Swissco Bath and Spa Pillow with Suction Cups

Bath & spa pillow w /suction cups

Key features

  • Spa pillow
  • With suction cups
  • Large size

Honest reviews


You haven’t had a bath if you haven’t used a bath pillow

First off bath pillows are great and this one is no exception!! Really not too much to say other than great comfort, the suction cups keep it nice and tight on the bath tub, and best of all it isn’t like those cloth ones where it stays damp for a week.GREAT PRODUCT!!

Mina Port Hadlock, WA

Really Ideal for me

I don’t take baths that often, but on occasion I like to lay and soak to relax or when I’m feeling less than perfect. We have a smaller tub that has a vertical back instead of a slope. (Similar to another reviewer). This makes laying in the tub alone horrifically uncomfortable. I felt a little silly buying a tub pillow since I really don’t use the tub that often, but since it is impossible to use the tub without it, I decided to go for it. I ended up turning the pillow long ways, and it works perfectly, wonderfully comfortable! I don’t have an ounce of complaint. People have mentioned the suction cups not working, but the way I use it my upper back is actually on the pillow so I imagine my body weight is holding it in place. I don’t have any issues with it moving even though I don’t worry about engaging the suction cups. Now that I think of it, I haven’t actually tried it horizontally (the conventional way). I guess it worked so well vertically that there was no need to experiment. I can’t attest to any durability of it, because I use it so infrequently and have only had it for a very short while. I’m really happy that I purchased it.

Viola Falkville, AL

Not that great

This doesn’t work that great.The suction cups don’t suction and the pillow isn’t that comfortable.But, it does the job.Not much else to say.

Marcella Lost Hills, CA
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Bael Wellness Bath Pillow with Suction Cups – For Hot Tub, Spa Tub and Bathtub – Organic Eco-friendly PU Foam – Waterproof, Heart Shape, Great as Gift – Extra Firm Neck and Head Support

SECRETS OF LUXURIOUS & PAIN FREE BATHS REVEALED ADDED COMFORT, FIRM SUPPORT, ORTHOPEDIC GRADE – Perfectly Sized. – Appeases risks related to long baths. – Chemical & Odor Resistance. – Very Well Built. – Perfect Gift for any Occasion. – Easy to Clean. Foam Filled Cushion Support This pillow is made from very high quality organic PU foam, which introduces a whole new level of relaxation to home spa or bathtub experience. Curved heart shape perfectly cradles head & neck. Medically proven heart shape – Large & Effective Suction Cups. – Ready to Use. – Works on Curved Tub. – Very Thick Neck Support. Firm support is needed to relieve upper back pain or to prevent any back pain related to bathtub use. The only bath pillow that keeps your back in correct position in any tub so that you can enjoy long baths without worrying about soar back. We offer 30 days hassle free, no-questions asked money back guarantee! Please hit ‘Add to Cart’ button on top right of this page to bring ultimate bath experience at home!

Key features

  • BATH PILLOW BUILT: Medically proven heart shape & curved groove with firm support for added support to head, neck & back. Orthopedic grade, organic PU foam, 100% waterproof. Odor free, hot & cold resistance. Heavy duty suction cups in back to provide extra grip on any tub. 11 x 8 x 3 (inches).
  • NO MORE COMPLAINTS OF OTHER BATH PILLOWS: Suction cups firmly adhere even after longer use. Does not flatten. Completely waterproof. Easy to wash.
  • BENEFITS: Mitigates risks of common bathtub injuries. Relieves neck & back pain. Provides supports needed for longer bathing periods. Takes care of keeping your back in correct position so you can enjoy long cold bath in summer or hot bath in winter without worrying about soar back.
  • FITS IN ALL TUBS: New improved design to fit in any bath tub, hot tub & spa tub.
  • BETTER THAN COMPETITORS: This bath pillow offers unique benefit such as heart shape & firm support. Organic PU foam. Orthopedic grade. Well-known brand with better quality control. Personalized customer support. MORE IMPORTANTLY, THIS BATH PILLOW KEEPS YOUR BACK IN CORRECT POSITION SO THAT YOU CAN ENJOY BATHS WITHOUT ANY WORRY!!

Honest reviews



I read many, many reviews, and saw where some customers reported that this cushion is too hard. I also saw many more that reported how comfortable it is.I have used it in my spa tub. It feels unnatural if I sit up high enough to get in a comfortable place for my head. But that seems to be the key; sitting up high. The woman in the picture is somewhat too low.It is also quite hard. I’m hoping that I’ll ‘break it in’. I would return it, but no longer have the original packaging. And it’s kind of my fault for ignoring the customer reports saying it was hard (I guess I just read what I wanted to read).It does, however, seem to be water tight, which is a plus in the south where the humidity prevents things from drying out completely quite often….mold, mildew, yuck. So I don’t think that will be an issue with this pillow.

Marcia Gallupville, NY

Relaxation Central!

I love a bath but now enjoy more than ever before. No more neck pain for me while in the tub – no matter how long I stay in! The suction cups on the bath pillow keep it in place while I’m in the tub. It looks great also and fits in well with my upscale bathroom decor.

Pam Hebron, ME

Ultra-firm support pillow for the bath …

The Bael Decor organic PU foam pillow isn’t the type that is soft and molds to the back of one’s head, but rather is firm and stiff. It is already contoured to fit the neck and the heart-shaped pillow rests on the back of my tub ready to offer up neck support. I do remember many of these types of pillows years ago, but they tended to be softer than this one.You attach it to your tub of choice via the three 1-1/2” suction cups on the reverse side. I moistened them so they would adhere better and wouldn’t slip. Mind you, if you do not tolerate a plastic scent well, you may wish to take a pass. It is strong, but dissipated when I used a baking soda and water soak for a couple of days. After you use the pillow, it’s very easy to wipe down and keep clean with its nonporous surface.I found that the pillow was ultra-firm and provided support for my neck rather than a squishy, comfy experience. This pillow is almost an orthopedic assistive device for those who want and need neck and spine support in the tub. If you are looking for firm support this is one pillow you’ll definitely like.Sample provided for review.

Germaine Benson, MN
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