing2 lose and a beautiful, soft glow 2 gain!! what are u waiting for!!

Melissa Dudley, NC


I use this with other skin glowing things, but this product works amazing on all skin tones. it is cheaper than Josie Maran Illuminizer but does the same thing, great price and quick delivery.

Rosa Cleveland, OK
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Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Spray, Medium/Dark, 6 Ounce

Body drench quick tan instant self tanner gives a natural looking year-round tan. Tinted formula makes it easy to see where to apply. Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow. Natural-looking sunless tan.

Key features

  • Tinted formula makes it easy to see where to apply
  • Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow
  • Natural-looking sunless tan
  • Develops in 3-5 hours

Honest reviews



There were three great pro’s: 1) I didn’t find that my skin was orange. It was more of a brown.2) It didn’t "drizzle" or have droplets at any time (even towards the end of the bottle/use.)3) I used exfoliating gloves (per others recommendations, using just a loofa sponge didn’t work) andwith the gloves the spray was very even and not pitted.The cons: 1) Others said, "spray lightly and that’s all you need" – BS I had just a hint of color.2) I really didn’t see much difference. I had to spray three times to even tab bit of nice color, and still I felt that it wasenough, let alone I used a whole can almost.3) If I could get a nice color easily, without having to feel disgusting in my bed sheets and clothes for a few nights ina row and then having to wash them, then maybe it would be better. But this is too much work, to "dirty" feeling.

Janette Cortlandt Manor, NY

My favorite so far

Best tan I’ve used in a while. I’ve tried a few products and I wasn’t impressed. I came to this by recommendation by a friend. It’s messy as hell so use it in the shower. I used it with a tanning mit so I could evenly apply. The bad thing about this is that you’ll go through a bottle in a week or two max, depending how much you use. It keeps you looking bronze (not orange) for up to a week with minimal fading, but the bad thing is (And i’ve noticed this with every tan i’ve used and it could just be because I’m not exfoliating enough?) is once it begins to fade, good luck getting that wonderful all over color again.At sallys this thing is like $23 for a bottle so this is a great deal. I’d say if you’re considering a new tanner you should try this one. It dries fast and doesn’t leave a horrible tanning smell.

Edna Kennan, WI

Great product! Very natural color.

I’ve bought quite a few self INSTANT tanners and this one is the best. It goes on evenly and does not streak. The formula dries fast too. I like the cap sprayer as it has never clogged, stopped working or fallen off like other brands. This is a good value and I am a big fan. I will be sticking to the brand from now on.

Yolanda Wakeman, OH
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Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer with SPF 15, RESERVE YOUR CABANA

Quality you can trust from Wet N’ Wild . Great Value! Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Bronzer with SPF 15 – Reserve your Cabana.

Key features

  • 1 Piece

Honest reviews


Gives me natural glow without being greezy

I have a very oily skin, but with following the step of getting a flowless foundation coverage and using this product on my forehead, bridge of the nose and cheakbones I get a really very natural glow, which is beautiful. Highly recommend this product.

Phoebe Herman, PA

Too light to be a bronzer

I wanted it for a Bronzer but the color is way too light no matter how much you put on, so I use it as a foundation powder instead. I guess I need to buy a darker one…

Jennifer Savoy, TX


This IS a bronzer, it’s for pale girls. I was so excited there’s finally a bronzer light enough for me. It’s really hard to find! Perfect and lasts a long time! Thanks wet n wild!

Shirley Lehman, PA
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Supre Sweet & Sexy 20X Black Bronzer

Regualr – 20X Bronzer – Lotion – 10 ounces * Extra dark BabyDoll bronzers blended with Tantalize Dark Tanning Complex take your skin to new levels of deep rich golden color. * Skin firming extracts leave you with a more toned and tightened appearance in all the right places, while a sweet hydrating blend of floral extracts leave your skin petal soft and smooth to the touch.

Key features

  • Dark Bronzing Lotion

Honest reviews


Bronzing lotion? OK!

