Rhinestone Detail Red Bowknot Metal Hair Clip Barrette Gold Tone

Description: Features rhinestone accent bow tie detailing, gold tone metal french clip. Wonderful decorations for women with this hair barrette.

Key features

  • Material:alloy;Size:9.2×2.8cm/3.6×1.1inch
  • Great gift idea for girls,girl friend and women of all ages
  • Perfect for wedding,parties,special occasions etc
  • Flexible to be used with other hair accessories
  • Leegoal bulk packing with good quality warranty.

Honest reviews


Holds a lot of hair!

One thing you should know about this barrette: you can’t wear it on the top of your head or on the sides. There is a sizable gap between the decorative part of the barrette and the clip. When you wear it on the top of your head (like I do with barrettes when I pull my long bangs back), it looks goofy. There’s a gap big enough you can put your finger through it. Likewise, it’s too big of a barrette to wear on the side. I use it as a pony tail holder. I bring back all my hair and this barrette holds it firmly in place in the back.

Velma Baltimore, OH

Highly recommend this product

Hello,I highly recommend this hair barrette as it is a very nice one and pretty as well. I have long hair and needed somethingto pull my hair back. This is both helpful and pretty.

Catalina Holstein, NE

The deep red color is very nice but the rhinestones don’t do anything for it

This hair clip is small. The deep red color is very nice but the rhinestones don’t do anything for it.

Evangeline Fairplay, CO
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Scunci No-slip Grip Auto Clasp Barrettes, 8.5cm, 2-Count, Colors may vary

With scunci no-slip grip barrettes at her fingertips a woman should never have a bad hair day. snap one of these auto clip barrettes into place and your style stays all day. these easy to apply barrettes feature a rubber sleeve with our no-slip technology and an auto clasp closing feature so once you’ve put them in, they stay in. they hold especially well on fine hair and are ideal for updos or side accents. secure stray strands with aplomb. 2 pack in classic tortoise accents any hair shade.

Key features

  • No slip grip technoloty for secure hold
  • Hold especially well on fine hard to hold hair
  • Perfect for taming stray strands
  • Use to accent updos
  • 2 pack in classic tortoise

Honest reviews


Excellent Grip but cracks

OH GOOD GRIEF! I actually LOVE this product because it really holds the hair tight. It has a three click system that allows you to decide how much hold you want. Previously I only purchased French barrettes because they have a strong clasp then other types. But even then my hair would slip through on the sides. I decided to give this item a try. While it holds the hair tight, the plastic barrette part actually CRACKS! Therefore you are only left the the ugly metal clasp. I guess they are trying to get these items at a reasonable price point. But a product that breaks is not the way to keep a customer.

Frances Viking, MN


These work awesome in my waist length, straight thin hair :)) finally found something that wouldn’t slip out and doesn’t damage my hair 🙂 they work great for half up half down look.. Or a pony!

Lorna Holloman Air Force Base, NM

beware of assorted colors

I like these clips a lot for a cute half up half down hairstyle but I wanted a tortoise one and I got a green one, which is pretty useless. If you want a black and tortoise one, you won’t necessarily get them.

Francesca Devils Tower, WY
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Goody 3″ Mock Tortoise Stay Tight Barrettes (4 Barrettes Per Pack)

Key features


Honest reviews


Finally found what I was looking for!

I have used these large barrettes for years and needed some new ones, but I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE. Where do I find them? You’ve got it! Amazon!These barrettes stay tight and hold my thick hair up all day long. No pulling, no tugging. I bought two packs!

Freda Bakersfield, MO

Great Barrettes!

I love Goody hair products. These barrettes are great. I have fine hair and I can still get them to stay in my hair and hold well. They work well in thick hair as well. And the tortoise style is kind of a classic.

Allie Morongo Valley, CA

They Work

How much can one say about a barrette? I have long hair, and I’m told a lot of it, but it is fine in texture. These barrettes stay in my hair whether I’m pinning just a section of it back or I’m twisting all of my hair into a bun and securing with one these. It always helps to have some hairspray in my hair to provide texture and help the barrette to grip my hair. These are good basic, everyday barrettes and I like the fact that they are three inches long.

Sharron Germantown, NY
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BONAMART ® Vintage Handmade Bling Beaded Comb Crystal Girls’ Hair Clip Barrette Hairpin Champagne

1.100% Brand New. 2.Weight: 40g(Approx) 3.Material: Alloy & Beads 4.Colors:As the picture show 5.Size: 9 x 4cm(L x W) (Approx) 6.Wonderful gift for a loved one (or yourself!) Packing include: 1 x Women’s Hairpin Listing key : 15617

Key features

  • Vintage Handmade Bling Beaded Comb Crystal Girls’ Hair Clip Barrette Hairpin Champagne

Honest reviews


Five Stars

cute, looks pricey.

Victoria Dudley, MA

hair clip

Got and they are very pretty thanks for sending them to me very much appricated…thanks againlike the detail in the clip barrette….

Brandie Irving, IL

Beautiful hair clip for a woman’s hairdo

Beautiful hair clip, sets off a plain hairdo. Not necessarily for girls, more like for women; really too ornate for a young girl but it is great for an older woman.

Susanna Saint Mary Of The Woods, IN
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Goody Ouchless Flex Small Updo Barrettes, 2 Count

Goody Ouchless is a line of gentle and comfortable accessories that are inchesmetal free inches to minimize snags and reduce breakage. Ouchless Flex Comfort Flex Updo Barrettes have a curved, contoured shape and no metal to cause hair breakage.

Key features

  • Goody ouchless flex line of products provide a 100% comfort guarantee or your money back
  • Pantented design
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Ouchless flex updo barrettes, assorted colors
  • 2 Piece count

Honest reviews


Very disappointed…

…I was really looking forward to trying these since they’re made all of plastic with no hard metals, but they are so flimsy that I don’t think I’ll be able to use them at all. I wouldn’t buy them again.

Lenore Seal Rock, OR

Love these

I have about 12 of these floating all around the house so I’ll always have one. They are the only barette I can wear that isn’t uncomfortable. I can lay my head down and no poking or jabbing. I use one for sleeping when it’s hot to keep hair off my neck. Unfortunately, my pom really loves to chew these and he will even try to take them out of my hair, so I am constantly buying new packs. Luckily there are inexpensive!

Valerie Lenore, ID

Super comfortable barrettes

I’ve purchased both these 2 packs of smaller barrettes, and the larger size which comes singly. My hair is medium thickness and these smaller ones are just barely big enough to hold all of my hair in a ponytail. The larger ones do work as well, but aren’t as secure and will slip out with much activity.These barrettes work for me for both ponytails and half up styles. If my hair was any thicker these wouldn’t work for a ponytail though. These clips are so lightweight and comfortable, and I love that they’re flat. I can even sleep in these comfortably. These are truly the most non-damaging hair clips I’ve ever used.

Trina Hattieville, AR
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