PediFix Visco-GEL Toe Spacers – Medium

These soft Gel Spacers are worn between the big and second toes to prevent rubbing. They help align and straighten the big toe to relieve pressure on bunions. Exclusive Gel releases mineral oil to soothe and soften skin. Interchangeable for left or right foot. 2 per pack.

Key features

  • Relieve Toe Pain Instantly
  • Straighten & Align Crooked Toes that Rub
  • Cushion & Relieve Pressure
  • Relief Guaranteed
  • Effective for Weeks

Honest reviews


Slightly effective as long as kept w/talcum powder

I have these in LARGE to use as bunion relief, they tend to irritate and chafe my toes a bit after prolonged use but I’ve found that if I apply talcum powder frequently PROBLEM SOLVED. The bunion relief is quite minimum but better than nothing. For lasting relief you may want to try the Bunion Aid Hinged Splint for prolonged use, like I will soon. Once I’ve had it a while I will post a review in the hopes of guiding others in their search of pain relief. Hope this helps.

Sherri Orick, CA

They did not work for me: slipped out, irrirated the skin, did not solve the problem

My small toe rubs again the forth toe and gives me painful blisters. These toe separators did not work for me. I have given myself a chance to get used to them and suffered with them for 2 weeks wearing them every day. They slipped out from between my toes. They were not comfortable in my shoes. I felt them all the time. And they irritated the skin between the toes while they were in place. I threw them out.I found a better solution chatting with an avid biker. He uses BodyGlide to prevent saddle sores, I decided to try BodyGlide between my toes and it worked for me. Now I use BodyGlideBodyglide Advanced Technical Formulato put between my toes every day. The toes glide against it each other rather than rub, and I don’t have any blisters. I have no ill effect from using it as frequently as I do.Ali Julia review

Autumn Plummer, ID


Due to arthritis, I have crooked toes, and thought these would help to separate them. However, they tend to slip out, and are uncomfortable. I have tried different sizes, but all had the same results. I wouldn’t waste my time buying these, unless, perhaps, your toes are slightly crooked; they might help.

Lara Hoxie, KS
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Gel Flex Toe Stretchers


Key features

  • Imported
  • Waterproof design allows you to stretch your toes in the bath or foot spa.
  • Cool, flexible gel gently relaxes your toes with a therapeutic stretch.
  • Stretching toes helps relieve sore or swollen feet.
  • 100% polymer.
  • Care: Hand wash. Air dry.

Honest reviews


Great product for the price!

I saw similar ones in a catalog for $39.99 not including the shipping. I knew I didn’t want to pay that much but yet I wanted a good quality product. These are it!! I have hammer toes and real tightness in my feet. They are awkward at first trying to get the baby toe in especially since that is our shorted toe! I wear size 11 M and they fit my toes fine. If you notice in the picture..that girl has a LOT of spare room near her big toe area so I figured they’d fit my feet. I’ve been using them 2 -3 times a day for about 20 -30 minutes a day over a 6 day period so far and I can tell there IS a difference in how my feet feel~!! I had very tight tendons especially in my right foot and using these has loosened up the tightness in both feet. I wish I knew about these years ago!!! But better late than never. I do highly recommend them.

Pearlie Douglas, AK

Do these do anything?

I attempted to follow the instructions & only wear them for 5 minutes the first time, but I lost track of time watching a movie & had them on for 14 minutes. I felt nothing during or after.

Melisa Cornwall On Hudson, NY

Good stretch

I use this a couple time a week to get a good toe stretch. It feels good. It’s soft and flexible. It relaxes the foot muscles. Very easy to use.

Mai Denmark, NY
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PediFix Double-Toe Straightener #P57

Toe Straightener aligns crooked, overlapping or flexible hammer toes with elastic loops that gently guide toes into place. They encourage flexing and extension of toes to prevent fixation and rigidity.

Key features

  • Straightens & aligns crooked, overlapping toes
  • Helps keep ‘hammer toes’ flexible
  • Separates toes that rub
  • Soft cushion protects ball-of-foot

Honest reviews


Effective but OH SO PAINFUL!!!

I was indicated these by my podiatrist and have been using them during the day for the past 2 and a half months to straighten out my 2nd and 3rd toe on each foot one and my 3rd and 4th toe on each foot the next; I didn’t understand why my doc initially advised that the 3 looped one would be “too much for me”, I found out later he meant “too much pain at once”!My only flexible toe is the 4th, it hurts the least on that one, on the rest it feels like my bones are slightly or slowly breaking; PAINFUL!! When I take them off my 3rd toe is especially red on top, where the calluses of my hammertoes would be, again PAINFUL! Also, in the first month of use I got three blisters on the side of the 3rd toe on each foot and 2 more on the side of the 4th toe on each foot (8 blisters total); again OUCH!!!As you can imagine, in the last month and a half I’ve used it a lot less in an attempt to avoid the blisters. I use it a couple of hours a day and take them off. On the bright side, though painfully sore, my toes are straighter and more flexible the first few hours after I take them off and if a stop using them a few days my toes hurt as if returning to their hammertoe position; they seem to work. Another bright side, the pad provides wonderful relief of metatarsal pain from calluses or stress.Call me a massoquist but I just purchased a 3 loop straightner by Pedifix which I hope will be quicker n the straightening process. I also purchaseed a hammertoe straightner for the 2nd and 4th toes (by Footsmart) which I hope will be less painful and a single loop straightner to use on the 3rd toe (also by Footsmart). The pain of my hammertoes is simply greater and more permanent than the straightners, according to my podiatrist, this will be over in a year; I’ve lived with PAINFUL hammertoes for as long as I can remember. If you are like me, willing to take some “short term pain” to relieve long term pain this might be worth the investment. Just know the process is NOT gentle nor is the product gentle, as advertised. Hope this helps!

Jewel Wyoming, IL

It Does Help

I’ve just ordered three more packages. It works for me and I do have one suggestion. After you fit the product on your two toes, tape the product around your foot to hold the product in place. Until I did this, the product twisted itself off. I recommended this product to all with problem toes. One more thing: I do not expect this product to correct my problem toes. Surgery is required. However, with this product, I am able to wear all of my shoes comfortably with no stress on my troubled toes.I hope this helps. Cheers!

Francisca Oberlin, OH

Hate it

It kills my toes. Had it on for about 30 seconds. Waste of money. Don’t do it! Ugg Ugg Ugg

Corine Sonoita, AZ
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