Well, this was my first purchase of a full body tanning lotion with DHA in it… and I’m generally pleased! To be fair, I’m very pale naturally, and I’d been tanning in a level 3 bed for about two months before I purchased this lotion; I had a pretty dark base anyway. I’ve used this lotion twice in a level 1 and haven’t noticed a huge color difference. Perhaps I need to use it a bit more–maybe a higher level bed would do it.I will say that I’m happy I haven’t noticed any unfortunate orangey tones or streaks on my naturally cool, pink toned skin. The lotion is thicker than, say, the Supre Sweet & Sexy lotion with natural bronzers. I prefer thicker lotions to thinner ones, myself. This lotion has the usual Sweet & Sexy scent, kind of a sweet sugary musk, and the same ATO that I affectionately refer to as ‘pencil shavings-y.’ If this lotion had a shimmer in it, I might offer another star.

Imelda South Byron, NY

Great color, but…

It’s hard to find a tanning lotion that smells great before and after tanning, this one does! I was surprised at how tan it made me skin, too. However, this is a THICK lotion. I kind of feel gross after tanning due to the thickness. I probably wouldn’t buy again.

Jenifer Mullan, ID

Smells delicious.

This isn’t your average smelling tanning lotion. It smells sweet and delicious like candy. That’s the main reason I bought a sample packet of it.

Jolene Gapville, KY
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Designer Skin Tao Dual Bronzer 13.5 Oz

Tao Dark Tanning Dual Bronzer delivers stunning, golden bronze color while leaving your skin sensuously soft. Dual action bronzers impart immediate golden color while sunless tanning agents further enhance your bronze glow.

Key features

  • Enriched with Vitamins A, E, C and Avocado Oil for immediate dark tanning results
  • Phytoage and Alpha Lipoic Acid provide powerful anti-aging benefits
  • White Birch Extract & Copper PCA visibly improve skin’s firmness and texture
  • Fragrance: Fig
  • 13.5 oz

Honest reviews



After giving DS Queen a somewhat scathing review, I thought I better let you know that not all DS products are created equally. I LOVE Tao…it did a great job getting me dark (in and out of the tanning bed) I took it on my cruise last year and came home BROWN! I am fair skinned and have VERY dry skin, but this did a great job getting me dark and moisturizing my skin. The smell is SOOOOO much better than Queen (not perfumey, but not beachy either). I mixed it with my regular everyday lotion I liked the scent so much! Guess I will have to be using awesome Amazon to order this product though since my salon quit carrying it! That’s OK…cheaper here anyway!

Willa Bryant, WI

Ummm…not sure about this lotion.

I didn’t notice a big difference using this lotion…the one major thing I did notice is that it was greasier than any lotion I’ve ever used before. For a Designer Skin lotion, I guess I just expected something more. I see major results when using Bombshell, but that’s also a tingle lotion. At this point I’m much happier with the feel and effect of Australian Gold’s Sinfully Black (which I purchased on the same order with this.)

Sherry Dutch Flat, CA

Great moisturizing product but not enough bronzing

I know this isn’t one of the best products that Designer Skin has to offer but it does an okay job. I started off rather fair before tanning but after a month I noticed this product stopped working for me. I definitley did not get the color I was hoping for but I can’t say that I didn’t get any color at all from this product because I did. It helped with getting a base tan but nothing more that I could build on. The smell is nice and like most of the Designer Skin products the moisture retintion from this product is amazing. So if your looking for a lotion that will help you build past a base tan you probably have the wrong lotion.

Robin Auburn, MI
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Ed Hardy Elixir Silicone Bronzer Tattoo Fade Protection Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz, Black

Anti-aging/bronzer/silicone are you ready for the darkest, most extreme tanning cocktail? Black elixir is just that This outrageous silicone bronzing formula takes tanning to the next level with super advanced tanning technologies that allow your natural color to continue to darken over time. Mixed that up with firming and anti-aging ingredients you are bound to be intoxicated by its powers Melano bronze – stimulates the natural melanin formulation & leads to enhanced pigmentation. Nouritan – stimulates tyrosine activity & promotes an even and long lasting tan. Body fit – reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness. Subliskin – anti-aging and skin tightening moisture barrier.

Key features

  • Silicone bronzing formula
  • Indoor tanning
  • Mixed that up with firming and anti-aging ingredients

Honest reviews


I cannot stand Ed Hardy clothing, but this is the best bronzer I’ve used.

