NYX Liquid Crystal Liner, Crystal Gold, 0.384 Ounce

NYX cosmetics liquid crystal liner mixes intense color with finely milled glitter for a perfectly dazzling effect. The liners are available in a variety of hip and eye-catching shades, and the fine point applicator is perfect for drawing precise lines of glitter for a show stopping effect.

Key features

  • Liquid liner that combines sparkle with intense color
  • Thin brush draws precise lines of glitter on the eye
  • Infused with moisturizers to hydrate and condition

Honest reviews



Easy pretty shimmery lines.. its a nice kinda gold.. its not too extravagant and it works. I will recommend it to anyone who like sparky things 🙂

Latanya Clifton, CO

Cute when dry

I like the bright gold color this displays off my eyes once it’s dry. I have to say, it does burn for a couple seconds once applied and then it’s fine when dry.

Pansy Sea Cliff, NY

Liquid glitter

This glitter is cute and goes on easily, but it isn’t very concentrated, so if you want a thicker, glittery look you will have to apply a few times.

Michell Sacul, TX
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jerome russell Temporary Spray Brown

Temporary spray.

Key features

  • made of best qualify raw material
  • Proven quality
  • Stylist approved

Honest reviews


tempry – silver

please don’t purchase this product if you want silver tones. the color comes out as water with no color. this didn’t used to be. I used to get a clear silver color, but now all I get is a water down color that causes frizz. very disappointing. they obviously changed the ingredients – and it took me 5 times to understand that it changed.

Samantha Frisco City, AL


This stuff is so neat!!! I LOVE and have a fascination with coloring my hair, however a lot of coloring has done some damage to my hair so i have to grow out the color i have. but in the mean time i figured id look into these spray colors and see what they are about. ordered one just to see if i would like it before buying a few more colors and so far so GREAT!! the spray itself would be best used near a well ventilated room or a bathroom with a window as its easy to breathe in. The color comes out very vibrant but over time as it dires it becomes more subtle and natural looking. and it dries on my natural hair in less than 2min. It also washed out very easily and didnt leave any residue behind on my hair. now my scalp was a little pink where i sprayed it but i probbaly needed to wash my scalp better in that area :-\ lmao. But besides that, i would say this is perfect for having a little fun with your hair.

Georgina Moravian Falls, NC

Pretty good.

This is a pretty good product. I only gave it three stars because the brightness of the color becomes dull within a few hours, but it still looks pretty good.

Mae Collinwood, TN
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