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Porcupine Boar-Nylon Bristle Round Brush , 2-Inch Diameter

Spornette 2″ diameter rounder for medium to long hair, reinforced boar with nylon porcupine bristle.

Key features

  • Porcupine brush with Boar and Nylon Bristles
  • 2″ diameter for long hair
  • Nylon Bristles penetrate and boar bristles smoothe hair

Honest reviews



Sorry but these round brushes are terrible for me. I hate the fact that whenever you go to pick the hair out of the brush, the bristles poke underneath your fingernail causing redness and pain. Even worse is that I live with family members who refuse to remove the hair from the brush so… guess who’s job it is to remove the hair? Hey *somebody* has to do it and it’s me I’m afraid. Ugh!!!

Susan Moose, WY


I can not believe all the good reviews! UN-pleasantly surprised! I trusted these reviews and got the brush but it is AWFUL! The static it causes my hair is unmanageable and the bristles are SHARP and actually hurt my head. I am sending it back asap! You are better off spending a little more and getting something better quality that is NOT made in CHINA!

Joanne Annandale, VA

Only used it once so far

I have very long (butt length) hair, and needed a HUGE brush to blow dry it for a wedding, it worked as needed.My hair is only slightly wavy, thick and heavy. I did let my hair dry out some before starting to blow dry it, I generally leave my hair to dry on its own – blow drying it is a tedious task!

Dionne Okaton, SD
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Helen of Troy 1514 Brush Iron, White, 1 1/2 Inches Barrel

Helen of Troy Professional Brush Iron features a patented ring system that sets curls quickly. 30 watts. Dual heat settings. 8’ cord. 1 1/2”

Key features

  • Soft, ball tipped bristles for greater comfort
  • Creates large curls and extra body
  • High and low heat settings
  • Tangle proof swivel cords
  • Cool tip

Honest reviews


a little disapointed

I agree that it is hard to find this kind of heating iron with the brush teeth, so I ordered this thinking it would be more up to date than the v. old slow-to-heat conair I have.well, this Helen of Troy heating iron is not any better than the old ones I have. it is sloooow to heat up !!! it also feels cheaper than my old versions. and although it has a plastic cap on the end of the heated part, it seems a little on the skimpy side and I would feel safer and less nervous if the protective cap was more generous. also, the teeth of the brush are rubbery, bendable…makes it feel even cheaper.All in all, I wanted to return it — but then I realized that by the time I paid all the postage, I would only get $10 back. So I kept it. But seriously, if I had bought it from a store, I would have taken it back.

Elva Lake Hill, NY

love it

it works great, i use it for my daughter a lot, she is 5, and gets a lot of tangles, and this works very well for that, and leaves her hair so pretty, i have used it on my own hair as well, and it works well, it heats up very fast, easy to use, no problems with it, have had it for a while, and still perfect. would hightly recommend!

Eunice Farragut, IA

not so great!

I have the conair 1 1/4 inch hot brush but my hair is very thick and long so I wanted a bigger barrell. This was all I could find. I read all reviews before I purchased and people either loved it or hated it. If you have the conair first you will hate this brush. If you have nothing to compare it to I guess it would be ok. The cool tip at the end is too small and I kept burning my finger tips. The on/off switch is right where your hand goes so you have to keep switching it back on. It does not get hot enough. If you have a lot of hair don’t waste your money. I’ve gone back to using my conair. Wish it was bigger but it always makes my hair look great! I donated mine to a thrift store. I paid for shipping and by the time I paid to have it shipped back it just wasn’t worth it. Whoever buys it will probably pay 2 dollars for it and that is about what is was worth to me. Someone please come out with a 1 1/2 inch hot brush!!!!

Donna Ferguson, NC
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