Let me start off by saying that I like my bronzers DARK. Most of them out there are just too light for me. Black Elixir is loaded with DHA, so if you do not have a decent base tan I wouldn’t use this. I also wouldn’t use it more than once a week. I get about the same results with Black Elixir as I do when I get a medium spray tan. Black Elixir makes me a deep brown color, never orange or streaky. Don’t apply it at the salon unless you have something to wash your hands with, or they will stain. I put it on at home, wash my hands immediately afterwards, and head to the salon. Smell is not as important to me as color results, but this lotion smells pretty good. However, since it does have a lot of DHA, about six hours after tanning, you are going to REEK of it. This is the best extreme bronzer I’ve tried that didn’t give me the orangies.

Jillian Harts, WV

think its fake

used it for 1 week didnt notice any color actually lost color i dont recommend this product jwoww has the best bronzing lotion

Alfreda Cutler, CA

Great Stuff

Love the bronzer in this product. Will be purchasing more of this soon. I usually don’t like bronzer, but this product has changed my mind.

Glenda Eddyville, IA
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Australian Gold Forever After, Triple Action Anti-Aging and Slimming Formula is a triple action anti-aging, firming and slimming lipocare. The amplified moisture blend provides 24 hour moisturization. Ingredients include hemp seed extract and vanilla fragrance.

Key features

  • A triple action anti-aging, firming and slimming lipocare
  • The amplified moisture blend provides 24 hour moisturization
  • Ingredients include hemp seed extract

Honest reviews



I really like this lotion! First thing that came to mind when I smelled it was buttercream frosting on a cupcake! Delicious! It keeps my skin moisturized for a long period of time and does not leave me feeling coated and gross. The bottle is huge, so I think its going to last me a while! A good buy for the money and it’s nice knowing my skin won’t be dry and prone to as many wrinkles from tanning!

Noelle Holdrege, NE

A must for tanning bed tans

love this product, had a problem with very dry scaly skin with regular lotions after I began my tanning bedsessions. I decided to order SOMETHIN that would be extra moisture and nourish the skin, but im a bargainhunter ALWAYS! so this caught my eye at just a little over $12 with free super saver shipping. I was totally satisfiedwith the very pleasant fragrance and all day moisture without feeling like I have a film or heavy grease.I will be re-ordering

Lucy Auburn, CA

great moisturizer

this is my 3rd bottle, and they each last like 4-6 months of daily use.great thick moisturizer.for those who complain about the smell – give it half an hour, it evaporates really fast.great moisturizer

Rae Long Valley, NJ
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Darksyde Pitch Black Ultimate Silicone Bronzer Tanning Lotion 16oz

Darksyde Pitch Black Ultimate Silicone Bronzer extreme dark tanning lotion uses advanced bronzing ingredients to produce superior auto-darkening results. Dual action formula replenishes the skins moisture barrier with Vitamin E, while bronzers enhance the skin to produce an over the top extreme dark, luxurious tan. Experience the maximum in tanning with Darksyde Pitch Black advanced formula.

Key features

  • Coconut Beach fragrance
  • Comes in a 16 Ounce bottle
  • Vitamin E Infused
  • Tanning Accelerator
  • Extreme Dark Tanning Lotion

Honest reviews


Inflated reviews, bad product, seller/brand violating Amazon policy

I’ve already contacted Amazon to red flag Green Web Inc. When people buy this lotion, Green Web sends out a note in the package to write a review telling their "success stories" with this product and they will receive a free bottle of the Darksyde self tanner. I bought both of these products based on how great the reviews were, and now I know why they were so unusually positive. Don’t waste your money on Darksyde products. This is an unproven company soliciting falsified reviews through Green Web (which, if you take a look at the products they sell, is not the most reputable or respectable company selling on Amazon). Please take your money elsewhere, and don’t trust any reviews for Darksyde lotion sold by Green Web Inc.

Alberta Maspeth, NY

Worked flawlessly!

This really kept my skin from burning. It looks nice, and doesn’t really change the color of my skin. It worked very well for me, and I recommend this to anyone who wants high quality tanning lotion. Excellent product!

Karen Williamsburg, KS


This lotion smells great and gets you quite a bit darker immediately after use. Goes in very smooth and not to greasy.

Angelina Virginville, PA
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